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Sun 27° Aquarius 46' 25"
Moon 16° Cancer 52' 16"
Mercury 11° Pisces 17' 02"
Venus 14° Capricorn 47' 15"
Mars 01° Taurus 33' 19"
Ceres 06° Sagittarius 41' 21"
Pallas 29° Libra 28' 25"
Juno 02° Gemini 00' 42"
Vesta 07° Pisces 35' 21"
Jupiter 20° Sagittarius 16' 24"
Saturn 16° Capricorn 36' 13"
Chiron 29° Pisces 54' 53"
Uranus 29° Aries 18' 35"
Neptune 15° Pisces 28' 34"
Pluto 22° Capricorn 06' 38"
TrueNode 26° Cancer 29' 15"

The Daily Astrological Currents by Week

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This Daily Astrological Forecast is a bit different than most daily forecasts since it isn’t written for each individual Sun Sign. Rather, it is intended to be a bit like an Astrological Weather Report. To read more about this forecast, see this post

Weekly Summary: FEBRUARY 3 - FEBRUARY 9

"It can be easy, hell yes it can
If you'd be a different man"

Energy begins to build this week, even before Monday's New Moon (1:03 PM PST 15° Aquarius). We are likely to feel the possibilities begin to simmer as we reach New Moon but we shouldn't get too far ahead of ourselves. The forming Mars-Uranus conjunction (exact on February 13th) increasingly stirs independent, determined energy. A Saturn-Neptune sextile offers somewhat subtle inspiration that needs quiet tending in order to make the most of it. There are bound to be highly erratic outbursts and unpredictable behavior but there are also important opportunities for creative breakthroughs. It is especially important that we pay attention to the messages sent by the Universe — even if the messengers seem particularly odd or unusual. Venus leaves broadly buoyant Sagittarius for skeptical and conservative Capricorn which offers increased perseverance. However Venus can become somewhat doubtful and uncertain when faced with the demands of Capricorn. We may find ourselves seeking reassurance and approval this week but feel unable to simply ask for what we need. Perhaps the most helpful element of the Saturn-Neptune sextile is the grounded intuitive guidance. By channeling the abundant energy into creative pursuits while taking advantage of the especially trustworthy intuition that is flowing this week, we should be able to sidestep some of the more aggressive impatience that surfaces. Certainly, there are erratic (or crazy) elements to contend with. Nonetheless, there are more than likely to be important jewels of wisdom scattered throughout this week's tapestry of 'crazy'.

A tendency towards isolation may have us feeling stalled on Sunday. We shouldn't resist any offers of help and support. Monday's New Moon provides a jolt of energy and we begin to sense the simmering of possibilities. However, we are also likely to see erratic, odd or unusual elements on display. Creative energy abounds on Tuesday but needs to be channeled into worthwhile activities. Short-term indulgences may dissipate the potential for real progress. There is a merry optimism on Wednesday that is supported by vitality and stamina. However, we may need to watch out for a tendency to push too hard. The optimism could begin to get the best of us on Thursday, leading us to give up too much in order to show generosity. Playfulness could get out of hand once the Moon goes VOC in the afternoon. Concern over status and appearances take our focus on Friday. The building energy from the forming Mars-Uranus conjunction could have us feeling particularly overwhelmed. We are likely to feel significant emotional disruption on Saturday but if we focus on creative outlets, there are valuable opportunities for productive use of the building energy.

Sunday February 03, 2019

Questions of isolation and connection are important today. Odd or unusual traits may shine or leave us wallowing in isolated distraction. Generally, today seems to point towards positive outcomes ahead of tomorrow's burst of energy from the New Moon (1:03 PM PST 15° Aquarius). Nonetheless, we shouldn't resist offers of help and support in order to stay on track, even if we are worried about losing sovereignty or giving up our freedom. Intuition continues to be the key and tomorrow's New Moon promises trustworthy intuitive flashes along with increasing inspiration and perseverance. Venus arrives in Capricorn this afternoon, bringing some restraint to the broad cooperative spirit but providing extra determination.

Monday February 04, 2019

Possibilities begin to simmer under this afternoon's New Moon (1:03 PM PST 15° Aquarius) but we must gain acceptance around exactly where we find ourselves. The Universe may seem to be playing tricks on us — bringing odd or unusual individuals and situations to be dealt with. By shunning differences or are having predetermined ideas about what is right and wrong, we shut out the messages that the Universe sends us. We must accept both ourselves and others with equal parts compassion and respect. We may be presented with opportunities, disguised as distractions, that seem to draw us off course here. However, the lessons are aimed at teaching us to stay at our own center without trying to manipulate or control others to see things our way. 'Live and Let Live'

Tuesday February 05, 2019

The boundless creative energy that is available today must be channeled effectively in order to be of any use at all. Self-gratifying, short-term indulgences are particularly dubious today and could wind up leaving us disinterested and lethargic — which would be a shame! There is significant promise for creative advances ahead of next week's explosive Mars-Uranus conjunction. The energy is certainly building — but to what? If we can lay the channels for creative solutions today, we will have a much better chance of utilizing the building energy for productive outcomes next week. It may be helpful to note that the Moon goes VOC briefly this afternoon, from 358 PM PST until 6:01 PM PST — and the crazy may seem especially unmanageable.

Wednesday February 06, 2019

Perseverance blends with humility today, bringing merry optimism, creativity, stamina and vitality to whatever pursuits are undertaken. Aggressiveness and intense beliefs are muted at least enough to open the door to compassion and creative alternatives. Agenda's may be especially expansive under the Sun's sextile to Jupiter. However, we shouldn't forget that expansion creates strain and requires hard work. Patience doesn't necessarily come along with today's optimism and stamina. This isn't the time to push as hard as we may be inclined to believe. We're better off allowing things to fall into place without the extra shove today.

Thursday February 07, 2019

Expansiveness and overoptimism could get the best of us today. We may be tempted to go too far by giving up more than we should in order to show generosity. The Moon goes VOC at 2:13 PM after which we may let playfulness get out of hand Details may get foggy or misleading. As well, passive/aggressive manipulation could become quite tempting. Friendships could end up becoming strained, especially after the Moon goes into Aries tomorrow morning and we gain more clarity.

Friday February 08, 2019

Status and appearances hold our focus today. We may also be somewhat prone to paranoid feelings that we are somehow 'disapproved of', even without evidence to prove our feelings. The building energies of the forming Mars-Uranus conjunction could become quite overwhelming today, resulting in strained relationships. In truth, there is a significant desire to gain approval. However, the tension is significant and we don't seem to have the tools at our disposal to actually ask for what we feel we need or deserve. By staying close to a plumb-line of creative inspiration, we may be able to avoid some of the discomfort surrounding today's intensity.

Saturday February 09, 2019

Today's disruptions may seem to come out of nowhere. We reach a tipping point with perseverance and inspiration that could leave us feeling particularly discontented or emotionally unsteady — even if we've made steady progress. However, a helpful Mercury-Uranus sextile offers important opportunities to talk through the emotional discomfort. Pride and independence is stirring up a great deal of hard-to-tame feelings, possibly encouraging misplaced aggression along with a great deal of impatience. It is especially important to look for the creative channels — outlets — where we can make productive use of today's confusing energy. Non-competitive physical activity may be especially valuable for letting off some of the steam we see today.

Today is Saturday February 16, 2019

Weekly Summary: FEBRUARY 10 - FEBRUARY 16

"O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console;
to be understood as to understand;
to be loved as to love."

— The Prayer of St. Francis

This week is dominated by the forming Mars-Uranus conjunction. Energy and independence build through the middle of the week. Mercury moves into Pisces at the beginning of the week offering exciting flashes of intuitive insight. By the end of the week, Mars will have moved from action-oriented Aries into doggedly determined Taurus. However, before Mars arrives in Taurus (on Valentine's Day), it makes an explosive and unpredictable conjunction with Uranus. Changes accelerate — albeit briefly — at an astounding rate. Once the Mars-Uranus energy detonates a major round of changes, Mars settles down to a persistent, determined, but steady pace. Creativity surfaces but so does some subtle sensitivity. We begin to turn our focus toward concern over approval and a deep-seated need to protect our egos. If we look ahead to next week's Full Moon (February 19th 7:53 AM PST 0° Virgo/Pisces), we can gain some clues about how to handle the sensitivity that surfaces. The more that we can focus our attention towards care and concern for others, the easier it will be to lessen our own emotional sensitivity. However, this can become a two-edge sword. We don't want to go so far that we allow ourselves to fall into the trap of becoming a slave to others. We are turning a blind corner this week, from a powerfully independent and energetic environment, into an environment where creativity and determination are becoming more orderly. The Full Moon will help us to incorporate compassion and service into our approach, slowly setting aside the intense focus on ego-centered independent action.

Energy and intuitive insight is particularly exhilarating on Sunday. However, the unpredictable atmosphere could leave us rather confused or perplexed. Patience and compromise are difficult to manifest. Even though we may try to 'hit the brakes' on Monday, things aren't inclined to slow down much. Tuesday's steady progress during the early part of the day slows in the afternoon and many are prone to pushing too hard to keep things moving. Energy peaks on Wednesday and we are likely to find clear insight and decisiveness. Creativity begins to draw our attention on Thursday but we are also increasingly sensitive. Ego concerns drain our intuition. We may be overly concerned about making just the right appearance. Sensitivity increases even more on Friday but our desire for approval and reassurance is difficult to articulate. By Saturday, we may be inclined to make a strategic retreat which at least has the effect of muting any defensiveness. By placing our focus on compassion and caring for others, our sensitivity will be eased.

Sunday February 10, 2019

Mercury arrives in Pisces today, blending intuition with lightening-like perception. The overall effect may be quite exhilarating but unsteady, The Moon's conjunction with Mars and Uranus this afternoon stirs emotions and is likely to rattle nerves. Nonetheless, inspiration is widespread in this energetic but rather fuzzy and erratic atmosphere. Unexpected opportunities may have us shifting directions in unpredictable ways and leave some us quite perplexed and confused. Patience and compromise will certainly serve to ease the tension but may not be easy to manifest in this environment — there are strong opinions and determined independence based on the many unique perspectives trying to hold sway. The Moon is briefly VOC this afternoon, from 3:47 PM PST until 5:48 PM PST.

Monday February 11, 2019

Today's Taurus Moon may try to put the brakes on, ahead of tomorrow's 1st quarter Moon — the building phase of the current lunar cycle. We have certainly reached a stress point and, although the Moon's trine to Venus this morning may give us a brief feeling of stability, it isn't easy to take control of today's wild flow of energy. We are quite likely to see the need to make course corrections or otherwise 'review the situation'. However, taking time to perform a methodical examination of our options doesn't seem possible. In lieu of a full 'committee review', we'll need to rely on intuitive clues and take our 'best guess'.

Tuesday February 12, 2019

The Moon goes VOC this afternoon at 2:26 PM PST. We may feel as though we are making some steady and productive progress this morning but the afternoon slowdown could be unbearable if we aren't prepared for it. However, wisdom and intuition are very strong in this environment and it could be quite clear that we need more information to turn the blind corner that we head into later in the day. It is most important to stop pushing when it becomes obvious that the tools we are using aren't working!

Wednesday February 13, 2019

Today's Mars-Uranus conjunction is undoubtedly explosive and unpredictable. Under the Gemini Moon, new information, guided by the currently strong Capricorn influence, brings clear insight and surprising decisiveness. However, as new potentials emerge, the landscape may look quite new and unfamiliar. Persistence and determination is required to 'plow the ground' and take full advantage of the incredible opportunities here. Nonetheless, we need to find some way to incorporate the lessons of cooperation, connection, and compromise from the past few months. Conservative dogma in the face of broad and surprising changes has the potential to produce confusion, paranoia, or even hopeless fatalism. Today is a day to let go of the past without forgetting it.

Thursday February 14, 2019

Creative pursuits are especially supported today. Mars arrives in Taurus, which slows down energy levels but may increase a feeling that we need to protect and defend our ego from any criticism. The creative inspiration that is found today is somewhat fragile and tentative — we're suddenly surprisingly focused on making the right impression. We may experience a significant dip in trustworthy intuitive guidance when we turn our focus to making the right impression. The antidote for such confusion is more than likely to be found through nurturing or serving others, rather than seeking reassurance and approval.

Friday February 15, 2019

The challenge of balancing our own needs with those of others becomes more apparent under today's Cancer Moon. There are heightened sensitivities in this atmosphere and we continue to need reassurance. However, making those needs clear is especially challenging. While we desperately want approval, our apparent persistence — even stubbornness — in the face of questions or challenges, may create a mixed message"Do you want my help or not?!". The strong and trustworthy intuition of the past few days may begin to wane as we deal with deep and sensitive emotions. Despite the sensitivities, our determination is strong and our perseverance unwavering — creating an atmosphere fraught with the potential for strong but unspoken emotional insecurity.

Saturday February 16, 2019

Some kind of strategic retreat seems most likely today although the atmosphere is quite socially oriented. Defensiveness is possible but muted. The past few days of emotional sensitivity finds some welcome protection — even if if the protection is only found by isolation or withdrawal. The tension and energy levels from the beginning of the week have definitely been reduced and there is an increasing willingness to offer care and concern for others. However, we shouldn't collapse into a sense of duty that results in becoming a slave to the wishes of others in the process of offering our service or trying to keep the peace. Next Tuesday's Full Moon (7:53 AM 0° Virgo/Pisces) will teach us more about service, caring and compassion. We may feel more cynical detachment than genuine concern today but the seeds of true compassion are being planted.

Weekly Summary: FEBRUARY 17 - FEBRUARY 23

"Change was impossible to predict...A small event or, more frequently, nothing happened at all, nothing that I could notice much less grasp and — suddenly it all changed! The familiar faces looked and acted differently."

— Wole Soyinka

This week's shifts are striking and sudden. Some may feel that there has been a breakthrough, while others might see only chaos and collapse. Tuesday's Virgo Full Moon (7:53 AM PST 0° Virgo/Pisces) is another in a series of cusp Full Moons. We suddenly realize we need a whole new set of tools in order to continue to make progress. The Sun moves from innovative Aquarius into intuitive Pisces. Chiron also changes signs this week, leaving Pisces for pioneering Aries. However, what Chiron really does in Aries is increase our awareness that we are confronting a wilderness of unexplored possibilities. Again, some will respond differently that others; Some draw inspiration from a brand new set of possibilities, while others will shrink away from the uncertainty of the unknown. Also this week, Mercury enters retrograde territory and conjuncts Neptune. The retrograde period will begin on March 5th and complete on March 27th when Mercury will return to conjunct Neptune again. The Mercury-Neptune conjunction, and Mercury's transit through Pisces generally, is certainly inspirational and intuitive. Imagination is enhanced but our tether to reality can quickly dissolve, leaving us lost or battling shadows. Our sense of direction may be quite fuzzy and we may also be especially vulnerable to misleading or duplicitous people and schemes. We may garner some helpful wisdom from this week's Mercury-Venus and Mercury-Pluto sextiles from Pisces to Capricorn, which offers wisdom along with willingness to compromise and work cooperatively. However, there are challenges to our ability to understand and catalogue the wisdom and information we find, which is also rather fuzzy. While the broad strokes may seem appealing, putting our understanding and inspiration into productive pursuits and articulate communication is likely to be hampered by the distinct lack of clarity.

Independence and determination are strong on Sunday but it's easy to get stuck pursuing questionable goals, favoring persistence over thoughtfulness. Mercury conjuncts Neptune on Monday, bringing flashes of insight but not, perhaps, the full picture. Nonetheless, inspiration may be intoxicating. There is a striking shift under Tuesday morning's Full Moon. Some will see breakthroughs and inspiration, feeling few concerns over details. Others may be more aware of the collapse of stability in a chaotic and confusing series of twists. Clarity is especially hard to find on Wednesday. Congeniality and good intentions may not be enough to restore the desired sense of balance and stability on Thursday. Stress may cause patience to wear thin on Friday. By Saturday, our focus begins to shift towards seeking a deeper awareness and understanding of the underlying context of the situations where we find ourselves. We are more interested in archeology and deeper understanding of the past, rather than pursuing groundbreaking new ideas.

Sunday February 17, 2019

It is particularly easy to get stuck today, pursuing questionable goals with single-minded, stubborn determination. As we approach Tuesday morning's Full Moon (7:53 AM PST 0° Virgo/Pisces), we will do better to stay aware that there will be further twists and turns — there aren't many sure bets in this environment. Making plans here may not be so easy but we'll be better off to identify and resolve any potential obstacles we find in our path, rather than get too far out ahead of ourselves. Our instincts may be telling us to take the risk — 'go all in before the flop' — in a misguided demonstration of confidence. However, the bluff is more than likely to go sideways. We're better off not trying to prove anything to anyone and keep our powder dry.

Monday February 18, 2019

There are numerous shifts underway today. We may feel a strong, intuitive sense of direction under today's Mercury-Neptune conjunction but we may also be quite prone to misleading flashes of insight that don't present us with the full picture. Chiron arrives back in Aries today, boosting the pioneering spirit of adventure. However, we may only be 'whistling in the dark' as we look for confidence to face an unfamiliar terrain. The Sun arrives in Pisces this afternoon, offering us some willingness to make important adjustments. We'll do better to carefully cobble together elements from our past experience in order to understand how to proceed. Although the circumstances may seem entirely strange and foreign, they aren't as complicated as we're likely to think.

Tuesday February 19, 2019

This morning's Full Moon (7:53 AM PST 0° Virgo/Pisces) provides an unexpectedly unsteady, shifting and potentially turbulent environment. This is another in a series of 'cusp' Full Moons. Although our progress since the New Moon is not lost, we suddenly realize that we need a new set of tools in order to continue to move forward. In this instance, the tools are found through service and compassion. Pioneering independence may quickly lose it's glow. Unfortunately, cooperation and communication is fuzzy. However, the increase in adaptability is likely to feel like a welcome relief — even if we aren't sure exactly what we're supposed to be adapting to. Although we may feel quite unsteady today, we're likely to see many things fall into place spontaneously.

Wednesday February 20, 2019

Clarity is not easy to come by here. Mercury entered retrograde territory yesterday and will station retrograde on March 5 at 29° Pisces, returning to conjunct Neptune on March 27th. Today's Venus-Mercury sextile opens the door to stable communication and compromise and the transmission of important wisdom. However, we may not be able to determine exactly how to organize the information we find today. Some may have experienced yesterday's Full Moon as more of a breakthrough than a breakdown, providing a measure of confidence. However, confident idealism may become self-indulgent and chaotic today, offering little substance for us to use to make continued progress. Like driving through fog late at night, we'll do well to slow down and take enough time to make sure that we're still on the right road. The Moon goes VOC at 5:58 PM PST, making confidence particularly suspect this evening.

Thursday February 21, 2019

Congeniality and good intentions may not be quite enough to find our balance today. Mercury's square to Jupiter does not bring quite enough solid results although the Libra Moon increases our desire to gloss over any disappointment. The uncertainty is like turning a blind corner. However, we're more likely to have compassion for the challenges others are facing than be able to sort out our own 'side of the street'. Offering patience, encouragement and understanding to others will help to ease our own craving for approval.

Friday February 22, 2019

The stress may cause patience and compromise to wear thin today. However, if we are able to stay balanced and avoid extremes, there is powerful wisdom available though a methodical attention to detail. Venus conjuncts Pluto, providing the raw materials for achieving the transformation we have been working on since last Tuesday's Full Moon. The key is to find a spiritual core of understanding that is not disrupted by any vague 'slings and arrows' of mundane ups and downs. In other words, take it easy — 'this too, shall pass'. Intellect and intuition are both rather unreliable, leaving us nothing to rely on besides Faith in a greater good and greater purpose.

Saturday February 23, 2019

Today's atmosphere is more suited to archeological excavation rather than any adventurous, pioneering, or groundbreaking pursuits. In some way or another, we are guided towards seeking deeper understanding of the past and the historical relevance of the ground upon which we find ourselves. Before we can effectively navigate the new atmosphere produced by the Tuesday's Full Moon, we need to make an effort to acknowledge where we have been and how we have arrived where we are. There is less inclination to simply forge ahead than we have seen recently. The deep emotional currents that we find ourselves in today must be honored and examined with awareness.