Daily Numerology Cycle

Today is September 25, 2022. The Number for today is:

40. Going through the wilderness and overcoming evil.

You need to be able to keep your mind on what you ultimately want. It is a time to solidify plans but at the same time there are great temptations to become side-tracked and avoid the real issues at stake. It usually brings temptations and discouragement. It is a time to keep faith with the highest and best standards that you have set for yourself. There is much promise for those who are able to recognize the transitory nature of the temptation and to give up and accept what seems to be an easier path. This will be a rewarding time for those who are involved with something that has so captured their imagination and involved their total devotion that they cannot be side-tracked because of the sincere enjoyment of what they are doing. It is a matter of making spirit and body work together.

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