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Sun 01° Leo 15' 04"
Moon 01° Pisces 06' 18"
Mercury 28° Leo 06' 57"
Venus 14° Leo 41' 13"
Mars 01° Gemini 54' 49"
Ceres 10° Capricorn 46' 16" 
Pallas 20° Scorpio 24' 40"
Juno 24° Virgo 28' 58"
Vesta 14° Leo 59' 50"
Jupiter 12° Gemini 51' 10"
Saturn 18° Pisces 57' 54" 
Chiron 23° Aries 31' 50"
Uranus 26° Taurus 36' 05"
Neptune 29° Pisces 48' 44" 
Pluto 00° Aquarius 51' 40" 
TrueNode 08° Aries 54' 09" 


PlutoThe first thing to be recognized and understood about Pluto was that it ruled over the unseen and unknown world which we imagined was full of ‘hell, ghosts, and all kinds of gangsters and frightening things.” It was not until after its discovery that we began to realize that Pluto not only rules over the dark and hidden underworld and protects what is deeply buried but also the furthermost stage of development where the kernel of the seed is hidden away in preparation for a new crop or manifestation. From his underground position, Pluto really controls the whole cycle of immortality through the kernel of the seed. He rules heaven as well as hell from his perch at the edge of our Solar System. Pluto’s orbit is very elongated. It moves far out beyond the orbit of the other planets but it also dips within the orbit of Neptune.

Pluto deals with the mysteries of life and death. It has dominion over death and rebirth. In this position, it rules immortality. Vesta, standing at the gates at Scorpio, represents the flaming sword placed at the entrance to the Garden of Eden to prevent humanity from re-entering and eating from the tree of life, thereby remaining in an undeveloped state of irresponsibility for eternity. Pluto is the judge who determines who enters into the heavenly realms and who must continue the learning process through death and regeneration until the eyes have been opened to the meaning of immortality. There are no secrets except in the failure to understand the knowledge we have been given. It is our own selfishness, greed, and immorality which blinds us to the truth. Hell is a frozen place. Evil is fearful of heat because it is the fires of heaven which burn away the dross so that truth stands illuminated. Only the truth you have accumulated will survive to enjoy immortality. If you are nothing but a block of ice you will never attain immortality and you will lose your identity. Pluto represents what survives the shattering effects of Uranus and the dissolving effects of Neptune.

All three of the outer planets have a psychic quality. Uranus, being the higher octave of Mercury, contributes to intuition based on material facts, recognition and perception. Uranus grants an intuitive insight which recognizes the whole from seeing only hints from the visible pieces. It contributes to mental genius. Neptune has psychic powers which are impossible to explain in mental terms. It has an intangible knowing but can’t explain anything rationally or specifically.

The intuition of Pluto comes from seeing the end in the beginning. Pluto is inclined to be bored and depressed by knowing the outcome. It contributes to a fatalistic view of life. The entire cycle is locked up in the seed. Destiny is identified by the seed. But freedom must break the bonds of destiny. This is Pluto’s frustration. Pluto knows the mysteries that others grapple with, but is also aware of the mysteries beyond which others are unaware. Pluto feels the desire for freedom and independence but also accepts responsibility and, by doing so, strives for a sense of freedom beyond what others talk about. Pluto dreams of a freedom not bound by sex, death and regeneration.

Pluto rules the Pineal gland located in the center of the forehead often referred to as the third eye about which little is yet known. It also rules the Gonads and Sex organs. Kundalani fire begins in the sex organs and, as the individual develops psychic powers, the fire proceeds up the spine and awakens the psychic powers latent in the third eye. Much has been written about this in occult literature. There are also warnings about the dangers involved. I believe these dangers are found in the philosophy of wanting to circumvent the laws of God by trying to get something for nothing. Only when all the laws of God are understood and strictly observed can we again enter the Kingdom of Heaven as full grown Children of God. We cannot take the Kingdom of God by storm.

Pluto, like the alchemist, must patiently fulfill the laws over and over again, allowing time to perform the desired, magical transformation. In this way, Pluto gains control over material substance. Not to rape the material world, as modern science has all too often done but for the purposes of true creation according to Divine law. All we desire is easily obtained once we give up our destructive impulses which only encourage waste and leave us with toxic fallout. Nothing is ever lost, it only changes form. We must be prepared to use all the consequences of our creativity. Sacrifices must be made, but only for a constructive and useful purpose.

When Pluto is strong in the chart, it contributes to dictatorial impulses. They are likely to take drastic action when their demands are not met. They may be benevolent and enlightened in their action but they feel an imperative to conform to the law as they see it. Pluto strong in the chart brings sudden and major changes to the individual’s path. These changes may be elevating or crushing. However, Pluto offers strong regenerative powers and the plutonian individual usually regains their strength faster and more completely than others.

Individuals ruled by Pluto have a driving interest in gaining experience. They meet life, not necessarily head on but in a very compelling and demanding way. They are seductive self tormentors. They are determined to follow their path despite any obstacles, like when the growth of certain plants is blocked, they are seen to grow around objects or even break through concrete. The plant is adaptable to unfriendly growing environments and will develop a root system which finds liquid and nourishment wherever possible. These plants may be distorted and unhealthy, but the life force is very strong. As in this example, plutonian individuals will go to great lengths to survive. They also seek desperately to be in control of their destiny. They are interested in psychic phenomena but must have tangible evidence of the inherent reality. They take very little on faith. They may have near magical healing power (many of them become doctors in all disciplines), but they seek to know specifically what is involved. They have extremely sharp minds which must be satisfied or they will feel torment. Plutonian individuals look for the return path before they start out on a trip. They must see the end before they begin.

Once their goal is set, there is no backing down, no changing their mind. The story is told of a pregnant woman being brought into the delivery room shouting, “I’ve changed my mind!” Individuals governed by Pluto cannot change their minds once Pluto’s commitment has been accepted. Death is the final culmination. A new phase opens, but it is impossible to go back. So it is with the events in the life of a person ruled by Pluto. Their life events represent life and death principles.

Pluto directed individuals prefer to work behind the scenes, in secret, revealing their work only on completion. They are extremely stubborn but their stubbornness does not always show. They do not beat their heads against a stone wall. They will look for alternate routes by which their goal may be obtained but they never give up the goal. And they do not stop with the achievement of their goal but will set a new goal before the last one has been fully completed.

Pluto’s position in any chart will indicate the relationship of the individual to the whole society, most often through government. A well aspected Pluto will indicate very little problem with government while a badly afflicted Pluto will attract all kinds of legal and government associated difficulties.

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