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Sun 02° Libra 23' 40"
Moon 27° Virgo 19' 07"
Mercury 27° Virgo 56' 50" 
Venus 25° Virgo 13' 06"
Mars 18° Gemini 03' 28"
Ceres 28° Leo 19' 14"
Pallas 08° Cancer 39' 57"
Juno 10° Pisces 50' 30" 
Vesta 23° Aquarius 23' 06" 
Jupiter 03° Aries 52' 19" 
Saturn 19° Aquarius 12' 54" 
Chiron 14° Aries 41' 29" 
Uranus 18° Taurus 30' 39" 
Neptune 23° Pisces 47' 34" 
Pluto 26° Capricorn 09' 32" 
TrueNode 13° Taurus 59' 15" 

The Daily Astrological Currents by Week

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This Daily Astrological Forecast is a bit different than most daily forecasts since it isn’t written for each individual Sun Sign. Rather, it is intended to be a bit like an Astrological Weather Report. To read more about this forecast, see this post

Weekly Summary: SEPTEMBER 18 - SEPTEMBER 24

"All our progress is an unfolding, like the vegetable bud. You have first an instinct, then an opinion, then a knowledge, as the plant has root, bud and fruit. Trust the instinct to the end, though you can render no reason.'"

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

As we approach the Autumn Equinox on Thursday, there are significant developments despite the waning lunar cycle. We seem to find ourselves on the 'knife's edge' between the past and the future. It is our instincts, for the most part, that are encouraging us to move forward and telling us that there is something new 'just over the horizon'. At the same time, we may sometimes find ourselves looking for ways to revert to the safety of the past, a nostalgic longing for things in the past that are as much out of our grasp as what we can almost see ahead. There may be some significant emotional sensitivity but, for the most part, we keep it just beneath the surface, using self-control to present a smooth, unruffled exterior. Monday's Venus-Uranus trine and Tuesday's Leo Moon, trining Jupiter and sextiling Mercury, boosts our self-confidence and encourages us to forge ahead despite any uncertainty. While Mercury's opposition to Jupiter may temporarily have us overly concerned with looming challenges, our instincts seem to put us back on track and boost our confidence levels. By Thursday, the Sun moves into Libra (Autumn Equinox) and conjuncts Mercury on the Libra cusp. The inferior Sun-Mercury conjunction suggests a perfectionist approach and Mercury's return to Virgo may have us temporarily 'stalled' in the weeds of details and straining at gnats. Friday brings sharp intellect and deep insights which give us a profound new sense of purpose and confidence as Mercury approaches a trine to Pluto. Venus will join Mercury in Virgo to trine Pluto, bringing a heady sense of excitement, rebirth, and some sense of a 'restoration of order' ahead of next Sunday's Libra New Moon (2:52 PM PDT 2° Libra). Bot no matter how self-assured we may feel, we should not collapse into self-indulgence. Humility and gratitude are crucial to keeping us balanced and on track. We will face new responsibilities that will accompany the future that is slowly forming ahead of us — responsibilities that we need to embrace in order to make the most of what is offered.

The sensitivity on Sunday is likely just beneath the surface, along with uncertainty. Courage is impulsive, not steady. A more tangible sense of security is formed on Monday. There is increased excitement that exciting changes are on the horizon and some hope that we can gain the support of others just when we need it most. Tuesday is a day to get organized and take extra time to consider our options. The obstacles that seem to loom ahead of us may not be as significant as we believe. Isolation or withdrawal may be the best option on Wednesday. It is important to stay balanced if we find ourselves being pulled in opposing or contradictory directions. The Autumn Equinox on Thursday encourages a perfectionist approach. We should guard against 'future-tripping'. Sharp intellect and insight accompanies Mercury's return to Virgo on Friday. There is a heady sense of excitement. Self-indulgence is the danger on Saturday. We should not forget that there are new responsibilities that will come with the future that we have begun to anticipate.

Sunday September 18, 2022

Although sensitivity may be just beneath the surface, there is a sense of 'history', protocol, or ritual today that does seem to allow us to present some stability. Of course, the stability may actually be quite superficial. Uncertainty and indecision may stay just beneath the surface or instead, pop up in unexpected ways. Courage is impulsive, rather than deep and steady. The amount of activity and stimulation is significant and could simply have us overwhelmed and confused. Nonetheless, an ability to obscure our confusion seems to allow us to present an unruffled exterior. The Sun's trine to Pluto also seems to help us stay on an 'even keel' if we can maintain at least some self-control.

Monday September 19, 2022

There is more real stability today than we may have deeply felt yesterday. This allows us to make some tangible progress or explore innovative and promising new ideas. Self-confidence will take us even farther than we think today. This is a 'steady as she goes', painstakingly methodical atmosphere but a Venus-Uranus trine provides extra excitement, encouraging follow-through and bold initiatives. We may also find that support from others arrives just when we need it most.

Tuesday September 20, 2022

Overall, we should spend plenty of time today organizing our thoughts and taking extra time to consider our options. The Moon is VOC during the early part of the day today, from 8:56 AM PDT until 1:37 PM PDT this afternoon. We may find the morning filled with bouts of insecurity or stirred up by looming obstacles that may seem larger than they actually are. Yesterday's support may seem to have evaporated. However, the afternoon should bring restored confidence when the Moon arrives in Leo, sextiling Mercury and trining Jupiter. Our instincts should encourage us to 'get back on the horse' once we have adjusted our perspective enough to recognize that we don't have as much to worry about as we had thought.

Wednesday September 21, 2022

Sensitivity is rather high today and we may be inclined to 'take some personal time' or otherwise withdraw from the fray. It is important to balance our activity with some time for consideration, particularly if we are finding ourselves pulled in opposing or contradictory directions. To some extent, we may find ourselves disillusioned by the newness of innovation and exploration, looking for ways to rediscover some past security. However, feelings of nostalgia also need to be balanced with conscious awareness of our need for growth and change. In some way or another, today is a day to acknowledge and embrace change, while allowing ourselves to honor or grieve what is left in the past.

Thursday September 22, 2022

The Sun essentially 'trades places' with Mercury today. The Sun moves forward into Libra and joins Mercury just before Mercury's return to Virgo early tomorrow morning. The inferior Sun-Mercury conjunction occurs on the cusp of Libra just before midnight tonight. The shifts are significant. Our instincts feel tuned up although we will need to be sure we have a reliable plan or structure in place before we take too many steps forward. There is a drive for perfection that may serve to keep us focused and well directed. However, the Moon goes VOC this morning at 4:06 AM PDT and won't arrive in Virgo until just after midnight. There are few leaders to guide our progress today so instinct is really all we have.

Friday September 23, 2022

With Mercury's return to Virgo this morning, a trine to Pluto begins to form, offering sharp intellect and deep insight. However, with the Moon's arrival in Virgo, we need to be especially cautious not to get caught up in an overly perfectionist concern over minor details. The 'Big Picture' perspective may be especially hard to maintain today. The restless drive for perfection could lead to unnecessary frustration. It's especially easy to forget that we are still in a Re-Evaluation process that demands our full attention. We need to guard against to much 'future-tripping' and avoid locking ourselves into far reaching initiatives that we can't yet be sure about. It's especially important to pay attention to where we are at right now.

Saturday September 24, 2022

We may reach a place of some real satisfaction today but we should be especially cautious not to collapse into the feeling of success that we may be enjoying. Humility and Gratitude are crucial here. Although there may definitely be something to feel good about, tomorrow's Libra New Moon (2:52 PM PDT 2° Libra) is full of tendencies towards self-indulgence. Venus is heading into a conjunction with Mercury, forming a trine to Pluto. The heady sense of excitement, rebirth, and restoration of order is quite tangible and will likely stick around until Mercury turns direct in a week. However, with awareness, we will see that there will be new responsibilities to be embraced and possibly some unanticipated ramifications of the promising shifts and developments that we begin to see all around us.

Today is Sunday September 25, 2022

Weekly Summary: SEPTEMBER 25 - OCTOBER 1

"In the true sense one's native land, with its background of tradition, early impressions, reminiscences and other things dear to one, is not enough to make sensitive human beings feel at home.'"

— Emma Goldman

We begin the week with a surprisingly impulsive Libra New Moon (2:52 PM PDT 2° Libra) which opposes Jupiter. Despite Libra's desire for clear judgment and balance, we are inclined to try to lurch ahead, mow down the challenging obstacles, or recklessly push past the slowdowns that are surfacing. However, perfectionism heightens our sensitivities, producing discomfort and keeping us from making the kind of progress we are trying to make. We may find ourselves especially sensitive to what seems out of place as we struggle to find continuity or understand the context of the situations, interactions, or challenges that we face. The perfectionism is something that could look suspiciously like simple self-indulgence as we impulsively strike out at what looks wrong to us. We'll do much better to seek acceptance around what may feel very disorderly and incongruous to our sensitive sensibilities. In order to ease our sensitivity, we need to make connections with others and draw on their insights and perspectives. However, connections may feel quite tenuous and unsteady and we may struggle to establish a smooth flow — a productive, cooperative give-and-take. The drive to find perfect solutions and exacting understanding feeds our sensitivity and may even push some of us into self-isolation. But it is through our connections with others that we will find the broader perspective that we need in order to clarify our goals and aspirations. Mercury is slowing down all week and will turn direct at the beginning of next week. As it moves back through Virgo, Mercury gets back to a trine to Pluto, which will encourage us to dig deep in order to expose the root causes of our uncertainty and vulnerability. But Mercury stations very close to an opposition to Neptune, which can create indecision, uncertainty, and even discouragement. Ultimately, we will need to step as far back from the 'fray' as we can and try to find the help from others that will give us a broader — 'Big Picture' — perspective. The overall 'Re-Evaluation' process will continue through most of the year and so any expectations of reaching firm conclusions will only increase our sensitivity and frustration.

There may be a false start to the day on Sunday. Distractions and temptations seem to pop up everywhere. The Libra New Moon seems to spur impulsiveness. A Grand Air trine on Monday offers a wide array of promising opportunities for productive interaction and cooperation. However, sensitivities may leave us frustrated when we don't find quick solutions. Activity is heightened on Tuesday but cooperation and agreements are tentative and need to be allowed to 'play out' on their own terms. Perfectionist sensitivity reaches a peak on Wednesday. The environment is quite nebulous and ill defined. While we may want to trust our instincts and forge ahead, it is more important to stay connected to others and work through a cooperative process. Venus arrives in Libra on Thursday, increasing perfectionist sensitivity. Our sense of continuity is challenged and we struggle to understand how to establish order and context. Sensitivity produces rigidity on Friday. We struggle to deepen our connections with others. There is a significant let-down on Saturday. Mercury is stationing and will turn direct at the start of next week.

Sunday September 25, 2022

Impulsiveness and recklessness are infused into today's Libra New Moon (2:52 PM PDT 2° Libra) despite Libra's desire for clear judgment and balance. Extreme sensitivity increases the tension between the desire for balance and the intense feeling of an imperative to lurch forward. Distractions and temptations seem to pop up everywhere. The Moon is VOC early this morning, from 5:49 AM PDT until 9:42 AM PDT, which suggests we may have to deal with a false start to the day. Nonetheless, a Venus-Pluto trine and the forming Mars-Saturn trine provide plenty of encouragement to stay positive, determined, and disciplined — if we are willing to embrace it.

Monday September 26, 2022

The Moon forms a Grand Air Trine with Mars and Saturn today and, combined with a Venus-Mercury conjunction, offers a wide array of promising opportunities for productive interaction and cooperation. Nonetheless, we must still find the inner self-discipline and focus in order to effectively make use of today's environment — there are no guarantees here and little inherent responsibility in the atmosphere that will force us to stay on track. The potential for self-indulgence and impulsiveness remain and our sensitivities may still leave us frustrated or considering easy but inadequate solutions.

Tuesday September 27, 2022

Mercury's return to trine Pluto and a Mars-Saturn trine offer continued opportunities to make excellent progress in this environment. However, the Moon is VOC from 9:20 AM PDT until 4:14 PM PDT, keeping cooperation elusive and agreements tentative. Activity is heightened but conclusions are held back and we will need to allow an unfolding process to 'play out' before we make any lasting commitments. We are offered especially promising help to understand the overall 'Re-Evaluation' process that is taking us through the end of this year. Investigations and re-examinations of facts and evidence will open remarkable new avenues of inquiry — but again, offer few conclusions.

Wednesday September 28, 2022

This week's sensitivity seems to come to a peak today. Connections with others feel rather tenuous but we still are likely to be aware of our need for help. There are extraordinary intuitive clues offered but we may find ourselves 'in too deep' with few guideposts to clarify the insights that are coming through here. Today's powerful energy is quite nebulous, ill-defined, and somewhat mysterious. Within the context of the current lunar cycle, we may be inclined to 'leap before we look'. There is likely a strong desire to trust our instincts — for better or worse. Moderation, balance, and a deep awareness of our need to stay connected to others are the keys to avoiding making some serious mistakes in this environment.

Thursday September 29, 2022

Venus arrives in Libra just after midnight this morning, further increasing our sensitivity and driving us to find perfect solutions and exacting understanding. Maintaining balance and avoiding recklessness requires interaction with others in order to help us keep things in perspective. Communication with others offers the most hope of keeping us from going to extremes in our efforts to find some kind of elusive perfection or ideal. Our sense of continuity may be severely challenged in ways that keep us from effectively following through on the myriad of ideas, insights, and opportunities that seem to be available. Essentially, we need to find some kind of structure that can help us focus our energy and understand the developments that we see happening around us. The Moon goes VOC at 2:19 PM PDT this afternoon. Once the Moon arrives in Sagittarius at 9:03 PM PDT, we can begin to see the bigger picture more clearly.

Friday September 30, 2022

Our sensitivity may produce some rigidity today that needs to be dealt with in some way. The Moon's trine to Chiron this evening seems to help break down our self-isolation and rigid approaches but the challenges of effectively connecting with others stay with us for much of the day. We need others more than ever right now. However, there are obstacles or stumbling block that keep us from making the kind of deep, honest, and open connections that would help us to set aside our sensitivity and clarify our goals and aspirations. We may recognize the distinct need for connection but struggle with self-indulgence or a concern that our independence is at risk.

Saturday October 01, 2022

Today's let down is significant, fraught with indecision and a tendency to isolation. The restrictions of Saturn's 'near' square to Uranus take their toll on us. Mercury is nearly stationary and will turn direct tomorrow. The effect of Mercury's trine to Pluto will slowly gain more power over the next few days, giving us renewed encouragement to seek productive alternatives and solutions to today's seeming challenges. Mercury doesn't quite get back to the opposition to Neptune but we are still likely to feel some of that confusion and uncertainty today. However, the discouragement is temporary and may simply offer a welcome 'pause' if we are willing to let go of the need to 'keep the pedal to the metal' and allow the uncertainty — the void — to be what it is.

Weekly Summary: OCTOBER 2 - OCTOBER 8

"For though they may be parted
There is still a chance that they will see"

The week begins with Mercury's station direct, in a trine to Pluto — which allows and encourages us to dig deeper in order to find clarity. Mercury doesn't quite get back to the opposition to Neptune but we still feel some of the initial confusion and indecision until Mercury begins to pick up some speed as the week progresses. Pluto is also nearly stationary direct, beginning to give us some sense that the period of 'Re-Evaluation' is coming to a close. However, Mars is slowing down and will turn retrograde by the end of the month. As Mars slows down, it hangs in square to Neptune, which offers a great deal of creative energy but also creates some challenging and stressful obstacles to effective communication with others. Even though the extended Mercury-Pluto trine serves up some important information and insights, we are likely to struggle as we try to put our insights into the proper context and effectively share them with others. Our thoughts may seem to lack important continuity, making it especially difficult to articulate to those around us what we see and believe. The atmosphere that is forming this week, under the extended Mars-Neptune square, is likely to be with us through the month of November. It is especially important this week to keep our feet firmly planted on the ground even though we may feel intense waves of optimism or even elation. With awareness, we will recognize that we are attempting to describe a vision that is not yet fully formed or, in some way or another, is actually indescribable to those around us. Our response may be to seek to isolate ourselves from others. Alternatively, we may be inclined to begin to adopt a rather manipulative approach, seeking to step in and 'take charge' in order to move our vision forward — whether or not we really have the support of those around us. In some cases, we may truly feel that we have the best interests of others in mind as we seek to show our compassion by offering our help and leadership. However, in this atmosphere, we are more likely to increase the confusion and find ourselves disappointed by the way our efforts are (mis)understood. There are major shifts and dramatic changes in the way that we relate to others that are neither easy or clear from the current vantage point. Faith and acceptance may well be our best tools in this atmosphere.

We are likely to feel that we are somehow 'on the fence' on Sunday as Mercury stations direct. Our most specific concerns may simply be centered on superficial appearances. Indecision eases on Monday but we will still need to use self-control and avoid trying to hit the ground running before we can clearly see a way forward. We may seem to see potential and possibilities everywhere on Tuesday. There is an undefined, vague sense of excitement the brings a great deal of optimism. Optimism expands on Wednesday, with exciting philosophical insights to go along with it. The creative power is increasing but we may find that it comes with some potential for chaos and confusion. While we may feel a great deal of internal clarity on Thursday, we are likely to struggle when trying to share that clarity with others. We will need to be honest about our weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Misunderstandings erupt on Friday. We are prone to making questionable judgements or working too hard to try to take charge and just 'handle' things. There may be some inclination to isolate on Saturday, perhaps in an attempt to try to insulate ourselves from the pain that we can see others are enduring. The lack of clear options could be extremely troubling.

Sunday October 02, 2022

Mercury stations direct early this morning and the overall feeling of being 'on the fence' is quite pervasive. The value and importance of 'seeing both sides' may feel quite distracting and keep us from confidently 'picking a lane' and staying in it. It may seem quite difficult to find any productive avenues today, although creative exploration may offer some promising insights. We reach the First Quarter of the lunar phase, when we can usually expect to enjoy some clear progress or stable sense of direction. Unfortunately, today doesn't offer such a clear picture. The Capricorn Moon seems to direct most of our concerns towards superficial appearances, rather than tangible progress.

Monday October 03, 2022

By turning direct at the point it did yesterday, Mercury has narrowly avoided both the exact opposition to Neptune and full participation in the forming Mars-Neptune square. Essentially, this allows us to begin to move towards clearer thinking and productive communication today. Yesterday's confusion or indecision may have shaken our confidence but a more reliable sense of direction begins to develop today. Nonetheless, we should proceed with some caution and self-control in order to avoid succumbing to the current lunar cycle's inclination toward lurching blindly forward. There are creative breakthroughs 'in the offing' but also the potential for some significant chaos if we insist on trying to 'push the river'.

Tuesday October 04, 2022

Potential and possibility seems to crowd our awareness today and the effect does not feel especially uncomfortable. Pluto is nearly stationary and will turn direct on Saturday. The arrival of the Moon in Aquarius early this morning may produce an undefined, vague sense of excitement, spurred on by a sextile to Jupiter and a trine to Venus. However, we will need to be very careful not to be swept up in the optimism and forget to watch where we are going. We may get tripped up when we try to share our optimism with others — or find that we are swept up in a sense of optimism shared by others. Either way, self-control and extra effort is required in order to keep our feet firmly planted on the ground.

Wednesday October 05, 2022

The feeling of optimism expands into a mysterious, suspenseful, and captivating sense of anticipation today. The enthusiasm is unlikely to be very sustainable but may keep us on the 'edge of our seats'. The Moon's trine to Mars this afternoon foreshadows the forming Mars-Neptune square, which will be with us with some degree of intensity through November due to Mars' upcoming retrograde cycle (October 30 - January 12). (As well, Mars will make a final square to Neptune in March of next year.) The creative power is enormous but so too, is the potential for chaos and confusion. Nonetheless, today's environment seems to keep us focused on optimistic possibility and may even serve to help bolster our faith in promising outcomes. The Moon goes VOC this afternoon at 3:45 PM PDT following the trine to Mars and won't arrive in Pisces until early tomorrow morning.

Thursday October 06, 2022

Mercury's last trine to Pluto completes today, as it picks up it's pace following Sunday's direct station. We may expect some helpful clarity from the Mercury-Pluto trine but our challenge is found in understanding the context of what we see. The transformation of our overall environment disturbs our sense of continuity, making it difficult to make use of what we know or have learned from our past experiences. Nonetheless, this is an especially powerful atmosphere, offering a great deal of individual control in guiding our own direction and progress. Honestly acknowledging our vulnerabilities and weaknesses will give us extra ability to access our strengths.

Friday October 07, 2022

There is a great deal of potential for misunderstandings today. We may struggle to express our compassion for the plight of others or in some way, ignore our own pain in an attempt to be helpful to others. The swirl of emotions is quite intense. Some may be more inclined to simply withdraw, rather than try to help sort through confusion and discomfort. This is a day to rely on spiritual principles and acceptance while seeking to avoid judgement or clever manipulation — no matter how well intentioned. Misguided attempts to step in and 'take charge' or try to 'fix everything' have little chance of success. 'Let It Be'.

Saturday October 08, 2022

The Moon's arrival in Aries at 8:56 AM PDT aims us toward tomorrow's Aries Full Moon (1:56 PM PDT 16° Aries/Libra). The forming Mars-Neptune square and impending retrograde station of Mars at the end of this month, both figure prominently in the overall landscape that we are dealing with. While the creative potential is inescapable, the overall lessons are squarely focused on how we share that creativity and meaningfully incorporate it into our relationships with others. The involvement of both Chiron and Venus in tomorrow's Full Moon brings a strong awareness of our need for others but few clear avenues for actually building lasting connections. We may begin to see the seeds of fruitless manipulation in our interactions or, alternatively, begin to make an effort to isolate or insulate ourselves from the pain that we can see others are enduring. This journey is not easy or clear but begins to point to dramatic changes in our overall relationships with those we find around us.