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Sun 03° Libra 52' 18"
Moon 03° Pisces 22' 49"
Mercury 17° Virgo 14' 47"
Venus 20° Leo 56' 00"
Mars 20° Libra 00' 12"
Ceres 04° Scorpio 50' 49"
Pallas 06° Libra 12' 05"
Juno 21° Leo 02' 16"
Vesta 03° Cancer 12' 36"
Jupiter 14° Taurus 43' 54" 
Saturn 01° Pisces 41' 04" 
Chiron 18° Aries 18' 31" 
Uranus 22° Taurus 43' 49" 
Neptune 26° Pisces 03' 28" 
Pluto 27° Capricorn 56' 13" 
TrueNode 24° Aries 59' 07" 

The Daily Astrological Currents by Week

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This Daily Astrological Forecast is a bit different than most daily forecasts since it isn’t written for each individual Sun Sign. Rather, it is intended to be a bit like an Astrological Weather Report. To read more about this forecast, see this post

Weekly Summary: SEPTEMBER 17 - SEPTEMBER 23

"You have to start with the truth. The truth is the only way that we can get anywhere. Because any decision-making that is based upon lies or ignorance can't lead to a good conclusion."

— Julian Assange

The fog and confusion of the past few weeks begins to clear this week, despite the Sun's opposition to Neptune. The uncertainty and self-doubt of the mutable Virgo-Pisces axis (the Sun-Neptune opposition) begins to give way to the increasing focus on the action oriented Cardinal Lunar Node Axis — Aries-Libra. The Sun's arrival in Libra (the Autumnal Equinox) on Friday evening, following the Moon's arrival in Cardinal Capricorn, marks the powerful shift towards attempts at decisive action. But the shift isn't easy and is full of questions, skepticism, self-doubt, and varied perspectives — all of which need to be sorted through, analyzed and dispatched in some way this week. Although the obstacles may seem intractable, solutions and resolutions are within our grasp. We need to find ways to maintain our balance while jettisoning the baggage and debris of old attitudes and approaches which are no longer applicable to the new situations and challenges that are directly in front of us. Our blind spots, especially those surrounding self-doubt and self-image, get a thorough 'going over' this week. As we move through the week, it becomes clear that we have to make some decisions — take a stand in the defense of whatever beliefs and values that we have managed to cling to over the course of the last few weeks of realignment and reordering. Imperatives seem to build all week, increasing under the waxing lunar cycle and the 1st Quarter Lunar phase on Friday. Impatience, with both ourselves and others, can become a major challenge. But methodical consideration of varied perspectives and options will help us to find important pieces of the puzzle that we are trying solve. We need to allow ourselves the time to 'see what there is to see' and have faith that we will find enough clarity 'just-in-time' in order to make the decisions that need to be made. In this context, we may need to guard against trying to complete the whole puzzle all at once. The reorganization process is ongoing, through the rest of the year at least. Staying focused on the specific tasks at hand is important. By the end of the week, charm and significant 'powers of persuasion' help us come to some basic conclusions that we can work with. Nonetheless, we may still struggle over details, even though the broad brushstrokes of a new way forward are beginning to emerge.

We begin the day with 'High Hopes' on Sunday but the excitement wanes when we actually try to get anything done. Connections to others dissipate and self-doubts creep into our efforts. We have extra determination to push through the obstacles on Monday and eliminate indecision. We walk a fine line between too much confidence and not enough confidence. We need to take the time we need to make decisions on Tuesday. Obstacles seem intractable but solutions are well within our reach. Clarity emerges slowly on Wednesday, requiring a 'delicate balance'. Impatience is our biggest challenge. We may seek to avoid making solid commitments on Thursday. Even when our beliefs are challenged, we aren't sure enough to aggressively defend them. There is a strong feeling that we need to 'get busy' on Friday. We are becoming less susceptible to distractions and contradictions. The power of persuasion is on display on Saturday. While we may try to stay non-committal, it's clear that some decisions have been made and the broad brushstrokes of a new way forward have emerged.

Sunday September 17, 2023

While we may begin the day with 'High Hopes', excitement wanes as we try to actually implement any grand schemes. Self-doubt and uncertainty are likely to creep into our consciousness, especially if we find ourselves sidetracked by surprising obstacles. In essence, today brings tests of our resolve, checking out the work we have done to improve our self-image. We may find ourselves crumbling under the weight of even the most insignificant questions or challenges. Our connection to others may seem to buckle. The real tests here are actually geared to help us learn more about leadership and navigating uncertainty. Our indecision is most likely to surface when we are trying to tackle larger problems than we need to. Staying focused on the specific task at hand, while avoiding trying to anticipate issues that are still 'too far out', will help to keep us on track today.

Monday September 18, 2023

Obstacles may seem more entrenched today but resolutions seem to be more straightforward. Today's Scorpio Moon encourages determination and helps to eliminate indecision. We can begin to bring our ambitions in line with our capabilities and opportunities. What may perhaps be most promising is the opportunity to begin to clear away the 'log jam' of issues that require more open and productive lines of communication. We are walking a fine line between too much confidence and not enough confidence. The Sun's opposition to Neptune (completing early tomorrow morning) certainly isn't helping to resolve the confidence issues. Nonetheless, the fog is truly clearing and it's important to stay on the side of faith — faith that the path forward will be easier to see as we move ahead.

Tuesday September 19, 2023

Obstacles may seem even more intractable today but solutions or resolutions are definitely within our grasp. The challenge is really seeing these solutions clearly and making the decision to pursue them. We certainly should not allow ourselves to be goaded or stampeded into actions that we don't believe in. However, allowing careful consideration to guide our actions may seem more difficult than it should be. Perhaps the most challenging element here is how we interact with or approach people whose help or cooperation that we need. What seems to be happening here is that we have a need to jettison a great deal of baggage or debris — old attitudes and approaches that are no longer applicable to the situation at hand.

Wednesday September 20, 2023

The Moon is briefly VOC early this morning, from 3:21 AM PDT until 7:05 AM PDT. Once in Sagittarius, the Moon stirs our resolve to move beyond the obstacles and embrace a new approach. Clarity seems slow to emerge and requires a delicate balance of some quite disparate opinions or ideas. Despite our resolve, we need to take as much time as necessary to be sure we have heard from 'all sides'. Impatience may be the biggest challenge here. Finding value in the varied perspectives may seem quite arduous but will yield important pieces of the puzzle.

Thursday September 21, 2023

Our blind spots are really getting a thorough going over, particularly blind spots around our self-confidence and personal self-image. What is perhaps most vulnerable here is understanding what we value and how we find comfort. When our beliefs are challenged, we might expect that we work to defend them. However, in this environment, we seem to avoid making firm commitments or fully dedicating ourselves to the defense of what we truly believe. We are likely to be worried that our comfort may suffer in the defense of what we believe. We may also be concerned about stirring up too much conflict — even when important issues are at stake. Nonetheless, today's environment demands that we take a stand. Ultimately, important achievements are possible — even likely — but it isn't easy.

Friday September 22, 2023

The Sun arrives in Libra at 11:49 PM PDT this evening, marking the Autumnal Equinox. Earlier in the day, the Moon arrives in Capricorn. Today's 1st quarter lunar phase, along with the shift to Cardinal Sign emphasis, suggests that we're ready to get busy and take action. Intuition plays an important role today. We are, at least temporarily, less susceptible to distractions or 'thorny contradictions'. What is most interesting is how important 'charm' and 'soft soap' approaches are in helping us get past our indecision, set aside skepticism (and the skeptics), and just make a choice.

Saturday September 23, 2023

Venus completes the third trine to Chiron early this morning. Today's atmosphere reflects improved capacity to bring people together in a common cause. The power of persuasion is on full display although the effects may not be clearly seen for a few days. Mars approaches an opposition to Chiron, which keeps us in a rather non-committal stance, even though we have been convinced on a rather deep level. We may seem to 'strain and gnats' or focus on the details even though the basic conclusions are no longer being debated. This may seem as though we are 'backing in' to a decision or a conclusion. Nonetheless, today is a day where the broad brushstrokes of a 'new covenant' — a new way forward — are no longer being contested.

Today is Tuesday September 26, 2023

Weekly Summary: SEPTEMBER 24 - SEPTEMBER 30

"A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus."

— Martin Luther King, Jr.

As we approach Friday's Aries Full Moon (2:57 AM PDT 6° Aries/Libra), there is a sense that we are coming to some clear conclusions — a new plan of action. Mercury returns to make a third trine to Jupiter on Monday, which increases our confidence, as well as our belief in ourselves and the new insights that we have developed. Mercury escapes the shadow of it's last retrograde phase with a demonstrative trine to Uranus on Saturday, just after the Full Moon. We have done our review and 'research' and we're ready to present our findings! However, with Mars in Libra, approaching the lunar South Node in Libra, we'll need to carefully modulate our presentations and avoid an 'I told you so' attitude or a 'my way or the highway' approach. The increasing activity can easily bring increased impatience. The Aries Full Moon punctuates this lunar cycle's grounded and methodical review with a burst of energy, encouraging decisive action. But Venus is also picking up significant speed from her last retrograde period and makes a third square to Uranus — suggesting a strong desire to show off our unique insights in a manner that could become quite abrasive and even self-serving. There is a significant desire to gain some recognition as well as a strong streak of independence that could encourage us to believe that we don't need others — which is just not the case. This week's environment demands that we walk the 'razor's edge' of discretion and diplomacy. We must certainly maintain our unique, individual perspectives and honor the insights that we have gathered from our own experiences. But with the ruler of the Aries Full Moon — Mars — in Libra and approaching a conjunction with lunar South Node before making a square to Pluto (which will complete on October 9th), we must remember that anger and aggression can quickly throw us off balance. What is crucial is that we seek to build open lines of communication and gain access to the widest possible expanse of viewpoints. Rather than simply saying "I told you so", we can come to appreciate how our individual insights are being reflected in others around us and come to recognize that those others can become allies. Venus in Leo can tempt us to focus on recognition and the acknowledgement — by others — of our individual value. But by focusing on the value that others assign to us, the credit they give us, we only weaken our own independent commitment and resolve — and the way that we value ourselves.

Sunday provides an auspicious series of connections which point to a new plan of action. We find continuity even as we prepare to break new ground. We are tempted by self-satisfaction and possibly an 'I told you so' attitude on Monday. However, we should not miss the opportunity to build connections to those who are finally coming around to our point of view. Things may not turn out as planned on Tuesday. Developing consensus is especially difficult and frustrating. We have an important opportunity to 'prepare our presentation' on Wednesday. We should make room for compassion and understanding of those who have different perspectives than we do. We should look for ways to appreciate the importance of seeing our individual perspectives reflected in those around us on Thursday. We'll need to be cautious about aggressively asserting what we think we know. Friday's Aries Full Moon requires that we navigate the 'razor's edge' of diplomacy and discretion. We can seek the advancement of our individual perspectives and ideas without alienating those around us. There is some potential for ego disruptions on Saturday. Tensions rise in an activated atmosphere.

Sunday September 24, 2023

The Moon makes hard aspects to the 'Big Three' outer planets early in the day today — a trine to Uranus, a sextile to Neptune, and concluding with a conjunction with Pluto at 1:05 PM PDT. This is actually a rather an auspicious series of connections, suggesting that a new plan is being embraced and implemented, despite yesterday's 'wavering' or quibbling. The Moon goes VOC following the conjunction with Pluto but arrives in Aquarius by 4:29 PM PDT. Despite the lack of visible fanfare, today seems to offer a significant step forward in a brand new direction which is both promising and well-grounded. The Sun's quincunx to Saturn helps us to maintain continuity even though we are essentially preparing to break 'new ground'.

Monday September 25, 2023

The forward motion of Mercury continues to 'pick up speed' today. A third Mercury-Jupiter Earth Sign trine is followed up by a Moon-Jupiter square this afternoon. While there may be some inclination to indulge in self-satisfaction or some kind of 'I told you so' attitude, the overall environment provides us with a firm footing, grounded by well researched beliefs and approaches. This increases the sense that we have both a broad overview as well as a clear understanding of the specifics. However, as we move forward it will become more and more important to bring others along with us and be sure we are listening to input from as many different sources as possible. 'I told you so' may not be the best way to start the conversation.

Tuesday September 26, 2023

The Moon goes VOC early in the day today, from 5:38 AM PDT until 5:17 PM PDT, following a Moon-Uranus square. Generally, things are unlikely to turn out as planned. Developing clear consensus is especially difficult and may feel quite frustrating. There may be more information available than we can effectively process. Increased activity may only produce increased impatience. The Moon's arrival in Pisces sets up a conjunction with the retrograding Saturn this evening. Essentially, the evening offers us an opportunity for a 'reset' of our self-image and increased willingness to show compassion and understanding for those who have different ideas and perspectives than we do.

Wednesday September 27, 2023

By Saturday, Mercury will escape the 'shadow' of the last retrograde period. We are beginning to develop a far more grounded and productive intellectual approach. With Venus forming the third square Uranus, completing on Friday, our challenge is to bring others along with us in order to find a coherent and collaborative new way to see our overall situation. Mercury is also returning to trine Uranus — an aspect that it didn't quite make before turning retrograde last month. This suggests that we have a clearer overall view than we had last month. The Mercury-Uranus trine can help us to communicate that view to those around us. Today is really a day to prepare our presentation. We have an excellent opportunity to tailor our message without in any way sacrificing our unique perspective and our innovative ideas for charting a new way forward.

Thursday September 28, 2023

There may be some inclination to adopt an 'I told you so' attitude today. However, we'll do better by adopting a far more circumspect approach that will allow further information to filter into the discussion. The power that we have here will be more effective when we actually show appreciation that others may have come to see what we have already seen. In this way, we can begin to build a base of allies and a network of support going forward. In essence, embracing our individual wisdom when we see it reflected by those around us will put us in a far more stable position. The Moon goes briefly VOC this afternoon from 1:57 PM PDT until 5:17 PM PDT. Once the Moon arrives in Aries, we will need to be even more cautious about aggressively asserting what we think we know.

Friday September 29, 2023

This morning's Aries Full Moon (2:57 AM PDT 6° Aries/Libra) caps an important lunar cycle has helped us ground our ideas with tangible information and productive new ideas. This Full Moon encourages us to take the lead in bringing others together around those ideas and beginning to plan definitive action steps to put these ideas into action. However, this encouragement also comes with significant challenges. The Moon is ruled by Mars as it approaches a conjunction with the lunar South Node in Libra. As well, both Mars and the Sun are ruled by Venus, which is in a tight square in Uranus. We are desperately seeking to show off our insights but, by doing so, we run the risk of alienating those around us who we will need in order to continue the progress. This suggests that we will need to navigate the razor's edge of diplomacy and discretion, while continuing to seek the advancement of our perspectives and new ideas.

Saturday September 30, 2023

The Moon opposes Mars today, setting up an explosive, developing Mars-Pluto square (completing October 9th). Tensions may seem to rise in this activated atmosphere but there is also plenty of help to somehow stay 'above the fray' or at least adopt a broad enough perspective to avoid taking too much personally. Mercury finally makes a trine to Uranus, after having spent most of August and September reviewing information. We are feeling ready to display our 'findings'. Despite the potential for ego disruptions or overly aggressive persuasion, this is a day to embrace a clear set of facts and work towards a plan that includes the participation and support of a broad base of 'others' — those around us who can recognize the significance of our individual view while also bringing their own ideas to the table.

Weekly Summary: OCTOBER 1 - OCTOBER 7

"Confront the dark parts of yourself, and work to banish them with illumination and forgiveness. Your willingness to wrestle with your demons will cause your angels to sing."

— August Wilson

Mercury emerged from the retrograde shadow last week with an exciting trine to Uranus that stirred us up with new ideas and insights. But the transit of Mars through Libra has seemed to keep us from directly expressing — and following through on — our individual ideas and perspectives. Martian energy is further 'stalled' this week by a conjunction with the lunar South Node. The forward motion of Venus in Leo only seems to increase the ego-based desire to show off some successes despite the slowdowns. Further increasing the pressure is the forming Mars-Pluto square, which will 'complete' next Monday. The square is intensified by the station of Pluto, which will turn direct next Tuesday. Nonetheless, the Moon is 'waning in light' and serves to dampen the pressure of the Mars-Pluto square at least enough to allow for some adjustments that can (hopefully) keep the pressure from causing any explosions. The ongoing journey of the the last few months has required that we confront self-doubt and unsteady self-esteem. That journey reaches a peak this week. Although we may be tempted to embrace some 'half-baked' quick solutions in order to score a 'win', there is little hope for satisfaction without continued, methodical consideration and cooperation. This week's desire to show off our successes is really the last gasp of the focused struggle with self-doubt. With enough self-esteem, we can recognize the importance of taking enough time to 'get it right'. Mercury arrives in Libra on Wednesday, which offers hope of more tact and diplomacy in our efforts to thread the needle — stay on course and not give up on our individual perspectives and insights but also keep lines of communication open with others. Nonetheless, the necessary adjustments aren't likely to be made without some level of pain — an uncomfortable realignment of our allies and support systems. We have little choice but to slow down — 'take our foot off the gas' — which feels like a let down. We may be inclined to blame others for the slowdown in order to protect our vulnerable and sensitive egos. Resentments or paranoia may bring a feeling of betrayal. For the most part, we aren't quite sure enough of the situation to actually confront any perceived 'betrayers' — which will ultimately be for the best. Our intuitive guidance isn't all that reliable this week. We'll do better to let the unsettled emotions level off before claiming that we've been 'wronged'.

We're tempted to draw quick conclusions on Sunday. There is significant ego-based pressure to show off some successes. Our good ideas drift on Monday, becoming confused or overly idealistic. A Grand Earth trine helps to stay balanced and avoid moving too quickly. Our self-esteem in on the line on Tuesday. We may feel a general nervousness that keeps us off balance and stalls any attempts to move forward. We feel less concern for what others think about us on Wednesday. Self-confidence improves. Thursday's atmosphere is intense. Adjustments are required that seem especially uncomfortable. Hurt feelings and deep vulnerabilities provoke some defiance or defensiveness on Friday. We will need to establish a new sense of balance to accommodate the adjustments that have been made. Intuition is quite suspect on Saturday. Outbursts may seem to come out of nowhere.

Sunday October 01, 2023

There are underlying temptations today that could take us off course and lead us to draw too many quick conclusions. Some may feel that the safest alternative is to make a 'strategic withdrawal' in order to protect our position and avoid making any decision at all. There are a number of elements to unwind and our best inclination is to work through them slowly and methodically instead of coming to any sort of broad conclusions. On the other hand, we may feel some ego-based pressure to show some success with a quick solution. Ultimately, we'll do much better to resist any temptation to try to show off some kind 'half-baked' solution that really needs further investigation.

Monday October 02, 2023

Last week's Mercury-Uranus trine may have stirred us up a bit too much. We may see that today under the Mercury-Neptune trine. Good ideas become confused or overly idealistic but we're not inclined to slow down or think things through. Certainly, intuition can help but our egos seem to be on the line in particularly challenging ways which can keep us from clearly seeing what we're doing. Adding to the challenge is a forming Mars-South Node conjunction in Libra, which is likely to keep us off-balance and uncertain about 'next steps' — but we don't want to take our foot 'off the gas'. The Moon works through a Grand Earth trine this afternoon which seems to help us stay 'grounded' and highlights the forming Mercury-Pluto trine which will eventually help us to resolve some of today's confusion, deception, and/or uncertainty. The Moon is briefly VOC this evening, from 6:19 PM PDT until 10:02 PM PDT

Tuesday October 03, 2023

Our self-esteem is somehow on the line today. It isn't easy to assert ourselves and we may also be concerned about the reception that we receive from others. Although today's overall atmosphere may be very amiable and easy-going, there are some significant challenges beneath the surface. Mercury's trine to Pluto can help see the right path but we still feel some ego pressure. The Moon's transit through Gemini increases nervousness and seems to make it especially difficult to follow through on what we can clearly see is the right direction. Ultimately, our individual challenge is to thread the needle and stay on the course that we believe is correct while holding tight to our individual self-esteem and side-stepping self-doubt.

Wednesday October 04, 2023

The road seems to level up a bit today, making it easier to navigate the challenges of following through on our individual sense of direction. We are at least a bit less concerned about what others think about our position. Mercury arrives in Libra late this afternoon, opening the door widely to promising diplomatic solutions and more tactful communication. Mars conjuncts the South Node but the energy drain eases up quickly. Self-confidence improves. Essentially, the journey that has taken us through an examination of our self-esteem and self-doubt finally culminates today. As we move forward, we will find it easier to hold on to our integrity with increasing confidence.

Thursday October 05, 2023

Adjustments are required in this particularly intense atmosphere. Venus makes a challenging quincunx to the especially powerful, stationing Pluto, which will turn direct next Tuesday. We are being squeezed in a way where approval from others is less and less relevant to our individual position. In other words, whether or not others approve of our position, we cannot simply step aside or 'go along to get along' any more. We are less and less stalled by self-doubt or unsteady self-esteem. We have to take a stand. Nonetheless, this is not a simple process. There is likely to be some pain associated with the adjustments that are required today. Our intuition may not offer a clear solutions. Some may feel that they have gotten a 'raw deal' if they don't get expected support.

Friday October 06, 2023

We are likely to see some significant 'wound licking' today or at least some deep sensitivities and vulnerabilities. Nonetheless, despite the sensitivity, there is a great deal of defiance — or defensiveness — related to any sort of restriction or limitation. Mars is approaching an especially intense square to the stationing Pluto, which will turn direct next Tuesday. It may be quite difficult to directly and honestly take responsibility for any let downs that we have experienced, especially if we haven't gotten the approval or support we were hoping for. Nonetheless, even though the pressure is intensifying, the Moon is waning. With some willingness to stay open to continued communication and negotiation, the overall pressure will ease. We can establish a new sense of balance, even if our alliances have been weakened or diluted.

Saturday October 07, 2023

Intuition is especially suspect today. We are prone to resentment or paranoia and may feel at least some degree of betrayal. However, we may not be sure enough of ourselves to actually confront the 'betrayer'. As a result, there is some potential for some passive-aggressive discontent that boils just beneath the surface. If there are any actual outbursts, they may be quite surprising or seem to 'come out of nowhere'. We may think we can see a 'wrong' that should be 'righted' but it isn't a clear case. The Moon goes VOC this afternoon, following an opposition to Pluto at 12:11 PM PDT. Emotions are unsettled. Once the Moon arrives in Leo, we may see a more direct expression of discontent.