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Sun 28° Capricorn 26' 30"
Moon 25° Gemini 26' 58"
Mercury 21° Capricorn 12' 25"
Venus 12° Sagittarius 02' 28"
Mars 11° Aries 58' 59"
Ceres 27° Scorpio 37' 12"
Pallas 26° Libra 02' 20"
Juno 23° Taurus 15' 29"
Vesta 23° Aquarius 14' 58"
Jupiter 15° Sagittarius 21' 57"
Saturn 13° Capricorn 28' 18"
Chiron 28° Pisces 38' 04"
Uranus 28° Aries 39' 46"
Neptune 14° Pisces 31' 14"
Pluto 21° Capricorn 11' 42"
TrueNode 26° Cancer 46' 34"

Spiritual Context

In my last post, I tossed out the term "Spiritual Context" and as soon as it was posted, I thought, "I need to explain what I mean there by Spiritual Context." So, I sat down to write another post - a month ago, actually - but it's taken some time to formulate how to say [...]

Beyond 2012

"When you wake up on December 21, 2012 and the world's still spinning, you just need to know one thing: It's not over."

- Suspicious0bservers

An entire industry has sprung up around the end of the world - an event that has apparently been scheduled for December 21, 2012 [...]

The Turning Worm

As Venus and Mercury prepare to leave Aries and follow Mars into Taurus in time for the Full Moon on Tuesday (May 17th 4:08 AM PDT) at 26 degrees Taurus/Scorpio, I find myself still reeling from all of the Aries energy we've experienced. Oh my! All of the new beginnings and fresh starts!

At the [...]

Twelve Steps, Twelve Signs - Reprise

The moon is void of course right now. I'll have something to say about that at some point (when the Moon isn't void of course, of course), but for now, here's some info about void of course moons.

But right now, I'm still winding my way through the old Esther [...]

About Astrology - Reprise

I've been going through the archives of the old Esther & Son website, pulling pieces together to set up some basic info for this site such as a section on the Signs pulled from Mom's Books.

I found the following, which I wrote for the the Esther & Son site several years ago that says [...]