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Sun 06° Taurus 53' 52"
Moon 02° Libra 10' 07"
Mercury 10° Aries 09' 43"
Venus 03° Gemini 03' 34"
Mars 21° Capricorn 38' 45"
Ceres 09° Leo 35' 52"
Pallas 15° Gemini 47' 09"
Juno 29° Pisces 28' 10"
Vesta 04° Capricorn 24' 55"
Jupiter 19° Scorpio 50' 11" 
Saturn 09° Capricorn 04' 51" 
Chiron 00° Aries 31' 02"
Uranus 28° Aries 58' 43"
Neptune 15° Pisces 45' 34"
Pluto 21° Capricorn 16' 56" 
TrueNode 11° Leo 02' 12" 

Daily Astrological Currents Archives

This page is offered as away to look back at the Daily Astrological Currents Archives for a particular day going back to December of 2013.

Thursday April 26, 2018

The Moon is VOC for much of the day today, until the Moon arrives in Libra at 6:12 PM PDT. During the early part of the day, we may be quite prone to misunderstanding details or critical elements so there will be much to review this evening. The early morning Mars-Pluto conjunction may have led to a particularly restless night. Although we feel strong determination, there aren't many opportunities to take tangible actions. Taking ambitious risks is more than likely to lead to disappointment. Lashing out with violence is a particularly fraught strategy today. Once the Moon arrives in Libra this evening, the door is open to productive communication and fruitful discussions.

Weekly Summary


"All meaningful and lasting change starts first in your imagination and then works its way out. Imagination is more important than knowledge."

— Albert Einstein

Thursday morning's Mars-Pluto conjunction this week suggest that there are some very strong imperatives to make lasting changes. Since April 2nd, when Mars made a conjunction with Saturn, Mars has been seeking ways to unwind feelings of limitation and frustration. Pluto emboldens Mars, offering the opportunity to take action and create the lasting changes we have envisioned. However, we need to maintain humility and patience or risk losing control of the vast energy that is available. Without awareness and balance, this week's energy could produce significant restlessness as well as encourage violence or other forceful attempts to coerce and manipulate others for our own gains. Venus arrives in Gemini this week, which may help to keep our tone a bit lighter and encourage our curiosity — and the willingness to be adaptable and explore a variety of alternatives. However, Venus in Gemini can also become restless very quickly and the darker side of Gemini can be prone to sudden depression or despondency if things don't move as quickly as we think they should. Nonetheless, Venus will help us to use our imagination and intuitive insight to work in cooperation with others to keep things moving forward. Since Saturn is now retrograde in Capricorn, we should also remember to look to our past experiences and abilities for clues to how we can be more effective in our current circumstances and efforts.

Sunday's 1st quarter Moon creates a building sense of imperative and a strong desire to create lasting change. Imagination is strongly supported on Monday, increasing our awareness of a wide variety of possibilities. There is some danger of 'making mountains out of molehills' on Tuesday as well as a significant amount of restlessness. Mercury squares Saturn on Wednesday, ahead of Thursday morning's Mars-Pluto Conjunction. We may or may not see the need to slow down. Nonetheless, patience, humility, and adaptability are all crucial to keeping a lid on the extraordinary level of energy and determination. The Moon is VOC on Thursday until 6:12 PM PDT but the evening hours open the door to productive and fruitful discussion and cooperation. Intuition is strong on Friday but it may be difficult to follow through, due to some significant doubt and insecurity. Nonetheless, activity increases on Saturday and our sense of imperative builds even more, ahead of this Sunday's Full Moon (April 29 5:58 PM PDT, 9° Taurus-Scorpio).