Daily Numerology Cycle

Today is January 16, 2021. The Number for today is:

22. Pagan mind power. Mastership on mind level.
This influence shows itself with intensity. You may feel a heady sense of power and seek to expand your influence through masterful strategy. You will experience heightened mental acuity. If you have keen spiritual sensitivity and awareness this powerful force may take you far. You will need to rely on spiritual principles in order to avoid outsmarting yourself. The paradox of spiritual power is that you must let go of your power in order to find it. The 22 represents the kind of power most recognized by humanity at the current stage of our evolvement and therefore stands out with intensity. You will feel compelled to take charge for the good of everyone. The year 2000 began a new dispensation, which represented a new level of evolvement as we begin to relate to powerful influences with new awareness. In this new millennium, we are all freshman for a new level of evolvement.

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