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Sun 12° Leo 07' 44"
Moon 22° Gemini 50' 11"
Mercury 15° Leo 06' 56"
Venus 15° Virgo 52' 27"
Mars 03° Virgo 24' 55"
Ceres 01° Gemini 09' 18"
Pallas 26° Pisces 28' 46" 
Juno 08° Sagittarius 20' 42"
Vesta 07° Libra 01' 30"
Jupiter 29° Aquarius 13' 49" 
Saturn 10° Aquarius 02' 00" 
Chiron 12° Aries 45' 00" 
Uranus 14° Taurus 41' 25"
Neptune 22° Pisces 48' 02" 
Pluto 25° Capricorn 09' 03" 
TrueNode 08° Gemini 53' 16" 


Excerpt from Degrees of the Zodiac:

ScorpioSCORPIO (October 24 - November 22) is the natural 8th house. It represents major changes including death, transformation, rebirth and regeneration as well as secrets and hidden information. Opposite the 2nd house, it also represents other people’s resources. As the house next after the 7th house of partnership, it represents the material resources that the partner contributes to a relationship.

Scorpio is a fixed water sign. The saying that “still water runs deep” applies to Scorpio. Scorpio represents the best and the worst of society. It may be represented by crystal clear lakes which accumulate naturally from underground sources. Or, it may be represented by stagnate pools which breed mosquitoes and diseases. Scorpio continues to set goals one after the other from the cradle to the grave. Before Scorpio has reached one goal, it has set another, while the opposing sign, Taurus, will set a goal and, having reached it, will relax and enjoy his accomplishment. Scorpio seeks to maintain complete control of himself/herself as well as much that is outside himself/herself. The sign has more regenerative ability than any other sign. Scorpio also rules the sex organs and is deeply passionate.

There are more symbols used for Scorpio than any other sign. First is the Scorpion, which will sting itself to death out of frustration. Also the eagle, representing a high type Scorpio, determined to prevail but not to seek revenge or the total destruction of an enemy. There is the dual symbolism of the snake, both the "snake in the grass," and the snake of wisdom. Finally, there is the Phoenix, an emblem of immortality, reputed to have risen out of its own ashes. All of these symbols combine to demonstrate the complicated Scorpio nature.

Scorpio used to be one of the most maligned signs. As humanity itself is growing up, with a new awareness, new skills and new understanding we are seeing a more positive use of the influence that we receive from this sign. With the discovery of Pluto, the new ruler of Scorpio, humanity took a major step forward. With the production of a nuclear bomb shortly after Pluto's discovery, we were awakened to a devastating power. Pluto in mythology ruled the underworld including death and hell. Initially, little of the potential for transformation and rebirth was understood. The sign of Scorpio is at the real growing edge of society. It is in Scorpio that we seek to better understand the mysteries of death and the awesome power of the universe. Especially in the last few degrees of this sign, where the influences are so scattered, we should look for new indications of development.

Scorpio is still a deeply buried and powerful influence about which we are rapidly uncovering new insights. It is a transforming power and it seems that humanity is ripe for the transformation, like an egg when it is ready to hatch. Wherever Scorpio is found in your chart this transformation is occurring. With Scorpio natives, it is a personal and ongoing transformation which they feel. However, we all share in what is being revealed by this sign. We all have a part to play. The degree on which planets are found in Scorpio reveals more closely what is being developed.

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