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Sun 00° Virgo 39' 54"
Moon 06° Gemini 26' 36"
Mercury 19° Leo 43' 50"
Venus 03° Virgo 22' 41"
Mars 03° Virgo 44' 30"
Ceres 04° Sagittarius 20' 25"
Pallas 29° Libra 11' 01"
Juno 00° Virgo 02' 54"
Vesta 24° Taurus 28' 15"
Jupiter 14° Sagittarius 44' 45"
Saturn 14° Capricorn 24' 56" 
Chiron 05° Aries 04' 29" 
Uranus 06° Taurus 33' 22" 
Neptune 17° Pisces 46' 31" 
Pluto 21° Capricorn 00' 15" 
TrueNode 16° Cancer 40' 04"


VenusThe symbol for Venus consists of the circle of spirit elevated above the cross of matter. Venus uses the vitality of the spirit to harmonize relationships on the material plane. It harmonizes earthly conditions through the power of magnetism and attraction. Venus uses color, music and magnetic allure to woo the partners which Mercury has introduced. It represents centripetal force which pulls things together and holds them by attraction. It designs the fashions which define the culture. It reflects the divine love of God in material form. Since it is held down to earth by material form it may also be distorted, personal and possessive. Venus contributes to the individual’s ability to absorb both food and sensations. It rules the blood in the veins which is on its way back to the heart, as well as the different nerves which carry messages back to the brain center.

People with Venus strong in the chart are very influenced by their surroundings. They enjoy sensual pleasures, including gourmet dining. They are also concerned with atmospheric ambience and harmony of surroundings, luxury, soft music, paintings and scenic views from a comfortable residence. They are much influenced by affection and appreciation. They are attracted to and by other people in social groups. Regardless of its strength in the chart, it will show what the individual is attracted to as well as the personal power of attraction. Venus’ position will show the individual’s capacity for love of a romantic nature. It contributes to an appreciation of art as well as artistic ability.

When Venus is challenged by difficult aspects, it may contribute to excess and extravagance, as well as promiscuity. In most cases, it is not powerful enough in the chart to cause severe problems even under affliction but may contribute to disharmony and frustration.

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