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Sun 10° Cancer 03' 05"
Moon 10° Leo 39' 28"
Mercury 23° Gemini 42' 10"
Venus 10° Gemini 36' 49"
Mars 27° Aries 39' 20"
Ceres 20° Cancer 19' 37"
Pallas 28° Taurus 28' 52"
Juno 19° Pisces 45' 14"
Vesta 06° Pisces 45' 33"
Jupiter 07° Aries 33' 31"
Saturn 24° Aquarius 40' 31" 
Chiron 16° Aries 17' 53"
Uranus 17° Taurus 46' 54"
Neptune 25° Pisces 26' 21" 
Pluto 27° Capricorn 46' 53" 
TrueNode 21° Taurus 20' 49" 


PallasI believe that Pallas is associated with Leo. There is a mental quality inherent in Leo which is little understood or suggested in most astrological literature. Yellow is assigned to Leo in the color wheel. Yellow is definitely a mental color and I have found that Leo represents enthusiastic and enjoyable learning situations. The association of Pallas with Leo explains this quality. According to mythology, Pallas was Jupiter’s “brain-child”, springing fully formed from his head. She was not born of woman, although feminine herself. She was the product of an androgynous element of Jupiter. Jupiter co-rules the second decanate of Leo. Jupiter is the planet most like the nature of the Sun, reflecting two-and one-half times the expected amount of light from the Sun’s rays. It is composed of high amounts of hydrogen with almost enough energy to turn it into a Sun itself. Pallas could be said to represent the mind of Jupiter. Her nature is perceptive, artistic, harmonious, joyful, peaceful, disciplined, and hard-working. Her work was never drudgery, but creative and meaningful. She had a faculty for combining pleasure with work.

Perception seems to me to be the best descriptive word relating to Pallas. It stimulates an ability to see clearly and understand in a meaningful way, sidestepping the harsh overtones normally associated with reality. Realists are considered cold, detached and objective. But this is not necessarily reality. We make a division between realists and dreamers which is not necessarily accurate. Pallas works effectively with the reality inherent in both of these extremes. It is related to the blending of science and religion. Pallas sees that they are simply two sides of the same coin.

Pallas is most definitely associated with creativity, a quality assigned to Leo and the fifth house. Pallas seems to use both positive and negative polarity in an energizing way. It demonstrates the most accomplishment with the least amount of energy. Weaving two opposing elements together to form meaningful wholes suggests the principle of alternating current. All creativity results from the action of positive and negative polarization.

Pallas might also be considered an efficiency expert but not in the usual sense. Efficiency experts usually succeed through singleness of purpose; eliminating everything not directly connected with the desired result. Pallas is more likely to make use of all available abilities and material. Rather than streamlining, it expands into organizing all available elements. No grain of sand misses her eagle-like perceptive eye. “Not a sparrow falleth without the Heavenly Father’s notice.” Pallas represents the conservation rather than the waste of natural resources. In nature and throughout the universe, nothing is ever lost. One form is merely transformed into another.

Those with Pallas strong in their chart have a desire to reconcile all exceptions. There may be 99 sheep safe in the fold but it is that one that is lost in the desert, gone astray, that the master must find and bring home. Pallas is aware that nothing is really lost, but her job is to understand those deviations. Pallas will not be chained or stopped by crying over “spilled milk” but she will save what can be saved before going onto something else. Pallas is a free spirit who roams the world, unlocking doors; when one door locks in front of her, she looks for another to open. Pallas works on the problem nearest at hand but she is not bound by that problem. She is the one that turns every stumbling block into a stepping stone. She never “bites off more than she can chew”. She has a tremendous faculty for recognizing what she can do and what she cannot do.

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