Current Transits

Wednesday December 13, 2017
07:00:51 AM

The Sun21° Sagittarius 47' 39"

The Moon00° Scorpio 32' 07"

Mercury20° Sagittarius 28' 22" 

Venus15° Sagittarius 23' 52"

Mars02° Scorpio 40' 09"

Ceres18° Leo 09' 28"

Pallas25° Aries 11' 14" 

Juno28° Capricorn 44' 59"

Vesta13° Scorpio 58' 47"

Jupiter13° Scorpio 35' 30"

Saturn29° Sagittarius 13' 30"

Chiron24° Pisces 20' 52"

Uranus24° Aries 44' 26" 

Neptune11° Pisces 35' 32"

Pluto18° Capricorn 10' 39"

N Node16° Leo 42' 28" 

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This page offers brief descriptions of the current planetary transits and the degree (from Degrees Of The Zodiac) that is coloring the transit at this moment. The transit descriptions used are brief excerpts from Transits by Esther V. Leinbach which will be available next year. Use the Current Planetary Position Widget on the right to look up another planet's influence!

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The Moon transiting Scorpio:

MOON: As the Moon transits this sign, people tend to withdraw from too much social activity. There is a tendency to be more suspicious of the motives of others. If you are aggressive and self-willed, you may challenge anything that you feel stands in your way. You may find it easy to intimidate others. However, you may also find that others sneak up on you rather than meeting your attack head on. It is possible to whip up a lot of paranoia during this time. Clothes bought during a Void-Of-Course Scorpio Moon are more likely to be subject to stains.

00° of Scorpio:

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