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Sun 10° Aquarius 18' 54"
Moon 01° Gemini 42' 04"
Mercury 15° Capricorn 22' 07"
Venus 04° Pisces 13' 06"
Mars 09° Gemini 58' 08"
Ceres 06° Libra 54' 26"
Pallas 12° Cancer 03' 57" 
Juno 08° Aries 20' 16"
Vesta 26° Pisces 12' 57"
Jupiter 05° Aries 46' 26"
Saturn 25° Aquarius 40' 24"
Chiron 12° Aries 35' 09"
Uranus 14° Taurus 57' 56"
Neptune 23° Pisces 33' 12"
Pluto 28° Capricorn 36' 57"
TrueNode 08° Taurus 48' 30" 

The Daily Astrological Currents by Week

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This Daily Astrological Forecast is a bit different than most daily forecasts since it isn’t written for each individual Sun Sign. Rather, it is intended to be a bit like an Astrological Weather Report. To read more about this forecast, see this post

Weekly Summary: JANUARY 22 - JANUARY 28

"I think people have their picture of God all wrong. I think God is like a simple gorilla. And when he pulls up to you on his scooter and says, "Hello, it's me, Dr. Herman god. Let's blast off to the moon," you simply have to accept the charges."

— John Lennon

By the end of this week, Mercury's direct motion takes it back to a third square to Chiron and a third trine to Uranus. Under last Saturday's mind-expanding Aquarius New Moon (12:53 PM PST 1° Aquarius), Mercury's transit back through it's retrograde shadow offers especially powerful new perspectives. We have opportunities to sort through our ideas and inspiration with more hope of setting clear, orderly priorities. Real wisdom begins to develop and our ability to move forward is enhanced by the direct station of Uranus on Sunday. There are certain to be surprising obstacles to navigate and hurdles to overcome. However, our capabilities are also surprisingly enhanced. The power at our fingertips has an almost 'sorcerer's apprentice effect' that could quickly overwhelm us if we aren't balancing our actions with careful consideration. Nonetheless, perspectives are expanding quickly and we are beginning to see new ways to achieve solutions that may have once seem unworkable. Venus arrives in Pisces on Thursday, just ahead of the Mercury-Chiron square. We have important opportunities to release some of our deepest self-doubts and securities. Venus in Pisces infuses compassion in ways that show us how to transform our perspective from blame and recrimination to understanding and forgiveness — especially self-forgiveness. This week's expansion and potential for growth suggests a 'Midas touch' — with all of the promise and pitfalls which that might suggest. Even as we finally seem to gain a foothold, an undercurrent of tension is also likely to build this week. Our confidence builds but we will still need to pay close attention to our follow through. The expanding perspectives, inspiration, and 'vision' are all certainly important but tangible results still require consistent effort and focus. Bringing our vision, our plans, and our initiatives into form will inevitably bring us face to face with the reality of our individual limitations. Our expanding perspectives also reveal the need for sacrifice and adaptability even though the power of our intention reaches a peak of power this week.

Sunday's Venus-Saturn conjunction points to the need for some significant sacrifice. Unanticipated revelations may leave our egos quite vulnerable. We will need to dig deep on Monday in order to grasp the overall significance and the ramifications of what we do or plan to do. Intentions are powerful. Real wisdom is developing and we can see it on Tuesday. Expanded perspectives reveal new alternatives and solutions. Timing is enhanced on Wednesday. Excitement and optimism is encouraging. Our patience improves on Thursday. Steady effort is required but quite fruitful. We find a watershed of compassion on Friday for both ourselves and those around us. We can begin to see the folly of 'blame and recrimination'. Our new perspectives allow us to make better use of the swirl of ideas produced by the Mercury-Uranus trine. We need to stay focused on follow through and avoid the tension produced by the limitations that we run into.

Sunday January 22, 2023

This morning's Moon-Uranus trine highlights some of the unexpected elements in the picture that we are seeing develop in front of us. Maintaining our balance is especially important here. Venus conjuncts Saturn, which may point to some kind of significant sacrifice that we need to make in order maintain that balance. We may simply be getting a more complete picture of our circumstances and situations, which are requiring us to make quick adjustments. Unanticipated events or revelations can become very difficult for our egos to accept. A clearly established set of priorities will help us to stay focused and avoid scattering our energies.

Monday January 23, 2023

The Moon goes VOC early this morning at 2:18 AM PST but arrives in Pisces by 9:35 AM PST. New planning on an extremely deep level is supported here. Material gain or simple ambition are only flimsy, superficial aspects of what is possible here and may actually distract us from seeing the true opportunities. With Uranus finally direct, the actions we take are likely to be surprisingly impactful and we need to be especially mindful about the broader implications of anything we do or plan to do. The suggestion of a sorcerer's apprentice effect is at work that could quickly overwhelm us. The power of intention is reaching a peak of potency.

Tuesday January 24, 2023

The 'mind expanding' qualities of last Saturday's Aquarius New Moon (12:53 PM PST 1° Aquarius) begins to allow real wisdom to develop today. We may begin to feel a newfound sense of stability or sense of purpose. Nonetheless, a clearer picture may also seem to reveal unexpected obstacles or complications. There is more competence here than we may give ourselves credit for. Intuition and faith are extremely important elements, despite what may seem to be quite tangible roadblocks. Expanded perspectives can allow us to suddenly see solutions that had previously seemed unworkable or unattainable.

Wednesday January 25, 2023

The Moon is briefly VOC this morning, from 8:11 AM PST until 10:47 AM PST. The Moon's arrival in Aries further enhances the mind expanding process that is underway. Our sense of timing is also enhanced, which produces some showmanship or an ability to demonstrate how far we are moving away from the restrictions of our past. The Moon's conjunction with Jupiter this evening is so expansive that the growth potential suggests a 'Midas touch' — with all of the promise and pitfalls which that can suggest. Nonetheless, the excitement and optimism is encouraging.

Thursday January 26, 2023

Venus arrives in Pisces early this evening, which can help us make more effective use of the expansion that we have been seeing take place all around us. The hurdles that need to be overcome today provide us with opportunities to show off our improved capabilities. Steady effort is required but fruitfully rewarded. Patience seems to improve all day, despite the energetic and sometimes impatient qualities of the Aries Moon. Nonetheless, we may find that we become increasingly possessive about the accomplishments that we make here. We will do well to acknowledge the support we have received — from whatever sources — that has helped us progress to the point that we find ourselves today.

Friday January 27, 2023

Mercury returns to make the third square to Chiron today. We have an important opportunity to release some of our deepest self-doubts and insecurities. The arrival of Venus in Pisces provides new levels of compassion that is most productively directed towards ourselves. Past mistakes can lead the way to new success when we are willing to transform our perspective from blame and recrimination to understanding, the acknowledgement of 'lessons learned', compassion, and forgiveness — self-forgiveness. With awareness, today's Moon-Pluto square around 1 PM can bring us to a significant turning point in our self-image, reviving self-respect and self-esteem. However, we must be willing to go deep and hold tight to faith in our unique, individual value and importance.

Saturday January 28, 2023

Today's Taurus Moon highlights the third Mercury-Uranus trine, which will complete tomorrow evening. We seem to find new ways to sort through our ideas and aspirations, which brings improving focus and a better ability to organize our priorities. Nonetheless, there is significant tension under this 1st quarter lunar phase. Although our confidence may be building, there is still a requirement that we follow through on our plans and initiatives and bring form to our dreams and our vision. As we seek tangible results we must inevitably recognize our limitations and acknowledge that we may have to sacrifice some things in order to achieve other things. Today's tension, while manageable, is requiring that we try to balance inspiration with 'reality'.

Today is Monday January 30, 2023

Weekly Summary: JANUARY 29 - FEBRUARY 4

"The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are. You trade in your reality for a role. You trade in your sense for an act. You give up your ability to feel, and in exchange, put on a mask. There can't be any large-scale revolution until there's a personal revolution, on an individual level. It's got to happen inside first."

— Jim Morrison

This week's dramatic shifts and changes may eventually come to be seen as revolutionary, led by free thinking individuals. The current lunar cycle, initiated on January 21st under the Aquarius New Moon, has truly been mind-expanding, presenting a swirl of new ideas, new insights, new perspectives, as well as tangible, 'on the ground' new developments. The third Mercury-Uranus trine comes at the beginning of the week with both Mercury and Uranus now direct and quite powerful. The circulation of new insights and new information is truly forward thinking as this third Mercury-Uranus trine completes. As well, now that Mars is also direct, we have an increasing ability to take action based upon what we are seeing unfold before us. With the swirl of new ideas and insights, we may see some sharp turns or even a sudden 180 degree, About Face of some kind, based upon new understanding or new information. The shift in our perspectives may seem quite surprising. Nonetheless, upon some reflection, we are likely to recognize that this new understanding has been developing for quite some time. However, the implications and ramifications are more far reaching than may have previously understood. It is important to understand that individual insights and new perspectives vary widely — free thinking is uppermost. Group cohesion will have to wait. The resistance to this week's developments may be rather extreme. Those who have the greatest ability to adapt may feel rather frustrated with such resistance. Some can recognize that they are simply 'ahead of the pack' and will need to be patient as they wait for others to 'catch up'. Psychological understanding, along with patience, will go far in dealing with those who find themselves feeling resistant, overwhelmed, or perhaps destabilized. Individual nervous systems are vulnerable in this atmosphere and tensions could quickly rise as we head toward next Sunday's Leo Full Moon (16° Leo/Aquarius 10:28 AM). Determination could quickly turn into brash stubbornness and by the end of the week opinions and positions are likely to have become quite entrenched. For the most part, resistance to change seems unlikely to find much traction. By the Leo Full Moon, which squares the newly direct Uranus, we are likely to find many shifts and changes are already firmly in place — much to the surprise of many of us.

Energy and confidence are high on Sunday. Some may suddenly shift their course or direction, doing an About Face based upon new information or perspective. Some may be feeling quite destabilized on Monday. Our loyalties are questioned or we may be pulled in opposing directions. There is a strong urge to avoid complications on Tuesday. We'd much rather focus on our grand, utopian vision than get bogged down by details. Frustration is increasing. There is a potential for some kind of emotional let down on Wednesday. However, the slightly slower pace allows some of us to 'catch up' with the rapid shifts. Thursday's Sun-Uranus square asks us to look for ways to integrate new ideas with familiar principles. The slower pace provides some time for concerns to be heard and addressed. Communication is more challenging on Friday. Determination seems to turn into brash stubbornness. It isn't easy to agree on what we are seeing in front of us. Opinions are particularly entrenched on Saturday. Those who haven't managed to find ways to adapt are especially frustrated. However, in this environment "resistance is futile".

Sunday January 29, 2023

We are likely to see extraordinary shifts in perception or perspective today that seem to 'come out of nowhere' but, in fact, have been building for quite some time. The implications of today's initiatives are far reaching. We may only see the 'tip of the iceberg' when some do a sudden About Face. Energy and confidence are quite high under the Sun's trine to Mars. The third Mercury-Uranus trine completes late this afternoon which suggests some erratic behavior. The intensity of today's shifts are compounded by the Moon's late evening trine to Pluto. The erratic and surprising nature of today's environment may produce some 'short circuiting' of individual nervous systems, creating health issues.

Monday January 30, 2023

With the Moon's arrival in Gemini, just after midnight this morning, our confidence levels may seem to rise but personal stability issues are in question. The pull between opposing forces is extreme, demanding responsibility and balance. The 'circulation' of new ideas and new perspectives creates more instability than excitement. The challenge is to find ways to blend reliable principles into new insights. The most significant split is seen between those with an overly anxious desire to please and those who want to 'burn everything to the ground'. We may find that our loyalties are questioned or feel caught between two extremes. Trying to say — or assert — too much will likely increase the tension. The wise among us will do better to just keep listening.

Tuesday January 31, 2023

'The Devil is in the details' today. We are prone to trying to avoid wading through complications and specifics in favor of a grand utopian vision. The level of friction or resistance may seem surprising but will need to be understood and dealt with in order to avoid further conflicts. We should not underestimate the instinct to protect deeply held beliefs or positions that are involved in this environment. We will need to walk a very fine line, with a deep understanding of psychological motivation, in order to maintain any sort of balanced progress. We need a great deal of patience in order to avoid the frustration of being too far 'ahead of the pack'.

Wednesday February 01, 2023

The Moon is VOC all morning (from 3:57 AM until 12:11 PM. Some may feel the Moon's arrival in Cancer as a 'let down'. Nonetheless, the instinct to protect what is 'near and dear' to us is better understood and more easily accepted. The embrace of some kind of radical new way forward seems to lose at least a bit of intensity. The push to make 'sharp turns' begins to soften enough for some to try to 'catch up'. However, once we reach next Sunday's Leo Full Moon (16° Leo/Aquarius 10:28 AM), which tightly squares Uranus, we may be surprised to find that some dramatic changes have already been firmly put into place based upon the insights and initiatives that have been swirling.

Thursday February 02, 2023

There are distinct openings offered today to integrate new ideas with something a bit more familiar. Emotional resistance to change seems to break down, although some may simply take their opposition under cover. However, there is a general willingness to find solutions that bring people together though understanding and patience. In essence, this is a situation where 'the train keeps moving' but there is at least some effort to help the 'doubters' become more comfortable with the direction we are heading. With luck, some concerns can be heard and addressed, resulting in a more beneficial outcome for those 'on the train'.

Friday February 03, 2023

Determination could easily turn into brash stubbornness today under the Sun-Uranus square. Today's complications seem designed to test us in unpredictable ways. A Venus-Mars square, which will complete tomorrow, creates a chaotic atmosphere that makes clear and honest communication quite difficult. The tension builds all day and reaches a peak late this evening around 10 PM. The challenge is to maintain patience and stay open to new information — and alternative ways of understanding the information that is offered. The expanded perspectives that we have been finding under the current lunar cycle require us to fully understand what we are seeing. However, the unfamiliarity of the landscape can make it difficult to agree with anyone else about what it is we are actually seeing. We should not disregard the complications but rather, find ways to patiently sort through their broader implications in order to develop broader understanding.

Saturday February 04, 2023

As we head toward tomorrow's Leo Full Moon (16° Leo/Aquarius 10:28 AM), our positions, opinions, and agendas seem to become more and more entrenched. We seem to be less and less inclined to accept differing views and interpretations of the expanding perspectives that we have been developing. Patience is likely strained today unless we have managed to develop a clear, organized approach that we can articulate effectively to anyone who continues to resist the changes that are advocated. The views that we have adopted may be creating significant strain but we are likely to find that we feel little inclination to moderate anything in order to soothe the waters. Today's atmosphere suggests rebellion against 'the old'. If we don't find too much opposition, we may find that we are making truly impactful change. If we do find significant resistance, watch out.

Weekly Summary: FEBRUARY 6 - FEBRUARY 12

"Whether or not we are aware of it, there is nothing of which we are more ashamed than of not being ourselves, and there is nothing that gives us greater pride and happiness than to think, to feel, and to say what is ours."

— Erich Fromm, Escape from Freedom

This week begins with a determined Leo Full Moon (10.28 AM PST 16° Leo/Aquarius), setting up a fixed T-Square with Uranus. The connection to Uranus of course sets up some unpredictability. In this case, we see that unpredictability play out directly through individual behavior that surprises and, possibly, amazes us — the potential for expressions of genius is significant. We are likely to find ourselves deeply ego invested in our individual point of view and the expression of that view (whether genius or not). The Full Moon seems to draw hardened battle lines between established, traditional approaches and free-thinking, innovative new ideas. However, individual egos and strong emotions keep this from developing into a truly idealistic stand-off between differing ideas — it can quickly become quite personal. For the most part, individuals simply need to be heard. After the Full Moon, the prospect of standing apart and alone, isolated with our ideas, slowly chips away at our determination. We begin to recognize that there are costs to isolating ourselves. There are also practical drawbacks when we are too hardened in our stubborn individuality. The awareness that we need to interact with others in order to bring our ideas into form encourages us to bring our ideas 'to the table'. We are looking for ways to free ourselves from the past by doing things 'differently'. However, if we try to deny the past, we quickly lose any sense of continuity. We may also lose access to important wisdom that could be folded into the future that we are seeking to create. These are not simple or easy rectifications that are needed. By the end of the week, Mercury emerges from the shadow of the last retrograde period and makes the conjunction to Pluto that it stopped just short of making last December. We have the opportunity to use the lessons we have learned last month to deepen our understanding and to dig deeply into better understanding of our past, our present, and our future. There are surprising emotions surfacing near the end of the week, which may be connected to loss or a heavy sense of destiny that we aren't sure we have the capacity to fulfill. But the emotions may also be connected to the tensions created at the Full Moon, when the stakes of our ego investment were raised to extreme levels. By the end of the week, Mercury leaves the weighty boundaries of Capricorn. Our thinking can begin to catch up to the overall push for change, easing the emotional costs.

Sunday's Leo Full Moon challenges us to blend individual understanding into group effort. However, ego investment and ambition may initially cloud the issues and stall progress. The VOC Moon in Leo on Monday morning makes for a rather disorganized start to the day. We begin to find some flexibility in the afternoon. Although we may see some 'personality friction on Tuesday, important resolutions are possible. There is waning inclination to stay isolated in order to maintain our individual perspective. There are significant breakthroughs on Wednesday. We find allies to help us break a logjam of ideas that have been stalled by too much ego-investment. The Libra Moon on Thursday helps us to balance individual integrity with cooperation. The stubbornness has softened considerably. Strong emotions surface on Friday, along with a powerful sense of destiny. The Mercury-Pluto conjunction fosters transformative intellectual clarity. By Saturday, Mercury arrives in Aquarius, helping us to set aside concern for tradition and authority in favor of bold innovation. Residual emotions are released in a profound way.

Sunday February 05, 2023

The challenge of blending individual understanding into group efforts is brought front and center by today's Leo Full Moon (10.28 AM PST 16° Leo/Aquarius). Reliance on established wisdom seems to be highly suspect in this environment but new ideas and approaches may also be concerning. The challenge is corralling ego demands and individual ambitions into some kind of cohesive plan that others can understand and follow. There is extraordinary potential here but also a danger of breakdowns due to petty squabbles and self-righteous blindness. The Full Moon and Sun tightly square Uranus, suggesting sudden, surprising developments but also stubborn individuality that stands in opposition to the 'Greater Good'.

Monday February 06, 2023

The Moon goes VOC at 6:15 AM PST after opposing Saturn and won't arrive in Virgo until 1:13 PM PST this afternoon. The morning seems to bring a variety of individual antics that only serve to slow us down or distract us from productive progress. There is likely little hope of getting organized until the Moon gets to Virgo but the change in atmosphere seems to produce unexpected flexibility — creating chaos, instead of a workable framework. Nonetheless, even if movement seems chaotic, there is some hope that a more accommodating, cooperative approach can develop.

Tuesday February 07, 2023

Important resolutions seem possible today if we can embrace the generally flexible atmosphere. While some 'sparks' are certain to fly, they are mostly a result of verbal sparring and a friction of personalities. At least, it seems easier to find value in both traditional 'wisdom' and innovative individual insights, the blending of which, can produce real breakthroughs. There is significant awareness that the pain of isolation (produced by stubbornly held views) may not be worth holding on too tightly to an individual perspective that is actually being tacitly acknowledged — to at least some degree. Practicality and progress ultimately seems to win the day over stubborn idealism.

Wednesday February 08, 2023

Breakthroughs are possible today — even likely. We seem to find allies, friends or trusted advisors, who can help us to break a logjam of ideas that has been stalled by ego investment or stubborn idealism. There are likely some strongly held viewpoints that are at 'odds' with conventional practicality, Nonetheless, this environment provides both 'off ramps' and 'on ramps to help us step back from stubbornness and merge ideas together into solid plans for progress. Mercury is approaching a conjunction with Pluto — a conjunction that it just barely missed when it retrograded back at the end of December. We are now getting the chance to go much deeper in our investigations, and follow up on the lessons that we learned last month.

Thursday February 09, 2023

The Moon arrives in Libra just after midnight this morning, offering a balancing influence that helps us maintain our own sovereignty and integrity while opening the door to cooperation and collaboration. The stubborn, determined individual action fostered by last Sunday's Leo Full Moon has softened considerably. Nonetheless, there is little to suggest that our individual perspectives will be abandoned. We are increasingly aware of the need for interaction with others, which may mean compromise but with a healthy 'give and take' of ideas, we will find that we can gain an even broader perspective.

Friday February 10, 2023

Mercury finally catches up to Pluto today. There are distinctly emotional overtones to the heavy sense of responsibility that is produced today. Intellect is sharpened but may not be capable of directly addressing the emotions that surface today. A sense of destiny permeates this atmosphere, making the emotional stakes seem even more threatening. It isn't really clear whether the emotions are surfacing from a sense of loss or if the tension of trying to hold our individual ground has brought us to some kind of breaking point. Either way, the emotions actually serve to enhance the transformative, intellectually clarifying nature of the Mercury-Pluto conjunction and will eventually help us to stabilize our position and move forward with a lighter load.

Saturday February 11, 2023

Mercury finally leaves the weighty boundaries of Capricorn this morning. Our thinking begins to catch up with the overall push for change, setting aside concern for tradition and authority in favor of bold new solutions. However, this is not a harsh, rebellious 'break'. Rather, we can begin to see and understand the continuity between our past, our present, and our future. While revolutionary thinking brings a desire for freedom, there is more room to honor'bless and release' — the past. Residual emotions are finally released in a profound way and the Scorpio Moon encourages us to dig deem to purge anything that is holding us back from moving directly and confidently into the future..