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Sun 09° Aquarius 19' 12"
Moon 28° Sagittarius 26' 30"
Mercury 26° Capricorn 46' 37" 
Venus 11° Capricorn 04' 38" 
Mars 03° Capricorn 26' 40"
Ceres 28° Taurus 38' 55"
Pallas 24° Pisces 36' 19"
Juno 28° Capricorn 31' 51"
Vesta 09° Capricorn 32' 49"
Jupiter 06° Pisces 35' 12"
Saturn 15° Aquarius 09' 30"
Chiron 09° Aries 10' 14"
Uranus 10° Taurus 52' 04"
Neptune 21° Pisces 20' 53"
Pluto 26° Capricorn 51' 42"
TrueNode 29° Taurus 08' 50" 

Daily Astrological Currents Archives

This page is offered as away to look back at the Daily Astrological Currents Archives for a particular day going back to December of 2013.

Friday January 28, 2022

Venus stations direct a little after midnight tonight. Mercury's conjunction with Pluto adds powerful punctuation to Venus' return to direct motion by increasing our intellectual capacity to clarify our communication with others. However, self-control is required to temper the use of these powerful energies. Today's intensity may bring the revelation of hidden hostilities. The Moon goes VOC this morning at 10:59 AM PST and won't arrive in Capricorn until early tomorrow morning. We may have some tendency to say the wrong thing — before eventually realizing what the right thing would have been. We'll do better to simply 'take time to consider' today, rather than pushing too hard.

Weekly Summary


"It's very hard for me to get a new car. It's really hard for me to get a new house. It's really hard for me to move on from the things that give me stability."

— Jodie Foster

Venus stations direct this week, ending the 'forty days and forty nights' of her retrograde journey. Venus' direct station is punctuated by Mercury's retrograding return to Capricorn and extended conjunction with Pluto, which helps to sharpen our focus and direct our thinking towards stabilizing our position. Mars also arrives in Capricorn this week, where his energies are effectively focused on planning and foundation building. We are offered the practical tools we need to develop lasting approaches and strategies for establishing some stability within the entirely new framework that is being formed. Last Monday's Cancer Full Moon (3:48 PM PST 27° Cancer/Capricorn) initiated a process of 'letting go' that has likely created a void. This week, we find some tools to begin to fill the space that has been created after letting go of the past's debris. The practicality of the strong Capricorn emphasis provides extra courage to set aside feelings of loss and look towards the future. Intuition undoubtedly plays an important role in developing new ways to function this week. We are seeking to establish stability within an unfamiliar environment and, although we may be inclined to proclaim some certainty, confidence, or clarity in our decisions, there is little doubt that we are just 'giving it our best shot'. Nonetheless, this is an extremely promising atmosphere with significant opportunities to establish a clear sense of stability. Many will feel increasingly confident in a 'new way forward'. However, this week begins with some significant emotional discomfort. Indecision and uncertainty may be met with impatience. We will do better to offer compassion and patience for those of us who do not immediately find the 'groove'. Some will feel comforted by an increased sense of stability but others may experience this week's atmosphere as cold and demanding. There is certain to be at least some sense of loss associated with the transitions that are initiated here. It is especially important to remember that our individual stability is not likely to be as lasting or satisfying as working in collaboration with others to find broader solutions. We reach the integration phase of Venus' retrograde process. We can now begin to put into practice the lessons we have learned over the retrograde period ( December 19th, 2021 - January 29th, 2022) about how to interact with those around within these new structures that are forming. These structures are tentative — still forming — and how they develop will most certainly be impacted by how we interact with those around us.

Sunday begins with some emotional discomfort but we travel far towards a feeling of stability. Impatience will only exacerbate uncertainty. Showing patience will be more productive. Mars arrives in Capricorn on Monday, offering productive tools for making lasting adjustments to our foundations. Nonetheless, caution is called for and hesitance is likely to seem practical. Mercury retrogrades back into Capricorn on Tuesday. Our approach and our thinking begins to be less innovative and more practical. We find a watershed of clarity and decisiveness on Wednesday. A broader perspective increases our understanding of the links between the past and the future. We may feel lucky enough to take big risks on Thursday. However, steady collaborative effort will be more productive than relying on individual luck. Mercury conjuncts Pluto on Friday, punctuating the direct station of Venus. Our thinking begins to turn to practical, collaborative solutions. Our focus on Saturday turns to building for the future. However, our loyalties may be stretched and we will need to pay attention to unraveling any residual 'blind spots'.