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Sun 00° Taurus 42' 07"
Moon 04° Leo 02' 04"
Mercury 02° Taurus 24' 51"
Venus 07° Taurus 11' 08"
Mars 28° Gemini 13' 58"
Ceres 22° Aries 58' 11"
Pallas 13° Pisces 26' 58"
Juno 23° Sagittarius 51' 07" 
Vesta 06° Virgo 41' 41"
Jupiter 26° Aquarius 45' 36"
Saturn 12° Aquarius 39' 02"
Chiron 10° Aries 08' 26"
Uranus 10° Taurus 05' 31"
Neptune 22° Pisces 04' 54"
Pluto 26° Capricorn 47' 44"
TrueNode 11° Gemini 30' 12" 

The Daily Astrological Currents by Week

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This Daily Astrological Forecast is a bit different than most daily forecasts since it isn’t written for each individual Sun Sign. Rather, it is intended to be a bit like an Astrological Weather Report. To read more about this forecast, see this post

Weekly Summary: APRIL 11 - APRIL 17

"Never interrupt someone doing something you said couldn't be done."

— Amelia Earhart

This week begins with an Aries New Moon on Sunday evening (7:30 PM PDT 22° Aries), offering tremendous potential and opportunity. This Spring New Moon encourages powerful initiatives, courage and direct communication. On the surface, energy and optimism seem to flourish but we can not ignore the deeper energies surrounding this Aries New Moon. A Venus-Pluto square, which perfects within an hour of the New Moon, points to hidden agendas and secret desires that we may feel very strongly but have a great deal of difficulty expressing clearly and honestly. The Moon's follow-up square to Pluto and the forming Sun-Pluto square that builds throughout the week, keeps us dealing with challenging obstacles, power struggles, and a potential for periodic dips into fatalism and frustration. However, there is also powerful encouragement provided by the Sun's sextile to Jupiter and Mars. As well, a Mars-Jupiter trine feeds our enthusiasm and offers extra energy to overcome the challenges and obstacles. With a broader perspective, we may even recognize that some of the obstacles and slowdowns are actually gifts that give us time to recognize the need for adjustments and course corrections. Compromise is likely necessary this week. The strong presence of Jupiter may encourage us to allow our expectations to build too high. But Jupiter also offers a broader view, a philosophical perspective that can help us to maintain our optimism, even in the face of challenges and obstacles. Venus leaves brash Aries for her comfortable home in Taurus. There are moments this week where we need to recognize the difference between determination and stubbornness, especially during the Moon's transit through Taurus early in the week. The initiative of the New Moon demands that we stay open, honest, direct, and courageous. We lose our advantage when we lose faith and optimism, when we allow the challenges to send us towards fatalism, or distract us with meaningless power struggles. In this week's stirred up atmosphere, we may find ourselves feeling an ego-based need to prove something to others but only wind up losing the thread of our own vision in the process. We should not minimize or ignore this week's challenges. There are important messages about how to compromise that are found in those challenges. By acknowledging those messages without losing our optimism, we will find increasing strength to 'get to the other side' and emerge with a better understanding of how to achieve our goals or arrive at our desired destination.

Sunday's Aries New Moon provides the keynote for this week's powerful, initiatory energy. We may quickly find some challenges and obstacles to face by Monday when the Moon arrives in Taurus. We need adaptability, flexibility and resourcefulness in order to keep moving forward. There is some capacity for subtlety and finesse on Tuesday that helps us to smooth over or move past the challenges if we are able to stay open, honest, and direct. Venus arrives in Taurus on Wednesday and Mercury conjuncts Ceres, helping to further soften the impact of the challenges of the Sun's building square to Pluto. We will need to watch out for the tendency to try to overcome some kind of insignificant obstacle in order to try to prove something. Thursday's Sun-Jupiter sextile has us somewhat stirred up, indicating a potential for quickly expanding expectations that may not be realistic. Frustration is possible. Increased energy on Friday under the Mars-Jupiter trine may further increase unrealistic expectations along with frustration. Nonetheless, a steady course could offer some quite significant progress. The Moon arrives in Cancer on Saturday afternoon, which increases sensitivity significantly. However, we are helped by the Moon-Venus sextile on Saturday evening, which encourages pleasant social interactions.

Sunday April 11, 2021

Tonight's Aries New Moon (7:30 PM PDT 22° Aries) offers tremendous potential and opportunity. Nonetheless, the environment is fraught with hidden agendas and secret desires. Although it may seem incredibly unsafe to simply let it all hang out — be open, honest and direct about what we really want — that is the message that this New Moon is delivering to us. Honesty and optimism may seem to be naïve strategies but are actually the most powerful tools that we have in this environment. This is an especially powerful growing force that provides support for numerous new initiatives. Courage and direct action are far more powerful than we can see from today's perspective. It is optimism and faith that is the crucial 'propellant' for moving us through the uncertainty and challenging personal interactions.

Monday April 12, 2021

The key to overcoming today's stumbling blocks may seem painfully obvious with objective observation — if objectivity is actually even possible here. We may seem to find ourselves quickly stuck in a quagmire of fatalism. There is increased potential for missed opportunities when we can't clearly see how slowdowns and obstacles may be giving us advance warning of any inherent weaknesses in our plans. Adaptability, flexibility, and resourcefulness are today's most important abilities. However, under the Taurus Moon, we may be more inclined to allow determination to become stubbornness and quickly lose our advantage — which continues to be found in faith and optimism.

Tuesday April 13, 2021

We gain a helpful capacity for subtlety and finesse today that may help to smooth over some of the more pronounced challenges and conflicts — the push back that we get when we stay open, direct, and honest about our motives and intentions. The Sun is approaching a potent square to Pluto that will perfect by Friday morning. The need for compromise and cooperation may keep us teetering on the verge of a fatalistic hopelessness. Nonetheless, if we manage to stay honest with ourselves, we are likely to recognize that there are, in fact, areas where our personal sense of direction and our personal agenda could be helped by some constructive criticism.

Wednesday April 14, 2021

Venus leaves brash Aries for her comfortable home in Taurus today. There is also a remarkably soothing Mercury-Ceres conjunction today that further softens the stirred up energy of Sunday's Aries New Moon. It may be that our confidence levels dip a bit, or we may simply pull back and adjust our approach enough to actually allow room for cooperation and compromise. Nonetheless, the undercurrent of intensity is not really dissipating and we are prone to struggling with unnecessary complications. There is a lagging ego factor in this atmosphere that may keep us focused on overcoming insignificant obstacles — to prove that we can — rather than staying focused on the big picture agendas that are what is truly important.

Thursday April 15, 2021

Today's optimistic Sun-Jupiter sextile increases the importance of tomorrow's even more potent Mars-Jupiter trine but also injects more of the challenging ego factor — something to prove — that keeps the atmosphere stirred up. This is a highly spontaneous and unpredictable atmosphere and the intensity may seem quite difficult to manage. Frustration may emerge that seems to come out with more intensity that we expect. Nonetheless, there are likely to be further developments tomorrow which allow for resolutions or show more promising results than we may be able to recognize today. Riding through this environment where there seems to be a constant need for adjustment may be extremely challenging for many of us but, with a philosophy of optimism — an 'attitude of gratitude' — we will emerge on the other side in a surprisingly comfortable place.

Friday April 16, 2021

The enthusiasm of today's Mars-Jupiter trine is likely to expand our exceptions and increase our energy levels. However, we are also dealing with the pressure of the Sun's square to Pluto, raising the stakes and continuing to have some of us trying to prove something. There may seem to be a rather superficial optimism on display but we are wise to recognize that there is a great deal going on behind the scenes. The challenges are real and should not be minimized or ignored. The whirl of ideas and insights should not be mistaken for definitive plans or even potential goals. In fact, the high energy levels may obscure the very significant tendency to procrastinate on making any tangible progress. Even so, if we actually are able to muster enough focus and ignore the power struggles, there is significant potential to move towards our goals today.

Saturday April 17, 2021

The Moon makes an early morning trine to Jupiter and conjunction to Mars before going VOC at 8:02 AM PDT, possibly leading to some confusing misinformation. Once the Moon arrives in Cancer, at 12:25 PM PDT, our sensitivity builds significantly. Mercury's square to Pluto encourages us to spout opinions, possibly without much firm, foundational support. Our frustration levels seem to simmer most of the day, especially if we have fallen victim to the increased expectations that have been floating around. This evening's Moon-Venus sextile may offer some pleasant social interaction, soothing the sensitivity and frustration.

Today is Tuesday April 20, 2021

Weekly Summary: APRIL 18 - APRIL 24

"When forms begin to crumble there is always an opportunity for great deepening. By deepening I mean the arising of who you are beyond form."

— Eckhart Tolle

The Sun and Mercury both leave bold and fiery Aries at the beginning of this week. The bold, fiery energy of Aries has been fed by the transit of Mars through airy Gemini, especially under the helpful 'mutual reception' between Mercury and Mars. The effect of both the Sun and Mercury in Taurus slows down our thinking and actions, encouraging us to be more methodical and cautious. Mars will leave mercurial Gemini by Friday and be somewhat 'dampened' in watery Cancer. The transitions are actually rather subtle but noticeable and very important. The initiatives of Aries are stabilized in Taurus, where roots begin to go deep into the earth in order to establish strong holding power. Mars in Cancer has us becoming more protective of our progress, leaving behind the fearless curiosity of Gemini. The atmosphere is slower and more deliberate, which some may feel as restrictive, particularly in the context of the ongoing Saturn-Uranus square that is part of the overarching environment. We are less inclined to develop new initiatives and begin to look towards consolidating our efforts, possibly leaving some initiatives on the 'cutting floor'. Our thinking may be less bold and more deliberate and cautious. The consolidation and slowdowns may very well lead to some bruised egos. This is something like an atmospheric pressure change — changing what we focus on, how we communicate with others, and how we approach our ongoing initiatives. We begin to recognize the need for new planning sessions, new strategies, and new methods of enlisting others in the support of our efforts. Personal freedom is very important here, especially as Venus, Mercury, and the Sun all approach conjunctions with Uranus. We desperately want to express our unique individuality and our distinct perspective. The desire for freedom can be stabilized and grounded through the new awareness that we find this week. Adaptability and flexibility will help us to acknowledge our limitations and honor our past and our traditions, even as we move forward in establishing the entirely new framework that we are working toward.

The Cancer Moon on Sunday increases our sensitivity to the changing winds that are beginning to strengthen as we begin the week. The transitional cusp energy is even stronger on Monday, as both the Sun and Mercury arrive in Taurus. A Moon-Pluto opposition raises the sensitivity and may produce some drama surrounding the shift in the atmosphere. We find a bit more appreciation for the stability of the new environment on Tuesday. However, as we begin to look towards consolidating our efforts, some may feel that a precious pet project is being left behind. Ego sensitivity is a concern. There is a blooming creativity on Wednesday after a potentially bumpy start to the day. We can find new ways of relating to others and supporting their efforts. Detachment may almost seem like disconnection on Thursday. We are preparing for a new round of planning and sensitivity is rather high. Mars arrives in Cancer on Friday. The Virgo Moon encourages an orderly process but there is still some tendency towards erratic and unpredictable behavior. Saturday's Libra Moon encouraging us to reflect on this week's new atmosphere and establish a new sense of balance.

Sunday April 18, 2021

We are approaching an important turning point as Mercury conjuncts the Sun on the cusp of Taurus. The fiery energy of Aries has been fed by the transit of Mars through Airy Gemini. But both the Sun and Mercury will leave bold Aries for steady Taurus tomorrow. And Mars will leave mercurial Gemini by this Friday and be somewhat 'dampened' by the Cancer waters. This basically reflects the deepening of the Aries initiatives fostered by last Sunday's Aries New Moon (7:30 PM PDT 22° Aries). Some of us may feel that we have been stalled — especially if we don't find the kind of approval or appreciation that we have been hoping for. Today's Cancer Moon may intensify any sensitivity to the changing winds. Nonetheless, there is persistence in today's environment.

Monday April 19, 2021

Both the Sun and Mercury change signs today. The Moon's opposition to Pluto may intensify any drama as we seek to adjust to this changing environment. There are opportunities for a 'fresh start' and a wealth of creativity if we are able to maintain some adaptability and flexibility. Although we lose the very helpful Mercury-Mars mutual reception, there is still plenty of support today for effective communication, coupled with patience and intuitive insight into how to shape our message. The Moon goes VOC this evening at 5:03 PM PDT, following the Moon-Pluto opposition, after which, feelings may be unsettled.

Tuesday April 20, 2021

We find improving appreciation for consolidation and general stabilization today, rather than any lingering discomfort surrounding the change of pace we are experiencing. However, some of us may still feel the need for some ego bolstering and repair. Consolidation of our gains may actually require us to dispense with some loose ends that no longer seem viable. There is an increasing desire for independence and freedom that may create some friction — especially if any of our pet projects are put on the chopping block in the name of said 'consolidation'. Focusing on creative solutions is where we can make the most progress today, hopefully allowing us to set aside any stubborn desire for personal recognition or approval.

Wednesday April 21, 2021

Although there may be a bumpy start, creativity blooms as we move through the day. In general, we seem to start out with some serious, ego-based defensiveness. But as we move through the day, we seem to find some kind of creative thread to follow that helps to take us our of our personal protectiveness and engage in something 'bigger than ourselves'. This is an especially important opportunity to bring together the past, the present, and the future and take definitive actions that deepen our ongoing initiatives and give us tangible, meaningful direction that will move us forward. While we certainly should not ignore any feeling of personal slight, there are opportunities to move past such feelings through engaging with broader, cooperative efforts.

Thursday April 22, 2021

We gain a degree of clarity surrounding this week's transitions and begin to feel significantly more comfortable with the change of pace. This atmosphere fosters a new round of planning or some kind of adjustment that brings us some sense of future stability. Nonetheless, there is an increasing level of detachment — bordering on disconnection — that may put some kind of a strain on personal relationships. Our personal sense of passion is undergoing a change in focus as Mars prepares to leave Gemini for Cancer. Venus conjuncts Uranus today, intensifying a desire for independence and freedom. With both Mars and Venus highlighted, there may be a number of shifts in how we interact with those who are closest to us. This is part of a process pushing us towards deepening our intentions.

Friday April 23, 2021

This week's process of transition completes today as Mars leaves Gemini, possibly finding itself a bit submerged by the watery moods of Cancer. There may be some tendency to indulge in sensuous desire, even though the Virgo Moon is encouraging us to maintain an orderly process. The atmosphere encourages some kind of erratic or unpredictable behavior, possibly even some sort of deception or distraction. Even though our emotions may be a bit unsteady, Mercury's conjunction with Uranus sparks amazing intellectual insights and potential breakthroughs. We may feel especially free to explore new ideas with the intention of acquiring some new skills or techniques. Today's power is found through honoring and recognizing our unique creative potential, despite our inner conflicts or contradictions.

Saturday April 24, 2021

This week's important transition has, in effect, produced a pressure change, pointing to a major change in the atmosphere. The Moon arrives in Libra this morning at 9:05 AM PDT, creating an environment that allows us to reflect on this week's transition and begin to reconfigure the integration of our ego, intellect, and emotions within the context of this new environment. We are likely to face some challenges in terms of personal self-confidence and emotional balance as we look for new ways to freely express our individual perspectives. Monday's Scorpio Full Moon (8:31 PM PDT 7° Scorpio/Taurus) is quite powerful in terms of the potential for exposure and revelation of deep truth. The overarching demands of the ongoing Saturn-Uranus square continues to require us to thoroughly check our innovative ideas before we move too far in any direction. The desire for freedom needs to be stabilized and grounded through awareness and understanding of limitations, our past, and our traditions.

Weekly Summary: APRIL 25 - MAY 1

"Make your own kind of music
Even if nobody else sings along"

This Monday's Scorpio Full Moon (8:31 PM PDT 7° Scorpio/Taurus) establishes some potent Staying Power to the initiatives of the current lunar cycle that began back on April 11th (7:30 PM PDT 22° Aries) under the Aries New Moon. There are likely to be some uncomfortable revelations and exposure under the 'light' of this Full Moon. The involvement of Uranus, close to the Sun and opposing the Full Moon, stretches our awareness and encourages independent thought and action. While we may feel some extraordinary pressure, this is the kind of pressure that produces raw diamonds deep beneath the surface. We have begun to embrace a more deliberate, methodical, 'plodding' approach, to some degree or another, under the Taurus Sun and Mercury ruled by Venus, also in Taurus. Mars has adopted a protective stance in Cancer but we have not abandoned many of the initiatives formed under the Aries New Moon and the Mercury/Mars mutual reception. Rather, we are solidifying our positions. The Scorpio Full Moon encourages a deep dive into the intricacies of our personal truths and the result is to bring forward inspired, creative individual expressions of our unique perspective. This week's independent non-conformity is not as much about rebelling against an old order. We are less inclined to be against anything but instead, we find opportunities to express uninhibited, free-thinking creativity ideas to chart an entirely new course. Pluto turns retrograde on Tuesday, indicating a subtle shift towards making internal changes, instead of demanding change from the world around us. We may still find attitudes of defiance, self-righteousness, and aggression popping up that suggest that there is, indeed, a rebellious element to our determination. Nonetheless, this week's atmosphere encourages forward-looking creative, individual expression, stirred by Mercury's sextile to Neptune on Thursday. The Sun's conjunction with Uranus, perfecting on Friday, suggests detachment from our concern over approval. But detachment and non-conformity may sometimes foster disconnection — an undesirable byproduct of independence. We are likely to face at least some tendency to doubt ourselves or feel misunderstood. However, this week's insights and inspiration will not be put 'back into the bottle' — what we have seen can not be unseen.

Our awareness of a pressure change in the atmosphere on Sunday may cause some discomfort. However our response is most likely to have no response at all — 'keep calm and carry on'. Monday's Scorpio Full Moon is likely to bring some revelations and exposure that encourages a desire to dig for deep truth and understanding. Our awareness is stretched on Tuesday, either leaving us feeling at odds with those around us or expanding our perspective. The Moon's arrival in Sagittarius on Wednesday breaks a log jam, freeing a determined independence and inspiring non-conformist expression of our most deeply held truths. The shackles of the past fall away. The non-conformity may become a bit more aggressive on Thursday, possibly slipping back into defiant, rebelliousness. Self-indulgence and big risks are more than likely to set us back. Although we may face some internal doubts on Friday, our inspiration is locked in by the Sun-Uranus conjunction, encouraging us to stay true to our independent, self-expression. By Saturday, we find ways to lay down tangible markers that demonstrate our determination to follow through on our personal inspiration and vision.

Sunday April 25, 2021

Our awareness of a 'pressure change' may stir some early morning discomfort that we would prefer to simply ignore. It may be that our response to discomfort — or lack of response — is simply a reflection of the more steady approach that we are adopting. We're inclined to 'keep calm and carry on' today, rather than directly deal with any emotional weaknesses or intellectual challenges. In truth, most of the perceived challenges really will just sort themselves out without any direct individual engagement. Our transition to a steady, 'plodding' approach is nearly complete, to be fully cemented by tomorrow evening's Scorpio Full Moon (8:31 PM PDT 7° Scorpio/Taurus).

Monday April 26, 2021

The Moon goes briefly VOC this morning before arriving in Scorpio at 9:18 AM PDT, ahead of this evening's Scorpio Full Moon (8:31 PM PDT 7° Scorpio/Taurus). The midday Moon-Mars trine stirs a bit of rebellious independence and encourages a search for 'deeper truths', seeking to go beneath superficial explanations. The 'light' from this evening's Full Moon is bound to reveal some uncomfortable reality and expose any attempts to gloss over any discrepancies. However, even with the exposure, our tendency is to stay more or less 'unflappable', and deliberate as we process the new information.

Tuesday April 27, 2021

Our awareness is stretched today, perhaps leading to broader understanding and a sense of connection — or leaving us feeling at odds and disconnected with those around us. We are challenged to look at both sides of any opposing views. We may be seeing some significant revelations from yesterday's Full Moon but struggle to put them into some kind of context. Indecision may be a form of stubbornness when we don't feel capable or ready to use our observations to guide our actions. Pluto turns retrograde today and, in this atmosphere, may be seen as an indicator of a need to make changes within instead of continuing to demand changes from the world around us.

Wednesday April 28, 2021

Imagination and intuition break the log jam today. The Moon is again briefly VOC this morning from 5:31 AM PDT until 8:42 AM PDT. The Moon's arrival in Sagittarius feels especially freeing. Non-conformity emerges from the restrictions of rebelliousness, of being against something, and springs forward with free-thinking and uninhibited creativity that grounds our initiatives in honest expression and responsibility. A sense of adventure feeds and encourages our desire to free ourselves from past restraints and chart an entirely new course.

Thursday April 29, 2021

There may be temptations to seek to please others today, rather than continue to pursue a course that avoids conforming to expectations, especially early in the day. But we may also double down on non-conformity with a somewhat aggressive attitude. It is important to recognize and acknowledge any cruel or unthinking remarks that stir resistance in others and quickly clear away any wreckage caused by such remarks. Nonetheless, we continue to enjoy an especially creative inspiration, stirred by Mercury's sextile to Neptune. There is certainly some potential for going too far and slipping into purely self-indulgent pursuits or risking more than we can realistically 'cover' in order to make further gains. Even though we may be intent upon pursing our individual insights, we should not so completely detach from those around us that we ignore or dishonor the value of every other individual's truth.

Friday April 30, 2021

The Moon is once again VOC early, from 6:26 AM PDT until 9:15 AM PDT this morning. The Moon's arrival in Capricorn and the Sun's conjunction with Uranus help us to lock in our creative, non-conformist initiatives. We seem to be able to maintain a detached sense of individual purpose which we are able to deftly convey to others in a way that helps to make our non-conformity seem more acceptable. Nonetheless, it is likely that internal doubts begin to simmer today, along with some potential to feel misunderstood. Detachment and non-conformity can be a two-edged sword that holds us apart when we would really like some acceptance for our individual expression.

Saturday May 01, 2021

There are opportunities to create tangible markers that help us continue to lock in the gains we are making through creative inspiration and following the beat of our own 'different drummer'. However, we may also find ourselves more enmeshed in a struggle with self-doubt, discouragement, and disconnection. Some will be aggressive, self-righteous, and defiant — marking a step back into rebelliousness — while others may be tempted to give up and accept an easier path. Our dedication and faith is likely to be tested in some way here. Nonetheless, what we have seen — what has inspired us this week — cannot be unseen and won't be denied no matter how much we might like to go back to something or somewhere more comfortable and acceptable.