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Sun 27° Gemini 58' 15"
Moon 18° Scorpio 01' 29"
Mercury 02° Cancer 57' 17"
Venus 01° Cancer 48' 57"
Mars 07° Taurus 03' 09"
Ceres 18° Capricorn 03' 30" 
Pallas 21° Scorpio 31' 09" 
Juno 14° Virgo 32' 39"
Vesta 29° Cancer 29' 29"
Jupiter 05° Gemini 30' 08"
Saturn 19° Pisces 19' 34"
Chiron 22° Aries 55' 28"
Uranus 25° Taurus 07' 42"
Neptune 29° Pisces 52' 51"
Pluto 01° Aquarius 37' 43" 
TrueNode 12° Aries 44' 56" 


JunoJuno is associated with Libra but is not really capable of giving us the needed clues to fully understand the true nature of the sign of relationships. The undeniable challenge comes from Juno’s demand for legal sanction and recognition of her marriage to Jupiter. However, there was nothing she could do which gave her the satisfaction of an equal partnership. There might have been many routes she could have taken but the methods she used also gives clues to her nature. Because she had been given a measure of power that Jupiter’s other wives had been denied, she chose a masculine, aggressive, adversary role, which was, of course, seen as most unbecoming. Her drive was for equality.

In my estimation, Venus is more and more inadequate as the ruler of Libra. The struggle for balance and equality is an overwhelming task for Venus. I believe that the new planet Chiron will show us is how we are bound to what we hate and fight against as well as to what we love. In Juno’s battle with Jupiter, she was fighting a losing battle from the beginning. It seems obvious that Juno was more bound to Jupiter than Jupiter was bound to Juno, although neither was able to escape the other. Libra rules battle with an enemy as well as alignment with the partner. In many cases, partnership becomes a legal struggle rather than true cooperation between equals. In no case can we disown what we hate. The energy of hate draws what we hate towards us. It belongs to us.

Another element of Juno is an attempt to maintain one’s freedom by material restitution and by avoiding any obligatory gifts. I suspect that Juno is also associated with prostitution. Persons with Juno strong in the chart are unable to accept anything from another person without giving full measure in return – the scales must be balance. Likewise they expect to be repaid for favors they do for others. They are the ones who believe in treating everyone exactly alike regardless of the circumstances. It is concerned with the letter of the law rather than the spirit of the law.

Because of Juno’s preoccupation with legal rights and her frustration in not being able to enforce those legal rights, she developed a reputation for temper tantrums. Of course, this only made others feel she was unpleasant to have around, amassing sympathy for Jupiter. However, we should not merely dismiss someone who is raising a fuss without hearing them out. Because of his power, Jupiter felt he was above the law. Nevertheless, he was somehow forced to put up with Juno. People with Juno strong in their chart long to be loved. However, they sense that love is a trap which blinds you to your rights. Love may persuade you to forget your rights and just trust the other person not to take advantage of you. Libra and Juno know this won’t work. Therefore, they keep people at arm’s length in order to keep their heads until the documents are signed. Then the legal battle begins to enforce the documents. Hopefully, Chiron can show us what a mess this is. The law of Karma cannot be circumvented and we never get away with taking advantage of someone else. Those who get caught in this trap have probably played the game pretty successfully themselves. The letter of the law is for learning the spirit of the law. Not until the law is fulfilled can we live in true harmony.

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2 comments to Juno

  • Athena Rose (my real name)

    Greetings. I truly appreciate your website, and if I had money at this time I would join, but I am seriously broke (23 year old college drop out going through self-discovery and strong emotional chaos I hope to harness soon). I've been studying my chart, and I have found Juno, Pluto, Ixion and Priapus all at the same degree of 28 Scorpio. I also have a stellium in 3rd house Scorpio, and my Sun is Sagittarius at 1 degree- sharing the same placement with Eros and Sapentia. My Venus is also Stationed, Scorpio 2 degrees and that placement also starts my 3rd house. Please, if there is any way you may be able to give some advice regarding my love life, as I fall in love way too hard and have had way too many heartbreaks, I have to hope with all of my being that I will find my destined partner healthily.

    • The description of the cusp you're on mentions that "you need some Air to communicate your Fire". The 3rd house placement certainly helps that. I'll check in with you via email to get more information! Thank you for visiting!

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