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Sun 03° Aquarius 21' 50"
Moon 22° Capricorn 03' 15"
Mercury 12° Aquarius 11' 54"
Venus 12° Pisces 15' 41"
Mars 13° Sagittarius 53' 29"
Ceres 27° Capricorn 03' 37"
Pallas 02° Capricorn 11' 12"
Juno 20° Libra 53' 24"
Vesta 14° Taurus 12' 26"
Jupiter 11° Capricorn 53' 25"
Saturn 24° Capricorn 06' 09"
Chiron 02° Aries 12' 39"
Uranus 02° Taurus 43' 18"
Neptune 16° Pisces 49' 45"
Pluto 23° Capricorn 09' 04"
TrueNode 08° Cancer 21' 51" 

Daily Astrological Currents Archives

This page is offered as away to look back at the Daily Astrological Currents Archives for a particular day going back to December of 2013.

Thursday January 23, 2020

There is significant pressure today to hold tight to the wealth of inspiration that was offered yesterday — but our 'basket' isn't big enough to hold all the goodies. Our limitations seem painfully apparent no matter how much we actually accomplish. We can begin to feel the creative pressure from the forming Mars-Neptune square today. Rather than push, demand, or 'knuckle down', we'll do better by employing a 'light touch'. Look for subtle ways to direct the energy without holding on too tightly to any particular 'treasured outcome'. Allow the Universe to do the heavy lifting.

Weekly Summary


"The fishermen know that the sea is dangerous and the storm terrible, but they have never found these dangers sufficient reason for remaining ashore."

— Vincent Van Gogh

The Sun arrives in Aquarius this week, ahead of Friday's broadly inspiring, but skepticism inducing Aquarius New Moon (1:41 PM PST 4° Aquarius). The 'fever' of concern over approval, appearance, and recognition begins to 'break' and there are bright flashes of inspiration and creativity ahead of next week's Venus-Neptune conjunction, square Mars. However, we are also prone to developing significant skepticism and distrust as the Moon's light dims and we look for ways to regain our footing, following the New Dispensation delivered by the new (35 year) Saturn-Pluto cycle. Whether or not the skepticism is warranted or not, we may find trust somewhat difficult to maintain — especially when we can't see clearly how some things seem to fall into place spontaneously, while other elements are slipping away. We don't have a large enough basket to collect and carry the wealth of inspirational insights we try to gather and any loss can seem especially painful. We need to stay focused on broader, cooperative effort. Independence is not nearly as effective as considered diplomacy, compromise, and 'group efforts' — especially in this atmosphere. There is an extraordinary amount of restructuring underway, which generally keeps our attention away from fully recognizing how fast so much has changed. Rather than worrying about the unfamiliarity we seem to generally focus on what we need to do — what actions need to be taken. However, no matter how fast things are moving, it's unlikely that we fully trust that things are really moving fast enough. For most of the week, we're better off to just let the Universe do the 'heavy lifting, while we work on clearing away our doubts and suspicions, and look for opportunities to rebuild our trust and stay grounded without losing our creativity and inspiration.

There are important negotiation breakthroughs on Sunday. Once the Moon arrives in Sagittarius in the afternoon, we can expand the progress further. The Sun arrives in Aquarius on Monday, setting the stage for the activating New Moon on Friday. We shouldn't be pressured into making quick decisions. The Moon is VOC for most of the day on Tuesday. The stirred-up, chaotic atmosphere may be unnerving or have us behaving foolishly giddy. Inspiration is widespread on Wednesday, providing some clues for charting a path forward. We may try a little too hard to hold onto our inspiration on Thursday and wind up frustrated that we can't 'do everything all at once'. Appearances may be deceiving and motivations are suspect under Friday's New Moon. Things fall into place spontaneously. We are firmly entrenched in an entirely new direction by Saturday. However, we may be finding ourselves skeptical of the motivations of others, which could lead us to isolate. However, we will do much better to focus on 'group efforts' and looks for ways to develop cooperative partnerships. Independence is not well supported.