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Sun 00° Taurus 38' 54"
Moon 03° Leo 20' 10"
Mercury 02° Taurus 17' 51"
Venus 07° Taurus 07' 04"
Mars 28° Gemini 11' 58"
Ceres 22° Aries 56' 53"
Pallas 13° Pisces 26' 03"
Juno 23° Sagittarius 51' 15" 
Vesta 06° Virgo 41' 41"
Jupiter 26° Aquarius 45' 04"
Saturn 12° Aquarius 38' 52"
Chiron 10° Aries 08' 15"
Uranus 10° Taurus 05' 20"
Neptune 22° Pisces 04' 48"
Pluto 26° Capricorn 47' 43"
TrueNode 11° Gemini 30' 13" 

Daily Astrological Currents Archives

This page is offered as away to look back at the Daily Astrological Currents Archives for a particular day going back to December of 2013.

Tuesday April 20, 2021

We find improving appreciation for consolidation and general stabilization today, rather than any lingering discomfort surrounding the change of pace we are experiencing. However, some of us may still feel the need for some ego bolstering and repair. Consolidation of our gains may actually require us to dispense with some loose ends that no longer seem viable. There is an increasing desire for independence and freedom that may create some friction — especially if any of our pet projects are put on the chopping block in the name of said 'consolidation'. Focusing on creative solutions is where we can make the most progress today, hopefully allowing us to set aside any stubborn desire for personal recognition or approval.

Weekly Summary


"When forms begin to crumble there is always an opportunity for great deepening. By deepening I mean the arising of who you are beyond form."

— Eckhart Tolle

The Sun and Mercury both leave bold and fiery Aries at the beginning of this week. The bold, fiery energy of Aries has been fed by the transit of Mars through airy Gemini, especially under the helpful 'mutual reception' between Mercury and Mars. The effect of both the Sun and Mercury in Taurus slows down our thinking and actions, encouraging us to be more methodical and cautious. Mars will leave mercurial Gemini by Friday and be somewhat 'dampened' in watery Cancer. The transitions are actually rather subtle but noticeable and very important. The initiatives of Aries are stabilized in Taurus, where roots begin to go deep into the earth in order to establish strong holding power. Mars in Cancer has us becoming more protective of our progress, leaving behind the fearless curiosity of Gemini. The atmosphere is slower and more deliberate, which some may feel as restrictive, particularly in the context of the ongoing Saturn-Uranus square that is part of the overarching environment. We are less inclined to develop new initiatives and begin to look towards consolidating our efforts, possibly leaving some initiatives on the 'cutting floor'. Our thinking may be less bold and more deliberate and cautious. The consolidation and slowdowns may very well lead to some bruised egos. This is something like an atmospheric pressure change — changing what we focus on, how we communicate with others, and how we approach our ongoing initiatives. We begin to recognize the need for new planning sessions, new strategies, and new methods of enlisting others in the support of our efforts. Personal freedom is very important here, especially as Venus, Mercury, and the Sun all approach conjunctions with Uranus. We desperately want to express our unique individuality and our distinct perspective. The desire for freedom can be stabilized and grounded through the new awareness that we find this week. Adaptability and flexibility will help us to acknowledge our limitations and honor our past and our traditions, even as we move forward in establishing the entirely new framework that we are working toward.

The Cancer Moon on Sunday increases our sensitivity to the changing winds that are beginning to strengthen as we begin the week. The transitional cusp energy is even stronger on Monday, as both the Sun and Mercury arrive in Taurus. A Moon-Pluto opposition raises the sensitivity and may produce some drama surrounding the shift in the atmosphere. We find a bit more appreciation for the stability of the new environment on Tuesday. However, as we begin to look towards consolidating our efforts, some may feel that a precious pet project is being left behind. Ego sensitivity is a concern. There is a blooming creativity on Wednesday after a potentially bumpy start to the day. We can find new ways of relating to others and supporting their efforts. Detachment may almost seem like disconnection on Thursday. We are preparing for a new round of planning and sensitivity is rather high. Mars arrives in Cancer on Friday. The Virgo Moon encourages an orderly process but there is still some tendency towards erratic and unpredictable behavior. Saturday's Libra Moon encouraging us to reflect on this week's new atmosphere and establish a new sense of balance.