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Sun 16° Gemini 59' 32"
Moon 06° Capricorn 29' 02"
Mercury 10° Cancer 20' 09"
Venus 11° Gemini 23' 19" 
Mars 16° Pisces 50' 40"
Ceres 10° Pisces 23' 53"
Pallas 29° Capricorn 27' 12" 
Juno 06° Libra 08' 31"
Vesta 01° Cancer 30' 33"
Jupiter 26° Capricorn 22' 09" 
Saturn 01° Aquarius 22' 36" 
Chiron 08° Aries 55' 48"
Uranus 08° Taurus 52' 12"
Neptune 20° Pisces 53' 29"
Pluto 24° Capricorn 35' 13" 
TrueNode 29° Gemini 05' 12"

The Daily Astrological Currents by Week

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This Daily Astrological Forecast is a bit different than most daily forecasts since it isn’t written for each individual Sun Sign. Rather, it is intended to be a bit like an Astrological Weather Report. To read more about this forecast, see this post

Weekly Summary: MAY 24 - MAY 30

"Adjust the tuning, try a new translation"

The week provides quite a mixed bag as we begin to seek the lessons of insight promised by last week's Gemini New Moon. The challenge is to balance practical approaches with overly idealistic dreams, impractical solutions, as well as the continuing desire for something exciting. Venus backs off a bit from the extra long square to Neptune and we may be hoping for more clarity than we actually get. Mars is approaching Neptune in Pisces, which has the potential to build unrealistic expectations. As Venus backs off the square to Neptune, it will square Mars and produce significant relationship disruptions which are wrapped tightly with the unrealistic expectations of the forming Mars-Neptune conjunction. Nonetheless, if we can maintain our balance as well as some degree of self-discipline, we can ease these challenges. Of course, our goals, dreams, and expectations are important and we don't need to block them off through some kind of enforced realism. However, they aren't likely to simply materialize in the blink of an eye. No matter what our dreams promise, we must always begin where we are — the essential element of any practical approach to moving towards our goals. Skills must be learned, obstacles removed, ground cleared. Ultimately, it is our own impatience with the process that is the biggest threat to our dreams — not external forces, circumstances, or other people. As well, we must first recognize and accept where we are right now — ignoring where we (or others) think we should be. Idealism and expectations have their place but we can't ignore 'the facts on the ground'. Perhaps the most important lesson that we can learn this week is that our frustrations, impatience, and disappointments are more about what is happening on the inside than about any external challenges or struggles. We may feel pressure from others without recognizing that it is, in fact, an indication of their insecurity rather than any significant judgment of our own effort

Energy is high on Sunday. We tend to focus on establishing some sense of security and protection — especially once the Moon arrives in Cancer late in the afternoon. Decisiveness feeds a holding power to maintain security on Monday. There is a growing awareness of what is real vs. what is illusion. We begin to see some additional options open up on Tuesday. Perspectives are expanding and something like a practical plan of action begins to develop. However, the challenges may seem daunting. Determination and 'grit' begin to show real results on Wednesday. New leadership skills are displayed. The Moon is VOC all day Thursday and Mercury enters moody Cancer. Patience with others is increasingly unsteady. Leadership takes a temporary 'hit'. There is a significant round of chaos on Friday and details seem quite hard to come by. Information is sporadic and lacks clarity. Self-discipline is key on Saturday. We will do well to review our plans and consider further options rather than be goaded into unwise actions.

Sunday May 24, 2020

The Moon is VOC until 4:08 PM PDT this afternoon following a lovely, early morning conjunction with Mercury and Venus. The Moon also passes Vesta and the North Node which keeps the Gemini Moon notably settled before arriving in cautious, security focused Cancer. The Mars-Uranus sextile boosts our energy levels but our focus is increasingly aimed towards protection and security, as well as some co-dependent concern over the struggles of others. In general, today offers us help to deepen our awareness of the need to establish a more secure foundation.

Monday May 25, 2020

There is a powerful holding power in today's atmosphere, along with growing awareness. The Cancer Moon places our focus directly on issues of security, with added decisiveness promoted by Mercury's conjunction with Vesta. Last Friday's New Moon (10:38 AM PDT 2° Gemini) encouraged our willingness to learn and today's lessons are all centered on determination and security. We may find, however, that we are a bit too focused on the situations of others, centering our concerns on what others are doing, instead of staying in our own lane. Nonetheless, our budding awareness is generally productive and expansive.

Tuesday May 26, 2020

Last week's restless impatience and search for excitement has slowly but surely morphed into something like a tangible 'plan of action' as the foggy confusion of the Venus-Neptune square begins to clear a bit. Awareness is building and expanding our perspectives, possibly allowing us to see multiple ways to move forward. However, this may be a case of "be careful what you wish for". The extra effort that is required today may seem especially arduous — more like an ordeal than an exciting adventure. Today's progress is likely to seem especially hard won. This is no time to rush the process, take shortcuts, or be goaded into unwise action. It is important to take extra time to consider our options and possibly even stand pat and wait for more clarity before making important commitments.

Wednesday May 27, 2020

We find a bit more 'grit' today, coupled with genuine compassion for the plight of others. This may lead to the expanded influence of some in leadership roles — rising stars gain more power. Intuitive insight helps us to balance opposing positions or dynamically manage demands that seem to pull us in opposing directions. Intellectual ability is also enhanced by Mercury's conjunction with the North Node — now in Gemini. Although there may be some early morning challenges, today is a day where we can truly 'rise to the challenge' and make powerful progress and even achieve some recognition for a 'job well done'.

Thursday May 28, 2020

The Moon goes VOC this morning, at 6:30 AM PDT and won't arrive in Virgo until tomorrow morning at 4:40 AM PDT. We may find that our leadership abilities flounder temporarily. Mercury arrives in moody Cancer later this morning (11:09 AM PDT) which could suddenly derail our messaging until we adjust our empathy and compassion levels enough to help others feel more secure. As Mars approaches an extremely confusing square to Venus (which will complete next week), our patience with others is increasingly unsteady. Even though we may feel significant confidence, we'll to better to tread very carefully today.

Friday May 29, 2020

The Moon's arrival in Virgo this morning ushers in a rather significant round of chaos and uncertainty. We're looking for new information to gather, new lessons to learn. However, our impatience quickly rises when we don't find enough detailed clarity. We may find that today even provides a 'breeding ground' for misinformation aimed squarely at manipulation. There are few reliable guidelines to follow. As we reach the 1st quarter of the current lunar phase this evening, we may need to take a few steps back, resisting any inclination (or encouragement) to act too quickly or make snap judgments. There are, in fact, insights to be gleaned today but the flow of information is sporadic and generally unreliable. The less we feel the need to blame anyone for the lack of clarity, the more comfortable we will be.

Saturday May 30, 2020

We struggle for most of the day to find a practical way forward but the the Moon's opposition to Neptune may have us looking towards 'castles in the sky'. Self-discipline is key here because there are, in fact, lessons to be learned and tasks to perform. However, the pull towards impractical ideas and tempting diversions could keep us distracted and sidelined. For the most part, the solution is to slow down and ignore external pressure. Internal rhythms are more reliable than what others are pressing for today and, in fact, offer powerful guidance. There may be more progress made by reviewing our plans and considering our options instead of trying to break new ground.

Today is Saturday June 06, 2020

Weekly Summary: MAY 31 - JUNE 6

"The one person who has more illusions than the dreamer is the man of action."

— Oscar Wilde

Mars in Pisces stirs up a great deal of confusion this week, making squares to the Sun and Venus while heading into next week's collision with Neptune. The freedom that Mars demands is hampered in the foggy atmosphere of Pisces. Compassion, responsible self-discipline, and patience are needed but disrupted by the restless curiosity of the Gemini Sun and Venus. There is a wealth of creativity in this environment. However, clarity and awareness may be hard to find. Our opportunities for creative breakthroughs require cooperation and collaboration but such connections are not easy to make. The patience required to make such connections are in short supply and our attempts at communication can easily become emotional and lead only to defensiveness and impatience. The Sagittarius Full Moon on Friday (12:12 PM PDT 15° Sagittarius/Gemini) brings the creative potential, chaos, and confusion to a crescendo. Sagittarius is a notably 'lucky' sign but also subject to over-optimism and unsustainable expansion. Our challenge is to make space for creative breakthroughs while honoring the past and maintaining responsible self-discipline. Ultimately, this week's Mars-Neptune emphasis offers the raw materials for making our dreams come true. But we need self-control, patience and clear vision. Otherwise, the interaction of Mars and Neptune, distracted and stirred up by the restless impatience of the Gemini Sun and retrograde Venus in Gemini, will result in dashed expectations and lost dreams.

The idealism in the atmosphere on Sunday keeps us stirred up most of the day. We should not forget our need for collaboration and cooperation. Charm and charisma may or may not work to support some questionable motivations on Monday. Tensions become more intense throughout the day. Low self-esteem and insecurity keep us at loose ends on Tuesday. There are few avenues for effective communication until the evening when the floodgates open and our emotions spill out. There are a wealth of creative breakthroughs on Wednesday but we may need extra awareness and vision in order to make sense of what is being presented. Otherwise, we may only see chaos and confusion. There's a bit of stabilization early on Thursday but, without some extra self-control, we may become distracted by unnecessary defensiveness. Compassion will help us to avoid becoming hostile or defensive. Friday's Full Moon brings the confusion to a peak and there is some potential for dashed expectations. However, a philosophical approach and self-discipline will help us to make the most of the creative opportunities. The more that we can trust the chaotic process, the more progress we will make. Aggression is prominent on Saturday but may only be seen as passive-aggression and some tendency to martyrdom.

Sunday May 31, 2020

The Moon is briefly VOC overnight, arriving in Libra at 7:37 AM PDT this morning. There are a number of confusing distractions in this rather idealistic atmosphere that may keep us off balance for much of the day. Emotions seem to dampen our intellectual excitement while intellectual solutions feel cold and distant. Impatience may keep us side-tracked if we ignore the basic issues. A methodical, deliberate approach is needed in order to stay focused and moving ahead. The value of collaboration and cooperation could easily get lost in this confusion but is what is most need in order to stay on track.

Monday June 01, 2020

The atmosphere continues to be rather stirred up and quite confusing. Charm and charisma may be employed to further some rather questionable agendas but, even here, the motivations are confusing and may be easily misunderstood or unfairly questioned. The tension and intensity seems to build all day as the Moon approaches a midnight square to Pluto. We continue to need the input and cooperation from others in order to keep the confusion tamped down. It is important to remember that 'cooperation' is not 'surrender'. The challenge is to maintain our unique identity without defensiveness that could potentially slip into martyrdom. In general, flexibility is likely to seem more comfortable than stubbornness.

Tuesday June 02, 2020

Another overnight VOC Moon may have us at loose ends until the Moon arrives in Scorpio at 9:05 AM PDT this morning. The Moon's square to Saturn, just before noon, may weaken our self-esteem, while today's Mars-Venus square keeps us chafing with impatience. There are few avenues for clear expression of our feelings until this evening's Moon-Mercury trine, allowing the floodgates to open, with some gentle needling from Chiron. Although this process may seem especially uncomfortable, there does seem to be some method to the madness we seem to be seeing (or feeling) from the Universe but it may take another few days to find any truly comforting clarity.

Wednesday June 03, 2020

There are breakthroughs today that may seem rather chaotic but provide a wealth of opportunity. Creativity is boosted by the Sun's conjunction to Venus and the Moon's trine to Neptune. However, to many of us, the whole creative 'thing' may very well seem haphazard, crazy, or incoherent. Today marks an amazing turn but it may take our awareness some time to catch up and recognize the value — and actual validity — of what initially may seem completely insane. Although today's ideas may appear to be dramatically unconventional, once these insights and opportunities are grasped and more fully understood, there is great potential for dramatic advancements.

Thursday June 04, 2020

The Moon is VOC until 10:16 AM PDT this morning. There is some helpful stabilization in the Moon's sextile to Saturn early this afternoon but the obvious need for self-discipline may end up being ignored in favor of defensiveness and quick responses. Tomorrow's Sagittarius Full Moon (12:12 PM PDT 15° Sagittarius-Gemini) is wrapped up with Venus, Mars, and Neptune, bringing this week's challenging interactions to a confusing and chaotic peak. Today sets the stage for tomorrow's showdown and possibly the exposure of some hidden hostility and defensiveness. However, awareness and self-discipline can definitely ease the process. The need for compassion — understanding the difficulties of others — is crucial to taming this atmosphere.

Friday June 05, 2020

Today's Sagittarius Full Moon (12:12 PM PDT 15° Sagittarius) offers tremendous creative potential but the chaos of the powerful mutable squares to Mars and Neptune in Pisces demands enormous faith — 'trust in the process'. In this atmosphere, that is no small challenge! As Mars approaches the conjunction with Neptune, bubbles begin to burst and inflated expectations are dashed. However, this Sagittarius Full Moon encourages a philosophical attitude and certainly rewards honest effort. Our ultimate challenge is to continue to exercise self-discipline and honor the past but at the same time use the vast creative potential here to break new ground and expand the boundaries of the past. Mercury enters the shadow phase of the next retrograde period (June 18th - July 12th) today. There is a real need to find some sense of stability in order for our best creative initiatives to flourish.

Saturday June 06, 2020

Aggression may seem to be the most obvious approach to processing yesterday's Sagittarius Full Moon (12:12 PM PDT 15° Sagittarius/Gemini) under today's Sun-Mars square. However, martian aggression is dampened in Pisces and may look more like passive-aggression. The Moon is VOC until just after noon (12:44 PM PDT), when it's arrival in Capricorn further restricts our approach. As Mars races towards next Saturday's collision with Neptune, we should remember that the Mars-Neptune exchange can provide the energy and determination to make our dreams come true but only with self-discipline, self-control, and clear vision. Without those elements, we are more likely to see our dreams and illusions evaporate and our expectations dashed.

Weekly Summary: JUNE 7 - JUNE 13

"If you can see your path laid out in front of you step by step, you know it's not your path. Your own path you make with every step you take. That's why it's your path."

— Joseph Campbell

The week culminates with a conjunction of Mars and Neptune following the Sun's square to both planets. The lack of clarity that we have been dealing with for much of this year reaches a new peak, while creative tension brings with it some significant frustration, impulsiveness, and aggression. The challenge, in this atmosphere, is to seek a broader range of perspectives and look for promising pieces of 'common ground'. The creativity in this environment can be enhanced with experimentation and a broad perspective. On the other hand, the idealistic, creative tension in this atmosphere may produce or expose hidden (or overt) hostility, extreme frustration, and intense disappointment. In general, mutable squares, such as this week's Gemini-Pisces squares, feel very chaotic. However, the chaotic process associated with mutable squares usually offers resolutions if we can 'stay with the process'. There are slowdowns this week, associated with the slowdown of Mercury, which will turn retrograde at the end of next week. The slowdowns may only exacerbate our frustration and impulsiveness. Nonetheless, through the chaos and slowdowns, we may very well find that — in the end — we have been guided to exactly where we need to be in order to find the sense of security that we need. Our creativity and idealism needs to be supported within a secure and safe environment. With enough awareness, we may actually recognize that we are being guided towards the 'safe place' we need to find in order to follow our creative vision to a remarkable completion.

Sunday's opportunities may be easily missed by chasing impractical distractions. There is a wealth of creative potential to be 'harvested'. It isn't easy to maintain any sort of control on Monday, under the VOC Moon. The evening brings a hemmed in feeling upon the Moon's arrival in Aquarius. It is important to look for other perspectives in order to expand our own. A broadened perspective is even more important on Tuesday. Frustration is especially debilitating. Impulsive aggression is stirred up by intense idealism. There is an overpowering feeling of nihilism or fatalistic resignation in the atmosphere on Wednesday. However withdrawing may be just the thing we need in order to rebuild our emotional and physical reserves. The Sun's square to Neptune on Thursday offers little clarity and heightened idealism. We're better off to stay with the process and do whatever we can to dissipate any frustration. Tension is especially high on Friday and slowdowns seem to increase our dissatisfaction. On Saturday, the emotional intensity of creative tension brings increased tendency to aggression that shows little purpose or direction. The need to find common purpose and broader perspectives is paramount.

Sunday June 07, 2020

Today's wealth of opportunity could easily be missed if we get too far 'off track' chasing rainbows and impractical distractions.The creative potential of last Friday's Full Moon is available to be harvested but only if we can stay focused. Humility, patience, and gratitude may serve us especially well by keeping our 'feet on the ground' and our focus on specific action to further our goals and aspirations. We should not expect that our ideas are readily understood by others — translation may be needed in order for us to get 'buy in' from others.

Monday June 08, 2020

The Moon is VOC today, from 11:05 AM PDT until 5:53 PM PDT. Attempts at formality and control should not be expected to be effective. Today presents us with an especially challenging shift in tone and it may not be easy to effectively ride the changes — so letting go will be more successful than having a hand stuck in the wheel'. The evening's Moon-Saturn conjunction is likely to have us feeling quite 'hemmed in'. We'll do better to slow down and avoid any attempt to stir things up and get things moving. There are likely to be a myriad of distractions which are not worth following up. However, taking the time to see other perspectives will help us to find better understanding.

Tuesday June 09, 2020

A broad perspective is increasingly important today. Frustration is especially debilitating in this atmosphere. Escapism may be a tendency for some, while others will be more impulsive and aggressive in pursing intense idealism or foolish and ineffective self-sacrifice. For many of us, there may be an underlying sense of inadequacy that cannot be fully addressed. Although our minds may be increasingly 'quickened', the general atmosphere is forcing slowdowns — intensified by Mercury's slowdown to turn retrograde on June 18th. Our creative ideas, dreams, or projects need some sense of stability in order to make productive gains. Such stability will only be hard won in this environment.

Wednesday June 10, 2020

The Moon is VOC this morning from 7:34 AM PDT until early tomorrow morning. At best, there is a resigned nihilism in today's atmosphere. There is less willingness to believe that things will ever fall into place correctly despite our best efforts. Nonetheless, the tendency to back off or walk away with hopelessness may have the unintended consequence of helping to rebuild our reserves. In general, today offers us the opportunity for a strategic 'fall back' to regroup and rebuild our supplies and resources — both physical and emotional. We may find that our withdrawal to a place of safety is exactly what we've been looking for, which is a secure place where we can pursue our creative ideas.

Thursday June 11, 2020

The general lack of clarity that we have been dealing with for most of this year reaches new heights today under the Pisces Moon and the Sun's square to Neptune. Wrapped up with the lack of clarity has been the general lack of clear direction. Nonetheless, while these mutable squares feel very much like CHAOS, there is something like an underlying 'Universal Purpose that promises resolutions at the end of the process — even if that process is frustratingly unclear. The tension is what seems most apparent but it is all a part of the heightened activity aimed at creative experimentation and collaboration.

Friday June 12, 2020

The tension continues to be extreme today. We need self-control and some sort of grounding in order to keep our intensely idealistic impulses connected to reality and the 'facts on the ground'. The coming retrograde period of Mercury will help us to find some sense of tradition, history, and emotional grounding. Some of us will be are aware that such exploration — even though it may seem like a slowdown or diversion — will serve to stabilize our creative efforts. We may be better able to make our way through the continuing challenges if we understand that the process will help us to find clarity, certainty, and security. Ultimately, it is inner security that will most help us to realize our highest ideals and grandest creative visions. On the other hand, unrelenting aggression, fueled by hidden or overt hostility, will most undercut our creative efforts.

Saturday June 13, 2020

The Moon is VOC today from 5:44 AM PDT until 2:02 PM PDT. The Moon's arrival in Aries is likely to increase the emotional intensity of the creative tension and tendency towards aggression. Although we may not find any increased sense of direction in the coming days, we may at least find more ability to integrate our dreams with reality. Perhaps most important here is to find ways to appreciate and understand the dreams, goals, and ideals of others. The more that we can find connections that instill in us a sense of common purpose, the less we will feel threatened by aggression — or feel the need to be more aggressive than will serve any useful purpose.