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Sun 28° Capricorn 25' 03"
Moon 25° Gemini 06' 23"
Mercury 21° Capricorn 10' 09"
Venus 12° Sagittarius 00' 56"
Mars 11° Aries 58' 01"
Ceres 27° Scorpio 36' 42"
Pallas 26° Libra 02' 02"
Juno 23° Taurus 15' 10"
Vesta 23° Aquarius 14' 16"
Jupiter 15° Sagittarius 21' 41"
Saturn 13° Capricorn 28' 08"
Chiron 28° Pisces 38' 01"
Uranus 28° Aries 39' 45"
Neptune 14° Pisces 31' 12"
Pluto 21° Capricorn 11' 39"
TrueNode 26° Cancer 46' 33"

Virgo New Moon

Virgo New Moon - Intense Transformation

To be or not to be is not a question of compromise. Either you be or you don't be."

— Golda Meir

This week's shifts may seem startling — even unsettling — after the slowdowns we've been through this Summer but ready or not, the ball is rolling! The week begins with a powerfully transforming Virgo New Moon on Sunday (11:01 AM PDT 17° Virgo) which incorporates a separating opposition to Neptune and a forming trine to Pluto. Neptune's involvement could produce some overly idealistic expectations but the trine to Pluto will keep us steadily moving towards transformation. This week's waxing lunar cycle is intensified and energized by Mars' return to Aquarius and a square to Uranus. We revisit the intensely innovative and impatient energy of last May with a renewed sense of purpose and mission. The challenges to relationships are intensified by Venus' entrance into Scorpio just before the New Moon. Direct, forceful, transparent activity may not seem to produce satisfying results. We may feel more protective of our ideas and less inclined to share our intentions. We may also try to work through others in order to move towards our own goals. On the other hand, defiant independence may seem to be our only route forward. However, if we can take a step back, look for a broader perspective and find enough patience to keep finding ways to bring cooperation into the equation, the more successful we will be as we move into the Fall and Winter. We'll do better when we bring our vision forward with open and honest directness. The temptation to keep our own intentions opaque is more likely to complicate our efforts, rather than sidestep obstacles. Whatever approach we take, there is no doubt that the pace picks up dramatically this week.

Venus moves into Scorpio on Sunday, just before the Virgo New Moon. The shifts may produce a significant amount of tension as we try to find a way to adapt to the steadily increasing pace of activity. Mars moves back into Aquarius on Monday, stoking the fires of independent — perhaps even defiant — thought and action. Caution is called for, as well as patience when we don't feel others are keeping up. The Moon's square to Pluto on Tuesday could produce some intense emotional upheaval. The intensely emotional atmosphere continues into Wednesday but there is little inclination to openly share our feelings. By Thursday, the change in the atmosphere is fully apparent. We may see increased aggressiveness and moods could be particularly unstable. We'll do better to keep our intentions as transparent as possible. Friday brings a more thoughtful, methodical approach that helps us to better articulate where we're heading and what we're thinking. It may be easy to feel completely overwhelmed on Saturday, and feelings of loss could be mixed with excitement and anticipation. We may do better to keep our focus closer to home, rather than becoming overwhelmed by trying to grasp all of the ramifications of the quickly changing big picture.

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