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Sun 06° Taurus 53' 43"
Moon 02° Libra 08' 02"
Mercury 10° Aries 09' 35"
Venus 03° Gemini 03' 22"
Mars 21° Capricorn 38' 40"
Ceres 09° Leo 35' 50"
Pallas 15° Gemini 47' 04"
Juno 29° Pisces 28' 05"
Vesta 04° Capricorn 24' 54"
Jupiter 19° Scorpio 50' 12" 
Saturn 09° Capricorn 04' 51" 
Chiron 00° Aries 31' 02"
Uranus 28° Aries 58' 43"
Neptune 15° Pisces 45' 34"
Pluto 21° Capricorn 16' 56" 
TrueNode 11° Leo 02' 14" 

The Daily Astrological Currents by Week

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This Daily Astrological Forecast is a bit different than most daily forecasts since it isn’t written for each individual Sun Sign. Rather, it is intended to be a bit like an Astrological Weather Report. To read more about this forecast, see this post

Weekly Summary: APRIL 15 - APRIL 21

"The air is full of ideas. They are knocking you in the head all the time. You only have to know what you want, then forget it, and go about your business. Suddenly, the idea will come through. It was there all the time."

— Henry Ford

There are a number of significant changes in the overall atmosphere this week that signal the beginning of a dramatic shift in the environment and a surge in intellectual insights. First, Mercury turns direct to begin the week, offering a boost in intellectual insight and improving mental acuity. Intellect produces an extra surge of insight when the Sun conjuncts Uranus mid-week, also bringing a significant dose of independent thinking. Chiron arrives in Aries this week, even further encouraging independence. The Sun arrives in Taurus on Thursday evening, giving a boost to our tenacity and our determination to express ourselves fully. Finally, Saturn turns retrograde this week, encouraging us to look back at our previous experiences for clues about how to bring our unique perspective to whatever challenges or tasks that we're facing right now. With all of these changes, we might expect to face some daunting challenges. However, we seem to be offered as much support as we can handle this week. What seems to be most crucial is that we resist the temptation to approach this environment with purely self-serving motivations or a desire to control or coerce others. Rather, we need to make the most of our own unique talents and perspectives to contribute to the greater good.

After a slow start, excitement builds on Sunday as we barrel towards a New Moon (6:57 PM 26° Aries) conjunct Uranus. Expect surprises! A few self-doubts creep up on us Monday. We'll need to avoid extravagance and look for simple solutions. Confidence rebuilds quickly on Tuesday and we may find ourselves in an impulsive, risk-taking mood as the Sun conjuncts Uranus. Wednesday requires that we 'roll up our sleeves', dig in, and face challenges head on. Our efforts are well-supported and great achievements are possible. The Sun's arrival in Taurus on Thursday adds tenacity to this week's electrified intellectual insights. However, we need to guard against coercive tactics that are aimed at ego-gratification and stay in our own lane. Material security becomes especially important on Friday. We may need to slow down, take time to consider, and remember that 'Time Takes Time'. Our perspective on 'success' becomes an important element in our thinking on Saturday — how do we gauge our success? The early morning Moon-Neptune trine offers some intriguing inspiration but we need to step up to the challenge of turning those dreams into tangible reality.

Sunday April 15, 2018

Mercury stations to turn direct today. We may start out the day feeling somewhat incapable of tackling much of anything, However, excitement and activity seems to pick up steam as we barrel towards this evening's New Moon (6:57 PM 26° Aries). It is time to review our plans and any notes that we may have taken last week. The New Moon is conjunct Uranus so we can expect a few surprises and perhaps some erratic behavior. While there is an independent, pioneering spirit in this Aries New Moon, most of us are looking for at least a few crumbs of approval, understanding and appreciation of the courage that we show in the quest to fully express our creative individuality.

Monday April 16, 2018

Independence may hit a wall today — especially if we have been a bit too extravagant or relied too heavily on material support from others. Today's lessons are geared towards learning humility and moderation. Resolutions are far less complicated than we may believe but we will need more than charm or the clever manipulation of others. Even our courage and capabilities are not enough to lead us out of the wilderness that we find ourselves in today. We need to stay in control of our ourselves and our emotions, release our inner self-doubts, and look within in order to find the right way forward. Saturn stations to go retrograde tomorrow, leading us to review our past for clues to future success and accomplishment.

Tuesday April 17, 2018

Confidence steadies a bit today, following yesterday's 'bump in the road' self-doubts. Chiron arrives in Aries and the Sun is approaching a conjunction with Uranus — the boost to independent action is unmistakable. Intellect is quickened and insights are electrified, which helps to jump start Mercury's turnaround (from retrograde to direct). Impulsive risk taking may produce dangers but the attitude is 'nothing ventured, nothing gained'. In fact, this atmosphere seems to support quick action and risk-taking more than usual and there seem to be few restraints on success and productivity. The Moon goes VOC at 3:04 PM PDT, following a conjunction with Venus — opposite Jupiter. The desire for security could become an obsession this evening.

Wednesday April 18, 2018

Today brings a significant ramp up of insight, intellect, and activity. While there will certainly be some obstacles to overcome here, there is extraordinary support to deal with whatever arises in a productive and satisfying way. Lethargy and indifference has no place here. We are challenged to 'roll up our sleeves', dig in, and face challenges head on. There is so much support in this environment that the effort we put forth, although significant, seems simple and straightforward — perhaps even effortless. The energy we find today seems to come directly from the heightened mental activity.

Thursday April 19, 2018

The sharpened intellect and mental acuity today powers increasing determination and tenacity. The Sun arrives in Taurus this evening in an atmosphere that offers something for everyone: spiritual awareness, intellectual determination, as well as material productivity. However, we should be aware that self-serving agendas and ego-based motivations will siphon off some of the powerful energies that are found today. Essentially, we need to 'stay in our own lane' and resist the temptation to dominate or possess others in this marvelously exciting environment. We also want to remember to savor the opportunities we find here. We can afford to take time to consider the wide variety of options, rather than simply grabbing up all the goodies that this environment has to offer.

Friday April 20, 2018

This week's heightened intellectual insights are dampened a bit today by an extreme concern over material security. It may be quite challenging to strike the right balance between material concerns, available resources, and the roaring intellectual developments that are producing remarkable rewards. The most likely response to this dynamic 'balancing act' is immobilizing indecision that temporarily stops our forward progress. Nonetheless, there are opportunities to integrate even more valuable elements into our already brimming basket of insights and productive effort if we can slow down enough to consider and remember that 'Time Takes Time'. We simply need to allow things to fall into place naturally.

Saturday April 21, 2018

The value and meaning of success is always an interesting topic for discussion and contemplation. Today may offer us an important object lesson in the importance of understanding how we view success — and whether or not that view is serving us effectively. This morning's Moon-Neptune trine may offer some very interesting inspiration. As we move through the day, the value of that inspiration is challenged by the need to produce something tangible. By reaching back into our previous experience and understanding, we may find surprising new perspectives on forgotten or neglected skills and experiences that will serve us now and in the future and help us turn this morning's dreamy inspiration into tangible, material reality.

Today is Thursday April 26, 2018

Weekly Summary: APRIL 22 - APRIL 28

"All meaningful and lasting change starts first in your imagination and then works its way out. Imagination is more important than knowledge."

— Albert Einstein

Thursday morning's Mars-Pluto conjunction this week suggest that there are some very strong imperatives to make lasting changes. Since April 2nd, when Mars made a conjunction with Saturn, Mars has been seeking ways to unwind feelings of limitation and frustration. Pluto emboldens Mars, offering the opportunity to take action and create the lasting changes we have envisioned. However, we need to maintain humility and patience or risk losing control of the vast energy that is available. Without awareness and balance, this week's energy could produce significant restlessness as well as encourage violence or other forceful attempts to coerce and manipulate others for our own gains. Venus arrives in Gemini this week, which may help to keep our tone a bit lighter and encourage our curiosity — and the willingness to be adaptable and explore a variety of alternatives. However, Venus in Gemini can also become restless very quickly and the darker side of Gemini can be prone to sudden depression or despondency if things don't move as quickly as we think they should. Nonetheless, Venus will help us to use our imagination and intuitive insight to work in cooperation with others to keep things moving forward. Since Saturn is now retrograde in Capricorn, we should also remember to look to our past experiences and abilities for clues to how we can be more effective in our current circumstances and efforts.

Sunday's 1st quarter Moon creates a building sense of imperative and a strong desire to create lasting change. Imagination is strongly supported on Monday, increasing our awareness of a wide variety of possibilities. There is some danger of 'making mountains out of molehills' on Tuesday as well as a significant amount of restlessness. Mercury squares Saturn on Wednesday, ahead of Thursday morning's Mars-Pluto Conjunction. We may or may not see the need to slow down. Nonetheless, patience, humility, and adaptability are all crucial to keeping a lid on the extraordinary level of energy and determination. The Moon is VOC on Thursday until 6:12 PM PDT but the evening hours open the door to productive and fruitful discussion and cooperation. Intuition is strong on Friday but it may be difficult to follow through, due to some significant doubt and insecurity. Nonetheless, activity increases on Saturday and our sense of imperative builds even more, ahead of this Sunday's Full Moon (April 29 5:58 PM PDT, 9° Taurus-Scorpio).

Sunday April 22, 2018

Today's 1st Quarter Moon invites us to create lasting changes. However, there may seem to be too many choices, which could slow us down or lead to inertia and procrastination. Our past experience and abilities pay off in important ways if we can keep moving and keep confidence from faltering. At least communication seems to be smooth and productive and we aren't too likely to take foolish or extravagant risks. Intuition is strong and the clarity of vision may help us with confidence. On the other hand, we'll need to guard against pushing too hard or making our case too forcefully. Stay alert, focused, and be direct.

Monday April 23, 2018

Imagination is added to yesterday's invitation to create lasting changes. We need to pay close attention to our responses as situations present themselves. We should guard against becoming 'stuck' on any particular way of accomplishing our goals and let imagination and creativity be our guide. We may feel significant restlessness so we need to make a conscious effort to slow down and stay with the process. Mercury is still in the shadow of the previous retrograde period and it may be helpful to review the information that was uncovered during that period (March 22-April 15), looking for important clues to our current circumstance.

Tuesday April 24, 2018

The Moon is briefly VOC around noon today (11:39 AM PDT - 1:40 PM PDT). Even if the wheels come off temporarily, we should quickly regain our focus and composure once the Moon arrives in Virgo. Nonetheless, our confidence may be shaken somewhat and sharing our insights with others may seem particularly difficult this afternoon. The danger is making mountains out of molehills or belaboring our point. The restlessness and a tendency to push too hard continues. Stay adaptable and try not to take things too seriously. Venus arrives in Gemini today, which may help lighten our approach a bit and increase our access to important intuitive information.

Wednesday April 25, 2018

Today's Mercury-Saturn square requires adaptability. It is important to slow down enough to determine our actions wisely. We may find that we have rushed ahead too fast and need to turn around and choose another route. Most importantly, we need to stay focused on our goals and aspirations, rather than adhering too closely to a predetermined approach or strategy. Our past experience continues to offer profound solutions but only if we can avoid becoming side-tracked or distracted by issues that seem too unusual or unfamiliar. Mars is approaching a conjunction with Pluto, which will culminate tomorrow morning. The restless urge to create lasting changes reaches a determined peak. Nonetheless, we will carry our determination forward as Mars moves towards the powerful square to Uranus on May 15th.

Thursday April 26, 2018

The Moon is VOC for much of the day today, until the Moon arrives in Libra at 6:12 PM PDT. During the early part of the day, we may be quite prone to misunderstanding details or critical elements so there will be much to review this evening. The early morning Mars-Pluto conjunction may have led to a particularly restless night. Although we feel strong determination, there aren't many opportunities to take tangible actions. Taking ambitious risks is more than likely to lead to disappointment. Lashing out with violence is a particularly fraught strategy today. Once the Moon arrives in Libra this evening, the door is open to productive communication and fruitful discussions.

Friday April 27, 2018

Intuition is quite strong today but we may undercut our efforts with insecurity, doubt, or indecision. Essentially, balance is required and our determination must be tempered with enough consideration to proceed deliberately in the face of new information. It's clear that we need to build cooperative alliances and avoid a 'my way or the highway' attitude. We continue to need to rely on the information and research that we gathered under the last retrograde Mercury and look to our past experiences for clues about how to proceed.

Saturday April 28, 2018

Intensity builds quickly today. There is an increase in activity. We may feel that there it is imperative to take decisive action which could lead to increasing pushiness. The strong desire to take control — by whatever means necessary — needs to be tempered with patience and humility. The more that we find ourselves concerned with only our own interests, the less effective we will be. Intuition is strong but we may find that the ambient noise in this environment — and in our heads — makes it difficult to hear the still small voice of wisdom.

Weekly Summary: APRIL 29 - MAY 5

"To enjoy good health, to bring true happiness to one's family, to bring peace to all, one must first discipline and control one's own mind. If a man can control his mind he can find the way to Enlightenment, and all wisdom and virtue will naturally come to him."

— Buddha

The week begins with an extraordinarily powerful Full Moon that helps us to broaden our perspective and expand our understanding of both what is visible — above — and what is deep beneath the surface — below. Last week's emphasis on making lasting changes naturally leads us to go deeper into our understanding of how the past informs the future. We are also finding increasing determination to demonstrate our independence and self-sufficiency. However, it may be difficult to build effective cooperation or humbly accept the input of others. Individual judgement is questionable. Many seem to be determined to act independently and 'keep our own counsel'. Discipline and humility are called for in order to stay away from overly idealistic optimism and continue to follow through on last week's intense activity and insight that challenged us to work on creating lasting change. If we are not able to stay disciplined on our own, we may find that The Universe provides us with lessons that teach us the value and importance of discipline and follow through. Over-optimism and self-indulgence will quickly lead to disappointment. Ultimately, the only way to ease any challenges is likely to come through humbly accepting helpful input from trusted friends and advisors. Without the requisite willingness, The Universe will continue to stall our progress. Once we become willing to put 'first things first' and stop chasing tantalizing dead ends, we will find that our progress is smooth and stable — if not spectacular.

Sunday's Full Moon expands our perspective significantly. We may feel increased protectiveness for our inner circle. However we are also inspired to expand that circle. Monday sets up the need for communication, cooperation and humility. We may feel some tendency to draw back, either to comment from the sidelines or to keep our personal agenda under wraps so that we don't have to hear the criticism of others. Compassion opens the door to better communication on Tuesday. However, we will also feel a strong need for independence. Blending humility with independence will produce surprising rewards. Mercury emerges from the shadow of the last retrograde period, suggesting a feeling of freedom. However, curiosity may lead us astray. We need to keep 'first things first' and avoid the temptation to ignore previously laid plans. Independence is strong on Thursday but threatens to take us off course, rather than inspiring us to follow-through with our plans. Idealism may be fed by spiritual insight on Friday. However, we still need to maintain proper discipline or risk set backs and disappointments. Responsibility is the key. There is a significant ramp-up of activity on Saturday. However, detachment seems to work against us and may cause us to miss important details. The value of trusted friends is unmistakable.

Sunday April 29, 2018

The power of today's Full Moon (5:58 PM PDT, 9° Taurus-Scorpio) is broad and deep. There are indications of a strong connection to the Earth and land. Agriculture and mining are highlighted — above and below the ground. There are intellectual insights to distinguish the important connections between the past and the future; To understand the links between what is above and below the surface of whatever situation or circumstance or situation we see around us. This Full Moon also increases our sense of protectiveness, especially for those within our close inner circle. Here too, we are likely to see distinct boundaries. Nonetheless, under this Full Moon we are guided to expand those boundaries in order to create new sets of rules and limits for the newly evolving environment.

Monday April 30, 2018

The need for communication and cooperation today may seem to be running at cross purposes to our overall drive to make progress. The Scorpio Moon would prefer to keep the agenda under wraps — the less talking the better. However, there are likely to be too many who want to stay on the sidelines in order to only observe and comment — "the peanut gallery". In fact, we will do better if we take time to listen to the input, maintaining a calm, peaceful attitude. Today is a day to weed out any untenable premises, get rid of leftover resentments, and unwind unnecessary commitments. The Moon goes VOC this evening at 7:55 PM PDT.

Tuesday May 01, 2018

The Moon arrives in Sagittarius a little after 8 AM this morning and makes a helpful trine to Chiron, encouraging more productive communication than we may have found yesterday. While we may still have a very determined sense of independence and self-sufficiency, we find more space to feel compassion for the plight of others. The overriding lesson today is to allow for discipline, that is, either practice discipline or expect that the Universe will discipline us. While there may be some temptation to over-optimism or extravagance, we will recognize very quickly that such indulgence will only lead to disappointment. This is no time for brash, self-serving independence. Rather, an attitude of humility and compassion will serve to keep us on track and provide surprising rewards.

Wednesday May 02, 2018

Mercury is emerging from the shadow of the last retrograde period today. We may feel a sense of freedom and relief. However, we should be wary of temptations and avoid being led astray by curiosity that takes us off course and away from previous plans and guidelines that are already in place. We may find that our judgement is somewhat lacking today and our restlessness and curiosity is at odds with the importance of 'following the plan'. While we don't need to quell our creative independence, it is quite important that we put 'first things first' and stay put, in our own 'corner of the world' instead of allowing our restlessness to tempt us to go exploring 'parts unknown'.

Thursday May 03, 2018

Freedom and independence — potentially extravagance — takes over from any concerns over caution, discipline, or previously laid plans today. There may even be some temptation to defend our independence with violence of some kind. However, by the time the Moon arrives in Capricorn, we could begin to feel a bit misunderstood or otherwise disappointed by the fruits of our independent activity if we have not managed to incorporate some elements of responsibility and discipline. On the other hand, we may recognize rewards coming directly from past work or experience. With at least a bit of responsibility, today offers us the promise of a fair payment for responsible efforts.

Friday May 04, 2018

There is a great deal of idealistic 'hopefulness' in today's atmosphere that requires balanced follow-through in order to make our hopes manifest. We may find that we are trying to describe the indescribable. There may be some spiritual insights that are feeding our idealism but, with the proper discipline, our efforts could produce remarkable results. However, we aren't likely to encounter many obstacles or stumbling blocks that force us to deal with the over-optimism directly. Personal responsibility will be the key factor in how many of today's grand dreams and schemes actually become reality.

Saturday May 05, 2018

Activity heats up significantly today in a pressurized atmosphere. However, despite the pressure, many seem to remain detached or aloof, As a result, important details may be missed or we may realize too late that we have given up too much in order to stay out of the 'fray" and avoid engaging in the process. Many of us seem to be determined to follow our own unique path with restless self-sufficiency and little trust in the capability of others. It may be helpful to rely on friends who can expand our perspective and help us check our judgement. However, we need to calm the restlessness and find the willingness to listen to their input.