Current Transits

Friday November 16, 2018
03:50:20 AM

The Sun24° Scorpio 03' 57"

The Moon03° Pisces 33' 02"

Mercury13° Sagittarius 28' 01"

Venus25° Libra 14' 33"

Mars00° Pisces 20' 42"

Ceres02° Scorpio 01' 18"

Pallas04° Libra 56' 43"

Juno25° Taurus 48' 16" 

Vesta22° Capricorn 56' 56"

Jupiter01° Sagittarius 45' 34"

Saturn06° Capricorn 19' 38"

Chiron28° Pisces 08' 07" 

Uranus29° Aries 37' 58" 

Neptune13° Pisces 42' 54" 

Pluto19° Capricorn 16' 53"

N Node29° Cancer 10' 16" 

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This page offers brief descriptions of the current planetary transits and the degree (from Degrees Of The Zodiac) that is coloring the transit at this moment. The transit descriptions used are brief excerpts from Transits by Esther V. Leinbach which will be available next year. Use the Current Planetary Position Widget on the right to look up another planet's influence!

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The Moon transiting Pisces:

MOON: As the Moon transits Pisces, people tend to be somewhat more emotional and vague. Many are trying to understand themselves better and intuit what makes them tick. If you have no planets in Pisces, you may be somewhat unconscious of this influence and what can be accomplished. You will find that others are more sympathetic to any problems you have or wish to discuss. Some people will look for escapes at this time, feeling that there is no help for their condition.

03° of Pisces:

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