Current Transits

Tuesday April 20, 2021
06:21:10 AM

The Sun00° Taurus 41' 00"

The Moon03° Leo 47' 34"

Mercury02° Taurus 22' 25"

Venus07° Taurus 09' 44"

Mars28° Gemini 13' 16"

Ceres22° Aries 57' 44"

Pallas13° Pisces 26' 39"

Juno23° Sagittarius 51' 10" 

Vesta06° Virgo 41' 41"

Jupiter26° Aquarius 45' 25"

Saturn12° Aquarius 38' 59"

Chiron10° Aries 08' 22"

Uranus10° Taurus 05' 27"

Neptune22° Pisces 04' 52"

Pluto26° Capricorn 47' 44"

N Node11° Gemini 30' 12" 

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This page offers brief descriptions of the current planetary transits and the degree (from Degrees Of The Zodiac) that is coloring the transit at this moment. The transit descriptions used are brief excerpts from Transits by Esther V. Leinbach which will be available next year. Use the Current Planetary Position Widget on the right to look up another planet's influence!

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The Moon transiting Leo:

MOON: This transit retouches the vitality flow of your system each month. You may be relatively unaware of it's influence except through the behavior of those around you which may be reassuring or repulsive depending on what you are attracting. Others at this time are testing their egos. You are feeling more your own desire for expression of doing your own thing. Each individual is more concerned with themselves during this transit than they are in paying attention to what someone else is trying to display. Only when someone becomes obnoxious in their effort to be noticed are they likely to receive much feedback. If you have no planets here chances are you are in a position to be more objective in watching this show. Everyone wants in some way to be "King Pin," to be generous to give rather than receive, to exercise pride in the individual ego. If the fifth house is empty, look to the position of the Sun and the ruler of the house for more clues as to how you will react to transits here.

03° of Leo:

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