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Sun 00° Libra 07' 17"
Moon 08° Pisces 17' 19"
Mercury 01° Libra 53' 49"
Venus 08° Scorpio 02' 03"
Mars 03° Aquarius 09' 10"
Ceres 07° Libra 38' 54"
Pallas 09° Virgo 38' 21"
Juno 29° Taurus 06' 06"
Vesta 01° Capricorn 32' 59"
Jupiter 20° Scorpio 39' 40"
Saturn 02° Capricorn 46' 15"
Chiron 00° Aries 07' 38" 
Uranus 01° Taurus 44' 06" 
Neptune 14° Pisces 39' 36" 
Pluto 18° Capricorn 46' 18" 
TrueNode 04° Leo 37' 02" 

The Daily Astrological Currents by Week

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This Daily Astrological Forecast is a bit different than most daily forecasts since it isn’t written for each individual Sun Sign. Rather, it is intended to be a bit like an Astrological Weather Report. To read more about this forecast, see this post

Weekly Summary: SEPTEMBER 9 - SEPTEMBER 15

To be or not to be is not a question of compromise. Either you be or you don't be."

— Golda Meir

This week's shifts may seem startling — even unsettling — after the slowdowns we've been through this Summer but ready or not, the ball is rolling! The week begins with a powerfully transforming New Moon on Sunday (11:01 AM PDT 17° Virgo) which incorporates a separating opposition to Neptune and a forming trine to Pluto. Neptune's involvement could produce some overly idealistic expectations but the trine to Pluto will keep us steadily moving towards transformation. This week's waxing lunar cycle is intensified and energized by Mars' return to Aquarius and a square to Uranus. We revisit the intensely innovative and impatient energy of last May with a renewed sense of purpose and mission. The challenges to relationships are intensified by Venus' entrance into Scorpio just before the New Moon. Direct, forceful, transparent activity may not seem to produce satisfying results. We may feel more protective of our ideas and less inclined to share our intentions. We may also try to work through others in order to move towards our own goals. On the other hand, defiant independence may seem to be our only route forward. However, if we can take a step back, look for a broader perspective and find enough patience to keep finding ways to bring cooperation into the equation, the more successful we will be as we move into the Fall and Winter. We'll do better when we bring our vision forward with open and honest directness. The temptation to keep our own intentions opaque is more likely to complicate our efforts, rather than sidestep obstacles. Whatever approach we take, there is no doubt that the pace picks up dramatically this week.

Venus moves into Scorpio on Sunday, just before the New Moon. The shifts may produce a significant amount of tension as we try to find a way to adapt to the steadily increasing pace of activity. Mars moves back into Aquarius on Monday, stoking the fires of independent — perhaps even defiant — thought and action. Caution is called for, as well as patience when we don't feel others are keeping up. The Moon's square to Pluto on Tuesday could produce some intense emotional upheaval. The intensely emotional atmosphere continues into Wednesday but there is little inclination to openly share our feelings. By Thursday, the change in the atmosphere is fully apparent. We may see increased aggressiveness and moods could be particularly unstable. We'll do better to keep our intentions as transparent as possible. Friday brings a more thoughtful, methodical approach that helps us to better articulate where we're heading and what we're thinking. It may be easy to feel completely overwhelmed on Saturday, and feelings of loss could be mixed with excitement and anticipation. We may do better to keep our focus closer to home, rather than becoming overwhelmed by trying to grasp all of the ramifications of the big picture.

Sunday September 09, 2018

Venus arrives in Scorpio this morning, just ahead of the powerfully transformative Virgo New Moon (11:01 AM PDT 17° Virgo) which trines Pluto. Venus first makes a quincunx to Chiron and heads towards an opposition with Uranus (culminating early Wednesday morning) and a sextile to Saturn. We are presented with various relationship challenges and/or shifting alliances which require that we try to hold our own in the face of a variety of demands from others. We may be prone to adopt a slave role in order to maintain friendships or, on the other hand, find ourselves inclined to try to use others in order to keep ourselves safe. Either way, the tension is apparent. What seems to be most helpful here is the involvement of Pallas at 2° of Virgo, trining both Saturn and Uranus. Pallas encourages us to increase our perspective enough to see past the transitory challenges and feelings of personal slight and keep our sights on the bigger picture and the exciting period of transformation we are moving into.

Monday September 10, 2018

Mars moves back into Aquarius this afternoon, stoking the fires of independent thoughts and action and returning to the innovation and intense impatience of the Mars-Uranus square that we saw last May. Caution is called for — especially in our interaction with others. We don't want to 'keep our light under a bushel'. Nonetheless, we need to be especially clear and specific or risk losing track of our own unique perspective in an effort to keep the peace. If we stay open and honest, we should find that there is plenty of extra room for a variety of ideas and perspectives. However, If we get stuck pushing our own position too intensely, we'll risk losing out on the opportunities to broaden our horizons.

Tuesday September 11, 2018

The Moon goes VOC this afternoon at 3:57 PM PDT following an intensely emotional square to Pluto. We may be inclined to push too hard today without offering clear and direct intentions or agendas. We're more likely to keep our intentions at least partly obscured while we try to find ways around whatever obstacles seem to be in front of us. The tendency towards opaque intentions will keep things more complicated than they really need to be. Whatever we can do to open up will help to simplify troublesome challenges and unwind emotional blind spots. Efforts to find compromise become even more challenging this evening.

Wednesday September 12, 2018

The Moon is VOC until 11:14 AM PDT this morning. Once the Moon arrives in Scorpio, there are likely to be some very strong emotions in the air but very little inclination to share them directly. The transformative effects of Sunday's New Moon are beginning to bear fruit and the shifts may seem like they're happening all by themselves. There may be some feeling of silent satisfaction when thing fall into place on their own. Nonetheless, impatience is building and may be built upon unspoken expectations and unrealistic ideals.

Thursday September 13, 2018

As the waxing lunar cycle unfolds and the transformations and transitions become more and more apparent, we begin to see intensifying aggressive energy. To some extent, the aggression may seem to be provoked by obstacles and challenges. However, we should not discount the fact the the energy has shifted and moods are becoming more unstable. We are much more prone to defiant independence. While it may be true that the independence is springing up from very clear ideas and insights, finding the patience to bring others along with our insights is in short supply. The importance of applying a deliberate and methodical approach is seen wherever the frustration begins to bubble up in emotional outbursts. Nonetheless, we have opportunities to make important connections with others today that can help forestall those outbursts — but we need to consciously make the effort.

Friday September 14, 2018

Just when we need it most, we begin to find a more considered, thoughtful approach today. We seem to gain just enough perspective and distance to soften our tone and more clearly articulate our goals, desires, and expectations. The Moon is VOC for much of the day today — until 5:44 PM PDT. Attempts to push our weight around are most likely to be ineffective at best and possible even self-defeating. Today's dampening of overt aggression is just what we need to take a step back and get a better perspective. Once the Moon arrives in Sagittarius this evening, we can regain our footing with a chance to be more articulate with our ideas.

Saturday September 15, 2018

The challenges of broad transformation are on display today. We may feel an intense pull between the past and future, including feelings of loss as well as intensely emotional expectations and anticipation that may or may not be fully in line with reality. There are also likely to be some apparent 'fence sitters', who can't seem to decide whether they want to go back or move forward. Oddly enough, we may be more comfortable if we try not to focus too intensely on the big picture — the major changes — but rather, find something like a 'subset' of changes, closer to home, that we can embrace and maybe even enjoy. It may simply be too scary to look at how the broad changes underway seem to be making us feel so unsettled.

Today is Saturday September 22, 2018

Weekly Summary: SEPTEMBER 16 - SEPTEMBER 22

"Pressure comes from a lack of preparation. "

— Colin Kaepernick

The Sun arrives in Libra, the sign of Justice and Balance at the end of this week. As the Sun moves through the last degrees of Virgo over the course of the week, it is as though we are provided a trail of breadcrumbs — minuscule details to follow. In essence, by following the breadcrumbs, we are preparing ourselves to better understand the developing view of a bigger picture. We may find ourselves continuing to struggle with uncertainty and vacillation but by keeping a narrow focus on the details, we should be able to make significant progress. Mars moves back into an impatient square to Uranus and approaches the South Node in Aquarius. Self restraint is necessary to keep us from displaying erratic and likely ill-timed outbursts of frustration. The strain may produce some extreme challenges to our nervous systems if we aren't able to keep our focus on the myriad of details that we have directly in front of us. It is more important than ever to look at the fine print, analyze each phrase, word and angle and leave our Big Picture goals, vision, and perspective aside — at least for now. Once we reach next week's Full Moon (September 24, 7:52 PM PDT 1° Aries/Libra), we will find that this week's trail of breadcrumb — the details — have led us to a fascinating new perspective. However, we aren't likely to have any certainty, this week, of exactly where we are going or what it is all leading too. The lack of certainty may produce some uncomfortable questions that, in turn, lead us to try to stretch the truth in an attempt to satisfy uncertainty. However, such dissembling is only likely to produce increased impatience and lead to the increased likelihood of sudden outbursts of frustration.

Sunday's atmosphere is particularly restless and uncertain, potentially leading to to a tendency to blur the lines and stretch the truth as we try to distract from and uncomfortable questions. Increased responsibility on Monday brings increased candor. Nonetheless, the building tension could lead to some tangible strain on our nervous systems. Self-restraint is tested on Tuesday. Steady effort will bring a extra dose of luck to help overcome the tension. If we can stay focused on the details on Wednesday, we should find help maintaining self-restraint — which is extraordinarily important. Continuing our focus on the details and the fine print into Thursday, we may recognize that there are important clues to follow — breadcrumbs — which will lead us to broader understanding and insight next week. Behavior becomes increasingly erratic under the VOC Moon in Aquarius on Friday. Much of the important activity is behind the scenes. The Sun arrives in Libra on Saturday, following Mercury's entrance on Friday evening. We begin to gain increased interest what others are really thinking. However such interest may lead to increasing paranoia. The insights that surface on Saturday foreshadow a broader perspective that will unfold next week.

Sunday September 16, 2018

Today's atmosphere is rather restless and unsteady. We reach the 1st quarter lunar phase but may continue to struggle with uncertainty about our general direction. There is some tendency to try to stretch or bend the truth in order to satisfy any uncomfortable questions. We may also be prone to over-confidence but — again — uncomfortable questions and/or criticism leads us to attempt to make overly broad claims and pronouncements. Essentially, it is impatience with others that keeps us off balance today and torn between too many questions and too little certainty. The Moon goes VOC at 4:14 PM PDT this afternoon after which we may get even less reliable answers.

Monday September 17, 2018

Responsibility brings a clearer picture today and more willingness to address questions with candor. However, we may only be able to say, with certainty, that we 'we just aren't sure' what the answers are. By staying on the fence, we continue to keep our options open. Even though there is extraordinary impatience, wisdom continues to be found in a willingness to bide our time and wait for new and more innovative options to present themselves. Nonetheless, the required self-restraint is challenging and could bring extraordinary nervous tension.

Tuesday September 18, 2018

Our level of self-restraint is tested this afternoon and emotions may boil over unexpectedly. Ego protection is part of the equation today, possibly leading to defensiveness in the face of too many questions or challenges. We desperately need to find some support from like-minded friend and allies in order to keep the lid on (or put the lid back). Despite today's tensions, if we can find an intuitive pipeline to follow and maintain steady effort (without blowing our lid), there is an extra dose of luck and clarity available.

Wednesday September 19, 2018

The Moon is VOC today from 10:09 AM PDT until 4:51 PM PDT. The need for self-restraint becomes an imperative today. Mercury is approaching the superior conjunction with the Sun in detail-oriented Virgo. The increased level of impatience in this atmosphere may either be exacerbated or assuaged by methodically working through the fine print, making sure that we have every 'I' dotted and every 'T' crossed. If we can find comfort in recognizing the importance of the details, we could be completely entranced today. On the other hand, if the details seem to be nothing but a distracting smoke-screen or a confusing morass that leaves us overwhelmed, we are more inclined to unpredictably explode — possibly creating unintended complications.

Thursday September 20, 2018

There is little support for following a broad, predetermined agenda today. Rather, we need to follow the details that are in front of us — our 'punch list' — and allow them to determine the course. Independence and erratic activity may seem to take us far away from where we've intended to go. Nonetheless, there is an overriding, yet quiet, direction being provided just by sticking with the details and checklists. By working too hard to stay focused on our 'big picture' projects, we're more likely to find ourselves distracted, derailed or discouraged. Today is a day to keep our nose to the grindstone, follow the breadcrumbs, and avoid trying to control, manage or even navigate beyond just working through the details we find directly in front of us.

Friday September 21, 2018

The Moon goes VOC this morning at 10:13 AM PDT and won't arrive in Pisces until early tomorrow morning. The most important activity today seems to be going on behind the scenes in secret meetings and hidden agreements. However, there are also significant ego concerns that seem to be part of the equation, possibly keeping many of us on the defense and looking for protection. We may feel the need to protect whatever progress was made yesterday, especially when we see that progress is stalled today. The odd and/or erratic behavior that we see today probably has more method than madness but it may not all become apparent until we turn a corner at the Full Moon next Monday (7:15 PM PDT 1° Aries/Libra).

Saturday September 22, 2018

The Sun arrives in Libra today, the sign of Justice and Balance. Intuition is sharp and strong, leading us into very deep waters. Mercury accompanies the Sun into Libra, leading us towards deeper interest in understanding what others are thinking and how decisions are being made. The seeds of wisdom are beginning to sprout (as Saturn's direct motion picks up speed) and those new shoots will produce significant developments over the next two weeks, The threads we find to follow today may not seem to be all that significant but by using our intuition, we will recognize their importance — even if others don't clearly understand what we think we're seeing. Of course, the undercurrents of secrecy and hidden agreements that seem to be woven into this environment may also begin to produce deepening paranoia — a notable element of the coming retrograde Venus (October 6 - November 16).

Weekly Summary: SEPTEMBER 23 - SEPTEMBER 29

"Anger is a manifestation of a deeper issue... and that, for me, is based on insecurity, self-esteem and loneliness."

— Naomi Campbell

Mars has passed the square to Uranus but moves into a tricky conjunction with the South Node this week. Whatever lingering, impatience, frustration and anger need to be cleared away through honesty and cooperation. Anger can be particularly destructive in this atmosphere. There is a strong tendency to try to push through obstacles instead of taking enough time to find cooperation. We may feel additional frustration with Chiron moving back into Pisces, increasing the challenge of clearly describing everything we're seeing and feeling. In this atmosphere, the subtle shift of Chiron may increase defensiveness and keep us from fully taking responsibility for the challenges we're facing. Monday's Full Moon adds to the pressure by producing a building sense of imperative, leading us to believe that whatever we're trying to make happen needs to happen right now! We may be dogged by some uncertainty at the beginning of the week but after the Full Moon, we will have to admit that courage and uncertainty isn't enough — we have to get cooperation from others in order to move past the obstacles. Ultimately, we seem to pull through by staying focused on our responsibilities. Rather than being driven by fear, obligation, or threat, we can begin to recognize the value of staying grounded and making steady, deliberate progress. That is not to say that we need to stay completely safe in a dull, repetitive rut. Rather, a sense of responsibility helps the bring the innovative energy of Mars in Aquarius into tangible form.

We may feel particularly unsteady on Sunday, finding only a few hazy intuitive clues to keep us on track. Even so, the imperatives are building and we feel compelled to use whatever clues we can find. Monday's Full Moon brings increased urgency but also more courage and determined independence. However, Chiron returns to Pisces on Tuesday and we begin to recognize that courage and determination won't be enough without some cooperation. We need to focus on clarifying our message and give others the freedom we're demanding for ourselves. We'll be more productive on Wednesday if we focus on service, instead of advancing our own agendas. The Taurus Moon on Thursday increases our determination but leads to less inclination to cooperate or listen carefully to what others are trying to tell us. Friday's challenge is simply letting go of control and overcoming the determined need to be 'right' — simple, right? By Saturday, however, things seem to fall into place in an entirely different way and we tentatively open the door to better communication and the free flow of ideas.

Sunday September 23, 2018

Intuition continues to be our guiding force today. We seem to be actively processing a great deal of information, weighing options, and determining strategies. As we approach Full Moon tomorrow evening (7:52 PM PDT 1° Aries/Libra), imperatives become stronger and more intense, increasing our desire to come to some conclusions and make a plan for moving forward. Nonetheless, we are feeling the need for caution, creating uncertainty. We may feel we have no choice but to rely on some potentially hazy intuitive clues but the imperatives have us making use of whatever we can find — even if we're not sure. The Moon goes VOC this evening at 10:25 PM PDT.

Monday September 24, 2018

The Moon is VOC until 4:03 PM PDT ahead of tonight's Full Moon (7:52 PM PDT 1° Aries/Libra). The early part of the day may be filled with a somewhat playful joviality — a playful 'silly season'. However, once the Moon arrives in Aries, intense imperatives return to the forefront with less focus on the cautiousness that we saw yesterday. We are relying heavily on our past experience and previous preparations, trying to insure that our progress is steady and reliable. We seem to feel less fear connected to the sense of responsibility. We recognize the importance and value of responsible, deliberate efforts, without feeling obligated or under threat. Courage and strength of will are emboldened by tonight's Full Moon and will help us to continue steady progress through the entire waning lunar cycle.

Tuesday September 25, 2018

Chiron retrogrades back into Pisces today in a highly determined atmosphere. However, along with determination we are likely to see (or feel) some significant defensiveness. Determination is focused on standing our ground or 'holding our own'. With Chiron now in Pisces, it isn't easy to fully and clearly describe our position and exactly why we feel as determined as we do. Nonetheless, there is little inclination to simply 'give up and walk away'. Martyrdom is possible but we are also likely to see some surprising twists of fate today which either strengthen our position or leave us hopelessly 'tilting at windmills'. Anger is especially destructive today as Mars returns to conjunct the South Node.

Wednesday September 26, 2018

The Moon goes VOC early this morning (3:28 AM PDT) and won't arrive in Taurus until just after midnight. Aggression may be erratic and ill-timed — it's no time to start an argument, especially if we're sure we're right. We'll do better to focus on service and, in particular, helping others to sort out their affairs, rather than focusing too intently on our own affairs. Our general energy levels may be significantly reduced but we should begin to regain momentum tomorrow. The reduced energy may create further frustration, even though we believe we have a clear idea of what needs to happen — we just can't 'make it so' right now. Take it easy and have some faith that 'more will be revealed'.

Thursday September 27, 2018

Permanence and longevity is emphasized under today's Taurus Moon. Courage and will power overcomes much of this week's uncertainty. However, we may be left with less willingness to seek cooperation, which will only lead to extending a feeling of frustration. Whatever conflicts are found today can be seen as obstacles or (more productively) opportunities. We are likely being driven by a strong sense of responsibility that increase the feeling that we need to just push through. We may be missing the fact that others are feeling exactly the same sense of responsibility. The more that we can find ways to seek cooperation instead of combat, the more headway we will make today.

Friday September 28, 2018

The need for cooperation is even more apparent today even though iti seems more threatening to allow the space necessary to let others in. Our comfort level can be measured by our ability to find some way to give up control and an overpowering imperative to be 'right'. Our frustration may arise through our belief that others could do more than they actually can. Essentially, we are trying to lock in a solid sense of power and control but what we really need to understand is the need for freedom and flow. The Moon goes VOC this afternoon at 3:36 PM PDT after which, we may be tempted to use deception and subterfuge to control others — let it go.

Saturday September 29, 2018

We tentatively open the door to honest communication today, with increasing interest in what others are thinking — instead of forcefully pushing our own agendas. Our confidence seems to grow throughout the day, along with our ability to unwind the week's conflicts and frustrations. Nonetheless, we should be careful not to be 'too clever by half'. It may be too soon to make light of the conflicts directly. The more listening we can do, the more wisdom we can gain. Continuing to play the game of 'convincing and controlling' — not matter how clever we think we are — the less we will actually gather the wisdom and insight that is offered today.