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Sun 23° Aries 50' 41"
Moon 24° Gemini 03' 52"
Mercury 21° Aries 32' 04" 
Venus 10° Aries 02' 10"
Mars 16° Pisces 34' 09"
Ceres 18° Capricorn 39' 07"
Pallas 07° Sagittarius 43' 31" 
Juno 06° Virgo 32' 52" 
Vesta 03° Cancer 52' 27"
Jupiter 20° Taurus 03' 21"
Saturn 14° Pisces 56' 05"
Chiron 19° Aries 40' 23"
Uranus 21° Taurus 24' 26"
Neptune 28° Pisces 21' 03"
Pluto 02° Aquarius 00' 51"
TrueNode 15° Aries 34' 57" 

The Daily Astrological Currents by Week

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This Daily Astrological Forecast is a bit different than most daily forecasts since it isn’t written for each individual Sun Sign. Rather, it is intended to be a bit like an Astrological Weather Report. To read more about this forecast, see this post

Weekly Summary: MARCH 31 - APRIL 6

"To keep a lamp burning, we have to keep putting oil in it."
— Mother Teresa

Mercury turns retrograde in Aries on Monday of this week and will almost get back to exactly conjunct the North Node by the time it turns direct on April 25th. This is generally a time for us to work through 're-crafting' our unique individual message so that others can better understand us. Once again, the lessons of the February Chiron/North Node conjunction reverberate, reminding us again to more deeply investigate and strengthen our unique, individual sense of self and how we 'fit in' to the world around us. There is likely to be a great deal of impatience stirred up by Mercury's retrograde station. Although we're 'raring to go', we're instead guided into a period of further review and deeper examination of who we are and what message we want to bring to the world around us. The suggestion that we need to 'reconsider' anything may feel excruciating. Our impatience is stirred by an almost uncontrollable desire for freedom. However, our 'freedom' requires a significant foundation — 'supply lines' of support and foundational elements that we may not have fully considered. This week's desire for freedom is somewhat reminiscent of a small child who runs away after packing a quickly prepared sandwich but soon abandons the journey in favor of dinner. We need to think through the costs of our freedom and the support that we need from others. A Venus-Neptune conjunction, early in the week, stirs a 'heady' creative inspiration that can help us to balance our impatient desire for freedom with deeper insight and more respect for the value of community. Venus leaves Pisces after the conjunction with Neptune and arrives in Aries by Thursday. Venus is not usually very comfortable in aggressive Aries but, ruled by Mars in Pisces, the aggressiveness is softened enough to produce a more amiable demeanor and a magnetic charm. Ultimately, increasing optimism helps to produce the necessary balance between a free expression of our individuality and our need for connection with those around us. Under the retrograding Mercury, intuition becomes more and more important. Many will begin to feel a sense of anticipation ahead of next Monday's Aries New Moon (11:37 AM PDT 19° Aries Solar Eclipse), which will produce opportunities for a fresh start and powerful growing energy. The next New Moon will be exactly conjunct Chiron and continue to bring reverberations of the lessons we learned back in February. As well, there are even stronger waves of excitement coming from the developing Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, which will complete on April 21st. With some awareness, we can begin to feel a sense of continuity and a 'leading to' energy that will expand and develop throughout the month of April.

Although we may feel that we are doing better at expressing ourselves on Sunday, we can't control how our messages are received. Responses may be unpredictable and even erratic. Tension lurks just beneath the surface on Monday. We may be quite impatient with any need to slow down enough to let others get on the 'same page' with us. Impatience seems to wane on Tuesday. There is some insight available to remind us that freedom has a cost and we need to be properly prepared for what comes 'after' we have achieved our freedom. We turn an important corner on Wednesday and find significant creative inspiration and insight. Displays of independence begin to seem more interesting and less impetuous and 'out-of-touch'. The need to rely more heavily on intuition produces a rather tentative atmosphere on Thursday. Nonetheless, we're focused on testing out new strategies for expressing ourselves with a distinct individuality. We 'shift into gear' on Friday, guided by an intuitive sense of confidence and optimism. Charm is assertive but exciting and magnetic. With just the right balance on Saturday, we can begin to develop new skills for expressing ourselves without abandoning or alienating those around us. We feel a powerful determination to just make things work when it comes to working with others.

Sunday March 31, 2024

The Moon squares Venus today but trines Mercury. Many of us are able to blend a deferential approach with a direct message. However, we can't control the way our messages are received — responses could be unpredictable and may be quite erratic. This is quite an active environment considering that Mercury is stationary and will turn retrograde tomorrow. Minds are active and it's easy to get stirred up. We should expect that impatience will increase once Mercury picks up speed in retrograde motion, whether or not we try to soften our tone or strategically shape our overall message. In other words, we just need to say what we need to say and 'let the chips fall where they may'. The Moon is briefly VOC this evening, from 5:15 PM PDT until arriving in Capricorn at 9:05 PM PDT.

Monday April 01, 2024

Tension may be lurking just beneath the surface today. Mercury turns retrograde in quite an active atmosphere which doesn't really help us to fully embrace a mission of 'review' — most of us seem to be 'raring to go'. The most likely challenge we face here is recognizing our need to be on the same page with those around us — it seems challenging to slow down enough to appreciate the value of 'team effort'. Our instincts may seem to be telling us that we just need to break free. The Moon's transit through Capricorn today and tomorrow can help us recognize our need to maintain our 'supply lines' — a support system of friends and allies along with other 'foundational' elements that we may tend to forget about in our urge to 'break free'.

Tuesday April 02, 2024

Venus is approaching quite a 'heady' conjunction with Neptune, which will complete tomorrow morning. The Venus-Neptune conjunction offers a great deal of deep insight and creative inspiration. This is generally quite helpful in getting us away from the instinct to impatiently push ahead when there is significant reassessment to be done. Adaptability is quite difficult in this atmosphere. The urge is to embrace the freedom to do exactly as we please. Nonetheless, the Capricorn Moon continues to whisper to us that we need to be prepared for what comes 'after' we gain our freedom. This atmosphere is somehow reminiscent of how a child who decides to run away packs only a hastily prepared sandwich. It isn't long before the journey must be abandoned in favor of dinner. Nonetheless, the message of individual expression should not be abandoned but perhaps a bit more carefully thought through.

Wednesday April 03, 2024

This morning's Venus-Neptune conjunction and the Moon's arrival in Aquarius (and early morning conjunction with Pluto) seems to suggest that we've turned the corner on any blind attempts to break free without laying a firm foundation. In fact, this highly creative environment may help us to recognize the value of actually working with just what we have. There are some significant surprises in this atmosphere. Those who seek to demonstrate their independence here begin to seem more interesting, appealing, or courageous — rather than just crazy, impetuous or out-of-touch. We seem to find a foreshadowing of next Monday's auspicious Aries New Moon (11:37 AM PDT 19° Aries Solar Eclipse) which will offer considerable new opportunities and growth energy.

Thursday April 04, 2024

There is a rather tentative quality to today's atmosphere. Under the retrograde Mercury, intuition becomes more and more important as our intellect becomes distracted. Perhaps most valuable is the increasingly accommodating attitude that keeps us in 'testing mode', rather than charging ahead without preparation. However, we may need to guard against simply taking the 'line of least resistance' — we don't want to lose our sense of identity here. The Sun's conjunction with the North Node helps us to stay focused on testing new strategies for freely expressing our individual message and purpose. Complete avoidance of our unique individuality is bound to lead us towards an envy of those who we believe have more freedom than we have. Venus arrives in Aries this evening just before 9 PM. The Moon goes VOC after sextiling Mercury at 10:39 PM PDT. These shifts are likely to take us out of 'testing mode' by tomorrow.

Friday April 05, 2024

The Moon heads towards Mars today, finally completing a conjunction late this evening. We seem to have 'shifted into gear' today, guided by an intuitive sense of confidence and optimism. Venus, having arrived in Aries, encourages us to take the initiative. Venus is not usually very comfortable in Aries but ruled by Mars in Pisces, the aggressiveness is softened enough to maintain a bit more amiable demeanor. Charm is both assertive and magnetic. Today offers us a wealth of opportunities to increase the stability of our 'support system' without 'caving' to demands or making sacrifices in order to gain approval. An undercurrent of optimism is fostered by the approaching Jupiter-Uranus conjunction (completing April 21st) as well as anticipation of new growth that is just around the corner under next Monday's Aries New Moon (11:37 AM PDT 19° Aries Solar Eclipse).

Saturday April 06, 2024

Venus makes quite a potent sextile to Pluto today. With Mars nearing a conjunction with Saturn, which will complete next Wednesday, there are significant restrictions to our overall freedom. But the push towards individual freedom is also quite strong, creating an important dynamic that needs to be balanced. The Venus-Pluto sextile helps us to maintain that balance — our need for others and our need for personal space and freedom. This is not an easy environment to navigate comfortably. However, the rewards for effective balance are quite bountiful. The expression of our individuality is never without a cost of some kind. But there is significant determination to focus on our personal goals, recognizing the costs and continuing to move forward.

Today is Friday April 12, 2024

Weekly Summary: APRIL 7 - APRIL 13

"If we don't believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don't believe in it at all."
— Noam Chomsky

This Monday's Aries New Moon (11:37 AM PDT 19° Aries Solar Eclipse) and the dramatic stellium or 'pile-up' in Aries this week strongly suggests new beginnings, powerful growth energy and a demand for unrestrained freedom. But the complexities and nuances of this week's Aries energy are numerous. Aries is generally not known for any interest in 'Complexity', preferring to charge ahead with complete freedom — often quite impulsively and with little concern for anyone or anything that gets in the way. Well, "Not so fast!" This week's Aries energy is quite different, as is the path and the lessons that we are offered by this New Moon. The ruler of Aries, Mars, is conjunct Saturn in the vast depths of Pisces. Mars-Saturn conjunctions are often felt through extraordinary frustration. Extreme sensitivity is suggested by this conjunction which must be understood through the deeply intuitive but sometimes confusing insight of Pisces. Both Mars and Saturn can be quite uncomfortable in Pisces. But Mars can often find unsuspected strength and hidden resources in the Piscean depths. In this week's context, Saturn can become a surprising ally, encouraging us to lay deeply thoughtful groundwork and create lasting foundations in order to support the growth that is initiated this week. We face 'Creative Irritation' — surprising and confusing complications that demand creative solutions — arising out of the obstacles that surface when we try to explore our desire for freedom and take decisive action to move ahead. In order to take the definitive action that Aries seeks to pursue, we will need to face the obstacles directly. We must thoroughly consider the implications and face the fact that others may have different perspectives than our own. The Aries New Moon is tightly conjunction Chiron, which suggests that we will need a deep understanding of the costs of freedom as well as the recognition that the freedom and perspectives of others are actually as important as our own — no more and no less. Mercury's retrograde transit through Aries this week also seems to confound the impetuous Aries energy. But Mercury's 'inferior conjunction' with the Sun on Thursday suggests an important 'pivot point' where we can begin to intellectually understand the need for groundwork and a strong foundation to support our progress. There are reverberations of February's Chiron/North Node conjunction which encouraged us to better understand our own perspective and how we 'fit in' to the bigger picture. We are also likely to feel a return of the roller coaster emotions and self-doubts of the last Full Moon (March 25th, 5° Libra/Aries Lunar Eclipse). Courageous optimism may erase the return of self-doubt but can quickly take us too far if we forget the importance of the perspectives of others. The key to understanding this week's landscape is to expand our understanding and compassion for the perspective of others without in any way abandoning our own perspectives — which might sound easy but is extraordinarily challenging to truly accomplish. The tension may feel extreme but the potential for positive creative developments are extraordinary.

There are important opportunities to envision — to visualize — a new direction on Sunday, ahead of Monday's Aries New Moon. The Moon-Venus conjunction extends a stabilizing Venus-Pluto sextile. We are encouraged to break free in new directions on Monday under the New Moon. However, we should not forget the importance of the perspectives of others on our way towards freedom. Tuesday's energy emphasizes the need for 'slow and steady' effort despite the strong, powerful initiatory energy of the new lunar cycle. Our sensitivity may keep us on edge but expanded connections are well-supported. Sensitivity reaches a peak on Wednesday. Self-doubts may be erased by optimism but that optimism may quickly take us too far. We face obstacles that must be faced directly and not sidestepped. We reach a 'pivot point' on Thursday. We can more clearly understand intellectually how to overcome the obstacles that we seem to be facing. The early part of the day on Friday suggests significant discomfort but later in the day, we find room for more clarity. There is a shift in perspective that helps us to change our approach. We may be inclined to pull back a bit on Saturday after early activity lacks direction. We're reminded that we need to take stock of how those around us are feeling.

Sunday April 07, 2024

The Moon arrives in Aries this morning and conjuncts Venus, which extends the stabilizing balance of yesterday's Venus-Pluto sextile. The stage is set for tomorrow's Aries New Moon (11:37 AM PDT 19° Aries Solar Eclipse). The opportunities to envision — to 'visualize' — a new direction have rarely been more auspicious and fertile than in the pre-New Moon environment that we find today. What is most striking is that a stellium or 'pile up' of planets in Aries is ruled by Mars in Pisces as it approaches a conjunction with Saturn. Mars-Saturn conjunctions will often indicate significant frustration. However, in this situation, the initiatory, growing power of Aries/Mars is grounded and directed by Saturn. This suggests that there will be lasting, grounded follow-through on the initiatives that are inspired over the next few days.

Monday April 08, 2024

Today's Aries New Moon (11:37 AM PDT 19° Aries Solar Eclipse) is powerfully initiatory but also filled with creative irritation that spurs our drive to break free in new directions and pioneer new opportunities. The New Moon's conjunction with Chiron provides important awareness of our unique individuality but also the recognition of the value of the unique individuality of others. Some of this lunar cycle's 'irritation'' may very well come from the recognition that we aren't 'islands' of creative inspiration — we need to stay connected to those around us in order to make the most of inspiration. Much of what is 'planted' under this New Moon will have the added benefit of being 'grounded' by the Mars-Saturn conjunction which stabilizes the ruler (Mars) of the New Moon. As well, the exciting, expansive Jupiter-Uranus conjunction (April 20th) will add even more power before the lunar cycle's culmination on April 23rd with a Scorpio Full Moon (4:48 PM PDT 4° Scorpio/Taurus), which will square transformative Pluto. Undoubtedly, the shifts and advancements coming under this new lunar cycle will be unmistakable.

Tuesday April 09, 2024

The Moon arrives in Taurus early this morning at 4:23 AM PDT. The Moon's square to Pluto by 7:34 AM PDT highlights the 'slow and steady' requirements of this new lunar cycle. Mars will conjunct Saturn by tomorrow, providing us with obstacles to overcome — both internal and external. The need to 'overcome' is a blessing not a curse but it is likely that our sensitivities are extremely high. The urge to take definitive action is overwhelming. Nonetheless, we are required to make connections with others and lay the proper groundwork before we can move forward. Today's atmosphere actually supports expanded connections and friendship even though our sensitivity is keeping us on edge.

Wednesday April 10, 2024

The Mars-Saturn conjunction completes today and our sensitivity reaches a peak. Mercury has moved back to where it was at the last Full Moon (March 25th), suggesting that we are revisiting some of those roller-coaster emotions. Self-doubts may be erased by optimism but that optimism may quickly go too far. The process produces obstacles which must be overcome not sidestepped. We need to find a dynamic balance that incorporates our own vision with respect for the inspiration that others have found. The interchange of ideas is powerful. This atmosphere helps to facilitate better communication precisely because there are obstacles to be overcome. The basic demand here is that we must reach new levels of understanding and compassion for the perspectives of others without abandoning our own perspective.

Thursday April 11, 2024

Mercury reaches the inferior conjunction with the Sun today, suggesting a 'pivot point' when we can more clearly see intellectually what needs to be addressed — what obstacles need to be overcome in order to tangibly initiate the inspiration from Monday's Aries New Moon (11:37 AM PDT 19° Aries Solar Eclipse). The sense of freedom that we feel today continues to be dogged by this lunar cycle's creative irritation. The distractions push us towards an important awareness that we should not go too far too fast. The intellectual boost we get today helps us to understand the importance of timing, which reminds us to avoid impulsiveness in our pursuit of lasting freedom.

Friday April 12, 2024

The Moon squares Saturn and Mars early today, producing a significant amount of discomfort and sensitivity. Nonetheless, sextiles to Chiron, Mercury, and the Sun later in the day provide room for increased clarity and resolution as we move through the day. Many of the clues we get are provided through enhanced intuition. In essence, we can begin to understand 'which way the wind is blowing' and adjust our approach accordingly. There isn't a great deal here to suggest that we can really 'nail' anything down — there are few firm commitments or solid agreements. Nonetheless, today's shifts can help us gain a broader and more comprehensive perspective. It is possible that impulsiveness has taken us too far down the wrong path — suggesting that we need to 'turn around'.

Saturday April 13, 2024

The Moon is briefly VOC this morning, from 7:45 AM PDT until 10:44 AM PDT. Once the Moon arrives in Cancer, we may find ourselves stirred to action without clear direction or consideration. However, it isn't likely that we will get very far before we feel the need to pull back, adopting a more protective stance. For the most part, today is a day to take stock of our alliances and basic support network. The Cancer Moon should help us to improve our sense of compassion for those around us — whether or not we share their individual perspective. While the overall thrust of the current lunar cycle feels very activating, we get a gentle reminder today that we also need to understand what those around us are seeing and feeling.

Weekly Summary: APRIL 14 - APRIL 20

"Tom, get your plane right on time
I know that you've been eager to fly now
Hey, let your honesty shine, shine, shine now
Like it shines on me"

The expansive, innovative Jupiter-Uranus conjunction completes at the end of this week just after we reach the '1st Quarter' phase of this highly active, initiatory lunar cycle. Mercury is still retrograde (until next Thursday) but has passed the 'inferior conjunction' with the Sun and will conjunct Venus and the Aries North Node, offering considerable help in overcoming the significant impatience and impulsiveness of the strong Aries energies. The underlying environment is guiding us to a better understanding of how we, as individuals, fit in to the bigger picture. We have a chance, this week, of glimpsing the importance of merging our obligations to the 'greater good' with our own personal ambitions and aspirations. Nonetheless, there is likely to be quite a heady sense of anticipation, especially during the early part of the week. We may believe that we're ready to 'hit the gas' but we should be prepared to make some last minute adjustments before we do. The strong Aries energies may have encouraged leadership. But sometimes it is a good idea for 'leaders' to look back to see if anyone is actually following. Some may have to acknowledge that they are too far 'ahead of the pack' and accept the need to circle back. Although we may feel quite a bit of impatience with any need for adjustments, we'll do well to recognize the need for guidelines and, with Mercury still retrograde, it is important to recheck all of our facts and information carefully. The Sun arrives in Taurus on Friday and our focus begins to shift away from ambition and direct action, towards a desire for expanded creative exploration and inspiration. There is hope that we have been able to 'ground' our individual perspective with enough confidence to accept and acknowledge that there may be different perspectives. There is an 'edge' in the atmosphere for most of the week but, by the end of the week, it is easier to find a balance between our optimistic ambition and the need for some consolidation and stability. The Sun's shift into Taurus foreshadows next Tuesday's Scorpio Full Moon (4:48 PM PDT 4° Scorpio/Taurus), which will usher in a far more considered approach. Authoritative logic and masterful control will begin to replace most of the impulsive urges.

We face some early challenges to our confidence on Sunday. However, there is little to obstruct our path as we move through the rest of the day. Monday is highly active and productive but communication is rather tricky. We may realize that we have others 'scratching their heads' and acknowledge that we need to circle back and do some more explaining. There is an unsteady sense of anticipation on Tuesday. The Leo Moon may produce a feeling that our egos are on the line. There is a definite 'edge' in the air on Wednesday. Some are impatient to 'pull the trigger' without having all the necessary information nailed down. Some will find themselves obsessively struggling over 'minutiae' on Thursday. There is encouragement to take the time to consider the rights of all instead of focusing only on our own goals and perspectives. Friday brings some stabilizing developments that bring forward intellect and creativity. It is becoming easier to see where we fit in to a larger picture. The atmosphere on Saturday may be quite overwhelming and daunting. There is an expanded desire to explore creative inspiration but some recognition that we need to consolidate our efforts and look for more stability.

Sunday April 14, 2024

The Moon squares Venus this morning a little after 8 AM PDT, which may suggest some early challenges to our confidence. Nonetheless, once we get moving, the Moon moves on to trine Saturn and Mars later in the day, opening up the 'floodgates' of opportunity to make positive gains. We shouldn't find much to obstruct our path today but there is a danger of taking too much pride in our individual progress, which could set us up for a fall or 'take-down' tomorrow. Mercury is making it's way back to conjunct Chiron tomorrow, possibly encouraging us believe all our challenges are 'behind us'. However, humility and a recognition of the contributions of others is a far more stable approach in this environment.

Monday April 15, 2024

We arrive at the '1st Quarter' phase of this highly active, initiatory lunar cycle today, giving us a chance to look over our progress and make any necessary 'tweaks' to our approach or strategy. Mercury conjuncts Chiron this morning, which may encourage us to believe we've got a firm grasp on where things stand. However, communication is rather 'tricky' today — we need to pay close attention to any subtle clues that we've left others 'scratching their heads'. It may very well be that at least some of us are 'ahead of the pack'. The Aries energy encourages leadership but leaders need to check (every once in a while) to see if there are actually any 'followers'! There is some extra sensitivity today, suggesting that we're afraid to find out what those around us are really thinking. The Moon goes VOC after trining Neptune this afternoon at 4:22 PM PDT. Once the Moon arrives in Leo at 7:23 PM PDT, the opposition to Pluto may bring more clarity than we're expecting or comfortable with.

Tuesday April 16, 2024

We are likely to face at least a little discomfort or uncertainty today — possibly an unsteady sense of anticipation. The implications of last Monday's Aries New Moon (11:37 AM PDT 19° Aries Solar Eclipse) are beginning to come into clearer view — our 'engines' have started and we're about to 'hit the gas', ready or not. The Moon will trine the Aries stellium (Venus, Mercury, Chiron, the Sun and the North Node) tomorrow, suggesting that the race will begin. But today, there is more anticipation than action and the Leo Moon suggests that we can recognize that our egos may be 'on the line'.

Wednesday April 17, 2024

There is a definite 'edge' in the air today. We are activated and may quickly become irritable if we find that adjustments are needed — and it's quite likely that adjustments will be needed. Despite the activity, we'll do well to remember that Mercury will be retrograde for another week. We may certainty have drawn a reliable 'bead' on our aims and goals but it may not quite be time to 'pull the trigger'. The Moon squares the nearly complete Jupiter-Uranus conjunction today which is likely to increase the impatience. Although making adjustments may seem disruptive, it's more than likely that we will benefit in the long run by staying 'within the lines', following the guidelines that are laid out, and rechecking all of our facts and information carefully. Venus conjuncts the North Node today, which should help — at least a bit — to soften the edge and keep impatience from boiling over anywhere.

Thursday April 18, 2024

The Moon is briefly VOC early this morning (5:01 AM PDT - 7:10 AM PDT) before arriving in Virgo. The Moon quincunxes Pluto around 11:30 AM PDT, possibly feeding some obsessive struggles over 'minutiae'. Also notable is a Moon-Juno conjunction that completes this evening, accentuating a Pallas-Juno square. What is most interesting about the background activity is that the Pallas-Juno interaction is encouraging us to take time to consider the rights of all instead of focusing only on our own goals and perspectives. Today's environment seems to bring forward an important focus on fairness, equity and consideration, reducing the inclination to just steamroll others in pursuit of our own agenda. To some extent, there might be a recognition here that, in fact, 'a rising tide lifts all boats'.

Friday April 19, 2024

The Sun arrives in Taurus today as Venus (ruling Taurus) comes off of a conjunction with the North Node to conjunct the retrograding Mercury. These are quite stabilizing developments that bring forward our intellect and creativity, helping to shape this highly active environment. With at least a bit of awareness, we can see how to merge our obligations to 'the greater good' with our own personal ambitions and aspirations. While we may still have some excessive optimism or jealousies to sort through, much of the impatience of the current retrograding Mercury's cycle is beginning to dissipate — it's becoming easier to see 'where we fit in' to a larger picture.

Saturday April 20, 2024

The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction completes this evening in a somewhat daunting environment. Our awareness is expanded by the Moon's oppositions to Mars and Neptune, centering our focus on creativity. Ambition and direct action seems to fade into the background while we look for inspiration. The broader, ground-breaking, innovative implications of the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction will reverberate for quite some time. Today's environment seems to bring a desire for expanded creative inspiration but we don't want to wind up sacrificing our security or following our dreams 'off a cliff'. Our focus has shifted considerably from the beginning of the week. We will see our concern for stability and security increase as we approach next Tuesday's Scorpio Full Moon (4:48 PM PDT 4° Scorpio/Taurus). In general, we can begin to see the importance of consolidation even as we seek expanded awareness.