Daily Numerology Cycle

Today is September 26, 2023. The Number for today is:

42. Short lived forces. Sense of truth. Verity.

You will undoubtedly be very active. It is no time to try to hide anything. Everything is subject to exposure. You are likely to reveal yourself by everything you do or say. This time should be used to learn as much as possible and especially to face up to anything you can learn about yourself. It is a good time for cooperation in partnership. It will be invaluable to have the help of someone who can be objective and yet sympathetic. This is a good time to unearth information. It may be a good time for introspection but you must be able to face reality in a constructive rather than destructive way. Anything that happens on a 42 day will portend a series of new information coming to light, unraveling one piece of information at a time.

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