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Sun 03° Aries 21' 33"
Moon 17° Scorpio 01' 58"
Mercury 16° Pisces 59' 52" 
Venus 26° Aquarius 58' 14"
Mars 25° Taurus 23' 07"
Ceres 13° Sagittarius 27' 53"
Pallas 24° Libra 50' 56" 
Juno 17° Gemini 01' 21"
Vesta 25° Pisces 01' 36"
Jupiter 23° Sagittarius 52' 43"
Saturn 19° Capricorn 26' 08"
Chiron 01° Aries 56' 14"
Uranus 00° Taurus 52' 27"
Neptune 16° Pisces 48' 36"
Pluto 22° Capricorn 54' 35"
TrueNode 23° Cancer 58' 20" 

The Daily Astrological Currents by Week

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This Daily Astrological Forecast is a bit different than most daily forecasts since it isn’t written for each individual Sun Sign. Rather, it is intended to be a bit like an Astrological Weather Report. To read more about this forecast, see this post

Weekly Summary: MARCH 17 - MARCH 23

"A revolution is not a bed of roses. A revolution is a struggle between the future and the past."

— Fidel Castro

The Piscean fog from the retrograde Mercury in Pisces continues to have us either inspired or confused through the week. Even the Spring Equinox, Libra-Aries Full Moon (6:42 PM PDT 0° Libra/Aries) on Wednesday isn't enough to clear the fog and give us the fresh start that we are prone to look for as Spring Arrives. Inspiration and creativity continue to give us clues to follow, perhaps sometimes simply distracting us from the urge to move forward that we begin to feel once the Sun arrives in Aries. There are vague and unformed feelings of mission and imperative as we reach Wednesday's Full Moon. However, the focus continues to be on jettisoning the baggage of our past and leaving behind the successes and failures of our past in order to make room for the New Beginning that we may sense is just around the corner. Rather than trying to 'push the river' towards the grand schemes we envision, we need to allow the river to carry away the dead weight of outmoded emotional response and wash away the Blind Spots that are holding us back. In essence, we need to let go of who we think we need to be, in order to come to the place where we can discover who we really are.

Sunday's Leo Moon helps us to channel our intuition into creative pursuits and generous displays of affection. Many things seem to fall into place spontaneously. The Moon goes VOC on Monday and our progress seems to slow. We may begin to find that our egos are overly invested in keeping the show going and making tangible progress. There is a helpful Grand Earth Trine forming much of the day on Tuesday, along with a strong sense of 'mission'. The atmosphere seems to be more active which creates extra excitement. However, Wednesday's Full Moon doesn't quite deliver the level of progress we may be hoping for. We may begin to believe that other people are the reason for our lack of progress. By Thursday, we may be tempted to help others overcome their obstacles in order to get them moving — and out of our way. However, even though the Sun's arrival in Aries has created a desire to take some kind of initiative, another VOC Moon on Friday keeps us slowed down and stymied. The powerful determination that surfaces on Saturday may lead us to greater spiritual awareness through better understanding of acceptance. However, we may also find that our ego-centered determination to effect tangible change is creating intense frustration.

Sunday March 17, 2019

Doors to new creative opportunities open today. Previously laid plans begin to fall into place in surprising ways without much clear indication of how our efforts have contributed to the progress. The more work we have done to clear away past baggage and debris from our past, the more opportunities we will find here. Any effort we have made to visualize our personal transformation begins to bear fruit, grounding our creativity with powerful connections to our past experiences. We are still operating in an atmosphere dominated by strong but rather fuzzy Neptunian intuition. Today's Leo Moon channels that intuition into creative pursuits and generous displays of affection.

Monday March 18, 2019

The Moon is VOC for much of the day today, from 8:18 AM PDT until 6:41 PM PDT. We may find that we have lost touch with yesterday's vision and inspiration but the concerns are likely to be transitory. New information is questionable so we shouldn't spend too much time trying to verify or follow up on today's leads until we have a more complete picture. In general, simply enjoying amiable company without taking too much seriously — or personally — is the best approach today. Once the Moon arrives in Virgo this evening, our minds and creativity are quickened by the Moon's trine to Uranus.

Tuesday March 19, 2019

We feel a strong sense of mission and imperative today as we we approach tomorrow's Full Moon — another in a series of Cusp Full Moons that produce striking shifts. We are highly motivated to effect changes and the increasing energy levels will keep us activated through most of the week. Fortunately, the Grand Earth Trine helps us to approach the increasingly activated atmosphere with extra grounding. Nonetheless, we are still operating under a fuzzy retrograde Mercury in Pisces, which has nearly returned to conjunct Neptune. Visionary inspiration feeds the increasingly active atmosphere but we need to be very deliberate and methodical, double-checking every step we take.

Wednesday March 20, 2019

The Sun arrives in Aries today, marking the Spring Equinox. Today's Cusp Full Moon (6:42 PM PDT 0° Libra/Aries) brings heightened activity and a sense that we are on the precipice of a New Beginning. However, there is a nagging desire for perfection and, on some level, an acknowledgement that we are not on our own — we need to bring others along with us as we set off on our New Beginning. In other words, we will not initially find the sense of freedom that we may believe a New Beginning should offer. The process underway under the retrograde Mercury continues to guide us towards reexamining our past. Our focus continues to be drawn backwards rather than forward. As we continue to release our past, we will make room for the New Beginning that we're looking for.

Thursday March 21, 2019

Today's struggles involve the continuing desire to make a fresh start when there are still elements of the past to be dispatched. Although expansion is intensely desired, we must balance that desire with a steady and methodical examination of our past. There may be significant sacrifice required, letting go of some highly cherished possession or goal, in order to move further towards a new beginning. Jealousy and suspicion may hinder our vision significantly here. Alternatively, we may find ourselves generously trying to help others, assuming that by moving them along, they will get out of our way. However, we are in a period where the simple rule that 'time takes time' applies. There is little we can do right now to 'push the river'.

Friday March 22, 2019

The Moon is VOC for much of the day today, from 11:10 AM PDT until 7:16 PM PDT. The urge to take the initiative may seem inescapable - even unavoidable. The amiability of others may seem to be giving us an opening to forge ahead. However, agreements are tenuous here and subject to renegotiation. What is available today is a promising move towards spiritual awakening and the dawning realization that everything is moving at exactly the pace it is supposed to. We may need to acknowledge that our sense of progress is wrapped up in establishing our egos. If we do, we may begin to understand that what seems to be slow progress is not actually all about us!

Saturday March 23, 2019

We may find greater understanding of spiritual determination today in a willingness to accept all things exactly as they are. On the other hand, there may be a stoical determination to effect change, suggesting a lack of acceptance where only passive resistance will offer any satisfaction at all. This is a highly unstable atmosphere where explosiveness may seem to come out of nowhere. Some may find themselves indulging in the dreamy, visionary Mercury-Neptune conjunction - happy enough to just find interesting shapes in the clouds. However, others may struggle to enhance the standing of our egos, going to extremes to do battle, in pursuit only of the glory of the fight. Caution and intuitive awareness will save us a great deal of struggle today if we can stay focused on acceptance.

Today is Sunday March 24, 2019

Weekly Summary: MARCH 24 - MARCH 30

"Everything from the little house was in the wagon, except the beds and tables and chairs. They did not need to take these, because Pa could always make new ones."

— Laura Ingalls Wilder

Mercury returns to conjunct Neptune this week. The strength and duration of the conjunction is intensified by Mercury's station and turnaround before resuming direct motion on Thursday. The intellectual fog bank is thick, producing significant confusion but also offering the potential for powerful inspiration. Our mission over the past few weeks under the retrograde Mercury has been to review our past and jettison the baggage that has weighed us down. Once we have processed our past, we can prepare for a new beginning. Last week's Spring Equinox was muted by the strong Neptunian influence and the retrograde Mercury. We continue to find shadowy and confusing distractions this week that keep us from making the fresh start that we are looking for. Family and community connections are extremely important here. However, we may discover new blind spots from our reliance on these connections. There are significant vulnerabilities to any rhetoric which is intended to 'divide and conquer' — tempting us to separate ourselves from others. We may be dealing with vague suspicions or unrealistic expectations, leaving us with less faith in those who we rely on for support. In fact, these suspicions and expectations are likely to be symptoms of any remaining blind spots that we need to deal with before we can gain the necessary perspective to begin to chart a new course forward.

Sunday's confusion is particularly disorienting. The Scorpio Moon has us trying look deep into the abyss, plumbing the depths of understanding but possibly only discovering shadowy suspicion. We'll do better focusing on family and community connections on Monday. Self-interested pursuits are likely to keep us disconnected, distracted and highly vulnerable to deception. Venus arrives in Pisces on Tuesday, softening suspicion a bit and promoting more compassionate responses. It is important to seek ways to connect our vague ideas and inspiration with concrete meaning. The Spring energy finally begins to be released on Wednesday but we need to continue to unwind unrealistic expectations of others, while also cultivating connection and communication. Mercury turns direct on Thursday but it's clear we don't yet have all the tools we need to truly make a fresh start. There is increased self-confidence on Friday but also increased sensitivity to failure or being rebuffed. By Saturday, our self-confidence may have gotten us into a bit of trouble. We need to stay objective and quickly admit any mistakes we've made. Mars arrives in Gemini on Saturday night, opening doors of communication so that we can begin to blow away the fog bank that we've been living in this month.

Sunday March 24, 2019

We may feel as though we've reached the bedrock of understanding today. On the other hand, we may have the feeling that we're stuck in some strange sort of suspended animation after falling into what seemed like a bottomless pit of confusion. Mercury has begun to station in conjunction with Neptune. Whether there is inspiration or confusion, the overall effect is likely to seem quite overwhelming or disorienting. Today's fixed T-Square, set off by the Moon in Scorpio keeps us focused on plumbing the depths of understanding. However, suspicion may come along with any confusion. The depth of our connections to others, particularly family and community connections, will help soften any such suspicions. The Moon is VOC this evening from 7:23 PM PDT until 11:05 PM PDT.

Monday March 25, 2019

Family and community group connections are important to finding the rewards that are offered today. However, we may find ourselves dealing with a myriad of distractions which keep us focused on self-interest and suspicion. The more ways that we can faithfully focus on our connections to others and the importance of group effort, the less trouble we will face from shadowy and unreliable concerns over our fair share. This appears to create a classic 'divide and conquer' vulnerability under which divisive rhetoric is used to keep people from recognizing their common interests. This is where a basic awareness of our personal and common history becomes crucial to combating divisive rhetoric.

Tuesday March 26, 2019

Venus arrives in compassionate Pisces this afternoon, helping to soften any divisiveness or suspicion. However, there is also increased fog — intellectual confusion that may produce either over-optimism or a heavy, 'glass half-empty' pessimism that is especially difficult to navigate. Ultimately, today offers us the choice between wallowing in unrealistic perspectives or making an aware and determined effort to build on the kernel of inspiration provided by our newly revitalized historical perspective marked by Mercury's station to go direct. We need to take tangible, methodical steps that serve to give vague and indefinite ideas and inspiration some kind of concrete meaning. In other words, we need to make a conscious decision to clarify no matter where that might lead us.

Wednesday March 27, 2019

Today's Capricorn Moon provides extra determination to seek clarification and remove elements of suspicion and divisiveness that are weighing us down. Mercury has reached dead stop and turns direct tomorrow — let the unwinding begin. Whatever discoveries we have made regarding our past — our history — can now begin to serve us moving forward. Spring energy finally begins to be released in an atmosphere that will provide increasing clarity and revelation. Today begins that process. We will need to continue to rely on our connections to others in our family and close community. We will continue to unwind our expectations within those connections and continue to identify blind spots that keep us from clearly recognizing both the value and limitations of those connections.

Thursday March 28, 2019

While we may find some intriguing clues today, there is also some sense that we just can't see enough to move forward. Mercury turns direct today but will take some time before we get much help 'getting up to speed'. Our intuition is whispering that we are on a path of initiation — we may feel that we're ready to chart a new course. Nonetheless, we can't really find the tools we need. This may lead to a vague sense of pessimism, indicating that we can't stay in touch with any sort of overriding inspiration. Essentially, today is a process day, where tangible results may be elusive. We will need to stay open to the process in order to take full advantage of the increasing self-confidence we are likely to find tomorrow.

Friday March 29, 2019

Today's increased self-confidence helps us find encouragement to finally embrace a new season and a new environment. We find increased courage to move forward but we are also intensely sensitive — surprisingly so — when we are rebuffed or sense imminent failure. Even so, we should remember that vulnerability provides opportunity for creativity. We may find ourselves tempted to withdraw to a safe 'dream world' or respond to any negativity with increased recklessness. In essence, today offers us the chance to spread our new wings and show off our individuality following the jettisoning of baggage as inspired by the retrograde Mercury. However, we should approach our flight on these new wings as a test flight, not a transatlantic odyssey. Stay close to the ground.

Saturday March 30, 2019

Whatever self-confidence that has carried over from yesterday tends to get us into some trouble today, rather than show off the kind of leadership and initiative we'd intended to display. There is an increased tendency to go 'all in' on some questionable bets or 'go down with the ship' rather than admit that we've taken the wrong course. Objectivity is extremely important in this atmosphere but probably hard to come by. We may also realize that those we have depended on too heavily have either cracked under pressure or were never really all that reliable. Nonetheless, Mars arrives in flighty but intuitive Gemini tonight and, ruling the Aries Sun, will open up doors of communication and begin to lead us out of the fog bank we've been in all month.

Weekly Summary: MARCH 31 - APRIL 6

"The fog comes on little cat feet. It sits looking over harbor and city on silent haunches and then moves on."

— Carl Sandburg

We begin the week in the thick fog of Mercury's extended, stationary conjunction with Neptune. At least there is a rather amiable, sociable atmosphere that helps to sooth any of last week's suspicions. We also seem to have reduced our expectations — acceptance is easier to come by. However, Pluto and the South Node conjunct this week, which may produce any number of destabilizing or debilitating developments regarding governments and/or large corporations. On the personal level, we may find ourselves preoccupied by status and position. How we appear to others draws an inordinate amount of our focus. There may also be issues surrounding loss that need to be processed some how. As Mercury begins to pick up some speed, we are likely to gain more awareness of what we have left behind under last month's retrograde review of our past — a process that may continue to bring up some confusing emotions. By Thursday, the Moon arrives in Aries ahead of Friday Morning's Aries New Moon 1:50 AM PDT 15° Aries). It may seem as though Exhaust Fans have been rolled in to begin clearing away last month's fog. The New Moon helps us to finally turn the corner towards a fresh start and a tangible new beginning. Friendship and loyalty take on new importance as we begin to look forward. Friday's high energy levels are stabilized and grounded on Saturday but we may continue to place undue importance on status and appearance. The more that we can embrace our own unique individuality, the more that we will find solid ground upon which we can make our fresh new beginning.

Sunday's thick layer of intellectual fog is made a bit rosier by the Moon's sextile to Jupiter. Sociable amiability continues into Monday but there may be some wide swings of passionate emotions. Pragmatic pessimism may be the only way that we can keep our emotions in check. Status consciousness begins to take hold. Mercury finally begins to move beyond Neptune by Tuesday. There may be feelings of loss to deal with as we begin to more clearly recognize elements of our past that we have set aside under the retrograde Mercury. We are still more focused on endings rather than beginnings on Wednesday. The Moon's overnight conjunction to Vesta and Chiron help us to allow some compassion and forgiveness into any sensitive feelings of loss. For some, spiritual awakenings may accompany restored intellectual clarity on Thursday. Most of us will recognize that the atmosphere has changed significantly. Energy and activity bursts forth on Friday and is stabilized and ground by Saturday's Taurus Moon. Despite continued distracting concerns over status and appearance, we can finally begin to embrace the promise of Spring and a new beginning.

Sunday March 31, 2019

The Moon goes VOC this afternoon at 1:27 PM PDT following a somewhat helpful sextile to Jupiter. Although we continue to deal with a significant amount of 'fuzzy logic' and 'foggy circumstances', the atmosphere is at least rather generous and fruitful. However, the transition to something approaching 'productivity' and 'clarity' is only just beginning. What seems to blind us most here is status consciousness. Tongues are quickening — even if our minds are not — so stay away from taking any off-handed comments or pessimistic disparagement too seriously.

Monday April 01, 2019

Generosity and an amiable social atmosphere continue to help us navigate through the fog today. Nonetheless, we may be prone to wide swings of passions and emotions. It isn't easy to hold the reigns and maintain some level of control. Too much control and we may find ourselves falling into a trap of pragmatic pessimism in an attempt to control unrealistic optimism. Status consciousness and over reliance on what others think about us is really the pitfall to be overcome. We may find ourselves looking to our past — especially past associations — only in terms of feeling loss, forgetting the challenges that we have overcome and the good times that we have shared. We are challenged to employ the concept of 'Principles before Personalities' as we prepare to to make a fresh start with a clean slate under Friday's early morning Aries New Moon (1:50 AM PDT 15° Aries).

Tuesday April 02, 2019

Friendship and the power of compassion come through today in extremely important ways. Although we may struggle to find determination or decisiveness, loyalty seems to be what is paramount. Mercury finally begins to pull away from the conjunction with Neptune today slowing down the 'fog machine'. In symbolic ways, the past begins to lose its hold on us. However, we are aware, perhaps painfully so, that our past connections with others are still very important. Something like 'shared history' and 'common experiences' become powerfully — albeit temporarily — crucial to our sense of purpose and mission. As the lunar cycle wanes, these emotional connections to others will dissipate or transform. However, they may seem all powerful today.

Wednesday April 03, 2019

The Moon is VOC for much of the day today, from 8:25 AM PDT until 7:56 PM PDT. However, the Moon is heading into a powerful conjunction with Vesta, just after it's arrival in Aries tonight. We are working on 'endings' today — possibly subconsciously. Tonight's Moon-Vesta conjunction and the overnight conjunction to Chiron ahead of Friday's New Moon, brings us to a point of rebirth and helps us to leave behind past baggage and transform our connections with others through compassion, forgiveness and understanding.

Thursday April 04, 2019

It is almost as if exhaust fans have been turned on high today, beginning to blow away the fog that has been surrounding us for most of last month's retrograde Mercury period. As the fog clears, we begin to recognize that our relationships to others have changed in ways both large and small. For some, today may represent an amazing spiritual awaking, while others will only recognize subtle changes — "Something's missing!" or "Did you change your hair?". Our judgement is sharp but there continues to be some fog or questionable analysis when we try to focus directly on the details. Rather, there are Big Picture changes taking shape and, under tomorrow morning's New Moon, such changes will begin to expand and grow with tremendous initiatory speed, strength, and power.

Friday April 05, 2019

Activity increases in intensity throughout the day today as we work on processing the enormous energy that is unleashed by the early morning Aries New Moon (1:50 AM PDT 15° Aries). In particular, mental energy is enhanced by the quickly clearing fog bank. However, there are some extremely vulnerable feelings lurking, especially regarding the effectiveness of our presentation. Status consciousness is particularly intense and some may feel extremely comfortable when they suddenly find themselves on display. The insecurity is likely to dissipate by the time the Moon reaches the trine to Jupiter around 7 PM PDT. We gain a surge of optimism and our sense of adventure is finally freed from any nagging concerns over appearances.

Saturday April 06, 2019

Today's Taurus Moon is powerfully stabilizing. We quickly find some grounding following yesterday's surge of energy. However, we also continue to seek approval, possibly looking for a way to emulate the characteristics we believe are desirable to others. The stakes are high in our need to make an impression. But without the requisite awareness of deeper truths, we are more likely to appear foolish. In essence, we are still feeling our way as we find our way out of last month's fog. Today's focus is on extending our influence in some way. We'll do better to embrace our own uniqueness, rather than trying to pretend we're something we're not.