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Sun 00° Pisces 52' 22"
Moon 13° Aries 59' 38"
Mercury 02° Pisces 33' 51"
Venus 10° Pisces 46' 00"
Mars 14° Sagittarius 38' 08"
Ceres 07° Leo 24' 28" 
Pallas 11° Taurus 01' 34"
Juno 28° Aquarius 02' 21"
Vesta 15° Sagittarius 49' 31"
Jupiter 22° Scorpio 44' 33"
Saturn 06° Capricorn 34' 23"
Chiron 26° Pisces 42' 35"
Uranus 25° Aries 31' 55"
Neptune 13° Pisces 26' 33"
Pluto 20° Capricorn 22' 35"
TrueNode 14° Leo 53' 06" 

Daily Astrological Currents Archives

This page is offered as away to look back at the Daily Astrological Currents Archives for a particular day going back to December of 2013.

Monday February 19, 2018

Although there is increased intensity from the Moon's s square to Pluto, the focus is on communication and persuasion. We are inclined to work very hard to 'make our case'. We will be most successful if we are able to pare away the complications, keeping our arguments simple and straightforward. The heightened intellectual capacity may lead us to work too hard trying to make sense of the 'extenuating circumstances'. However, the continuing lack of focus and clarity can only be mitigated by taking a step back enough to allow room for the perspectives of others, rather than impulsively trying drive home our own points — which others may not be able to see.

Weekly Summary


"You're enough to try the patience of an oyster!"

— Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Uncertainty may be a byproduct of the continuing lack of clarity that we face this week. However, some may instead be dealing with an excruciating sense of certainty (or possibly self-righteousness) that seems nearly impossible to communicate to others in a convincing way. The Sun's entrance into Pisces at the beginning of the week brings both visionary inspiration and a disconcerting lack of focus and clarity. If we can stay focused on sympathetically understanding the perspectives of others, rather than struggling to get our own message across, we will be much more comfortable. Detachment is needed but passions seem to surge at times. Of course, the Piscean capacity to 'Let go and let God' is powerful but there are strong temptations to try to assume control in order to convince others of what we believe is important. Unfortunately, the lack of focus, clarity, and specificity do not make for a very effective message — most remain determinedly unconvinced. Compassion and understanding will provide us a route towards compromise and a possible 'third way' if we can stay patient. There is, indeed, a big picture perspective that can elevate our view above the cloudy, chaotic confusion that we struggle with this week but "first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye." — Matthew 7:5.

Faith provides courage on Sunday, even though there is an undercurrent of insecurity. It may not be easy to find the necessary trust in others in order to find productive compromises. A heightened intellectual capacity brings increasingly intense, impatient attempts at persuasion on Monday. We'll do better to keep our message simple rather than explaining all of the 'extenuating circumstances' that only serve to keep the issues confusing. Impatience subsides on Tuesday with the Moon's entrance into Taurus. We may, however, observe some self-righteous stoicism or a distinct loss of momentum. Venus conjuncts Neptune on Wednesday, which helps to keep our patience levels under control. However, there are significant ups and downs that we may be prone to take too seriously. Impatience heats back up again on Thursday, along with some particularly troubling lack of focus and clarity. We'll do better to focus on the big picture rather than the myriad of conflicting details. Friday's 1st Quarter Moon leads to dissatisfaction with our overall progress. However, impatience may be the cause of our disappointment and we may actually be doing better than we think. There is some potential to discover a 'third way' that opens up space for important compromises. Detachment is needed on Saturday in order to stay out of a trap of possessiveness and jealousy. If we can remain willing to abide by the guidelines of compromise and cooperation, our path will be much more comfortable.