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Sun 26° Capricorn 43' 45"
Moon 09° Pisces 19' 28"
Mercury 13° Aquarius 03' 23"
Venus 10° Capricorn 01' 26"
Mars 04° Taurus 37' 54"
Ceres 17° Pisces 04' 49"
Pallas 13° Aquarius 05' 15"
Juno 08° Sagittarius 59' 56"
Vesta 21° Virgo 22' 02"
Jupiter 06° Aquarius 25' 13"
Saturn 03° Aquarius 27' 00"
Chiron 05° Aries 23' 43"
Uranus 06° Taurus 43' 26"
Neptune 18° Pisces 49' 24"
Pluto 24° Capricorn 42' 22"
TrueNode 19° Gemini 19' 07" 

July 2015 Full Moon

I'm kind of the "Rip Van Winkle" of bloggers, I'm afraid. I can't seem to get in to a steady rhythm of posting new articles and, in the meantime, some writers are so prolific, I'm just amazed at how much they've written.

One remarkable writer is Robert Wilkinson of Aquarius Papers who manages to write incredible posts nearly every day! His most recent 3 part series (Part 1 Here) on the recent Cancer/Capricorn Full Moon (July 1st 7:19 PM PDT 9° Cancer/Capricorn) is really remarkable work. His writing offers many of his teaching skills along with a healthy dose of solid astrological wisdom.

I particularly appreciate his description of the Full Moon as "initiating, transforming, purifying" given Pluto's involvement in this Full Moon. Pluto is often demonized (pun intended) and the transforming and regenerating power of its influence ignored or relegated to a footnote after an intense focus its destructive power (if it bleeds, it leads).

Anyway, while I try to wake up and take up a more responsible pace of blog entries, have a look at Robert's marvelous series!

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