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Sun 01° Aries 28' 29"
Moon 10° Aries 14' 24"
Mercury 06° Aries 23' 34"
Venus 06° Taurus 32' 09"
Mars 28° Gemini 30' 26"
Ceres 00° Libra 10' 52" 
Pallas 15° Cancer 33' 10"
Juno 06° Taurus 06' 23"
Vesta 18° Aries 56' 08"
Jupiter 16° Aries 49' 07"
Saturn 01° Pisces 41' 39"
Chiron 15° Aries 00' 54"
Uranus 16° Taurus 20' 40"
Neptune 25° Pisces 21' 30"
Pluto 29° Capricorn 58' 45"
TrueNode 04° Taurus 17' 32" 

Great Spiritual Teachers

A while back, a friend shared a great spiritual truth with me that has stayed with me and helped me get through some very difficult times: She shared, "I have found that the greatest spiritual teachers on my journey are the people that really piss me off."

As Venus goes retrograde at the end of the week and Mars squares Uranus, we may expect some of those 'Great Spiritual Teachers' to roll through our lives. But the point isn't that we have to (or get to) deal with difficult people or circumstances while Venus is retrograde. The point is that we are being given opportunities to break open our heart and learn to love ourselves more deeply through the challenges that we face in our relationships with others.

When Venus goes retrograde, she takes off the Rose Colored Glasses and most of us are very likely to have at least a few illusions destroyed. Paranoia may be easily fed and many feel rather unloved or perhaps, less worthy of love — unlovable. During this retrograde period in Leo, we are likely to become overly concerned, even obsessive about what others think about us — or how much they're thinking about us. (Because, you know, they may not be thinking about us at all — how rude would that be?)

No matter the sign where Venus retrogrades, you will always see relationships challenges come into focus in a stark, unmistakeable way. Happily, a favorite of mine on Youtube, an intuitive — and yes, A Spiritual Teacher — Matt Kahn, from True Divine Nature just posted a new video all about relationships and how important they are in teaching us how to love ourselves.

Good timing, Matt!

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