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Sun 00° Taurus 42' 17"
Moon 04° Leo 04' 12"
Mercury 02° Taurus 25' 12"
Venus 07° Taurus 11' 20"
Mars 28° Gemini 14' 04"
Ceres 22° Aries 58' 15"
Pallas 13° Pisces 27' 01"
Juno 23° Sagittarius 51' 06" 
Vesta 06° Virgo 41' 41"
Jupiter 26° Aquarius 45' 38"
Saturn 12° Aquarius 39' 03"
Chiron 10° Aries 08' 27"
Uranus 10° Taurus 05' 31"
Neptune 22° Pisces 04' 54"
Pluto 26° Capricorn 47' 44"
TrueNode 11° Gemini 30' 11" 

The Sun

SunThe Sun is the center of our Solar system. More importantly, it is the energizing force which makes life possible on Earth. Its light is reflected by all of the other planets. The symbol which represents the Sun is a circle with a dot at the center. It implies there is no beginning and no end: As above so below. The universe is as infinitely large as it is infinitely small. Man, in the center, is the microcosm for the macrocosm as well as the macrocosm for the microcosm. Every point is significant. The Sun represents the center around which everything is reflected. It is the focal point. All meaning is revealed through the quality of the Sun. That is why Sun sign characteristics are so significant. It is the most dynamic point in the chart. The position of the Sun shows how you will express the rest of the chart. Although many other factors may show more specifically an individual’s various qualities, all of the other factors are dependent on the Sun for expression. However, nothing in the universe acts independently and so it is with the Sun. Even God works in partnership with material creation. The Sun cannot operate meaningfully except through the form in which it is communicated.

The Sun represents unlimited possibility but only what is manifested is available. Nothing works in a vacuum. The Sun must express the entire chart. The Sun represents the urge to express but only to the extent that other parts of the chart are able to relate to the Sun’s power effectively. The Sun rules Leo, the sign which rules the heart, the spine and the back of the physical body. Severe afflictions to the Sun indicate problems which weaken these associated elements. Planets located in Leo which are afflicted will also indicate difficulties in this area. It should be remembered that any afflictions can be corrected if the exact nature of the problem can be understood and dealt with in a meaningful way. The horoscope indicates where adjustments need to be made. When the Sun is found in stressful positions, a major adjustment is indicated, involving the way the individual is oriented toward life. There is no right or wrong orientation toward life; there are only creative and destructive ways of expressing these basic orientations. When the Sun is strongly placed in the chart, the individual is attracted to leadership roles, the health, will-power and vitality is abundant. If they are using this vitality negatively, they may be egotistical and overbearing. When there is good control of the energy generated, they take command in a positive and easy-going manner without seeing challenges or alienation from others. Leadership may be assumed on a large or small scale. Either way, a quality of authority is radiated. The power of the Sun can be used to generate a quality of confidence and respect. By properly assessing personal strengths and weaknesses, one may live up to the best that s/he is capable. Nonetheless, none of us really live up to our full potential.

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