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Sun 26° Libra 37' 16"
Moon 26° Libra 58' 59"
Mercury 04° Scorpio 02' 51"
Venus 06° Libra 42' 59"
Mars 28° Virgo 08' 34"
Ceres 08° Leo 22' 36"
Pallas 08° Taurus 34' 06" 
Juno 10° Capricorn 27' 43"
Vesta 15° Libra 58' 38"
Jupiter 02° Scorpio 00' 29"
Saturn 23° Sagittarius 32' 45"
Chiron 25° Pisces 15' 08" 
Uranus 26° Aries 31' 09" 
Neptune 11° Pisces 46' 31" 
Pluto 16° Capricorn 57' 51"
TrueNode 22° Leo 08' 05" 

The Daily Astrological Currents by Week

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This Daily Astrological Forecast is a bit different than most daily forecasts since it isn’t written for each individual Sun Sign. Rather, it is intended to be a bit like an Astrological Weather Report. To read more about this forecast, see this post

Weekly Summary: OCTOBER 8 - OCTOBER 14

"Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass."

—Anton Checkhov

The early part of this week is pressurized by the Sun and Mercury's squares to Pluto, possibly leading to some sharp-tongued outbursts. Jupiter moves into Scorpio, setting us on a determined search for truth. Superficial gloss and a flashy pitch begin to lose their effectiveness. We are more interested in what's behind the curtain and what's beneath the surface. We continue, this week, to unwind the idealism of last month's Jupiter-Uranus opposition, spurred on by the undaunted drive of Mars in Virgo, which needs to sort through all of the details in order to determine what is workable and what needs to be discarded. We may find ourselves frustrated by logical gamesmanship and semantic 'Hi-Jinks' that obscure and distort the facts. Mars squares Saturn which keeps the energy and frustration controlled, helping us to focus on getting past the games in order to establish more reliable channels of communication. By the middle of week, we've had Enough! However, we need to be careful not to wind up becoming defensive or trusting blindly. The key is to look for common ground — similarities rather than differences — and work on continuing to open up new channels of communication which, in turn, serve to broaden our perspective.

The VOC Moon on Sunday makes it hard to get comfortable or make much progress on any front. Games of logic and semantics create confusion and obscure important issues.The Sun's square to Pluto on Monday, coupled with the Venus-Chiron opposition increases the pressure on personal relationships but, since squares can be building blocks, as we work through the issues, the seeds of productive communication can begin to germinate. Communication breakthroughs are possible on Tuesday. However, we may find ourselves somewhat susceptible to flattery and we feel a need for appreciation or approval. Wednesday's high octane atmosphere brings the communication challenges to a peak, bringing a demand to drop the games with semantics and get down to core issues and clear communication. By Thursday, there is increasing determination to find common ground and forge important compromises. The importance of looking for 'similarities rather than differences' is highlighted. Venus arrives in Libra on Friday. Communication seems to be flowing more smoothly and so our focus shifts to sorting through the messages. The increased attention to detail may cause us to lose sight of a broader perspective. Perfectionist tendencies surface on Saturday and our attention shifts to questioning the messenger instead of trying to understand the message. Rather than focusing on some imperfect elements, we need to turn our attention to the expanded perspective that is facilitated by the increasingly clear communication.

Sunday October 08, 2017

The Moon is VOC in Taurus for most of the day today — from 6:45 AM PDT until 6:44 PM PDT. It isn't easy to get comfortable and finances are disrupted. There may be some intellectual notion about how to proceed but little ambition or follow-through to move things into place. Semantics and games of logic are tempting but do little to clarify this environment. Both the Sun and Mercury are approaching a square to Pluto. We may feel the pressure building but there is little we can do today to productively keep the pressure at bay. Once the Moon gets to Gemini this evening, we should be on guard for some sharp tongued outbursts and the tendency towards obsessive thinking.

Monday October 09, 2017

The Sun's square to Pluto and the forming Venus-Chiron opposition puts pressure on relationships today. This is an activated atmosphere where most people seem to have a lot to say. However, pulling the truth out of the barrage of chatter could become quite frustrating for many of us. Semantics and games of logic are more powerful today but they may only obscure the facts and deeper meanings inherent in today's conversations. This is a day when we may only be able to see the 'tip of the iceberg' and wind up running into far more obstacles than were obvious at first glance. This is a difficult time to seek clarity or compromise from those who 'don't speak our language'. In effect, idealism has fallen by the wayside and now we need to get down to 'nuts and bolts'. However, working out the details has become fraught with a confusing array of obstacles and challenges.

Tuesday October 10, 2017

Jupiter arrives in Scorpio today, which will help us to find the determination that is required to sort out much of logical gamesmanship that is continuing to make communication challenging. There is an increased susceptibility to flattery today along with a pronounced desire for acknowledgement, appreciation or approval. This afternoon's Moon-Uranus sextile offers an opportunity for important breakthroughs in communication and an increased willingness to speak openly. Nonetheless, the message may still be garbled or incomplete. As Mars works on tonight's square to Saturn, our energy is controlled and — hopefully — helps us focus directly on breaking through the rhetorical, logical 'hi-jinks' and finally getting down to 'brass tacks'.

Wednesday October 11, 2017

Today's activating cardinal T-Square brings this week's communication challenges to a head. Enough Is Enough! We need to maintain heightened awareness to avoid going on the defensive or trusting too much of what we're being told. We may begin the day believing that charm will be enough to move the obstacles out of the way. But it won't take long to recognize that we will have to work much harder to open up the kind of broad communication channels that we need in order to really lay the groundwork to move forward. This high-energy atmosphere will continue into tomorrow so we shouldn't try to get everything done all at once. We can afford to take the time needed to unwind communication snafus and continue looking for ways to build communication bridges.

Thursday October 12, 2017

How well we are able to mesh the gears in the midst of today's swirl of activity depends on our level of determination to find compromise. Stubbornness, fed by fear and frustration, is most likely to incite us to seek revenge for real or imagined slights — resulting in pointless power struggles. Today's Cancer Moon is concerned about security and safety and intuitively guided towards pulling together all of the elements that will contribute to that security. In today's environment, we need to stay laser focused on core issues and seek common ground with others If we become too focused on extenuating circumstances and meaningless differences, we'll find ourselves feeling more isolated and uncertain — instead of more connected and secure. "Similarities rather than differences."

Friday October 13, 2017

Our focus shifts from opening lines of communication towards sorting through the messages we're getting. There is increased intellectual and intuitive insight to sort through a variety of good ideas and suggestions and put them into the right place or assign them to the proper project. We may find that we reach a level of intensity with the process of sorting through the wealth of information that we have a hard time stepping back to look at the forest rather than all of the beautiful trees. We are likely to find enough here to keep us busy organizing the elements until we reach next Thursday's New Moon (12:11 PM PDT 26° Libra).

Saturday October 14, 2017

Venus arrives in Libra early this morning, which could begin to push us towards a determined search for perfection. We may find ourselves 'straining at gnats' in an effort to put a perfect shine on our efforts. Our extra effort will be rewarded today but we shouldn't let ourselves become distracted by the seeming imperfection of any details we seem to stumble upon. Nor should we spend too much effort intently watching for the messenger to stumble — instead of contemplating the message that has been delivered. In other words, even an imperfect messenger can deliver an important new message. New perspectives are opening up but we shouldn't be overly concerned about any flaws that are revealed as our view expands.

Today is Thursday October 19, 2017

Weekly Summary: OCTOBER 15 - OCTOBER 21

"When we were children, we used to think that when we were grown-up we would no longer be vulnerable. But to grow up is to accept vulnerability. . . To be alive is to be vulnerable."

—Madeleine L'Engle

This week's Libra New Moon (Thursday, October 19th, 12:11 PM PDT 26° Libra) brings to an end much of the rattling, erratic excitement of last month's Jupiter-Uranus opposition. The New Moon's opposition to Uranus brings us to a reexamination of that feeling of exciting independence in the light of our deep need to connect with others. We are challenged to explore opposing perspectives and work on understanding where others are, or have been, coming from. In order to most effectively explore these perspectives, we will have to reveal some of our own vulnerabilities in order to deepen our connections. This week's challenges may feel quite dangerous. Nonetheless, it is well worth our time to dig deep, with a willingness to adapt and compromise. We begin to recognize that the real danger is that, without making deeper connections with others, we face the danger of profound isolation. Mercury joins Jupiter in Scorpio this week, providing some helpful optimism to make the challenging process of deepening connections much easier. Essentially, the idealistic desire for independence and determined search for perfection is tempered by a recognition of our deep, innate need to make connections with others.

Sunday's message tells us to slow down and take as much time as necessary to grapple with understanding the perspective of others. Monday's Moon-Saturn square may lead us to feel a bit imposed upon by heavy responsibilities or reveal suspicions of authority. Mercury moves into Scorpio on Tuesday, making a helpful, optimism-producing conjunction with Jupiter. The Libra Moon conjuncts Venus later in the day, increasing sociability and a willingness to compromise. There is real value in revealing our own vulnerability on Wednesday. We can turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones by opening up about how we really feel. Thursday's New Moon brings the independent idealistic excitement to a peak, challenged by our realization that we really do need others. Our message is meaningless if there is no one to deliver it to. Superficiality and flashy presentations are dismissed in favor of responsible, thorough explanations which are backed up by clear evidence. The benefits of our more adaptable approach seem to be immediately evident on Friday but we shouldn't fool ourselves into thinking that we've 'arrived'. The heady optimism can be tempered with a continued effort to share our personal vulnerability. The powerful activity on Saturday may seem to come out of nowhere. There is a rather cold inclination to quickly or suddenly purge outmoded or unworkable ideas and even relationships. Motivations and intentions may not be immediately forthcoming. Nonetheless, we begin a powerful unraveling process which is likely to produce a significant realignment of alliances.

Sunday October 15, 2017

As we move away from the idealistic search for perfection, we can begin to focus on what specific, detailed steps must be taken to move forward. Today's message is telling us to slow down, look at the larger perspective, and — most importantly — take as much time as necessary to see things from opposing perspectives. We may be tempted to try to foist our opinions on others, rather than trying to see what they are seeing. Even when we're sure we're right, our right-ness may only be related to what we can see for ourselves. Cooperation with others is the key — but first, we must understand where they're coming from.

Monday October 16, 2017

The Sun's sextile to Saturn today helps to soften the insecurities produced by the Moon/Saturn square. It may feel as though Saturn is imposing responsibilities on us that we don't feel capable of achieving. Or, we may be suspicious of the orders we've received. We may also tend towards vacillation and feel trapped if we haven't implemented yesterday's message to look for ways to better understand the perspectives of others. As we unwind our idealism and desire for perfection, we begin to prepare for Thursday's New Moon (12:11 PM 26° Libra). Adaptability and a willingness to compromise begins to replace the need for perfection.

Tuesday October 17, 2017

Mercury arrives in Scorpio today and moves towards a conjunction with Jupiter. We are assisted by the optimism that is produced by that conjunction, which increases our comfort level when we compromise with others. As well, the Libra Moon conjuncts Venus this evening, which further increases our sociability and cooperativeness. This is a marvelously expansive atmosphere. Nonetheless, we may tend to prefer to speculate on possibilities instead of actually making any changes 'on the ground'. Even so, we are setting the stage for some vast improvements in our capacity to work effectively in cooperative efforts.

Wednesday October 18, 2017

By meeting today's relationship challenges with responsible determination, we discover important opportunities to build deeper connections. We find the ability to turn 'stumbling blocks' in to 'stepping stones', leading to greater understanding. This is not the time to give up and walk away. We need to stay with the process — even though there may be some pain associated — in order to move past the challenges and claim the rewards. We tend to feel safer when we lead from positions of strength but we may be challenged to reveal our vulnerabilities in this environment. Determined effort to work through today's challenges are well worth our time.

Thursday October 19, 2017

Today's New Moon (12:11 PM PDT 26° Libra) opposes Uranus, highlighting erratic behavior but also producing significant excitement. Idealistic independence, which reached a peak last month, is reexamined and challenged by our vulnerable need for others. Responsibility is more important here than flashy presentation. While creative, rhetorical flourishes may lend some extra weight to whatever message we are trying to convey, we should not be tempted to just rely on superficial explanations. Today may produce some fatalistic discouragement but there are opportunities for remarkable recoveries, as long as we stay focused on responsibly backing up our vision with clear and articulate evidence. There is little doubt that we can make significant progress under the influence of this New Moon — determined efforts will be rewarded.

Friday October 20, 2017

We quickly discover impressive benefits from yesterday's New Moon today. The feeling of optimism is enhanced by the Moon's trine to Neptune this afternoon. It may be tempting to believe that we've already arrived at the place were we can take a few extra chances or recklessly skip over important details. Rather, this is the time to pursue a steady line of expansion. Don't let the optimism lead you to believe the work is done — or take foolish risks in order to get just a bit more. It may seem particularly dangerous to open up to others about our vulnerabilities or look for ways to deepen our connection with others. However, the window to deeper connections remains open and is likely to be just what we need in order to stay on track in this rather 'heady', optimistic atmosphere.

Saturday October 21, 2017

Today's activity is extraordinarily powerful, suggesting an unraveling or cleansing process. We are inclined to purge outmoded ideas or even relationships with exacting purpose and precision that could seem rather cold or heartless. Motivations may be quite impenetrable and the tendency towards defensiveness or suspicion could lead to some significant misunderstandings. Nonetheless, the sense of purpose and determination seems to yield a great deal of progress and reveal a significant realignment of our alliances. The wisdom of today's actions and the ultimate outcome may take some time to fully understand — especially since there is little inclination to fully explain our actions.

Weekly Summary: OCTOBER 22 - OCTOBER 28

"Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters."

—Albert Einstein

The fight for truth and justice is energized by this week's shifts. The Sun arrives in Scorpio this week and Mars leaves Virgo for Libra. We may need to rely heavily on hunches and intuition as the atmosphere changes. When the Sun joins Jupiter in Scorpio, optimism rises but we may have a hard time keeping our expectations in line with reality. Libra's desire for justice is energized by Mars but we can also be prone to 'stirring the pot' just to keep things interesting. We'll need to check our motivations often and redouble our efforts to deepen the levels of honesty in our interactions with others. We won't get much traction from superficial exchanges this week — although it may feel much safer to stay at the surface level. It's much more comfortable to keep our secrets safely hidden, our vulnerabilities obscured, and our weakness out of view. With both Mars and Venus in Libra, it may seem much more important to make the right impression, look for ways to please others, and do whatever it takes to keep things light and interesting. However, that is just not where the action is this week. The important work this week revolves around building trust through honesty and deepening the level of our interactions with others.

We may sense that a shift is underway on Sunday but we're more inclined to hold back, rather than trust the faint whisper of optimism that change is on the way. The whispers become louder on Monday. We're inclined to be very concerned about getting others 'on board' with what we see but not everyone seems to be willing to take the 'leap of faith'. Just telling people what we think they want to hear won't help to enlist others to join 'our side'. The VOC Moon on Tuesday may lead to troublesome travel delays, along with the buildup of overly optimistic expectations. We're inclined to work very hard on Wednesday, in order to open up important new lines of communication. However, building trust is a challenging process that takes time. We can't rush the process. The Sun-Jupiter conjunction on Thursday offers significant optimism. Continuing the work of building trust is crucial to making the most of the atmosphere. Challenges arise on Friday that highlight the importance of trusted alliances and honest communication. It may be hard not to see the glass as 'half empty' on Saturday. The intense environment may be quite difficult for those who have let their expectations run wild.

Sunday October 22, 2017

We may only have a faint sense of the shifts that are being initiated today. By the end of the day, Mars will be in Libra and the Sun will be in Scorpio, approaching an optimistic conjunction with Jupiter. The Sun encourages Jupiter's determined journey towards deeper truth. However, we are more inclined to hold back today since it may not be so easy to see the expansion and optimism that is just around the corner. Isolation and the desire to stay 'safe' could keep us from trusting the intuitive clues telling us that things are about to open up. In today's environment, Mars in Libra may initially create some obsession over details that may or may not actually be important. Eventually, though, Mars should energize Libra's desire for justice.

Monday October 23, 2017

Intuitive whispers become louder today, offering clearer direction and an increasing ability to communicate our visions to others. We're also more likely to rely on our hunches. The challenge today, is to find a way to bring others along with us — this isn't a 'go-it-alone' environment. Venus makes a quincunx to Neptune, suggesting that others will need to have some faith in order to stay on board with our ideas. There may be some frustration when we have to do too much people pleasing in order to keep others on our side. Mercury's trine to Neptune inspires us to spin some intriguing tales but the danger is in promising more than we can truly deliver.

Tuesday October 24, 2017

The Moon goes VOC at 9:44 AM PDT, following a trine to Uranus this morning. The Moon doesn't get to Capricorn until 5:12 PM PDT this afternoon. The Moon-Uranus conversation this morning is likely to produce some rather erratic behavior, overly optimistic expectations, and even some travel delays. By this evening, we're looking for ways to balance the scales or correct some perceived slights. The optimism of the forming Sun-Jupiter conjunction may be creating some heightened expectations that aren't clearly spelled out.

Wednesday October 25, 2017

We're working very hard to open up the lines of communication today. Although we may not see quick results from our efforts, we are laying important groundwork for further negotiation and interaction. Perhaps the reason that it seems like we're working so hard is that we're being intuitively guided to look beyond superficial details and deepen our connections with others. It takes time to build trust. Today's work is really about building trust so that the communications lines we're working on will relay messages that reveal deeper truths and not just surface information.

Thursday October 26, 2017

Optimism is high today, as the Sun conjuncts Jupiter and contributes an extra boost to Mars in Libra and the fight for truth and justice. However, this is a short term boost of optimistic enthusiasm and tomorrow's 1st quarter Moon will lay down some significant challenges. Mars in Libra is also associated with 'stirring the pot' just to keep things interesting. We'll need to check our motivations and the levels of depth and honesty in our interactions with others. Today's optimism and enthusiasm can merely be soaked up and enjoyed — or we can use the buoyant atmosphere to re-commit our efforts towards building trust and verifying facts in the search for deeper understanding and methodical investigation.

Friday October 27, 2017

The importance of clear, established lines of communication becomes apparent today. There are long-lasting implications inherent in today's activity, along with important opportunities to clearly communicate the value of our message. However, if we become too preoccupied with making an impression — instead of sticking with our vision — we are likely to miss the true value of today's environment. The Venus-Pluto square may lead to some overwhelming temptations to use manipulative tactics in order to squeeze just a bit more out of others than they are really ready to offer. Nonetheless, if we can stay focused on the core issues and step back from unrealistic expectations, we can make use of this atmosphere to make extraordinary progress.

Saturday October 28, 2017

We could feel some disappointment today if we've allowed unrealistic expectations to push us too far this week. However, even if we're feeling concerned that our glass is half empty, we're offered a clear eyed perspective from which we can determine where we need to expand our efforts. The intensity of this environment could lead us to be especially hard on ourselves — even if we've made extraordinary progress. This is the time to rely on our lines of communication, shore up alliances, and redouble our efforts. Those of us who have effectively used this week's energy to expand those lines of communication may not even realize how challenging and intense today's atmosphere actually is.