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Sun 12° Leo 06' 51"
Moon 22° Gemini 39' 03"
Mercury 15° Leo 05' 02"
Venus 15° Virgo 51' 20"
Mars 03° Virgo 24' 20"
Ceres 01° Gemini 09' 02"
Pallas 26° Pisces 28' 53" 
Juno 08° Sagittarius 20' 42"
Vesta 07° Libra 01' 05"
Jupiter 29° Aquarius 13' 56" 
Saturn 10° Aquarius 02' 04" 
Chiron 12° Aries 46' 01" 
Uranus 14° Taurus 41' 24"
Neptune 22° Pisces 48' 03" 
Pluto 25° Capricorn 09' 04" 
TrueNode 08° Gemini 53' 17" 

The Daily Astrological Currents by Week

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This Daily Astrological Forecast is a bit different than most daily forecasts since it isn’t written for each individual Sun Sign. Rather, it is intended to be a bit like an Astrological Weather Report. To read more about this forecast, see this post

Weekly Summary: JULY 25 - JULY 31

"Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world."

— Harriet Tubman

Last week's adjustments, capped off by last Friday's Aquarius Full Moon (7:36 PM PDT 1° Aquarius/Leo), have helped us establish a new level of detachment, which makes room for more practical approaches and decisive action this week. Mercury leaves cautious and circumspect Cancer on Tuesday for bold Leo. We gain increasing confidence in our intellectual capacity and feel more comfortable following independent self-direction. Complications may actually open doors instead of slowing us down. Our intuition is increasingly reliable as well. We have finally fully emerged from the period of confusion that has been with us since mid-May, just before the first of Mercury's three squares to Neptune. The three Mercury-Neptune squares and the retrograding Mercury in June may have stirred great inspiration and strong idealistic intentions but seemed to offer little tangible, practical progress. However, by the time Mars arrives in practical Virgo on Thursday, we are fully engaged in a decidedly more practical environment that drastically changes our ability to take direct action. The challenging 'dance' between a desire for independence and the emotional need for safety begins to slip into the background. Jupiter returns to Aquarius on Tuesday which allows further capacity for detachment. There is also more interest in applying logical, methodical approaches, although the early part of the week may see some uncomfortable impatience stirred by a Mars-Jupiter opposition just before Mars moves into Virgo. Nonetheless, there is generally less emotional 'noise' to contend with. With the increase in confidence, we are better able to blend inspiration with practicality. Increased confidence also makes it easier for us to understand the importance of incorporating our individual sense of direction into a larger purpose. Of course, we should not simply ignore our own or others continuing emotional needs by becoming too much focused on achievement and progress. Jupiter's return to Aquarius will provide an environment where cooperation and collaboration becomes much more desirable. Despite the logic and practicality in this week's atmosphere, we will need to maintain enough emotional sensitivity to stay open to the opportunities for cooperation that are presented.

There is a surprisingly cautious approach on Sunday. We are slowed down by indecision even though we try to show that we are confident. However, by Monday, we gain a bit more true confidence. There are gems of insight to be found in surprising places. Intuition is strong on Tuesday. Mercury moves into Leo and we are ready to more clearly and articulately communicate our optimism and enthusiasm. Distractions and temptations abound on Wednesday. The Aries Moon could have us a bit amped up and there may be some impatience to deal with. Mars arrives in Virgo on Thursday and we are ready to embrace logic and practicality. Creativity and innovation are better supported with a clear commitment to integrity and logic. The drop in emotional sensitivity and emotional 'noise' could have us missing some important messages from others on Friday. We should not ignore the emotional needs of others. There is a mystical, intuitive energy on Saturday that helps us to further process the available information and 'connect the dots' very effectively.

Sunday July 25, 2021

We may seem to take a surprisingly cautious approach today to whatever idea or project we are pursuing. We are slowed down by indecision but determined to present a picture of complete confidence to those around us. The resulting challenges may seem to be completely avoidable to those around us. The main issue seems to be a singleness of purpose which ignores or tries to sidestep a larger perspective. If we are able to set aside any need to impress or convince others and simply move forward independently, we are likely to do better. The Moon goes VOC in Aquarius at 4:47 PM PDT but arrives in Pisces by 8:30 PM PDT when intuition and creativity helps us to lay the groundwork for more productive progress.

Monday July 26, 2021

There is more capacity for confident self-direction today, especially if we are able to set aside any need to convince others. There is still enough sensitivity in this atmosphere to maintain awareness of where others are coming from — in other words, it is easier to incorporate any of the good ideas but quietly set aside anything that doesn't fit productively into our plans. In this atmosphere, complications may actually open new doors rather than slow us down. There are indeed gems of insight to be found in surprising places today if we let ourselves stay open to finding them.

Tuesday July 27, 2021

Our capacity for self-direction is set to evolve today, naturally transforming into a more cooperative approach. Intuition is especially strong today, which helps us to navigate something like a blind corner that is leading to new opportunities. Our thinking changes with Mercury's move from Cancer to Leo. We are ready to more clearly and articulately communicate our optimism and enthusiasm. However, Jupiter moves back into Aquarius early tomorrow morning, pulling us back into a level of detachment that may feel suddenly disorienting. We are clearly in need of finding new avenues of collaboration and cooperation but maintaining personal self-direction and some degree of independence also seems more important than ever. The Moon goes VOC early this evening at 6:12 PM PDT.

Wednesday July 28, 2021

We are challenged to significantly reorient ourselves today to an entirely new landscape. Distractions and temptations abound. Today's Aries Moon trines the Sun and may get us amped up. This is a day to set down a marker of some kind, solidify plans, and stay focused on our ultimate goals. We are moving away from an environment that has had us focused on inspiration and instinct. The new environment creates a far more detached, logical framework. We will gain an even more logical perspective once Mars arrives in Virgo tomorrow. However, the forming Mars-Jupiter opposition has us stirred up with impatience and challenges us to maintain self-discipline. Even though the gears may seem to grind a bit, today's adjustments will serve us well as we move forward.

Thursday July 29, 2021

Mars arrives in Virgo this afternoon, completing a dramatic shift in the landscape. We should be prepared to forgive ourselves for any missteps as we make the necessary adjustments to deal with the shifts. Mars completes an opposition to Jupiter just before arriving in Virgo. We are likely to be very clear on the need for personal responsibility which will help to curb any impatience. Mars in Virgo insists on logic and practicality, curbing the Leo Sun's desire to keep 'the show' going. However, creativity and innovative solutions that also show the necessary elements of practicality will quickly gain favor in this atmosphere. As well, idealistic intentions will not be enough to pass muster unless we are willing to show a clear commitment to demonstrate our ideals with integrity and action.

Friday July 30, 2021

Our approach has shifted so significantly that we may find it difficult to take time to recognize our need for personal interaction and emotional support. Today's Venus-Saturn quincunx is pointing out our need for moderation in all things. This increasingly detached atmosphere suggests that we may have trouble asking for the kind of emotional support that we need. We may also find ourselves so focused on pursuing our individual goals that we ignore the emotional needs of others. Nonetheless, today's active environment allows optimism to build and the Moon's entrance into Taurus early this afternoon helps us to take some time to enjoy the process as it unfolds. By the end of the day, we are likely to find ourselves fully engaged in this new atmosphere. We gain increased appreciation for the raw materials that are available for distinctly practical progress.

Saturday July 31, 2021

We have been moving through an extremely confusing but often highly inspiring period that began around mid-May, just before the first of three Mercury-Neptune squares. We have finally reached a place now where the confusion is dissipating and intellect and inspiration are becoming grounded with logical perspectives and practical approaches. Nonetheless, today's energy is still somewhat mystical or intuitive, helping us to recognize our ability to clue in to new and important information and 'connect the dots' very effectively. As well, our ability to embrace collaborative and cooperative opportunities is enhanced. As we begin to blend inspiration with practical approaches, we will better understand how to incorporate our individual sense of direction into a larger purpose.

Today is Tuesday August 03, 2021

Weekly Summary: AUGUST 1 - AUGUST 7

"We adore chaos because we love to produce order."

— M. C. Escher

This week's waning Moon sets up something like the feeling of preparing for a major debut. However, the light always dims under a waning Moon so it's hard to see exactly what we're actually preparing for. Last month's Aquarius Full Moon (July 23rd 7:36 PM 1° Aquarius/Leo) provided some detachment which has helped us to set aside some of our more idealistic and unrealistic expectations but there may still be some ego vulnerabilities or nagging feelings of inadequacy. The creative power of the Leo Sun is extremely strong and seems to compel us to move forward even if we can't quite see where we are going. As we begin the week, the superior conjunction of Mercury and the Sun occurs directly opposing Saturn. The Mercury-Sun conjunction in Leo aims our thinking toward creative expression but there may be some temptation to focus mainly on showmanship and appearances instead of delving deeper into the creative process underway. The opposition to Saturn demands that we do indeed move beyond the superficial. Saturn asks us to more fully define our creative vision, our purpose, the reasons that we are doing what we are doing. The demands for accountability surrounding our creative impulses may feel quite uncomfortable. The Leo influence wraps our ego around the creative impetus, which complicates any demands for explanation — our pride keeps us on the defensive. The creative process is a process of discovery and innovation — the birth of something entirely new. Vulnerability and uncertainty abounds until our creative project is unveiled. However, the demands of Saturn inform the process in ways that will help us bring forward new and innovative ideas in ways that are more readily accepted. Where we are in fact heading is towards next Sunday's Leo New Moon (6:49 AM PDT 16° Leo), when we will find ourselves somehow thrust into the limelight in some way or another and asked to perform. It is only through keen intuition that we will be able to use this week's challenges and imperatives to understand how we can best prepare ourselves for the new environment that we are heading into. We will do best when we can tap into creative impulses coming from deep inside of us and move beyond ego, pride and superficiality.

The creative tone of this week is set on Sunday with Mercury's conjunction with the Sun, oppose Saturn. We should be prepared to face questions, perhaps even skepticism. Our pride is the biggest obstacle to progress. We find some helpful space on Monday to listen more effectively. An honest give-and-take of perspectives will be very rewarding. There are a flurry of new ideas and insights on Tuesday. Some conflicts may arise when the vagueness of our ideas is met with determined practicality. Wednesday is split in two by a mid-day VOC Moon. The early part of the day is particularly optimistic, while the later part of the day has us much more cautious and circumspect. We find the need for important adjustments on Thursday. We will need a great deal of detachment in order to avoid feeling threatened by new revelations or insights. Power struggles and conflicting agendas create tension on Friday. The evening is especially unsettled. The Moon's arrival in Leo on Saturday foreshadows the Leo New Moon. There are few clear clues about the shift that will occur but our intuition may be telling us to expect to be thrust into the limelight in some way or another

Sunday August 01, 2021

Mercury makes the superior conjunction to the Sun today, further expanding our intellectual capacity to formulate productive, practical plans and strategies. We are encouraged to move forward with an eye to the future and not the past. Both the Sun and Mercury oppose Saturn, which challenges us to be as clear and confident as possible. This is not an easy atmosphere to communicate. We should be prepared to face questions, perhaps even skepticism. However, the process will serve to further clarify the information we are moved to communicate. The real challenge today is dealing with the pride we take in whatever bits of information we are trying to convey. Whatever questions that arise should be handled with patience and deliberation, which will be much more powerful than defensiveness and evasion aimed at protecting our ego investment in our message.

Monday August 02, 2021

Today's Gemini Moon, ruled by Mercury in a helpful trine to Chiron, provides extra space for listening without quite as much pride and ego-involvement as we may have seen yesterday. Progress may be rather haphazard in this environment so the importance of listening effectively is especially significant. We are likely to see surprising opportunities presented that require attention and quick action. The challenge here is really the honest give-and-take of our perspectives. Our confidence may be somewhat unsteady. Pointing out discrepancies and impractical elements may not be easily or gracefully accomplished. Important perspectives will get lost if we aren't truly focused on listening to what others are saying.

Tuesday August 03, 2021

Today's Mercury-Uranus square emboldens our egos to announce a flurry of ideas and insights. The challenge is to filter these ideas through the practicality of both Mars and Venus in Virgo and convey them effectively to others. There is something like a negotiation between inspired vagaries and determined practicality — and such negotiations may become quite heated. It may be nearly impossible to maintain detachment and keep our pride and ego calm enough to understand that both elements are important to the creative process underway. Next Sunday's New Moon (6:49 AM PDT 16° Leo) will initiate something like a production and performance phase, which seems to have us now in the stressful and chaotic dress rehearsal phase where we feel an imperative to add some final touches. Tempers may be short.

Wednesday August 04, 2021

The Moon shifts signs mid-day today, with a brief 2 hour VOC period from 12:37 PM PDT until 1:40 PM PDT. During the early part of the day, the Moon's trine to Jupiter provides optimism, marked by easy detachment and intellectual curiosity. Once the Moon arrives in Cancer, the tone changes markedly. We find ourselves becoming more cautious and circumspect. The ease of listening to the perspectives of others — especially those in our close inner circle — is especially enhanced. We begin to feel a great deal more calm self-assurance, easing the undercurrent of ego-sensitivity that we may have seen yesterday.

Thursday August 05, 2021

There is a broad, overall recognition of the need for significant adjustment today. If we have managed to muster a degree of detachment — especially ego detachment — today's revelations or insights may not be too terribly painful and can be quickly resolved and dispatched. However, there are strong temptations to complicate or confuse situations, rather than move directly to the heart of the matter and adopt simple solutions. There is little doubt that we have the capacity and resources to resolve the challenges that surface today. However, feeling misunderstood or maligned in some way will definitely hamper our ability to work together with others to achieve satisfactory solutions. If we can manage our emotional sensitivity, our intellect will provide the answers we need.

Friday August 06, 2021

There are challenges today, related to effective collaboration and cooperation. Power struggles and conflicting agendas could create significant disruptions. We may seem to have a tendency to feel protective of the 'under dog' and be especially suspicious of those who represent power and authority. Our perception of the overall power 'hierarchy' may actually be somewhat suspect and we will do well to look for some way to stay 'detached' in the midst of these conflicts. The Moon goes VOC this afternoon at 3:11 PM PDT, which may have us a bit unsettled or frustrated this evening.

Saturday August 07, 2021

Today's Leo Moon foreshadows a significant shift that will arrive with tomorrow's Leo New Moon (6:49 AM PDT 16° Leo). We may find ourselves looking for ways to shift course or make quick adjustments ahead of some kind of upcoming presentation or official proposal. There is certainly more room for cooperation today than we may have been able to find yesterday. However, the 'dark of the Moon' offers few clues of where the road will take us and so we may be more than a little vague in explaining our goals or intentions. There is some indication that we are holding on to rather unrealistic fantasies or aspirations. In this case, tomorrow's shift may be a welcome aid in getting us on a more productive, realistic path.

Weekly Summary: AUGUST 8 - AUGUST 14

"All my big mistakes are when I try to second-guess or please an audience. My work is always stronger when I get very selfish about it."

— David Bowie

This week begins with a Leo New Moon (6:09 AM PDT 16° Leo) that creates a fascinating atmosphere which suggests something like a performer's relationship to an audience. A performer may want to garner the approval of their audience but the importance of the creative process demands that the performer honor the integrity of that process. So we don't want to simply gain approval this week. We want our 'audience' to appreciate the value of what we have to show from our creative effort. We will find ourselves at a loss — like a performer without an audience — if we don't find an appreciative response from somewhere this week. As we move through the week, we find ourselves engaged in some significant negotiations trying to find that sweet spot between personal integrity and approval from a 'wider audience'. Ultimately, this is a negotiation between idealism and practicality. Initially, things may seem to fall into place spontaneously. We find ways to merge practical elements of cooperation with individual vision and creativity. However, responsibility may begin to break down by mid-week and there is the potential for some risk-taking that seeks to push our independence too far. The Moon reaches Scorpio by the end of the week — the first quarter of the lunar cycle. The resulting long arc fixed sign cross creates some potent challenges to our ego and self-confidence levels. Intuition and intellect won't provide the support that we are hoping for. There will be more elements and perspectives to be integrated before we find something like a stable approach to move forward. The stress we feel at the end of the week may seem quite threatening but will soon pass. The challenge to our ego and self-confidence will help us forge a more robust, meaningful 'performance' that serves to maintain our individual integrity while also making important connections to a wider audience.

Sunday's Leo New Moon put us stage in some way. We are ready to show off our creative individuality but there is a strong demand for practicality and responsibility. We want approval but don't want to give up our integrity to get it. Monday's Mercury-Pluto quincunx creates a powerful connection to the input from others, creating a 'negotiation imperative'. Personality clashes are possible and our egos are at stake. Our perspective broadens significantly on Tuesday. We see a smooth flow of ideas and things seem to fall into place spontaneously. Venus arrives in Virgo on Wednesday, offering new ways of integrating practicality and creative vision. Persistence and consistency of purpose pay off. Thursday offers a watershed of progress. There is considerable imagination and resourcefulness available. We hit a bit of a wall on Friday. Intution and intellect are but inadequate to answering the questions that surface. The long arc fixed sign square on Saturday is likely to feel like a 'slog' that threatens our self-confidence. We can take heart in knowing that 'this too, shall pass'.

Sunday August 08, 2021

Expectations are raised by today's Leo New Moon (6:09 AM PDT 16° Leo). We are trying to make a connection like something which occurs between a performer and an audience. We don't want to let our audience down but we don't want to abandon our integrity by just 'giving the people what they want' either. Independence is extremely important but so is making the right impression — the differences have the potential to create a great deal of tension. Added to this tension is the strong demand for practicality and responsibility. The adjustments to any unrealistic goals or attitudes must be corrected internally — it isn't easy to take much input (or admonitions) from others regarding how to 'just be more practical'.

Monday August 09, 2021

There are a number of different kinds of negotiations going on today in a remarkably powerful atmosphere. While we may be concerned about what others think of us, we may not be ready to abandon our aspirations in favor of someone else's practicality. We are not offered a great deal of stability to help us deal with the extraordinary power that is flowing out of Mercury's quincunx to Pluto. The negotiations are mainly being dealt with through personality clashes, which are at best unpredictable. Nonetheless, there is a great deal that may be accomplished today through bold and confident assertions of our positions, beliefs, and aspirations. It is very unlikely that anyone will actually gain the upper hand today but the struggles — parry and riposte — are highly informative and revealing and have the potential to produce better understanding of differing perspectives.

Tuesday August 10, 2021

Mercury's opposition to Jupiter today serves to broaden our perspective. We have just enough cautious sensitivity to keep us from pushing too hard. There is a smooth flow of ideas and enough detachment to keep us from becoming too focused on just one idea. In essence, this atmosphere allows us to incorporate practicality into our approach without creating a sense of restriction. As we find things falling into place, 'next steps' become clear. This is not to say that we won't find new unrealistic or impractical elements to try to add to the picture. However, today's guidelines and productive flow serve to keep us on a productive track.

Wednesday August 11, 2021

The Moon is VOC for the early part of the day today, from 4:21 AM PDT until 1:07 PM PDT. The Moon's arrival in Libra is followed closely by Mercury's entrance into Virgo. We find new ways to integrate practical elements of cooperation with individual vision or perspective — a merging of elements that is extraordinarily powerful and productive. Intuition guides this process in ways that may seem almost magical in the way things begin to fall into place spontaneously. Any rebelliousness softens but so, too, does the demand for rigid accountability and practicality. In essence, persistence and consistency of purpose pays off today in spectacular ways.

Thursday August 12, 2021

We are able to make further adjustments to our perspective and our approach today and the result is almost evolutionary in terms of the capability to move forward productively. Today's challenge may simply be having enough time to make use of all of today's opportunities. We find considerable imagination and resourcefulness, along with a healthy dose of diplomacy that encourages broad cooperation. There is an element of risk-taking in this atmosphere that may create some pitfalls if we aren't able to maintain personal responsibility. However, there seems to be enough detachment available to keep us from going too far by gambling on foolish prospects.

Friday August 13, 2021

Intuition is suspect today and intellect is not quite up to the task of even keeping the questions clear. We need to pay attention to important boundaries that we are tempted to cross in misguided attempts to 'help' others. The Moon is VOC this afternoon at 1:38 PM PDT following an overly optimistic trine to Jupiter that encourages a bit more adventurousness than we should attempt. Once the Moon arrives in Scorpio, just after 5 PM PDT, when we begin to be able to sort through the questions have the opportunity to begin to find truthful answers.

Saturday August 14, 2021

Yesterday's stumbles create a particularly unsteady atmosphere today. We may be prone to making a 'hard turn' in an attempt to correct our course. However, it isn't likely that we need to make anything other than rather simple adjustments in order to bolster our confidence. This is a 'steady as she goes' environment even if we begin to believe that we've hit a wall and can't move forward. The 'long arc fixed sign cross' created by the Moon's transit through Scorpio is mainly a challenge to our egos and our confidence levels. We need to align closely with a philosophical ideal of some kind that will help guide us through this rather brief period of challenge — 'this too, shall pass'.