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Sun 02° Scorpio 22' 53"
Moon 26° Gemini 40' 32"
Mercury 14° Libra 05' 46"
Venus 19° Sagittarius 15' 52"
Mars 26° Libra 38' 57"
Ceres 11° Gemini 14' 58" 
Pallas 09° Pisces 39' 14" 
Juno 23° Sagittarius 24' 06"
Vesta 18° Scorpio 12' 45"
Jupiter 22° Aquarius 25' 13"
Saturn 07° Aquarius 03' 17"
Chiron 09° Aries 41' 39" 
Uranus 13° Taurus 12' 37" 
Neptune 20° Pisces 46' 14" 
Pluto 24° Capricorn 24' 07"
TrueNode 01° Gemini 56' 09"

The Daily Astrological Currents by Week

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This Daily Astrological Forecast is a bit different than most daily forecasts since it isn’t written for each individual Sun Sign. Rather, it is intended to be a bit like an Astrological Weather Report. To read more about this forecast, see this post

Weekly Summary: OCTOBER 17 - OCTOBER 23

"Any idiot can face a crisis - it's day to day living that wears you out."

— Anton Chekhov

The squares of the Sun and Mars to Pluto this week, along with Wednesday's Aries Full Moon (7:56 AM PDT 27° Aries/Libra) create a great deal of pressure. The push for change reaches into crisis territory. Both Mercury and Jupiter station direct, giving us some sense that the barriers to our progress are beginning to fall away. Mercury stations opposing Chiron, offering healing through honest acknowledgement of our individual pain. Jupiter stations in a trine to Mars encouraging us to express our beliefs with aggressive enthusiasm, despite the headwinds of opposing viewpoints. Nonetheless, we continue to be challenged by a lack of confidence and a lack of inner certainty. In truth, this period is offering powerful lessons that will ultimately offer deep confidence — but it's a process that can, at times, feel excruciatingly slow, discouraging, and even threatening to our overall well-being. We are learning to define our individuality through the challenges of interacting with others. This week's tension and conflict can provide us with important new insights even though we aren't going to see the kinds of tangible progress that we may believe must be accomplished, given the sense of crisis and imperative that we may feel this week. There continue to be important rewards for developing collaborative alliances and learning to methodically explore options for compromise through deeper understanding of our own beliefs and the beliefs of others. This week's crisis-driven atmosphere demands action. However, although we begin to see some barriers fall away this week, we are still struggling to find a sense of certainty that would actually allow for tangible progress. The tensions and struggles that we deal with this week are geared towards teaching us important lessons about how we manage our beliefs. By the end of the week, the Sun arrives in Scorpio and we begin to see the blending of discriminating strength and determined compromise but we are likely to struggle with the unfamiliarity of the new environment. We may be inclined to withdraw to a place of safety but some may be prone to simply escaping into fantasy. The challenge is to stay with the process and allow the uncertainty and tension to teach us profound new understanding that can help us heal troubling wounds. We will ultimately emerge from the tension with more clarity and confidence as well as beliefs that have been tempered through valuable interaction with others.

Sunday's Sun-Pluto square and Moon-Neptune conjunction promotes intense inspiration. However, we have little confidence to push our beliefs onto others. Our confidence seems further diminished on Monday when Mercury stations direct opposing Chiron. The Aries Moon provides energy but there are few productive outlets, leading to the potential for recklessness impulsiveness. Steady, methodical effort is well rewarded on Tuesday but we are still dealing with recklessness that may lead to hasty decisions that will need to be corrected. Balance is required on Wednesday under the Aries Full Moon. The crisis driven atmosphere seems to demand action but we remain stuck by a lack of true confidence. We need to be especially careful to avoid being goaded into unwise actions. Mars squares Pluto on Thursday, creating extreme pressure for change. We sense that the barriers to progress are beginning to come down but we are still hampered by a lack of confidence. The Sun's arrival in Scorpio on Friday gives us a feeling that changing is beginning to take hold but the atmosphere is uncertain and unsteady, keeping us on the fence a bit longer. We need to take extra time to consider on Saturday. We may feel inclined to withdraw to a place of safety but some would rather simply escape into fantasy.

Sunday October 17, 2021

The Sun's square to Pluto completes early this morning, followed by a quieting and inspirational Moon-Neptune conjunction. The intensity of our beliefs is heightened by Jupiter's direct station. We are looking for ways to share our ideas with others but we will likely get stuck if there is too much persuasion required. Despite today's intensity, we may not have the confidence to actually try to convince others or push an agenda very far. The Moon goes VOC this afternoon at 4:23 PM PDT, which further drains our confidence.

Monday October 18, 2021

Mercury stations direct this morning in a tight opposition to Chiron, which further challenges our confidence. We struggle to speak boldly and directly and any outbursts or impulsive actions are subject to reversal when we realize that we have taken a 'wrong turn'. We might expect today's Aries Moon to give us an extra boost of confidence but it doesn't really help here. What we do get is extra energy, which may only increase the tendency to make reckless or impulsive decisions. The crux of the challenge is seen when we try to bridge gaps and divides in understanding or beliefs. There may be a strong desire to bring people together in collaboration and compromise but it is extremely difficult to find a center where there can be a meeting of minds.

Tuesday October 19, 2021

The need for caution and careful consideration reaches a peak today. There is significant potential for self-indulgence, recklessness, and hasty decisions that require an eventual turn around. On the other hand, there is incredible support for perseverance and steady, methodical effort. Tomorrow morning's Aries Full Moon (7;56 AM PDT 27° Aries/Libra) signals the culmination of a long and sometimes frustrating period of 'thoughtful consideration' where finding definitive answers or solutions has seemed nearly impossible. We are increasingly vulnerable to seeing the actions (or inaction) of others as the element that is slowing our progress. Such recrimination only blinds us to the positive solutions that we are seeking. By taking extra time to carefully consider our options, we can make much better use of the current environment.

Wednesday October 20, 2021

This morning's Aries Full Moon (7:56 AM PDT 27° Aries/Libra) requires extraordinary balance. As Mars is approaches a square to Pluto, the Full Moon carries the light into a square to Pluto from the opposite Cardinal sign of Aries. Energy and strong imperatives may easily produce a crisis-driven atmosphere that seems to remain excruciatingly stalled by indecision and the continuing need for further consideration. Although the pressure seems to be extreme, we should be very careful not to be goaded into unwise actions of any kind. The need to bridge differing ideas, insights, and understanding continues to be the main lesson we are required to learn. Especially in this high-pressure, high stakes environment, we should be aware of the need to take as much time as is necessary to be clear on the ramifications and long term effects of the decisions we are trying to make.

Thursday October 21, 2021

The pressure of today's Mars-Pluto square creates extreme pressure for change. We are required to learn important lessons about our individual capacity to initiate change but also our need to work closely with those around us — which requires compromise. Today's lessons are powerful and may seem extremely difficult. The stakes are high and our confidence may have been severely challenged by the number of slowdowns, wrong turns, and seemingly poor choices of the past few weeks. Nonetheless, the potential for success is inherent in today's challenges through maintaining deep sincerity and a dedication too truth. In essence, today is a day to 'take the bull by the horns, work through our fears, and finally take direct action.

Friday October 22, 2021

There is a great deal of uncertainty in today's environment. We finally feel the 'wheels of change' begin to turn today. However, we may be rather hesitant to start 'rocking the boat'. There are a number of factors that suggest that we won't make the kind of progress we may be hoping for. The Moon goes VOC this afternoon at 1:34 PM PDT and won't arrive in Gemini until just after midnight. The Sun arrives in Scorpio this evening, which will definitely help us to set aside some of the pervading uncertainty and indecision that we have been dealing with. However, from today's vantage point, we can't see exactly how the changes will play out — keeping us on the fence for a bit longer.

Saturday October 23, 2021

Today is more of a process day, rather than a day for actual progress. We need to take time to make new assessments, based on the new view that we have from today's vantage point. The importance and value of collaboration is extremely significant here. Discriminating strength and determined compromise blend today but we may have some difficulty orienting ourselves to this new environment. We may find ourselves looking for more than just a 'new perspective'. There is some tendency to withdraw to a place of safety but we may be prone to escaping through fantasy, dreaming up 'grand schemes' rather than focusing on the raw materials we have in front of us. Our confidence remains unsteady even though the barriers to our progress are actually finally beginning to fall away.

Today is Monday October 25, 2021

Weekly Summary: OCTOBER 24 - OCTOBER 30

" I used to pray for answers, but now I'm praying for strength. I used to believe that prayer changes things, but now I know that prayer changes us and we change things."

— Mother Teresa

Last week's pressure and intensity dissipates this week. We find important opportunities to stabilize our confidence and turn our attention to new planning. Our progress may feel halting or unsteady at times as we deal with occasional waves of suspicion, overconfidence, or unrealistic idealism. Essentially, what is required this week is moderation that will help us to stay on track to solidify our positions, realign our beliefs with the facts on the ground, and shore up our alliances. The dissipation of pressure may leave room for us to individually push too hard. Alternatively, we may find ourselves tempted to take the 'line of least resistance' after becoming disillusioned when the pace of progress is not quick enough to suit us. Under this week's waning Moon, we should not expect to make extraordinary progress beyond regaining our balance and developing or refining our 'plan of action'. The protectiveness that we feel at the beginning of the week encourages us withdraw to a safe place in order to nurture our creativity but we need to be aware of the need to keep lines of communications open and continue to explore opportunities for collaboration. The overarching influence of this year is the Saturn-Uranus square which continues to slow us down enough to verify the solidity of our foundation before we make tangible changes. The third and final exact square won't occur until December 24th 2021. With Saturn now direct, that final interaction is now directly in front of us. We are beginning to solidify our positions and stabilize our long term goals. By the end of this week, Mars arrives in determined and persistent Scorpio, where it is especially strong — producing something like a Bulldozer effect. Under this waning lunar cycle, the decks are cleared and any unimportant debris is washed away. We may be prone to some bouts of stubbornness that does not allow for compromise. We may also be tempted to make unnecessary sacrifices in order to try to make progress towards our ultimate goals. The need for balance and moderation will remain crucial, especially as we head into next Thursday's Scorpio New Moon (214 PM PDT 12° Scorpio), which opposes Uranus — a harbinger of dramatic, surprising, and sudden shifts. This week provides us the opportunity to stabilize ourselves ahead of that new round of surprising developments.

Sensitivity breeds protectiveness on Sunday. There is some tendency to see only negative potential, holding us back from productive planning. Our wheels may spin a bit during the early part of the day on Monday but our confidence is eventually restored if we can stay focused. We need to use the stubborn holding power of Tuesday's atmosphere to stand our ground with quiet stability. We shouldn't discount our individual capacity. Patience and experience pay off on Wednesday. Exposure is sudden and disorderly so we need to stay balanced and alert. Thursday offers energy, encouragement, and clarity. A strong sense of independence encourages us to 'cut our own path'. We may find ourselves becoming a bit regimented in our approach on Friday. Overconfidence and unrealistic expectations need to be moderated to keep us from pushing too hard. Mars arrives in Scorpio on Saturday, bringing confidence and certainty. We need to be sure that our certainty is tempered by an honest assessment of the 'facts on the ground'.

Sunday October 24, 2021

Inner sensitivity is high today, creating a great deal of protectiveness and a desire to withdraw. We are emerging from quite a pressure cooker atmosphere that tends to make everything seem more serious and complicated than it needs to be. We seem to be looking for a safe place to nurture our creativity but we also need some kind of interaction to help us stay on track. A tendency to see only negative potential may create suspicion and hold us back from productive planning or successful collaboration. The challenge here, is really to find a way to orient ourselves to reality and recognize our individual worth in whatever situation that we find ourselves. Clouding the issue with too many 'what ifs' will only keep us spinning our wheels.

Monday October 25, 2021

The Moon's trine to Mars this morning may stir a great deal of self-confidence but information is quickly muddled as the Moon goes VOC until this afternoon at 1:59 PM. Although the early part of the day may have us 'spinning our wheels', with the Moon's arrival in Cancer we gain some traction this afternoon that helps us to turn 'stumbling blocks into stepping stones'. Essentially, we need to keep our minds on what we ultimately want and solidify our plans. There are temptations here that may briefly take us off course. Disillusionment is probably the most significant temptation but by staying 'in the driver's seat' we will find our way through and see our confidence restored by the end of the day.

Tuesday October 26, 2021

There are important opportunities to stabilize our overall outlook here. Last week's 'pressure cooker' may have taken quite a toll but we have the chance to consolidate our gains and cut our losses today. While we should guard against overreach, there is a great deal of potential that we should not ignore. The tendency may be to avoid making too many firm decisions. We may be inclined to try to take the 'line of least resistance'. However, we should not discount our individual capacity. We can use today's stubborn, holding power to stand our ground with quiet stability. The waning Moon's influence will wash away any unimportant debris and clear the decks but we don't need to be too quick to abandon our vision.

Wednesday October 27, 2021

Patience and experience pay off today in surprising and even mysterious ways. Today's atmosphere is activating and may even seem to bring back some of last week's pressure. However, we have more information or seem to instinctively understand how to make the most of the energy and activity. Stability and reliability are crucial but seem hard to maintain. We need to somehow 'thread the needle' or apply just the right amount of pressure in order to make the necessary adjustments. The lack of control may seem quite threatening until we find just the right moment to step in and 'take the reigns'. Exposure is sudden and disorderly so we need to stay balanced and alert.

Thursday October 28, 2021

Venus sextiles Jupiter today, offering a great deal of energy, encouragement, and clarity. We seem to finally get some sense of confidence in the new environment that we have been exploring since Mercury and Jupiter turned direct last week. Our beliefs seem to have been stabilized and resolved into a plan of action. We find a sense of direction and inner certainty that feels more secure than it has in quite some time. Of course, under a waning Moon, today's confidence may not be anything permanent but by finally having our bearings and a sense of confidence to move ahead. We have the chance to make some real, tangible progress. There is a strong sense of independence here, encouraging us to 'cut our own path', take risks, and may even require some trial and error. Whether we are right or wrong about our path will have to be determined later

Friday October 29, 2021

Venus is approaching Juno, while still carrying the light from yesterday's Venus-Jupiter sextile. In essence, we are prone to becoming a bit regimented today in terms of our beliefs and our interactions with others. While we would very much like to lock in our plans and goals for the long term, we aren't quite ready to do that yet. We may feel that others are standing in our way or, alternatively, we may be prone to over confidence, mistakenly believing that we already have our ducks in a row. The Leo Moon has our ego on the line and encourages some boldness and bombast. The key here is moderation that will help keep us from pushing too hard or pushing away key allies when compromise is needed.

Saturday October 30, 2021

The Moon is VOC this morning until 11:09 AM PDT. Once the Moon arrives in Virgo, a sextile to Mars, newly arrived in Scorpio, brings a return of confidence. Mars in Scorpio allows far more determination and persistence than has been available with Mars in Libra. The challenge we face today is recognizing that our confidence and certainty must be tempered with that 'facts on the ground'. We may be prone to stubbornness that does not allow for compromise or, alternatively, we may begin to believe that we need to make unnecessary sacrifices in order to achieve our ultimate goals. Our need for balance will remain crucial as we head toward next Thursday's Scorpio New Moon (214 PM PDT 12° Scorpio).

Weekly Summary: OCTOBER 31 - NOVEMBER 6

"There is nothing makes a man suspect much, more than to know little, and therefore men should remedy suspicion by procuring to know more, and not keep their suspicions in smother."

— Francis Bacon

This Thursday's Scorpio New Moon (2:14 PM PDT 12° Scorpio) and the subsequent shifts of Mercury into Scorpio and Venus into Capricorn bring a strong demand to deepen the understanding of our individual perspective and how it affects our relationships to others. The shift of Venus into Capricorn is particularly significant because Venus will remain in Capricorn until March 5th of next year due to a powerful retrograde period from December 24th until January 28th. Venus is not comfortable in Capricorn, where the desire for comfort is challenged by cold restrictions and practicality. The retrograde Venus period is likely to be especially challenging if we refuse to let go of unrealistic expectations. The Scorpio New Moon and Mercury's arrival in Scorpio, encourages us to open the doors to honest communication that gets us down to the bedrock of our conflicts, disagreements, or challenges with others and will help us prepare for the retrograde Venus. The New Moon's opposition to Uranus signals a tendency for us to point to others as the cause of the restrictions, obstacles, and challenges that we face — instead of looking within to find the contradictions and conflicting motivations of our own positions. However, Uranus also offers creative, innovative, and inventive new solutions when we are willing to tell the truth. Ultimately, the biggest challenge that we face is defensiveness and suspicion. The Scorpio influences seem to encourage us to hold our cards 'close to the vest' but often, our inclination to keep our beliefs obscured or unexamined is because we aren't completely confident of the validity of those beliefs. We need to maintain our individual balance and find enough flexibility to allow for creative 'third way' solutions where everyone wins in some way or another. The early part of the week, under the waning Moon, may bring some difficult pitfalls and a tendency to overly idealistic aspirations which are not really informed by the realty of the 'facts on the ground'. There is significant uncertainty and some of our meandering thoughts don't give us the confident sense of direction that we are trying to manifest.

Optimism smooths over the rough edges on Sunday. We find support to take stock and survey the landscape. Rattled nerves predominate Monday's atmosphere. Emotions are bottled up and sharp tongues may lead to hurt feelings. There are tempting distractions on Tuesday. There may be a sense that there are things going on behind the scenes, leading to suspicion and mistrust. We're increasingly prone to blaming other for any restrictions we feel on Wednesday. Thursday's Scorpio New Moon may bring surprises or erratic behavior. There is a need for flexibility that is difficult to manifest. We're drawn off-balance if we feel compelled to go on defense. It isn't easy to respond meaningfully to the significant shifts that occur on Friday. However, the evening offers some room to explore the new environment. Saturday offers comfortable conversation and easier and more productive compromise. Making the effort to maintain two way communication will bear fruit in surprisingly productive and creative ways.

Sunday October 31, 2021

Mercury's trine to Jupiter provides a great deal of optimism to smooth over any 'rough edges' in today's atmosphere. A philosophical approach and a large measure of freedom keeps us energized — if not completely focused. Over-activity will produce a tendency to indecision and vacillation. Even though the atmosphere feels free-flowing, we should guard against a lack of caution. Recklessness can lead to ruin. In this atmosphere, high aspirations may only lead to disappointment. We should remember that, under the waning Moon, there is not a great deal of support for bold new initiatives that spring from our optimism and philosophical 'mood'. This is simply a good day to take stock and 'survey the landscape'.

Monday November 01, 2021

The Moon goes VOC this morning at 10:00 AM PDT following an unsteady, chaotic square to Venus. Nerves may stay rattled until the Moon arrives in Libra at 4:12 PM PDT and we finally find room to try to regain our balance. The more that we can do to stay calm and balanced, the better prepared we will be for Thursday's Scorpio New Moon (2:14 PM PDT 12° Scorpio), which will undoubtedly bring surprising new twists that may further jar our nerves. Mercury is moving into a 'testy' square to Pluto today, leading to some potential for careless, thoughtless, or cruel commentary — which is most definitely not helpful. We will need to be especially careful to avoid beginning to see others as the obstacles to our progress.

Tuesday November 02, 2021

There is increasing potential for jealousy and suspicion to cloud our vision in today's atmosphere. The distractions are certainly manageable but we should not take our sense of balance for granted. If we can avoid wasting energy on vague or trivial insecurities and uncertainty, there are important opportunities to make 'stepping stones out of stumbling blocks' today. Possibly much of the potential for suspicion comes from the somewhat secretive atmosphere that prevails today. Many of us seem to feel more comfortable 'keeping our cards close to the vest', declining to give up much clear information — possible because we just aren't really sure enough about what that information means. We'll do better to allow for the uncertainty or 'meandering' to run it's course naturally, rather than try to read too much into what 'might' be going on behind the scenes.

Wednesday November 03, 2021

We seem to at least feel as though we have a better overview today than we could understand yesterday. The Moon's arrival in Scorpio late this afternoon (following a brief VOC period from 3:32 PM PDT until 5:53 PM PDT) sets up tomorrow's Scorpio New Moon (2:14 PM PDT 12° Scorpio). The Sun is already nearly opposed to Uranus and the temptation to blame others for any restrictions is already beginning to suggest some impulsiveness and erratic behavior. Nonetheless, there is plenty of room to learn from any mistakes we make today, ahead of tomorrow's shift in our focus.

Thursday November 04, 2021

The unpredictable nature of today's Scorpio New Moon (2:14 PM PDT 12° Scorpio) will play out over the course of the entire 4 week lunar cycle. Nonetheless, we are bound to see some surprising shifts today, possibly from past, behind the scenes activity. However, innovation and inventiveness are also major factors in how well we are able to make use of the energies at play here. The New Moon's loose square to Saturn and general fixed sign emphasis seems to stall or stifle the overall need for flexibility — a key factor in any innovative advancement. We need both flexibility and a clear, stable, personal sense of direction that is unwavering in the face of challenges. If we find ourselves becoming defensive, we should step back and re-balance before succumbing to a temptation to blindly lash out.

Friday November 05, 2021

The Moon, Venus, and Mercury all change signs today, signaling a significant shift in the focus of our attention. Venus moves into Capricorn early this morning. Venus will remain in Capricorn until March 5th of next year due to a retrograde period from December 24th until January 28th. Glamorous Venus feels restricted in Capricorn but this period can help to facilitate responsibility and respect in our interactions with others. Mercury's arrival in Scorpio signals increased effort to understand more deeply. Superficial explanations are unsatisfying. The Moon is VOC in Scorpio for most of the day today, restricting our ability to respond meaningfully to the changes in the environment and keeping our emotions somewhat 'bottled up'. However, the Moon's arrival in Sagittarius at 5:52 PM PDT opens the doors, allowing us to begin to explore this new environment.

Saturday November 06, 2021

Mercury's sextile to Venus today, following the shift in signs by both planets, offers an atmosphere of comfortable conversation. Compromise seems easier and more productive. Of course, we should not give up on our own perspective or abandon our position in favor of peace and harmony. Rather, we can use the increased creative potential of this atmosphere to find exciting 'third ways' where everyone wins. The worst thing we can do here is lose the courage of our own convictions. We may believe it is easier to attach ourselves to someone else's perspective than to articulate what it is we think and see — a big mistake! Making the effort to establish communication on a 'two way basis' will bear fruit today in surprisingly productive and creative ways. This is the way that we can make the most of the promise of this week's innovative Scorpio New Moon.