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Sun 13° Gemini 28' 07"
Moon 15° Sagittarius 48' 33"
Mercury 19° Taurus 46' 27"
Venus 28° Cancer 48' 41"
Mars 08° Leo 27' 55"
Ceres 26° Virgo 23' 35"
Pallas 13° Leo 51' 14"
Juno 19° Gemini 29' 02"
Vesta 22° Taurus 06' 37"
Jupiter 04° Taurus 06' 23"
Saturn 07° Pisces 03' 46"
Chiron 18° Aries 57' 24"
Uranus 20° Taurus 23' 00"
Neptune 27° Pisces 29' 48"
Pluto 00° Aquarius 06' 40" 
TrueNode 03° Taurus 29' 43" 

The Daily Astrological Currents by Week

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This Daily Astrological Forecast is a bit different than most daily forecasts since it isn’t written for each individual Sun Sign. Rather, it is intended to be a bit like an Astrological Weather Report. To read more about this forecast, see this post

Weekly Summary: MAY 28 - JUNE 3

"They may call you Doctor or they may call you Chief
But you're going to have to serve somebody, yes indeed'"

— Bob Dylan - "Gotta Serve Somebody"

Last week's powerful Fixed T-square with Mars, Pluto, and Jupiter — as it approached the North Node — has fostered this week's intense, determined, ego-driven desire for independence and self-reliance. Mars, now in confidence-boosting Leo, has escaped the initial challenges of the opposition to Pluto but now faces a tricky quincunx from Saturn in Pisces. Essentially, the challenge from Saturn asks us to consider and balance the needs of others with our own personal ambitions and aspirations. Such challenges and considerations effectively block any sort of expedient resolutions. The issues of blending the demands of the material world with spiritual reality are at the heart of this week's tension. Compassion and connection — and the importance of compromise — may seem to be stumbling blocks that are in the way of individual achievement and the gratification of our individual egos. But there doesn't seem to be an easy way to simply ignore the 'greater good' here and so we may find ourselves on the defensive, displaying obvious arrogance, rather than honest acknowledgement of our connection to something 'larger than ourselves'. Vesta makes a conjunction to Uranus on Tuesday, creating additional intensity, along with increased demands for the sacrifice of our personal ambitions. The questions that are raised seem to destroy any hope for expedience, keeping quick, easy solutions out of reach. Any attempts at decisiveness tend to look more like impulsiveness rather than providing any clear sense of direction. Mercury escapes the shadow of the last retrograde period midweek. While we may begin to think about new possibilities, there may also be a rather uneasy feeling that we have entered 'uncharted territory'. By Thursday, Jupiter — the linchpin of last week's T-square — arrives at the North Node and serves to help ease the tension and unlock some of the stressful, ego-driven complications. A Venus-Neptune trine is punctuated by Friday's Scorpio Moon, creating a Grand Water Trine, which further erodes the stubborn, fixed-sign grip on our consciousness. In some way or another, a 'relief valve' is opened enough to release the pressure. The Sagittarius Full Moon (8:41 PM PDT 13° Sagittarius/Gemini) at the end of the week, which will be followed up by a Mercury-Uranus conjunction, will begin to allow us to find new insights and new ways of balancing personal independence with the principle of 'loving thy neighbor'.

Sunday's distractions create an impatient desire to help others just enough to get them out of our way. Showing compassion may be only a means to an end. Compassion or consideration for others seems inconvenient on Monday. Making sacrifices to find common ground is especially unappealing. The need for sacrifice and balance intensifies on Tuesday. Careful, methodical consideration is needed. New information may confuse us. We may feel that we are in 'uncharted territory' on Wednesday. Pride may produce defensiveness but spontaneous breakthroughs are possible in the evening. Tensions seem to subside a bit on Thursday. However, we aren't especially inclined to openly share our vulnerabilities in order to fully clear the air. A 'relief valve' is opened on Friday, allowing a great deal of 'Steam Pressure' to be released. However, we don't see many true breakthroughs. Balance and awareness are easier to find on Saturday. We are more comfortable blurring the lines between personal freedom and the 'greater good'.

Sunday May 28, 2023

The problem with establishing 'self-reliance' and independence really boils down to the saying 'no man is an island' — we are always part of something 'bigger than ourselves'. We are likely to find significant distractions today surrounding a somewhat impatient desire to help others — but only help them enough to get them out of our way. Showing compassion and caring may seem like something that is only a means to an end, rather than any sort of true connection to the needs of others. Finding the necessary balance between maintaining our own course and recognizing the needs of others will likely take the next few days. Quick, 'expedient' solutions aren't likely to produce lasting results.

Monday May 29, 2023

The Moon is briefly VOC early this morning, from 2:45 AM PDT until 7:50 AM PDT. Once in Libra, the Moon trines Pluto and heads into a sextile with Mars. Today's Libra Moon begins to show us the way to balancing our own needs with those of others — but it may not initially seem very attractive or expedient. The need for consideration and compromise may be obscured by personal ambition or defensiveness. Personal freedom and independence must be balanced by personal responsibility and self-discipline. It isn't easy to see how to make the right sacrifices in order to find common ground. Envy may also be clouding the clarity of our personal aspirations.

Tuesday May 30, 2023

The Vesta-Uranus conjunction around noon today puts the need for some kind of sacrifice directly in front of us. The blending of these two influences is intensely challenging and the atmosphere does not provide us with a whole lot of room for exploring innovative alternatives. The forming Mars-Saturn quincunx challenges us find exactly the right balance between personal ambition and the greater good. It may or may not help that there seems to be an increased flow of new information today which can either serve to inform better choices or confound us with confusing contradictions. Either way, decisiveness tends to look more like impulsiveness than clear direction. What is needed here is methodical, careful consideration.

Wednesday May 31, 2023

The Moon is VOC in Libra today from 7:53 AM PDT until 4:44 PM PDT which does not help us find the kind of cooperation we really need. Agreements are tentative at best. Mercury escapes the shadow of the last retrograde period today, which opens up new possibilities but may also create a feeling that we are in completely uncharted territory. In fact, Saturday's Sagittarius Full Moon (8:41 PM PDT 13° Sagittarius/Gemini) does open the door to remarkable, innovative opportunities if we are able to step back from a rigid insistence on achieving our personal ambitions at the expense of broader, shared progress. This evening's Scorpio Moon, marked by the initial square to Pluto, produces intensity that may allow for spontaneous breakthroughs. Nonetheless, pride that is not tempered by an acknowledgement of deeper principles may produce defensiveness and displays of arrogance.

Thursday June 01, 2023

Jupiter's conjunction with the North Node today offers a significant easing of the tensions created by last week's Mars-Pluto-Jupiter Fixed T-square, which has locked us into a distinctly stressful battle of egos. However, this is more like a starting point towards resolutions, rather than any clear breakthroughs. There continue to be extremely stressful ego concerns and today's Scorpio Moon does little to encourage the willingness to openly and honest air our insecurities and vulnerabilities. What is perhaps most helpful here is a forming Venus-Neptune trine, which is helping to break down some of the impatience over the lack of clear, expedient resolutions. There is some hope that we can find a way to set aside a few of our personal aspirations and catch a glimpse of the perspectives of others.

Friday June 02, 2023

The Moon creates a Grand Water Trine today just as the Venus-Neptune trine completes. The 'Water' influences help to erode some of the most stubborn 'Fixed' elements in this atmosphere. However, we are likely to have to wait for clear breakthroughs until after tomorrow evening's Sagittarius Full Moon (8:41 PM PDT 13° Sagittarius/Gemini). Today's emotions may allow for openings to develop but don't offer anything like clear, pragmatic strategies. This is more as though a relief valve is allowing a great deal of 'Steam Pressure' to be released — and the effects may be surprising or unexpected. Nonetheless, innovative new ideas are just around the corner.

Saturday June 03, 2023

We somehow seem to find hints of true, actual, evolutionary progress today despite the intensity of our personal ego ambitions and the persistent desire for expedience in achieving them. We can begin to understand exactly why we need to allow the lines between individual freedom and the 'greater good' to blur enough to establish connections with those around us. The meaning and impact of Saturn's transit through Pisces has begun to truly take shape in our lives as we struggle to blend the material tangible world with spiritual reality. Despite the uncertainty and chaos of tonight's Sagittarius Full Moon (8:41 PM PDT 13° Sagittarius/Gemini), we can begin to see the importance of relying on deeper spiritual principles of connection, compassion, and acceptance. The forming Mercury-Uranus conjunction, which will complete tomorrow, is offering new insights about how to balance independent 'self-reliance' with the principle of loving 'thy neighbor'.

Today is Sunday June 04, 2023

Weekly Summary: JUNE 4 - JUNE 10

"Let us not envy those who stand higher than we do: what look like towing heights are precipices. … Indeed there are many who are forced to cling to their pinnacle because they cannot descend without falling…"

— Seneca"

The week begins with a Mercury-Uranus conjunction, also involving the asteroid Vesta. The presence of Vesta helps us to pare away unnecessary or unworkable elements and focus on important new information and new intellectual insights. We might hope that some intellectual insight and clarity begins to provide us with a more definitive sense of purpose. Unfortunately, we are more likely to struggle to clearly deliver our message or convey the insights that Mercury and Uranus are revealing. Venus joins Mars in Leo early this week, once again setting off the lingering effects of the fixed sign T-Square involving Jupiter and Pluto. Although Venus may not be nearly as abrasive as Mars, there are still likely to be plenty of vulnerabilities to sort through. As well, Venus begins to head towards the same quincunx that Mars made with Saturn last week, further exacerbating concerns over 'appearances' — what others think about us. We also continue to struggle to appropriately blend tangible, material concerns with spiritual principles — compassion, humility, acceptance. A three-way mutual reception between the Sun, Mercury, and Venus does help to to keep the unruly, confusing atmosphere somewhat under control. However, our individual personal environment is extremely important here. We are likely to find that we are quite impressionable and vulnerable to the attitudes and opinions of others. But if we spend too much time worrying about what others think, we'll miss some of the most important opportunities for growth that are offered. At times, there is a feeling that we are isolated inside of a rather fragile 'shell' or we may feel inclined to keep others 'at arms length' in order to guard our personal feelings. In fact, detachment may actually begin to help us to find some clarity and perspective. At times, a sense of mission takes over and gives us a clearer sense of purpose. By the end of the week, closeness and intimacy begins to feel rather dangerous or a threat to our individual freedom. Nonetheless, The Moon's transit through Pisces helps us to hear the 'still, small voice' of intuition, offering important clues about how to balance our concerns over tangible, material progress with a broader, spiritual perspective. When we set aside the intense concern on choosing the one proper course of action and simply deal with what is directly in front of us, our progress will be significant.

Our minds are activated on Sunday but it isn't easy to bring as much rational consideration as we would like. We aren't able to clearly articulate our message, leading to misinterpretation or manipulation. Material resources and personal 'status' are the major concern on Monday. Temptations and distractions keep us from finding our footing. A sense of 'mission' helps to keep us on track on Tuesday. Compassion and concern for others helps us to stay stabilized. We find some important detachment on Wednesday, giving us the chance to 'gather our wits'. However, our thinking may start to become somewhat rigid. There's a strong chance for some kind of 'rebel without a cause' situation on Thursday. We are especially impressionable and our general environment influences our overall perspective. There is finally some space for deeper and more thoughtful consideration on Friday. Individual isolation feels safer than working alongside of others. There is a desire to maintain an 'arms length' distance from others on Saturday. Closeness and intimacy may feel dangerous or a threat to our individual freedom.

Sunday June 04, 2023

Our minds are strongly activated by today's Mercury-Uranus conjunction but there may not be as much rational, logical consideration as we might hope. We are likely to be especially reliant on our environment due to the highly impressionable nature of this atmosphere. In many ways, the pressure has been relieved, following last night's Sagittarius Full Moon (8:41 PM PDT 13° Sagittarius/Gemini) but the Moon is heading into a particularly confusing square to Neptune this evening. We may not be able to clearly describe the insights that we are finding, leaving our message subject to misinterpretation or manipulation. The Moon goes VOC this evening at 8:23 PM PDT but will arrive in Capricorn shortly after midnight.

Monday June 05, 2023

Venus arrives in Leo this morning, creating a three-way mutual reception connection with the Sun and Mercury. While quite a helpful combination, it may not offer a clear enough sense of purpose to tame this unruly, confusing atmosphere. Material resources are definitely of some concern here but so, too, is personal recognition — our status. The spiritual component may be easily lost in this environment, even though spiritual principles are where the action really is. If we spend too much time thinking about what others are thinking about us, we'll miss the opportunities for growth that are offered today. Temptations and distractions are bound to arise that only serve to distract us from our 'true purpose'.

Tuesday June 06, 2023

There is more sense of direction offered today than was available yesterday. A sense of purpose or 'mission' helps us to make tangible progress. The Moon's trines to Uranus and Mercury may help us to better articulate some of the insights that were available on Sunday. We are also more likely to be able to pare away unnecessary or unworkable elements, which also helps us to further clarify the messages we want to convey. In particular, we seem to find ways to step back from from our concerns over how we appear to others, allowing more clarity. Compassion and concern over the well being of others provides considerable stabilization today. The Moon is briefly VOC this evening, from 9:39 PM PDT until early tomorrow morning (1:41 AM PDT).

Wednesday June 07, 2023

We gain further clarity today through detachment — a broader perspective that helps us to 'gather our wits'. However, we may still be a bit impressionable and our general environment is likely to impact our developing perspectives in an outsized way. As well, we may find ourselves becoming rather entrenched and rigid in our thinking as we begin to embrace a more distinct sense of purpose. There is little in this atmosphere to suggest diplomacy, finesse, or even tact and conflicts may begin to bubble up today that will create significant obstacles tomorrow.

Thursday June 08, 2023

The Moon's squares to Uranus and Mercury today encourage some erratic stubbornness — something like a 'rebel without a cause' situation. While the forming Mercury-Neptune sextile may offer some intuitive help, there is a strong inclination to seek some kind of escape — an 'out' that helps us to maintain denial or avoid any kind of decision. Despite the stubbornness, we may also carry some extra concern over the feelings of others. We are generally likely to believe that it is safer to simply 'decide not to decide' — leaving our fate in the hands of providence. The Moon goes VOC this evening at 9:23 PM PDT.

Friday June 09, 2023

The Moon arrives in Pisces early this morning at 3:13 AM PDT allowing deeper and more thoughtful consideration. The awareness of spiritual principles serves as a surprisingly useful guide for sorting out tangible, material issues. The atmosphere shifts considerably today, allowing us to set aside the worries about setting a proper course and achieving some kind of recognition. We suddenly recognize that we will make far more progress when we stop worrying about what we should be doing and simply deal with what is directly in front of us. Intuitive and intellectual abilities are enhanced here but we may struggle to establish any sort of cooperative effort. Individual isolation feels safer than working alongside others.

Saturday June 10, 2023

We seem to need to maintain an 'arms length' distance from those around us today, carefully guarding our personal feelings. There is some sense that we may need to be cautious about trusting those closest to us. Individual isolation may become quite extreme but we may also find ways to eventually emerge with more clarity and a deeper sense of connection. The Sun's sextile to Chiron provides space for deeper understanding and compassion but only if we can clear ourselves of internal confusion. There seems to be a feeling that closeness and intimacy is rather dangerous or simply threatens our freedom.

Weekly Summary: JUNE 11 - JUNE 17

"Don't believe what your eyes are telling you. All they show is limitation. Look with your understanding, find out what you already know, and you'll see the way to fly."

— Richard Bach

The Moon 'decreases in light' all week, ahead of Saturday's Gemini New Moon (9:36 PM PDT 26° Gemini), which is conjunct Juno and in a tight square to Neptune. We continue to deal with ripples from last month's Mars/Jupiter/Pluto fixed-sign T-square but the effects wane, along with the waning lunar cycle, replaced with a somewhat nervous impatience and uncertainty. Mercury arrives in it's home sign of Gemini at the beginning of the week, which certainly encourages us to talk but, in this environment, we don't seem to have many filters and our focus is likely to scatter. Although there are various moments of seeming upheaval or disruption, we are essentially just looking to make stronger connections with others. We are also continuing to struggle to find a definitive sense of direction. Saturn is slowing down all week to station retrograde just ahead of Saturday's New Moon. We are faced with an ongoing challenge to find some way to blend material and spiritual reality or, in other words, blend inspiration with tangible effort. Saturn's retrograde motion in Pisces forces us to develop an inner sense of self-worth and value, no matter what is seen as tangible, material progress. Pluto retrogrades back into Capricorn, which further increases the stationing Saturn's potency. We may feel that we are moving backward somehow as we take one more look at the Pluto in Capricorn era. In essence this period is something like an archeological exploration of the 'ruins' of past structures that are no longer relevant but may still hold important clues that can show us how to build a better future. For the most part, we're engaged in processing our short-term and long term past and Mercury arrival in Gemini can help us to connect with others in order to accomplish that processing. But once we reach Saturday's New Moon, we begin to gain a rather troubling awareness that much of what we have processed — what we have begun to see and understand — is actually beyond description. With Juno so close to the New Moon, there is heightened sensitivity to any demand that we fully and specifically explain ourselves and the tangible work that we have done to pursue our vision. But the chaotic atmosphere doesn't really lend itself to clear explanations or any sort of clear, articulate expression. The challenge of blending spiritual and material reality is really just understanding how to blend faith (in ourselves) with hard work. We will need to hold fast to that faith and not give up on ourselves — or the imperfect material world around us — as we continue to seek clarity of purpose and a clear way forward.

Sunday's shifts may seem to come out of nowhere. While we're inclined to start talking, we may only see reckless self-centeredness with few filters to temper our 'open mouths'. We have a better chance of stabilizing communication with some humility on Monday. We can begin to recognize that we need a more balanced approach to our discussions. Emotions rise and fall on Tuesday. Ruffled feathers are soothed in the afternoon. The 'angst' of the last few weeks is finally subsiding. Nervous impatience on Wednesday has us struggling to stay focused. Connecting with others seems to be our primary goal. There are opportunities to display some hard-won wisdom on Thursday. The goal is to process some of our past challenges in order to leave them behind and move on. A destiny force is at work on Friday. There may be karmic relationship hurdles to overcome. The need to blend spiritual and material reality feels especially urgent in Saturday's chaotic, confusing environment. We are sensitive to any demands that we explain or detail our work or our efforts.

Sunday June 11, 2023

Today's shifts may seem to 'come out of nowhere' and the need for some kind of stabilization is quite apparent. Pluto gets back into Capricorn for one last 'archeological' exploration of our past; Mercury arrives 'home' in Gemini, and the Moon gets to Aries — all before 6:30 AM PDT! The fixed-sign Venus-Jupiter square is really the only place to look for some kind lock to keep us stable but is hopelessly inadequate to the task. Rather, Venus and Jupiter seem to encourage a self-centered recklessness. Mercury is unleashed in it's home sign, opening up our mouths without many 'filters' to shape the message. Quick responses may seem to be called for. While our 'wits' are certainly sharp in this atmosphere, thoughtful consideration — where ever we can find it — is also needed.

Monday June 12, 2023

The Moon approaches a conjunction with Chiron which completes this afternoon. We have an increased chance to find some stability and humility in the midst of a highly active and aggressive atmosphere. Mercury will complete a square to Saturn by Thursday and we can already begin to feel that too much 'aggressive decisiveness' may not be all that productive. As we continue to search for a method of blending material and spiritual realities into a clear plan of action (under the transit of Saturn through Pisces), we may need to acknowledge that it isn't all that easy to describe where we think we really want to go. Saturn will station to go retrograde by the end of the week, just as Jupiter approaches a sextile — helping us to establish a more balanced approach. We may be able to hear the first whispers of that balance today.

Tuesday June 13, 2023

Emotions rise and fall today as the Moon squares Pluto around noon (PDT) and then moves into Taurus. Venus completes the quincunx to Saturn, which brings our 'material/spiritual' questions to a peak in a way that offers significant resolutions. Ruffled feathers are quickly soothed this afternoon, even if we don't easily find the words to fully express all of the different feelings. Essentially, we finally seem to close out the ongoing 'angst' initiated by last month's Mars/Jupiter/Pluto fixed-sign T-square — we're ready to move on. With some of the weight lifted, we can begin to look ahead to Saturday's Gemini New Moon (9:36 PM PDT 26° Gemini), which should, at least, help us to gain a fair amount of detachment around what we're leaving behind.

Wednesday June 14, 2023

Nervous impatience may keep us from finding any clear focus today. We may have some desire for appreciation or otherwise be looking for approval but it isn't easy to lock in any definitive, satisfactory "Well, done!". Nonetheless, there is also an important advancement of our capacity for self-reliance, so even if we don't get the approval of others, it's easy to give ourselves the approval that we are looking for. Ultimately, we're just looking for some kind of connection today so any avenue that offers a lively exchange of ideas will serve our purposes.

Thursday June 15, 2023

In some way or another, we have an opportunity to display some of the hard-earned wisdom that we have garnered from the past few weeks. Whether we are just sharing experiences or recognizing new options, there is a sense that we can begin to move forward and let go of whatever challenges that have been keeping us weighed down. Mercury's square to the powerful, soon-to-station-retrograde Saturn is encouraging us to narrow our focus enough to think about 'plowing new ground'. However, there is still a need for 'processing' past challenges. What is perhaps most important here is to lock-in an individual sense of our personal worth through recognizing how far we have come while honoring the value of the tough lessons that we have endured.

Friday June 16, 2023

There is a special kind of destiny force at work today and some may face some rather difficult 'karmic'-type relationship hurdles to overcome. Nonetheless, patience is also in good supply, providing extra support to navigate whatever challenges surface. While no clear, lasting solutions seem to develop, there is at least a developing spirit of cooperation that aids us in working through the issues. This 'dark of the Moon' environment suggests that there aren't new issues surfacing but rather, the release of past 'wounds' in order to help 'clear the decks' in preparation for future progress.

Saturday June 17, 2023

Saturn turns retrograde today, ahead of tonight's Gemini New Moon (9:36 PM PDT 26° Gemini) which is in a tight square to Neptune. The need to understand spiritual reality takes on increased urgency. The Gemini-Pisces square creates an awareness that some things are beyond description — and yet we must still try to communicate our vision, insight, or inspiration to those around us. While initially quite chaotic and confusing, there is extraordinary promise surrounding this New Moon. Saturn's station increases the imperative to embrace the challenge of blending both spiritual and material realities — essentially faith and hard work. The New Moon's conjunction with Juno increases our sensitivity to any demand that we produce clear and specific explanations of our work. But Saturn's message, as it turns retrograde, is to not give up on our dreams and inspiration, even if we can't quite explain how to manifest it.