Current Transits

Monday January 30, 2023
03:24:59 AM

The Sun10° Aquarius 17' 40"

The Moon01° Gemini 27' 16"

Mercury15° Capricorn 20' 53"

Venus04° Pisces 11' 36"

Mars09° Gemini 57' 53"

Ceres06° Libra 54' 24"

Pallas12° Cancer 04' 11" 

Juno08° Aries 19' 40"

Vesta26° Pisces 12' 26"

Jupiter05° Aries 46' 12"

Saturn25° Aquarius 40' 16"

Chiron12° Aries 35' 06"

Uranus14° Taurus 57' 55"

Neptune23° Pisces 33' 10"

Pluto28° Capricorn 36' 55"

N Node08° Taurus 48' 33" 

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This page offers brief descriptions of the current planetary transits and the degree (from Degrees Of The Zodiac) that is coloring the transit at this moment. The transit descriptions used are brief excerpts from Transits by Esther V. Leinbach which will be available next year. Use the Current Planetary Position Widget on the right to look up another planet's influence!

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The Moon transiting Gemini:

MOON: Even when your chart has no planets in Gemini, the light, mental frivolity of the Moon in this sign is quite apparent. Communication will be easier and not, in most cases, serious or complicated. It is a good time to gather information, write letters or emails to friends, make telephone calls or just generally enjoy visiting with people. You will make use of this atmosphere according to your own tendencies. In any case, it is a good time to develop and exercise your mental abilities whether fun loving or more deep and serious. It is also a time to get in touch with your neighbors or just what is going on close to you.

01° of Gemini:

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