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Sun 09° Aries 39' 39"
Moon 10° Gemini 14' 12"
Mercury 12° Pisces 38' 40"
Venus 25° Taurus 33' 02"
Mars 29° Capricorn 21' 50"
Ceres 21° Aquarius 58' 06"
Pallas 24° Capricorn 18' 03"
Juno 14° Libra 28' 28" 
Vesta 03° Gemini 10' 02"
Jupiter 24° Capricorn 07' 53"
Saturn 00° Aquarius 32' 30"
Chiron 05° Aries 36' 57"
Uranus 05° Taurus 03' 05"
Neptune 19° Pisces 11' 38"
Pluto 24° Capricorn 48' 58"
TrueNode 02° Cancer 45' 46" 

The Daily Astrological Currents by Week

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This Daily Astrological Forecast is a bit different than most daily forecasts since it isn’t written for each individual Sun Sign. Rather, it is intended to be a bit like an Astrological Weather Report. To read more about this forecast, see this post

Weekly Summary: MARCH 22 - MARCH 28

"Both in thought and in feeling, even though time be real, to realise the unimportance of time is the gate of wisdom."

— Bertrand Russell

Although this week's New Moon (2:28 AM PDT 4° Aries) does not occur until early Tuesday morning, the energy is building well before that, as we begin the week on Sunday. The energetic, growing power of Aries is unleashed under Tuesday's Aries New Moon in a close conjunction with Chiron, sending out waves of enduring, determined, individual initiative. Aries is ruled by Mars — which is tightly conjunct perceptive Pallas, expansive Jupiter, and transformative Pluto throughout the week. The powerful energy that is unleashed requires enormous amounts of self-control, along with inspired, determined, individual effort and awareness. Underneath the unleashing of the unrestrained, independent growing power of Aries there are whispers of the long-forming Saturn-Uranus square. Although this important aspect will not perfect until the middle of next year, there are clues this week, pointing to the developing, dramatic conflict between individual freedom and the need for guidelines, structure and stabilizing controls. In essence, this week represents a powerfully creative beginning which is being shepherded under the guidance of Chiron, conjunct the Aries New Moon. With awareness, we will learn the lessons of individual, personal self-control that recognizes the importance of understanding the significance of our actions within a broader context. The Aries energy may feel quite destabilizing during the early part of the week. However, there are some stabilizing elements that emerge by Thursday, providing a sense of purpose — a sense of mission — although there are also lingering elements of rigidity that keep us off awkwardly off balance.

Activity is heightened on Sunday, supported by endurance and courage. However, the Moon's conjunction with Neptune in the evening keeps our view somewhat 'cloudy'. The Moon is VOC for much of the day Monday. Sympathy may be misplaced and confusion surrounds the transmission of important information. The Aries New Moon on Tuesday sends out wave after wave of powerful energy. Self-control is required to properly channel and effectively make use of the surges that are felt. Energy continues to move out in all directions on Wednesday. Individual, personal concerns need to be understood within a broader context. Some reassuring sense of stability is fostered on Thursday but we need to guard against rigidity and remain prepared to 'expect the unexpected'. Intuition feeds a powerful sense of destiny, purpose, and mission on Friday, providing a further sense of stability. There is even more apparent need for self-control on Saturday as levels of commitment and determination are fed by intense emotions. There is some potential for hostility, standoffs, or showdowns.

Sunday March 22, 2020

Today's heightened activity is supported by powerful endurance and courage. However, the Pisces Moon is moving towards an early evening conjunction with Neptune which, at best, clouds our vision and dampens our overall resolve. The continuing inclination to take big risks may be supported by strong intuitive clues but is unlikely to be completely reliable — we may be prone to wishful or magical thinking. In a metaphorical sense, it is as if we have 'started our engines' but only see an initial cloud of smoke today. We don't really have the chance to hit the accelerator and move out of that cloud until the Moon arrives in Aries tomorrow evening.

Monday March 23, 2020

The Moon goes VOC this morning at 7:51 AM PDT and won't arrive in Aries until 5:57 PM this evening. Transfers of important information are prone to confusion. We may be especially susceptible to misplaced sympathy or otherwise misunderstand what we see around us. In this atmosphere, there are strong tendencies to take unnecessary risks and assume we know more than we actually do. Although we may be focused on what those around us are doing wrong, we'll do better to cautiously consider what we can do right. The need for balance and more thorough consideration becomes apparent once the Moon arrives in Aries and makes a stabilizing sextile to Saturn.

Tuesday March 24, 2020

This morning's New Moon (2:28 AM PDT 4° Aries) conjunct Chiron, sends powerful energy out in all directions. The question to be determined is how capable we are of properly channeling that energy. Chiron's presence offers determination and a pioneering sense of individual initiative. The Moon 'carries the light' from last night's sextile to Saturn, which certainly offers important opportunities for thoughtful consideration and careful planning. Mars rules this morning's New Moon from Capricorn and is powerfully perched in close alliance with Pallas, Jupiter, and Pluto. Today's activating energy cannot really be over-estimatedbut requires inspired, determined, individual efforts. Any inherent structural weaknesses are suddenly apparent and should be addressed swiftly before trying to move forward.

Wednesday March 25, 2020

The energy from yesterday morning's New Moon continues to move out in all directions but clarity is certainly not guaranteed without an immense amount of determined, individual self-control. The Sun's conjunction with Chiron offers a great deal of strength on an individual level but we may not easily find ways to step back far enough from individual personal concerns to clearly see the choices that should be considered in a broader context. Today's complications are actually about impulsiveness, emotion, and a lack of established guidelines rather than the difficulty of the actual choices. The more that we can recognize that today's actual challenges are based on emotional confusion, the better situated we will be tomorrow, once the Moon arrives in Taurus and begins to offer glimpses of stability.

Thursday March 26, 2020

The Moon arrives in Taurus this morning at 6:36 AM PDT. Stability may arrive with a rather clumsy or uneasy sense of rigidity but, following the intensity of energy over the past few days, even if we 'strain at the bit', the slowdown seem like relief — at least at some level. Nonetheless, we continue to feel a need to 'expect the unexpected' as the Moon approaches a conjunction with Uranus late this afternoon. There is a general sense of purpose — a mission — which keeps us moving forward with at least a bit of optimism. Individual self-control and balance is still needed in order to make the most of this atmosphere. We should not take today's optimism for granted but rather, make the most of what we find here.

Friday March 27, 2020

The energy of Monday's New Moon finds stability and grounding today, providing tangible — perhaps even reliable — progress. Intuition feeds a powerful sense of destiny, purpose, or mission, which encourages us to move forward. We have decidedly more clarity about exactly where to direct our efforts — 'a firm grip on what needs to be done'. Today's enthusiasm and commitment is shared widely and there is a general feeling of reassurance. However, we should not take this atmosphere for granted or assume that we have reached the top of the mountain and expect to coast down the other side. Today simply offers us a boost of encouragement and strength, allowing us to regain our footing and make tangible preparations for further progress.

Saturday March 28, 2020

The awareness of our need for balance and self-control becomes inescapably apparent today. Our level of determination and commitment is extraordinarily intense but not necessarily in agreement with others — possibly leading to some notable standoffs or showdowns. Hostility may be very difficult to hold in check, especially because we have a difficult time understanding the newly formed (and still developing) guidelines that are being rolled out. The Moon goes VOC this afternoon at 4:04 PM PDT after which we are likely to find especially entrenched — even irrational — attitudes and positions which may seem rather unreasonable.

Today is Sunday March 29, 2020

Weekly Summary: MARCH 29 - APRIL 4

"The more I see, the less I know for sure."

— John Lennon

The individual initiative and energetic growing power that was unleashed by last Tuesday's New Moon (2:28 AM PDT 4° Aries) begins to take shape and show signs of progress this week. The landscape changes very quickly as an entirely new framework begins to emerge, most notably due to Saturn leaving cautiously conservative Capricorn for inventive Aquarius. Mars also leaves Capricorn for Aquarius, conjuncting Saturn on Tuesday. We are especially sensitive to any sense of restriction under the Mars-Saturn conjunction and the likelihood is that a sense of protectiveness quickly puts us on the defensive. Although we may feel amazingly confident, we will do well to temper such confidence with methodical consideration and self-control. Also changing our overall perspective, Mercury emerges from the 'shadow' of the previous retrograde period. Nonetheless, it is still in it's 'fall' in Pisces and must navigate a cloudy and confusing conjunction with Neptune, which is building until Friday. While there may certainly be increasing intuitive insight and inspiration funneled through this conjunction, confusing information is also part of this mixture. In general, reliable information is likely to continue to be scarce and spotty at least until Mercury leaves Pisces on April 10th. Nonetheless, we gain important glimpses of how we can learn to navigate this new landscape that has been fostered by January's Saturn-Pluto conjunction. Even so, we will need to 'remain teachable' and maintain our humility while we begin to recognize the new opportunities which are presenting themselves. This week offers important lessons which will help us develop important new skills that will serve us well in the days, weeks, months, and — yes — years to come.

There is some impulsiveness to contend with on Sunday. Some may rather look for ways to disappear while others will need to honor the perspective of others in their desire to express their own point of view. The Moon is VOC for most of the day on Monday. Advice is unwelcome and we are prone to promoting complicated and ineffective new ideas. The Mars-Saturn conjunction on Tuesday increases our sensitivity to any sort of restriction. The Moon's trines to Mercury and Neptune help to soothe nerves on Wednesday, inspiring compassion and understanding. We begin to focus on learning as well as teaching on Thursday. Honesty may lead to separations. Relationships are under extreme pressure on Friday. We'll do better to avoid taking things personally. Mercury escapes the conjunction with Neptune on Saturday and we begin to see glimpses of a new framework that is being established to replace old and outworn traditional approaches.

Sunday March 29, 2020

Mercury emerges from the 'shadow' of the last retrograde period today in an atmosphere that urges energetic action. However, there is impulsivity that need to be tamed in order to avoid taking the 'wrong path in haste'. We are likely to feel a pull in more than one direction. In general, we may be looking for a way to simply disappear, rather than present our own unique perspective. Alternatively, the importance of honoring the perspective of others should not discourage us from making our own point of view as clear as possible. With balance and honest, straightforward communication, we can find remarkable opportunities for progress.

Monday March 30, 2020

The Moon is VOC until early tomorrow morning following a discouraging and confusing square to Neptune this morning at 8:10 AM PDT. Advice is likely to be especially unwelcome today and most communication lacks clarity and focus. It is particularly important to keep things very simple and follow through on previously initiated plans and goals. On the spot — "Just In Time" — solutions are unlikely to provide lasting satisfaction. In essence, our overall level of confidence may be just a bit too high, leading to complicated and ineffective ideas that only distract us from following through on our previously outlined plans.

Tuesday March 31, 2020

Mars arrived in Aquarius yesterday and today conjuncts Saturn. The effect is likely to produce a great deal of sensitivity to restrictions of any kind. Caution and patience are needed but may seem particularly uncomfortable. Today's Cancer Moon may offer some degree of compassion but also encourages a sense of defensiveness as we approach tomorrow morning's 1st quarter lunar phase which puts our focus on action. The overall, heightened level of confidence or determination needs to be tempered with methodical consideration that is not easy (or comfortable) to establish and pursue. This atmosphere is spontaneous and unpredictable. Our intuition may be strong. However, taking time to listen to that 'still, small voice' may seem entirely too slow, given the sense of imperative that seems to demand decisive action.

Wednesday April 01, 2020

The Moon's trines to Mercury and Neptune 'pour oil on troubled waters' today, inspiring compassion and understanding. We finally seem to gain a deeper understanding of the need for some level of detachment. However, our level of protectiveness increases along with our sense of compassion. The urge to express ourselves freely is less hampered than yesterday but may lead to increasingly unpredictable and erratic behavior. The more that we are able to lay out and follow a set of well-considered, definitive plans, the less likely we will be to veer wildly off course in an effort to establish our independence.

Thursday April 02, 2020

The Moon goes briefly VOC this morning from 9:48 AM PDT until 11:26 AM PDT, following an early morning Moon opposition to Jupiter, Pluto, and Pallas which expands our sub-conscious awareness. Upon the Moon's arrival in Leo, the Sun opposes Saturn and Mars, forcing breakthroughs — or breakouts — that bring about important new activity. Today's actions focus our efforts on teaching and learning with profound sincerity. In truth, this may bring about some profound separations — endings — as Jupiter and Pluto approach the conjunction that perfects on April 4th. Independence and independent action takes on profound new importance as the lunar cycle waxes. Next Tuesday's Full Moon (7:34 PM PDT 18° Libra/Aries) will begin to show us new ways to cooperate and collaborate without abandoning our independent perspective.

Friday April 03, 2020

Relationships may begin to breakdown a bit today, ahead of the move of Venus into Gemini. Ideally, whatever relationship challenges are faced will only have to do with an insistence on speaking our truth freely, even if others seem to be 'put out' or uncomfortable. Moving through today's environment, it is important to try to avoid taking things too personally. We will need to give others enough space to blunder through as much as necessary in order to get to their point. Speaking the truth with sincerity is not always our first idea — but usually the best idea. As others try to say what they mean, we may see more recklessness or naivety than we are expecting. However, allowing this process to run, we're likely to gain a great deal of important new insight and information from others — once they really get going. The Moon goes VOC this afternoon at 12:38 PM PDT and Mercury conjuncts Neptune, possibly further clouding or stalling attempts at clear communication.

Saturday April 04, 2020

With Mercury finally moving beyond Neptune and Mars moving past the frustrating conjunction with Saturn, we have finally reached a point where we can begin to recognize the budding insights of the new framework being established by Saturn's arrival in Aquarius. We may even begin to feel some small sense of excitement as we look out on a changed landscape. There is somehow more space to begin to learn new ways of doing things outside of the traditional framework (our comfort zone). The Moon is VOC until 2:18 PM PDT this afternoon, suggesting that the early part of the day may have us floundering a bit. However, the Moon's arrival in Virgo will provide us with tangible elements to work with that help us to embrace the new framework with interest and excitement.

Weekly Summary: APRIL 5 - APRIL 11

"Clarity is not the things you understand in mind
Clarity is the space in which confusion dies."

We find ourselves on a roller coaster this week, moving quickly and suddenly from deep insecurity to surging confidence. The Libra Full Moon (7:34 PM PDT 18° Libra/Aries) on Tuesday is especially intense under the square of Mars to Uranus. There has been a need for restraint and self-control under the current lunar cycle and Tuesday's Full Moon is a major test of that need for self-control. Mercury moves through the last few degrees of Pisces this week before arriving in Aries Friday evening. The effect is a heightened attachment to strongly held but generally outmoded beliefs. For most of the week, we struggle to make sense of confusing information through our filters of these strongly held beliefs. In essence, this intensifies the highs of confidence and lows of insecurity. Eventually, we find hope through practical approaches that accept the facts on the ground, encouraging us to use the tools that we find nearby. The more stubbornly we hold on to outmoded beliefs that don't square with the facts, the more frustration that we will feel in this atmosphere. On the other hand, if we are able to stay focused on what is directly in front of us, we will accomplish more than we expect. This week's significant challenge is found when we look for traditional approaches based on precedents that simply don't apply anymore. Beneath our search for precedent is a strong desire to conform. The hope is that our desire to conform will help us to set aside unworkable beliefs and make use of simple practical tools within our reach in order to make tangible, incremental progress.

We are likely to feel waves of insecurity on Sunday when we recognize that there are few traditions upon which we can fall back on. During the early part of the day on Monday, we are subject to some sudden schedule changes but the later part of the day, we recognize some important opportunities for cooperation and collaboration. Tuesday's Full Moon brings inescapable hurdles to overcome related to significant conflicts and significant changes. The culmination of the lunar cycle continues to require restraint and self-control in order to make use of the significant creative energy. Impatience builds on Wednesday. We find some courage to explore some revolutionary innovations. There is hope that practical approaches are embraced on Thursday. Although we are looking for precedent, we'll do better to make use of the tools that we can use that are nearby. Distractions and temptations challenge us on Friday. Mercury arrives in Aries Friday evening, beginning to offer clarity and more reliable information. Practicality is paramount on Saturday, although we may become off-balance by the wealth of important information that is suddenly flowing, we'll do better to stay focused on using the tools we have right in front of us.

Sunday April 05, 2020

We may need to dig very deep in order to understand the new elements that are injected into today's atmosphere. There are indications of deep insecurity due to our lack of ability to fall back on traditional approaches. This is a very vulnerable stage in the growing process initiated under the current, waxing lunar cycle. The confusion that is inherent in this atmosphere only further feeds our insecurities. Although we can certainly see that further adjustments are required, the lack of precedent is particularly unsettling. Intuition, faith, and creativity will take us much further than we can imagine, so long as we can avoid falling into the abyss of dissolution and escapism.

Monday April 06, 2020

The Moon goes VOC this morning at 6:28 AM PDT and won't arrive in Libra until 2:16 PM PDT this afternoon. The early part of the day is fraught with misleading analysis and last minute schedule changes, feeding yesterday's insecurity even further. These insecurities may have the potential to push some towards some extremely unsavory strategies in an attempt to establish some kind of security. By this afternoon, we can begin to acknowledge our need for help and find the willingness to seek cooperation and collaboration. Our confidence is boosted. We recognize more productive approaches and opportunities.

Tuesday April 07, 2020

Insecurity may turn into over confidence today. Tonight's Full Moon (7:34 PM PDT 18° Libra/Aries) offers remarkable insights into the value of cooperation. However, the square of Mars to Uranus makes it inescapably clear that there are significant hurdles to overcome — conflicts that clear the decks and blow open the doors to dramatic and significant changes. The more balance that we can maintain, the better prepared we will be to deal with the surprises that surface today (and spill out through the waning lunar cycle over the next two weeks). The last New Moon in Aries required self-control and discipline. As the lunar cycle culminates, we must show how well we have been able to understand these requirements. Creative solutions, without thoughtful balance and control, may only result in chaos and show little tangible results. On the other hand, remarkable individual solutions to challenging problems will begin to become apparent if we are able to maintain the necessary self-control and dynamic balance.

Wednesday April 08, 2020

The Moon is VOC from 5:49 AM PDT until 1:16 PM PDT. Once the Moon arrives in Scorpio, insecurity returns, albeit somewhat under cover or obscured. Nonetheless, we may find enough courage to try some revolutionary innovations. Impatience builds throughout the day, especially when we seek some kind of perfection, rather than appreciating any progress we may make. We should also be prepared to stand back from our strongly held beliefs when our progress is not in tune with those beliefs. Honesty and sincerity in the pursuit of deeper truths is extremely powerful today, while dogmatic beliefs that have out lived their usefulness will lead to extreme frustration.

Thursday April 09, 2020

The hope, today, is that we are able to settle into some kind of comfortable relationship with practicality that helps us to set aside the struggle between insecurity and confidence. If our beliefs don't square with reality, the practical approach can at least give us room to make further investigations and allow for new information to help us adjust our beliefs. There are strong tendencies to look for some guidelines to follow and find security through conformity. Even attempts to conform help us to step back a bit from strongly held beliefs that may not be serving us as well as we think. Today's activity provides us with the opportunity to change our minds (beliefs) through new experiences that inform our understanding. Stubbornness will severely hinder today's opportunities.

Friday April 10, 2020

Today's myriad of distractions and temptations are actually preparing us for some return to clarity and deeper understanding of how to work through our individual perspectives to develop collaborative effort. It is crucial that we have some goals or intentions to keep us centered and focused on moving forward, despite any clear path forward. Today gives us a bit of time — not necessarily very comfortable — to prepare for Mercury's shift from the confusion of Pisces to the powerfully direct intentions of Aries. The Moon arrives in Sagittarius early this afternoon (1:35 PM PDT), which begins the shift in our thinking and understanding towards more direct communication and clearer information when Mercury arrives in Aries at 9:48 PM PDT.

Saturday April 11, 2020

Practicality helps us focus on what is directly in front of us, rather than waste our time on what is far beyond our individual control. Our minds are beginning to clear from the fog of Mercury's especially long transit through Pisces. We may suddenly recognize vast new horizons. However, we're better off keeping our focus on the tools close by, rather than looking too far off and losing the valuable sense of practical approaches that we are offered today. We don't necessarily need to abandon our dreams or our long range plans. Rather, we need to stay aware of what is close by and do the best we can with what we have. We are likely to accomplish more than we expect.