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Sun 03° Aquarius 21' 56"
Moon 22° Capricorn 04' 31"
Mercury 12° Aquarius 12' 05"
Venus 12° Pisces 15' 48"
Mars 13° Sagittarius 53' 33"
Ceres 27° Capricorn 03' 40"
Pallas 02° Capricorn 11' 15"
Juno 20° Libra 53' 24"
Vesta 14° Taurus 12' 27"
Jupiter 11° Capricorn 53' 26"
Saturn 24° Capricorn 06' 10"
Chiron 02° Aries 12' 39"
Uranus 02° Taurus 43' 18"
Neptune 16° Pisces 49' 46"
Pluto 23° Capricorn 09' 05"
TrueNode 08° Cancer 21' 50" 

About Kevin Leinbach

KevinMy mother, Esther V. Leinbach, started studying astrology when I was about 2 years old. She used to take me with her to the lessons she took from a private instructor. I played with my toy trains on the floor while she talked with her instructor. EstherWhen I was 13 years old, I insisted that she teach me how to set up a horoscope so that I could look at the charts of my friends without having to rely on her opinion (In all fairness, I got my independent streak directly from her.) When I was 15, I was very excited to travel with her to my first Astrology Convention, the Denver AFA Astrology Conference, where she was promoting her first book, Degrees of the Zodiac.

My sister and I both learned the language of astrology and it always seemed to enter into our family conversations to the somewhat humorous consternation of our father who was a determined skeptic in true Libra fashion.

I have always had two passions in my life, Astrology and Theatre. While studying theatre in college, I became more and more aware of the spiritual importance of storytelling as well as the fascinating correlation between the archetypes in astrology and the methods and processes of developing a character for the stage. I am extremely fond of the work of Joseph Campbell. Myth and storytelling are somewhat denigrated in our culture. However, I believe they are extremely important to understanding ourselves and our place in the world. Astrology is a remarkable tool to help give us a structure to the story of our lives as individuals.

After college, I worked for a small, professional theatre company in Portland, Oregon, The New Rose Theatre. In 1991, the theatre fell victim to the woes of non-profit financial instability. Shortly thereafter, I began working for my mother to scan her books into a digital format and we began publishing her daily forecast on the newly developing internet. The first monthly installment of "Daily Astrological Currents" went online in 1994 via a company called "Computer Tools", some very wonderful folks who were instrumental in helping me to begin to understand the developing digital revolution.

Also in 1994, we created a partnership called Esther & Son Esther And Sonand I began taking clients on my own. We eventually launched our own website, Mother would see clients in Eugene, Oregon, and I would see clients in Portland, Oregon. We worked together on e-mail and telephone consultations. I moved back to Eugene in 1997 and, in 2001, I became the primary caregiver for both my father and mother. Mother - after a series of mini-strokes - had begun to develop dementia and was no longer able to write the Daily Currents or consult with clients. I took over those duties until 2004 when it became too difficult to wear so many hats.

Mother passed away in 2006 and my father moved in with my partner and I. In 2009, while still caring for my father, who also had dementia, I decided to rebuild an astrology website and so was launched. Initially, it was just an experiment to explore some of the advances of web based applications.

Kevin LeinbachI named this site Pluto's Child because it is was developed during a remarkably challenging and transformative transit of Pluto over my Moon. is essentially a "child" of that transit as well as a transformed rebirth (Pluto) of

My father passed away in November of 2010 and I continued to revise various elements of Pluto's Child, only occasionally posting a blog entry. Nearly 3 years after his passing, I finally made the decision to restart the "Daily Astrological Currents" and return to practicing astrology professionally.

Here is my chart, for those who would like to understand me a bit more . . .

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