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Sun 01° Gemini 39' 30"
Moon 21° Capricorn 38' 23"
Mercury 03° Gemini 31' 09"
Venus 09° Taurus 17' 45"
Mars 04° Cancer 28' 05"
Ceres 08° Sagittarius 37' 06" 
Pallas 10° Libra 37' 41" 
Juno 15° Cancer 49' 18"
Vesta 22° Aries 39' 27"
Jupiter 21° Sagittarius 45' 08" 
Saturn 20° Capricorn 05' 52" 
Chiron 05° Aries 01' 09"
Uranus 04° Taurus 12' 24"
Neptune 18° Pisces 29' 18"
Pluto 22° Capricorn 57' 48" 
TrueNode 18° Cancer 28' 14"

The Daily Astrological Currents by Week

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This Daily Astrological Forecast is a bit different than most daily forecasts since it isn’t written for each individual Sun Sign. Rather, it is intended to be a bit like an Astrological Weather Report. To read more about this forecast, see this post

Weekly Summary: MAY 12 - MAY 18

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."

Helen Keller

As we roll towards the Full Moon (May 18th 2:11 PM PDT Scorpio/Taurus), we face increasing tension between individual independence and the importance of working within the framework of a team. Both Venus and Mars change signs this week, marking important shifts in personal interactions. As they move into new signs (Venus into Taurus and Mars into Cancer), they form a helpful sextile that blends charm with assertiveness. Venus is not at all comfortable in Aries and the discomfort is shown through stubborn independence that can be somewhat disruptive. Once Venus arrives in Taurus on Wednesday, our comfort levels are generally improved. However, Mars moves into Cancer, also on Wednesday. While we retire the sharp tongue of Mars in Gemini, we may find ourselves assuming a more protective, defensive crouch. As we adapt to these shifts, we begin to find increasing intuitive wisdom and slowly come to understand that working in cooperation with others — teamwork — is the most productive option available if we hope to make any tangible progress. Just before the Full Moon, Venus makes a somewhat prickly conjunction with Uranus and it may seem as though the constraints of cooperative effort are too restrictive. However, the Full Moon seems to allow some of the pressure to escape. We are likely to find ourselves looking for some way to lock in a steady and reliable approach that values some degree of acceptability instead of pushing to break new ground or pursue grand, visionary schemes.

Egos take a back seat to smooth progress under Sunday's Virgo Moon. Charm blends with assertiveness nicely and we look for amiable ways to move beyond any restrictions and disappointments. Expectations can be a bit tricky on Monday. Over-optimism may obscure some very important, tangible progress. Charm wears a bit thin on Tuesday and we may be pushed to move faster than what feels comfortable. However, Venus moves into Taurus on Wednesday and we gain at least some sense of restored comfort and conflicts seem to soften. Passionate emotions may be uncontrollable on Thursday but we also gain increasing access to intuitive wisdom. The atmosphere has shifted away from sharp, logical analysis. Intellectual insight may still offer some clues but intuition fills in the gaps and helps us to find important answers. The Full Moon on Saturday provides a pressure relief valve and has us looking for a way to lock in a new, practical, and widely acceptable approach to making future progress.

Sunday May 12, 2019

Individual attempts to create change display an effective blending of charm and assertiveness today. The Moon arrives in Virgo at 9:21 AM PDT this morning and moves into an especially activating trine to Uranus. Although we may still looking for recognition, our focus is on making progress rather than 'blowing our own horn'. Ultimately, we seem to be looking for some way to allow past disappointments to become 'water under the bridge' and we seek to move beyond restrictions in any way possible. Teamwork is the crucial element here.

Monday May 13, 2019

Managing expectations is especially important today. The Moon works on forming a Grand Earth trine with the Sun and Pluto all day, providing a wealth of steady, solid, and productive progress. However, if our goals aren't in line with reality, disappointment may obscure the extent of our actual accomplishments. Teamwork continues to be crucial to keep things moving forward. Although our individual confidence may be strong, we'll do much better if we can work on helping to boost the confidence of our 'teammates'. Recognizing the extra boost we gain from cooperative effort will serve to keep us moving forward — even if we don't get as far as we think we should.

Tuesday May 14, 2019

The Moon is VOC until 11:50 AM PDT this morning. The blending of charm and assertion seems to break down today — our charm is wearing thin under the increasing demand that we pick up the pace. Nonetheless, in order to keep things from going off the rails entirely, caution and steady, methodical pace is all we get — there is no 'pushing the river' here. This Saturday's Full Moon (2:11 PM PDT 27° Scorpio/Taurus) will offer important intuitive assistance that seems, for the most part, to be missing today.

Wednesday May 15, 2019

Venus arrives in Taurus this morning which helps to alleviate uncomfortable relationship tensions. Mental insight supports the slowly blossoming intuitive wisdom. Although confidence may wane a bit, there is active goodwill and we seem to be more comfortable cooperating within a team environment. However, that is not to say that things are just rosy. By this evening, Mars moves from chatty Gemini into moody Cancer. Whatever lingering resentments or frustrations that remain may be more subdued but will still need to be dealt with. Nonetheless, today offers some hope for the softening of conflicts and an active embrace of a cooperative spirit.

Thursday May 16, 2019

The Moon is VOC until 2:25 PM PDT this afternoon. Once the Moon arrives in Scorpio this afternoon, it makes a very moody trine to Mars in Cancer, followed by a highly unpredictable opposition to Uranus. Passionate emotions are unleashed with very little control. Whether out of frustration or wild over-optimism, emotions explode. Even so, our intuitions are also enhanced significantly, filling in the gaps of intellectual understanding. What we need most is flexibility but it is very difficult to muster in this atmosphere.

Friday May 17, 2019

As Venus approaches a conjunction with Uranus, the constraints and restrictions of cooperation and teamwork becomes increasingly uncomfortable. This is a question of 'bend or break' but there is very little 'bending' to be found. Rigid analysis does not produce enough information to fully clarify our position. Further, we are more inclined to stay in a protective or defensive crouch rather than actually go on the attack against the sense of restriction that is felt. This is a particularly challenging atmosphere ahead of tomorrow's Full Moon (2:11 PM PDT 27° Scorpio/Taurus). We seem to desperately want to find a place of quiet repose but the pressure just won't let up.

Saturday May 18, 2019

Today's Full Moon (2:11 PM PDT 27° Scorpio/Taurus) may actually help us to take the lid off the pressure cooker and find some room to settle into a new approach. Intuition blossoms. We find mental insight that can give concrete meaning to many of the vague and indefinite ideas that are currently outside of the range of cooperative effort. The overall nature of this Full Moon is aimed towards locking in a basic approach and looking for something comfortable and reliable — and most importantly acceptable. Ultimately, we may have the feeling that we need to circle the wagons and protect our home base, jettisoning grand schemes in favor of certainty and comfort.

Today is Wednesday May 22, 2019

Weekly Summary: MAY 19 - MAY 25

"Maybe it's not too late
To learn how to love and forget how to hate."

Last Saturday's Full Moon (2:11 PM PDT 27° Scorpio/Taurus) somehow seemed to take the pressure off and we may expect that things will settle down as a result. However, we are likely to immediately realize that the pressure was helping us to stay focused, determined and resolved. Without the pressure, the discomfort changes but it doesn't go away. The desire for certainty continues to be unsatisfied. By Tuesday, the Sun and Mercury move from stabilizing Taurus to friendly but flighty and fickle Gemini and the chaos and uncertainty begins to bubble up from all directions. The desire for stability and certainty is overwhelmed by the need for some excitement and our ability to focus is challenged by an onslaught of distracting — albeit intriguing — information. Any hope of staying focused on our overall aims and goals requires extraordinary balance and an objective perspective that helps us to pluck out the important bits that are important to our own intentions, while ignoring or setting aside elements that aren't relevant — not an easy prospect this week! What is perhaps most challenging in this week's atmosphere is finding a way to get a handle on our intentions and the intentions of others. Distractions and temptations tend to take us (and others) off message and create even more uncertainty.

Sunday's unsteady sense of discomfort seems to center around the idea that we may have given up too much independence for the sake of some degree of certainty. Any sense of certainty that we may have found is fleeting at best. Monday's VOC Moon may offer a temporary sense of invincibility but we aren't inclined to take direct action that would test that invincibility. The landscape changes dramatically on Tuesday with the Sun and Mercury's entrance into Gemini. We should not ignore the suggestions that there is a need for caution. The Mars-Chiron square keeps us off balance on Wednesday. The increased levels of communication are over-stimulating and likely to put a strain on our nervous systems. Thursday offers some hope of regaining a sense of balance but we need to keep our expectations under control and avoid rigidity. There are tantalizing temptations on Friday but we should maintain a responsible, objective perspective. By Saturday, we try to draw a line in the sand and look for a way to settle disputes and restore order. Although, the prospects are slim, we gain important new insights that will be guided by intuition as we move into next week.

Sunday May 19, 2019

We may feel some sense of discomfort today, especially if we have found the need to sacrifice a bit too much independence for the sake of security and comfort. In some way or another, we begin to sense a moody distraction — wanderlust perhaps — as we seek to 'lock in' a sense of certainty. We may feel that we are dealing with a moving target that won't allow us to just hit the target and go home. Persistence can easily become rigidity but this atmosphere just won't give us enough certainty to make our determined persistence very effective.

Monday May 20, 2019

The Moon goes VOC this morning at 10:04 AM PDT following a somewhat dissolute conjunction with Jupiter. At least temporarily, we more inclined to set aside our determination. While we may feel a vague sense of invincibility, we aren't inclined to go very far towards testing that invincibility with direct action. Revolutionary ideas and inclinations are more likely to keep our wheels spinning and our patience running thin. On the other hand, our ability to say what we think is enhanced a bit — even though we may change our minds tomorrow once the Sun arrives in Gemini.

Tuesday May 21, 2019

Just before 1 AM this morning, the Sun arrives in Gemini and the Moon arrives in Capricorn. By 4 AM, Mercury has also left stoic Taurus, joining the Sun in fickle but friendly Gemini. In other words, "Ooh Boy! The landscape has changed! Despite an ongoing desire to show our steady persistence and determination, chaos begins to bubble up from all directions. As well, intentions are a bit confusing, murky, or indecipherable. Responses to this change in the atmosphere may vary widely but probably the best response to any indication that there is a need for caution is to employ tactics of 'passive resistance'. Stay skeptical. Stay cautions. Stay determined. Stay the course.

Wednesday May 22, 2019

The Mars-Chiron square is likely to keep us a bit off balance today — even though it doesn't complete until tomorrow. The Moon's transit through Capricorn keeps us looking for stability but the path is anything but smooth. We may expect Mercury's arrival in Gemini to enhance communication but, in this atmosphere, the overall effect is more likely to produce over-stimulation and nervous tension. Some will do better than others in dealing with the energy shift. There is a strong need for some degree of excitement to keep us engaged and focused. The Moon goes VOC tonight at 8:57 PM PDT.

Thursday May 23, 2019

There is some hope that we can begin to regain a measure of control today — if you can call it control. Balance is critical to getting our arms around the vast flow of information without losing focus on our overall aims and goals. There is little room for rigid or static approaches here. Maintaining balance requires awareness and a dynamic connection to what we find around us. Any need to actually have our expectations met will likely keep us off balance and even explosively angry or upset. Fear is the most destabilizing element of all here.

Friday May 24, 2019

There are tantalizing possibilities that are dangled in front of us today, creating a number of temptations and/or distractions that continue to keep steady, balanced progress very difficult to accomplish. An element of good luck seems to keep us from getting too far out 'over our skis' chasing mirages and fanciful — if transitory — desires. We may feel incredibly ambitious but there is little, if any, strong push to actually follow through or even make a serious plan of action. If we do manage to find some way to push forward, we will need a great deal of responsible, objective perspective to keep us from going over a cliff chasing rainbows.

Saturday May 25, 2019

We reach a 'line in the sand' today, although the Moon is VOC nearly all day — from 5:50 AM PDT until 11:07 PM PDT. Activity tends to be rather unfocused. We may be tempted to play the role of diplomat in an attempt to resolve intractable disputes. However, such efforts are more than likely to bring only recognition that both sides are indeed dug in. Even so, the recognition of the difficulty is, in fact, a fine first step towards broader understanding and restored cooperation. Even though there is little chance of truly productive progress today, there are important revelations that will be processed over the next few days under the intuitive guidance of the Moon's transit through Pisces.

Weekly Summary: MAY 26 - JUNE 1

"Gonna build me a daydream
From a little hope"

This week is dominated by a forming mutable T-Square, involving Mercury, Neptune and Jupiter. The Pisces Moon at the beginning of the week sets off a particularly unstable emotional roller coaster. Brittle and vulnerable emotions create confusion and it may take all week for us to even begin the process of unwinding the confusion. Objective detachment is sorely needed in order to have any hope of maintaining our balance and making some tangible, constructive progress. Although there may be a number of vague and confusing ideas floating around, rigid attempts to nail things down are likely to create even more disruptions. Heightened emotions may encourage us to push too hard — care too much. When we are pushing too hard, it may seem that we are actually just making mountains out of molehills. As we move through the last days of this waning lunar cycle, our 'light' may seem especially dim. However, this is an important opportunity to allow for some reprogramming — or the downloading of important new inspiration from the Universe — in preparation for an evolutionary adjustment. Next week's New Moon (June 3, 12° Gemini) offers opportunities to share our inspiration with others but only if we are able to stay balanced and effectively manage this week's swirl of chaotic emotions.

Sunday's nervous energy is filled with uncertain intuitive perception, which creates a considerable amount of vulnerable emotion. A broad perspective and extraordinary patience is required. There is a bit more detachment available on Monday, helping to separate some brittle emotions from a more logical approach. Tuesday's Aries Moon stirs more emotions but the Moon's approach to Chiron and the Mars-Moon mutual reception offers hope that the emotional intensity will ultimately serve to clarify, rather than confuse. Opportunities for increased clarity are presented on Wednesday but we need to avoid rigidity and keep our emotions from leading us to care too much and push too hard. Even though the Moon is VOC for most of the day on Thursday, there are important insights to be gleaned about how to build new alliances. The lack of focus we may feel on Friday can serve as a prelude to increased clarity at next week's New Moon. Let the inspiration percolate. By Saturday, many of us feel as though enough is enough and try to take a stand of some kind. However, there is more unwinding and more processing to be done before we really get the chance to turn the ship around.

Sunday May 26, 2019

Nervous energy and strong intuition produces a volatile mix today. Impatience and self-delusion has the potential to lead us far astray. On the other hand, with some degree of patience and a broad perspective, we may find that we've made remarkable progress by day's end. Perhaps most important is that we avoid pushing too hard. Emotions may seem quite brittle and easily aroused. Trusting too much or placing our trust in the wrong people can be especially debilitating in this environment. However, the other element in this mix is a tendency towards rigidity that could keep us from hearing the still, small voice of intuition offering us important clues that a subtle course correction is in order.

Monday May 27, 2019

We may discover a more dispassionate perspective today and find that we are effectively able to distinguish our brittle emotions from the clear need for objective detachment. That is not to say that we should give up compassion for the sake of logic — only that we need to recognize any areas of cloudy judgement. Essentially, we may care too much, which is clouding our ability to take any effective action to further our goals and agendas. Finding (and maintaining) our balance in this atmosphere is certainly not easy but will definitely offer welcome dividends. The Moon goes VOC this evening at 9:20 PM PDT, when rest becomes the most effective strategy.

Tuesday May 28, 2019

The Moon is VOC this morning until 11:30 AM PDT. Brittle and vulnerable emotions hold sway once the Moon arrives in Aries and approaches a square to Mars. Nonetheless, the aspect also highlights the mutual reception between the Moon and Mars. Despite the nervous energy, there are powerful opportunities to clarify through communication — which may or may not present as extremely heated exchanges. Nonetheless, resolutions and enhanced clarity are possible here — at least once the dust settles. Objectivity and detachment continue to be the most important factors in our progress.

Wednesday May 29, 2019

If we have been able to maintain a bit of objective detachment this week, we may sense the opportunity today to allow some vague and indefinite ideas to develop into something tangible and constructive. On the other hand, if we are too intent on trying to push the issue, we may only wind up seeming to make mountains out of molehills. Some may manage to gently shape outcomes to suit them, using a balanced and objective perspective to steer the situation. However, if we become too emotionally overwrought we lose any advantage — even when the facts are on our side. In this atmosphere, the facts may not be as distinct and obvious as we believe.

Thursday May 30, 2019

The Moon is VOC for most of the day today, from 8:07 AM PDT until 9:42 PM PDT. Nonetheless, there are welcome opportunities to work in cooperation with others. Adjustment may be required in order to find cooperation and such adjustments may be relatively short-lived. If we can recognize that competition is ineffective, we may gain valuable insights about how to build more productive alliances with those who seem to be presenting only obstacles. Even so, we need to maintain our balance and avoid expecting too much from others.

Friday May 31, 2019

We may feel rather unfocused today but, in reality, we are likely to be undergoing some particularly important reprogramming — an evolutionary advance — that will help us to make better use of next Monday's New Moon (3:01 AM PDT 12° Gemini). Inner processing is more important here, rather than tangible material progress. Today is a day to make plans for future progress and reexamine the potential for new alliances we may have touched upon yesterday. Even so, we are prone to expend extra energy, spinning through the process but unable to clearly define our goals.

Saturday June 01, 2019

Today's lack of focus increases our desire to put the brakes on — or perhaps it may be something more like, "Stop the world, I want to get off!". Either way, there is a strong desire to take a stand and slow down the pace enough to get a clearer picture than what we have been able to see during this week. We may not get the clarity that we're looking for today. Nonetheless, we may be very successful in making progress if we focus on setting the right intention to make way for further developments under next Monday's New Moon (3:01 AM PDT 12° Gemini). We are in an important preparatory phase, ahead of the New Moon, during which we can make individual internal preparations to channel deep inspiration into the opportunities in the next lunar cycle. The last days of this waning lunar cycle may seem especially dark or confusing. However, with enough patience and humility, we will find opportunities to communicate deep inspiration to others over the next few weeks.