Daily Numerology Cycle

Today is April 26, 2018. The Number for today is:

41. Investments of good and positions of credit.
There will be temptations to misuse what has been acquired. This is a get rich quick, gambling instinct which seldom works successfully. There is often a feeling of optimism and freedom to do as you please with what you may have inherited, either through your own hard work or the hard work of others. You may feel that because you have arrived at a safe place, you can afford to let down and take chances in order to acquire more. This is misleading. You should resist the temptation to be reckless or hasty. A steady line of growth should be pursued with confidence and optimism. Only responsible investments should be made with whatever resources are at hand. Respect must be paid to the past. Irresponsible action is likely to be only a trap which will result in failure.

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