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Sun 27° Gemini 58' 51"
Moon 18° Scorpio 09' 17"
Mercury 02° Cancer 58' 38"
Venus 01° Cancer 49' 43"
Mars 07° Taurus 03' 36"
Ceres 18° Capricorn 03' 23" 
Pallas 21° Scorpio 31' 02" 
Juno 14° Virgo 32' 48"
Vesta 29° Cancer 29' 45"
Jupiter 05° Gemini 30' 16"
Saturn 19° Pisces 19' 35"
Chiron 22° Aries 55' 29"
Uranus 25° Taurus 07' 44"
Neptune 29° Pisces 52' 52"
Pluto 01° Aquarius 37' 42" 
TrueNode 12° Aries 44' 52" 


Excerpt from Degrees of the Zodiac:

AquariusAQUARIUS (January 21 - February 19) is the natural 11th house and is associated with friends, hopes, wishes and desires. It is where dreams of Utopia are born. Aquarius is to the society what Leo is to the individual. Leo represents investments and creative products, such as children. Aquarius represents the creativity and investment of the state or society. Leo takes pride in their children as a reflection of themselves. Similarly, Aquarius sees society as a reflection of itself.

In Aquarius, we all become members of our society or state. We come to agree that laws are necessary and, after a society has been established, we feel more or less comfortably situated in our newly formed society. As our awareness grows, we begin to see things wrong with the way the structure functions and we seek to make corrections. We need stability and we also need change. Aquarius may represent the beneficial rewards of investment in a stable society or it may represent rebellion against what is wrong. What is required is patience on both sides.

Peaceful transitions occur when we understand and embrace the growth process. If our society has grown rigid, unwilling to change the traditional way of doing things, corrections are difficult to achieve. If the establishment is so rigid that it cannot make adjustments without breaking, a new society is envisioned. But there is a danger that the new society will be no better than the old. If the demand for change is based on avenging mistakes rather than actually solving the problem, we actually risk total destruction of order. Historically, civilizations and societies have destroyed themselves rather than undergo a rebirth. But somehow humanity has continued. Perhaps something new is born each time civilization is destroyed but remnants are instinctively integrated into the seed of the newly established society. Perhaps we have come far enough to determine with conscious awareness which elements are worthy of continuing and which are not.

It is interesting that prior to the discovery of Uranus, Saturn ruled both Capricorn and Aquarius. To some extent, the structured order and boundaries of Saturn were carried over and maintained in Aquarius. With the discovery of Uranus, we began using the microscope and the telescope and began to see beyond the boundaries set by Saturn. That was only the beginning. Now we see further than ever before. No longer is our growing society willing to live within the confines of the old structure. Uranus, as the ruler of Aquarius, is the challenger to all that has been established. Consider the symbolism of the egg in the birth process. The confining structure of the shell of the egg is absolutely necessary for the life of the chicken until it is time for it to be hatched. Once the chicken is ready to hatch, the shell is no longer the friend but the new enemy of the chicken. The shell must be broken. The new boundary for the chicken then becomes the outer limits of its own body. If the body of the chicken has not been properly prepared, it may die when it is required to function on its own. But when the time of birth comes, there is no turning back. So it is with civilization as we approach the birth process of a new age.

We are expecting the Aquarian Age to set us free to build a new society based on knowledge as opposed to faith. But in the meantime, the establishment is being threatened by all of the new knowledge which can no longer be hidden. Once society has established the ground rules for the Aquarian Age, patterned after Aquarian concepts, it will once again be Capricorn principles which hold the new establishment in order. But it is Aquarius' turn to set up the new rule book. We all have Aquarius somewhere so we all have a hand in making the new society. As the Aquarian Age is being ushered in, the guidelines are being set up on Aquarian principles. Knowledge is the foundation of these principles, knowledge based on all that has gone before.

Aquarius is the sign that represents the beginning of true brotherhood. It is the upward turn of the spiral where man rises from the animal and instinctual levels to become a thinking being. The basic nature of Aquarius is knowledge; I KNOW. So we may expect the Aquarian Age to be built with intelligence first of all. However, the second basic principle is friendship, from which we may expect altruistic, humanitarian principles. Furthermore, Uranus' influence suggests something beyond the cold, mental logic of Mercury. Uranus is considered the higher octave of Mercury: Mercury rules communication based on the spoken or printed word, while Uranus rules digital and wireless communication, and even suggests telepathy and ESP.

Aquarian individuals are basically impersonal and humanitarian in their outlook. They espouse the idea of the greatest good to the greatest number. They are looking for rules to insure a new Utopia. In this process, individuality may be sacrificed. They take the broad view from the mountaintop and often miss the individual's worth except as he fits into that broad picture. Any individual which threatens the grand Utopian dream of the future most be controlled and molded to fit. Aquarian individuals are restless and bored with the ordinary and the present. They look to the past to build the future. They are not satisfied with the way things are. They want things to be better. They are often eccentric and strange in their behavior. They can be the world saviors or the rebels. But always they seem to be far out in front, beckoning to the crowd. It is a fixed air sign associated with electrical storms and sudden flashes of insight. There is a spontaneous mental quality to these people. Its fixity makes it stubborn and tenacious. Aquarius can listen politely for hours and continue on their way as though they hadn't heard a word you said.

We all have the Aquarian drive to see beyond and establish anew somewhere in our chart. It functions as a part of our total being. With some of us, it is buried and difficult to recognize. With others, it is located on the surface, filtering everything else within us.

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