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Sun 01° Aries 27' 34"
Moon 10° Aries 01' 18"
Mercury 06° Aries 21' 44"
Venus 06° Taurus 31' 04"
Mars 28° Gemini 30' 00"
Ceres 00° Libra 11' 05" 
Pallas 15° Cancer 32' 56"
Juno 06° Taurus 05' 51"
Vesta 18° Aries 55' 44"
Jupiter 16° Aries 48' 54"
Saturn 01° Pisces 41' 33"
Chiron 15° Aries 00' 51"
Uranus 16° Taurus 20' 38"
Neptune 25° Pisces 21' 28"
Pluto 29° Capricorn 58' 44"
TrueNode 04° Taurus 17' 34" 

Daily Astrological Currents Archives

This page is offered as away to look back at the Daily Astrological Currents Archives for a particular day going back to December of 2013.

Wednesday March 22, 2023

Today provides an excellent opportunity for observation and an expansion of understanding. Pluto is on the cusp of Capricorn and will enter Aquarius (for the next few months) early tomorrow morning. The intense energy of yesterday's Aries New Moon is powerfully present in our conscious awareness and compounded by the imminent shift in the environment that is reflected by the ingress of Pluto into Aquarius. This is a strikingly intellectual atmosphere even though there is a sturdy intuitive foundation. Although we are just 'feeling our way' through this brand new atmosphere, the likelihood is that we can see, feel, and understand much more than we can fully acknowledge. The key for today is to take as much time as we need to stand back enough to observe what is actually happening directly in front of us.

Weekly Summary


"The task we must set for ourselves is not to feel secure, but to be able to tolerate insecurity."

— Erich Fromm

The first arrival of Pluto into Aquarius this week signals that we are on the verge of a New Era. But Pluto will not be fully established in Aquarius until November of 2024 so, essentially, we are actually teetering on the edge of a New Era, with all of the uncertainty and instability which that suggests. The arrival of Saturn in Pisces, just after the Virgo Full Moon on March 7th, further reflects the lack of clarity in the current environment. We need to rely more heavily on intuition without slipping into delusion, self-deception, or over-optimism while still listening for the 'still, small, voice' of our inner wisdom. This week, we begin to hear Pluto's messages from Aquarius, suggesting that we learn the value of connecting with others in order to pursue common purpose. The highly intellectual, air sign energy of Aquarius suggests that when we couple intuition with unorthodox, innovative new ways of thinking, grand, momentous breakthroughs are possible. In Aquarius, Pluto's transformative power challenges us to leave the past behind without forgetting the lessons that we have learned and how we can apply those lessons in order to create a better and more enlightened future. Pluto's transit through Capricorn has challenged established power structures and the status quo while Pluto's transit through Aquarius will challenge (and transform) our understanding of freedom — freedom of thought, freedom to innovate, and freedom to change. This week's overall thrust is aiming us towards leaving the past behind. The Sun's entrance into Aries on Monday signals the Spring Equinox, the beginning of a new growing season. Shortly after the Equinox, The Aries New Moon (10:22 AM PDT 0° Aries) compounds the growing energy and may even supercharge the urge for a new beginning. Mercury, also in Aries and in mutual reception with Mars, still in Gemini until the end of the week, encourages us to connect with others and share our enthusiasm to move forward and let go of the past. However, there are some hints that we may actually be hesitant to let go of everything in the past. Some may feel strong attachments to nostalgic mementos while others hold on to lingering resentments. But not being able to let go will leave us holding tightly to a disintegrating sense of security. We may struggle to find ways to set sturdy boundaries for our protection from uncertainty or ease a sense of insecurity. By the end of the week, when Mars arrives in Cancer and makes an intense quincunx to Pluto, we face further uncertainty about how and where to set effective boundaries for our protection while still seeking ways to go forward into the future that we can finally almost grasp.

Our courage seems to waver on Sunday. Intuition is crucial to sorting through an overwhelming flow of information. The Spring Equinox on Monday increases our desire to move forward and leave the past behind. Nonetheless, some may still be holding on to fragments of the past under the unsteady energy of the 'dark of the Moon' ahead of Tuesday's Aries New Moon. There is a strong growth imperative on Tuesday but little of the impulsiveness usually associated with Aries. Our sense of purpose is powerfully grounded. The value of observation is highlighted on Wednesday. It is important to allow our understanding to be expanded by simply paying attention to what is happening directly in front of us. There are indications that Pluto's arrival in Aquarius on Thursday produces an initial inclination to seek ways to reestablish some new sense of security within the new landscape that we can intuitively sense. We may have some difficulty balancing over-optimism with a nagging sense of instability. Steady effort and a combination of intuition and intellect offers productive use of Friday's atmosphere. The level of curiosity on Saturday is confusing to an instinctual need for protection. Setting boundaries only makes us more interested in what may be outside of those boundaries.