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Sun 01° Virgo 27' 03"
Moon 05° Libra 10' 02"
Mercury 05° Virgo 58' 56" 
Venus 27° Cancer 54' 52"
Mars 22° Leo 23' 15"
Ceres 18° Cancer 23' 36"
Pallas 13° Taurus 09' 49"
Juno 02° Capricorn 44' 03" 
Vesta 17° Virgo 41' 30"
Jupiter 20° Libra 38' 37"
Saturn 21° Sagittarius 10' " 
Chiron 27° Pisces 41' 11" 
Uranus 28° Aries 20' 44" 
Neptune 13° Pisces 10' 22" 
Pluto 17° Capricorn 08' 56" 
N Node 24° Leo 12' 21" 

The Daily Astrological Currents by Week

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This Daily Astrological Forecast is a bit different than most daily forecasts since it isn’t written for each individual Sun Sign. Rather, it is intended to be a bit like an Astrological Weather Report. To read more about this forecast, see this post

Weekly Summary: AUGUST 13 - AUGUST 19

"Oh, these vast, calm, measureless mountain days, days in whose light everything seems equally divine, opening a thousand windows to show us God."
—John Muir

We continue to carry the energy of last Monday's Full Moon (11:10 AM PDT 15° Aquarius/Leo) which had Mars pumping up our energy and confidence levels. Although that confidence may have begun to wane a bit with the waning Moon, this week's Sun/Saturn trine helps to shore up our resolve by gently nudging us towards a more methodical, deliberate and disciplined approach. Saturn is nearly stationary all week and will turn direct by the end of next week. Saturn's station will begin to encourage us to take another look at more traditional methods and approaches. Nonetheless, many of us will strain on our leashes and try to break free of any perceived restraints as the Sun approaches the trine to Uranus. Uranus will be a significant factor in next week's exciting Solar Eclipse New Moon (August 21, 11:30 AM PDT 28° Leo). The Sun will also carry potent benefits into that New Moon from this week's conjunction with the North Node. We should not forget that Mercury is now retrograde and we may find that we need to make several attempts to get our message across. Don't give up! Our extra efforts at communication are well worth the trouble. Mercury's turnaround in Virgo turns our attention to 'deferred maintenance', both in our relationships as well as in our practical affairs.

Sunday's Sun-Saturn trine helps to slow us down enough to embrace a deliberate, methodical approach. The Taurus Moon also helps to stabilize the atmosphere. Monday's Venus-Pluto opposition may serve to create an obstacle course of power struggles. However, we are most likely to just be feeling the need to strain at the leash of restraint fostered by the Sun-Saturn trine. Restraints are lifted a bit on Tuesday but we may not be ready for the freedom. Chaos replaces order and the lack of restraint increases the dangers of self-indulgence. The Sun's conjunction with the North Node and the Moon's trine to Jupiter on Wednesday produce a marvelously generous atmosphere. We may actually need some of that restraint again in order to keep from becoming a little too self-indulgent. We get the chance to take a break on Thursday, ahead of the coming excitement from next week's New Moon trine Uranus. The early morning Moon-Neptune conjunction on Friday may have us wanting to stay in an engaging dreamscape instead of getting up and facing the day — possibly even blaming whoever forced us to get going. But once we are activated, there will be increasing energy to tackle whatever obstacles we face. We may see the beginning of a return to 'Regular Order' on Saturday, but there is too much independence to accept anything that is truly obsolete just because of tradition.

Sunday August 13, 2017

The importance of pursuing a deliberate, methodical approach is made clear today under the Sun's trine to Saturn. Although we may feel cheerfully optimistic, the Taurus Moon creates a slow down that will be felt even more intensely tomorrow. Essentially, caution and careful planning are rewarded here but any attempts to strain at the leash or veer away from a planned course are likely to be quickly highlighted and strictly restrained. It is crucial to check out any weakness and be as articulate about warnings as we can possibly be. In fact, the most promising element of this atmosphere is found in the pursuit of clear discussion and a balanced give and take of ideas and information.

Monday August 14, 2017

Obstacles and power struggles are possible under the Venus-Pluto opposition today. The issues are likely to surround any attempts to break free of our restraints and roam off the path. The less confident we are of the overall direction we are moving, the more likely we are to struggle to take control. Establishing some level of comfort is important to the Taurus Moon and so any threat to our resources may also create a struggle. Keeping things as simple and straightforward as possible is the key to navigation today. It may take a second or even third attempt at articulating our position before we're clearly understood. Nonetheless, cooperation and teamwork offer the best alternative if we can stay patient long enough to get things straight.

Tuesday August 15, 2017

Our ego involvement could lead us to miss actually enjoying today's progress. The restraints seem to fall away today but some may suddenly get 'Stage Fright' or not know exactly how to handle the shift to a much more free-wheeling atmosphere. This is a particularly spontaneous and chaotic atmosphere. Although this is really no time to be overly concerned over appearances, we really do seem to be hampered by some underlying need to make the right impression.. Getting our balance and showing our poise in the midst of this chaos is likely to be only partially successful. If we let it all leave us out of sorts and feeling guilty or foolish, we'll miss some wonderful opportunities to see things fall into place all by themselves!

Wednesday August 16, 2017

Today's generous and comfortable atmosphere could lead us towards a bit too much extravagant indulgence. Nonetheless, today provides a considerably more pleasant atmosphere than we have seen so far this week. With just minimal effort, things seem to fall into place smoothly and we are encouraged to stick with whatever tasks we've been handed. As Mercury picks up retrograde speed, we are also encouraged to attend to any nagging details or so-called 'deferred maintenance' that has been perpetually left for 'another day'. There may also be some significant relationship issues which fall into this category and we seem to be offered some extra space to clear away some lingering stumbling blocks to productive communication with others.

Thursday August 17, 2017

There is room to get our bearings today, perhaps even take a break, or at least regain some sense of balance and perspective. The Moon's arrival into Cancer encourages us to pull back at least enough to feel a sense of safety. The Moon's waning light and the retrograde Mercury seem to provide us some cover to regain our equilibrium. This is definitely a time for 'slow and easy does it'. Perhaps we may feel we've earned a "well day" to take care of some personal care and maintenance or clean up some things in and around our home. We don't seem to feel the high levels of sensitivity or defensiveness normally associated with a Cancer Moon. Rather, the feelings of nurturing and mundane domestic maintenance are given room to bloom.

Friday August 18, 2017

We may find it somewhat difficult to 'rise and shine' today. The Moon's early morning trine to Neptune may provide some particularly engaging dreamscapes. The activating atmosphere may leave us feeling a bit disrupted, preferring instead to try and hold on to a more restful repose. Although we may be inclined to point fingers and blame others for forcing us out of bed or up off the couch, once we are activated, we gain increasing energy to tackle the day's challenges. The Sun's conjunction with the North Node yesterday infused some potent benefits which will be refreshed by next Monday's exciting Solar Eclipse New Moon (11:30 AM PDT 28° Leo) to take us into phase 2 of the individuation process that was initiated by the last Leo New Moon (July 23, 2:45 AM PDT 0° Leo).

Saturday August 19, 2017

Saturn has effectively stationed at 21° Sagittarius although it won't actually turn direct until next Saturday. Saturn's station signals a turn back towards something approaching "Regular Order" and growing appreciation for a more traditional set of beliefs. However, we must balance those beliefs with the lessons we have learned since Saturn turned retrograde back in early April. Today begins to point us in the direction of looking for some guidelines to follow. Not that we are necessarily looking for a way to turn back the clock or adhere to any out-moded rules. Instead, along with the sense of freedom inherent in next Monday's New Moon (11:30 AM PDT 28° Leo), we find a willingness to reexamine traditional approaches that we may have abandoned without fully recognizing their value.

Today is Thursday August 24, 2017

Weekly Summary: AUGUST 20 - AUGUST 26

"Life is a journey, not a destination."
—Ralph Waldo Emerson

This week brings the second Leo New Moon (August 21st, 11:30 AM PDT 28° Leo), continuing the journey of individuation that was initiated under the first Leo New Moon (July 23rd, 2:45 AM PDT 0° Leo). If we think of the last New Moon as the beginning of a gestation process, we can view this week's New Moon as a birth process. The importance of making connections and building friendships and alliances is crucial to making use of the cascading series of insights that we find. There is an extraordinary amount of high energy Fire Sign emphasis. The high energy is structured at least a bit by the Mars-Saturn trine which culminates on Tuesday. However, the New Moon trines Uranus, bringing a strong demand for independence, which may initially blind us to the importance of cooperation, teamwork and the robust give and take of new ideas and insights. Nonetheless, by the end of the week, we emerge from our metaphorical shell and begin to sort through the the wealth of new insights. The Sun arrives in Virgo on Tuesday, moving towards the inferior conjunction with the retrograde Mercury. The Virgo Sun shifts our focus towards deeper analysis and helps us to embrace the process of expanding our perspective by seeking out the widest range of available new ideas and insights.

We begin the week in a rather rosy glow of charm and friendship. However, Monday's New Moon shifts our focus in surprising ways, making it much more difficult to listen to anything but our own unique perspective and insight. The Sun moves into Virgo and Mars trines Saturn on Tuesday, bringing some structure and an orderly process to help us sort through our new insights. Wednesday brings strong temptations to take reckless or hasty actions without having fully embraced the necessary cooperative approach, possibly leading to some disappointment and disillusionment. Venus squares Uranus on Thursday, creating extra pressure and forcing open the doors to broader cooperation and teamwork. Vulnerability is high on Friday and the Libra Moon creates a considerable amount of indecision. By Saturday, we seem to fully embrace the importance of a robust give and take and settle down enough from the week's high energy to fully explore a wide scope of ideas and opinions.

Sunday August 20, 2017

Friendship is enhanced by charm and diplomacy today as Mars sextiles Jupiter. The strong, fire sign energy is somewhat controlled by the forming Mars-Saturn trine but still extraordinarily activating. This is a strong seed phase ahead of tomorrow's New Moon (11:30 AM PDT 28° Leo), which will bring forward bold, original, new initiatives. We are embarking on a journey to build alliances, friendships and partnerships which must also honor our own individual insights in order to initiate a powerful, cooperative exchange of ideas. It is extremely important to maintain dynamic adaptability and pay close attention to what is happening around us as well as what is happening on the inside.

Monday August 21, 2017

This morning's New Moon (11:30 AM PDT 28° Leo) produces a surprising shift in perception, making it very difficult to see beyond our own unique perspective and embrace the important cooperative elements that are offered. We may see our alliances shift in surprising ways that could leave us feeling emotionally uncertain even though we see a cascading series of insights that keep us actively processing huge amounts of new information. Although we may be determined to share our insights, we could easily lose sight of the importance of receiving the insights that others want to share. Maintaining the crucial dynamic balance to both give and receive is quite difficult but extremely important.

Tuesday August 22, 2017

The Sun arrives in Virgo today and approaches the inferior conjunction with the retrograding Mercury. Mars forms an engaging, disciplined trine to Saturn. Mars-Saturn interactions often feel quite restricting but, in this case, the fire-sign trine provides important structure and energy to initiate a process which helps us to sort and organize the important cascade of insights provided by yesterday's New Moon. We should remember that this new process has just been initiated and won't culminate until the next Full Moon (September 6th 13° Pisces/Virgo 2:43 AM PDT) which is just after Mercury turns direct. We will benefit by taking a long view and continue to look for ways to establish long-term alliances, while maintaining dynamic balance between our inner and outer awareness.

Wednesday August 23, 2017

There are strong temptations to assume that we have reached an elevated perch from which we may expect a grand payoff. However, within this newly initiated process, we have just barely left the gate. The Moon is VOC this afternoon from 1:02 PM PDT until 6:04 PM PDT. Although we may feel quite safe in some kind of reckless or hasty pursuit, there are many more elements to be examined before we can make the kind of progress that we can only dream about today. We are especially prone to mistaken diagnosis and assumption.

Thursday August 24, 2017

We reach a peak of self-involvement and may suddenly begin to recognize the inadequacy of superficial charm which is glossing over the imperative to find cooperative alliances. The Venus-Uranus square creates challenges to relationships but also forces the doors open and builds greater awareness and appreciation of teamwork and objective input. Monday's New Moon initiated a birth process by creating the first cracks in the shell. Today's stress advances the birth process by forcing us to leave the shell altogether and face the world with all of the vulnerability of a newborn. While we may prefer isolation or only superficial interactions, we recognize, on a deep level, that we must venture forward cooperatively or see our new insights dissipate and lose all meaning.

Friday August 25, 2017

Yesterday's exposure may leave us feeling quite vulnerable today and in an impressionable state of distraction. It's hard to find something secure to hold on to and the Libra Moon, approaching an opposition to Uranus, is likely to create an extraordinary amount of indecision. Venus arrives in Leo this evening, which will help to restore some of the more extroverted tendencies that were in the atmosphere at the beginning of the week. Trust is largely lacking, particularly on an intuitive or feeling level and we may seek tangible 'facts and figures' in order to reassure ourselves. However, those mundane adornments are unlikely to give us emotional peace. Abandoning our desire for power and control may seem like the worst option in this environment but is likely to ultimately be the most satisfying and productive.

Saturday August 26, 2017

Today's Scorpio Moon provides just the tenacity we need to dig deep and explore hidden crevices for the broader understanding which Monday's New Moon has inspired us to seek. Saturn turned direct yesterday, and will begin to provide a more reassuring structure for our journey. Whether today's tasks are momentous or trivial, we seem to be offered deep appreciation of their broader significance and meaning. We find importance in both the smallest of details and the grandest of plans. Teamwork and cooperation seems to naturally integrate into our approach in ways that seemed completely untenable at the beginning of this week. Nonetheless, we should not take such cooperation for granted and continue to look for ways to expand our perspective by seeking out the widest possible scope of ideas and opinions.

Weekly Summary: AUGUST 27 - SEPTEMBER 2

"I know that you believe that you understood what you think I said, but I am not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant."
—Robert McCloskey, U.S. State Department spokesman, at a press briefing during the Vietnam War

This week's overall atmosphere is increasingly stirred up by the build up to the Mars-Uranus trine, which will culminate on Saturday Morning. Now that Saturn is direct and in a helpful sextile with Jupiter, maintaining a balanced perspective seems more important but the Mars-Uranus energy keeps us 'amped up' with strong feelings of independence and a desire to forge our own path no matter what others think. Walking the tightrope will require extraordinary, dynamic balance — but there is also extraordinary potential for some amazing accomplishments if we can stay 'on the rope'. As Mercury rides the Leo-Virgo cusp, mid-week, we may be tempted to execute a few clever maneuvers to throw others off balance. However, if we don't have a firm footing, some may find themselves "hoist with his own petard". Once Mercury gets back into Leo on Friday, we may use sharp tongues and a rapier wit to try and keep others out of our way. However, the retrograde Mercury suggests we may go too far or, perhaps, be seriously misunderstood. Either way, we may not get things sorted out until after Mercury turns direct next week. The key to this week is found in maintaining the willingness to listen to input from all sides in order to develop the broadest possible perspective. Then, once we have that perspective, there is remarkable support for significant breakthroughs.

We begin the week with an important shift in our thinking, following the inferior Mercury-Sun conjunction. It's clear that we need more than simply a 'band-aid' approach. It is time to take a step back and formulate a broader, overall strategy and actively seek input from others. Defensiveness and personality clashes seem to stall our progress on Monday. Tuesday adds a layer of foggy confusion, even as energy levels build and threaten to throw us off balance. Wednesday's Sagittarius Moon sets up a Grand Fire trine, stoking energy levels even further. The Moon's transit through Capricorn helps to bring things under control but we may become a bit too focused on appearances and ignore important substance. We could easily slip up if we try to be too clever without having a firm footing. Mercury's return to Leo on Friday sets up the Mars-Mercury conjunction trine Uranus. Sharp tongues may miss their targets. The energy peaks on Saturday with the culmination of the Mars-Uranus trine. We may be concerned over the instability during the early part of the day but, once the Moon arrives in Aquarius and the 'free for all' really get going, most of us will be inclined to just 'go with the flow'.

Sunday August 27, 2017

Yesterday's inferior Mercury-Sun conjunction signaled an important shift in our thinking. We seem to feel an extra sense of seriousness today. There is also added inspiration for planning that includes greater coordination and cooperative effort. It is easier to recognize that quick band-aid solutions will not suit our long term goals and so we must take a step back and consider a broader, overall strategy. Most importantly, we need to work on building consensus and assembling the widest possible expanse of viewpoints. As the energy continues to build this week, we'll need that broader perspective in order to stay focused and balanced.

Monday August 28, 2017

The Moon is VOC this morning until 12:47 PM PDT. We may need to take some extra time this morning, following a potentially unsettled night under the Moon's early morning square to Mars a little after 2 AM. As we approach the first-quarter phase of the current lunar cycle, we may recognize some demand for action. However, indecision and a lack of clear consensus seems to hold us back. Defensiveness is also a factor, which may keep us closed off from important sources of information. The challenges seem to arise when our loyalties are questioned or in doubt. We'll need to rely on basic principles instead of specific personalities.

Tuesday August 29, 2017

It isn't easy to clear away the foggy confusion and moodiness today. The increasing energy levels may lead some of us to believe that we have plenty of freedom to begin questionable initiatives without relying on the necessary consensus. Ultimately, any success from today's initiatives will need to be grounded in previous experience and abilities garnered from past efforts. However, there isn't much inherent in this atmosphere to help us maintain balance or find a fully grounded position. Despite the lack of clarity or stability, there may be some long-lasting ramifications from whatever we attempt to put into motion today.

Wednesday August 30, 2017

Today's Grand Fire Trine provides extraordinary energy. Mercury is riding the Leo-Virgo cusp — providing the impetus (and intellectual focus) for reformation — the energy is there if the right balance can be found. Fortunately, the Jupiter-Saturn sextile is helping us to understand how to find that balance, suggesting that great accomplishments are possible today. Of course, in order to make the most of this environment, today's challenges must be met directly, honestly and, most importantly, with humility. For better or worse, goals are pursued with extreme determination here. The less we are motivated by defensiveness and suspicion, the more successful we will be — at least in the long run.

Thursday August 31, 2017

Energy remains high today but our approach becomes much more circumspect under the Moon's transit through Capricorn. We are more likely to try to obscure doubts and insecurities instead of actively seeking to resolve them. Appearances may seem much more important than substance and, as a result, clever maneuvers that have not been fully thought out may not achieve their desired results. On the other hand, if we have managed to keep maintain a firm footing, there are certainly opportunities to surprise any opposition with clever tactics that subtly shift the balance of power.

Friday September 01, 2017

Mercury returns to Leo today, boosting decisiveness, confidence levels and quick thinking. There is particularly helpful support to jettison unworkable options, although our motivations may ultimately be related to our financial bottom line. No matter how we arrive at today's conclusions, we are ready to take quick, independent action. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a definitive effort to maintain a cooperative approach which might help to temper or moderate today's active environment. As Mercury approaches a conjunction with Mars, verbal flourishes and sharp tongues could get us into some trouble that won't be easily resolved until after Mercury turns direct next week (September 5th).

Saturday September 02, 2017