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Sun 01° Gemini 51' 34"
Moon 04° Pisces 32' 17"
Mercury 00° Gemini 02' 07" 
Venus 23° Aries 25' 43"
Mars 28° Pisces 31' 21"
Ceres 03° Cancer 10' 12"
Pallas 10° Taurus 01' 39"
Juno 10° Pisces 37' 15"
Vesta 29° Aquarius 35' 43"
Jupiter 02° Aries 13' 47"
Saturn 25° Aquarius 06' 57"
Chiron 15° Aries 04' 59"
Uranus 15° Taurus 48' 26"
Neptune 25° Pisces 05' 20"
Pluto 28° Capricorn 28' 28" 
TrueNode 22° Taurus 28' 45"

The Daily Astrological Currents by Week

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This Daily Astrological Forecast is a bit different than most daily forecasts since it isn’t written for each individual Sun Sign. Rather, it is intended to be a bit like an Astrological Weather Report. To read more about this forecast, see this post

Weekly Summary: MAY 15 - MAY 21

"Whenever a thing is done for the first time, it releases a little demon."

— Emily Dickinson

The week begins with a powerful culmination of the current lunar cycle — the Full Moon in Scorpio (9:13 PM PDT 25° Scorpio/Taurus). This is the climax of the creative growing power and transformational change that was initiated by the Taurus New Moon at the end of last month, in important aspects to both Pluto and Saturn. The lessons before us are focused on channeling our strong ambitions by blending determination, flexibility, and a spirit of cooperation. It is the element of cooperation that seems to trip us up. However, by the end of the week, there are important opportunities to understand that we have to separate the value of our efforts from the way that those efforts are received by the world around us. The link — the connection — between our efforts and the world around us is found in the people with whom we are working directly. There are pitfalls to be found this week as Mars, ruling Jupiter in Aries, conjuncts Neptune, which continues the temptation to build idealistic, overly optimistic expectations while missing the value and meaning of the gifts that are to be found directly in front of us. As Mercury retrogrades back through Gemini and sextiles Jupiter, we have profound opportunities to recognize the value and importance of the connections that we make with others. The lesson to learn is that our individual efforts, in pursuit of personal ambitions, is meaningless and impotent without a recognition of our connections to those around us — those who have helped us and those who receive, recognize, and appreciate our efforts. The Sun arrives in Gemini on Thursday, ahead of Saturday's inferior conjunction with Mercury, which highlights the extended sextile to Jupiter. The influence of Jupiter provides us with an important capacity to stay flexible and philosophical about the outcomes of the effort that we put forth into the world around us. This week presents us with some sense of order and purpose which does not limit our ability to stay flexible. We have the chance to make grand impressions and gain the support of powerful allies through understanding the importance of making conscious connections to those with whom we come into contact.

Sunday's Venus-Chiron conjunction produces idealistic ambition that stirs our response to the transformed landscape that we find under the Full Moon in Scorpio. We need to find ways to 'keep the pump primed' on Monday, rather than simply absorb the beneficial fallout from the Full Moon. It is important to guard against any idealistic expectations that aren't fully grounded in 'reality'. Idealism may slip into self-righteousness on Tuesday. Frustration may encourage us to 'bend the rules'. Impatience and intolerance can encourage us to simply ignore the needs or rights of others. There is a bit of order and structure on Wednesday that helps us to focus on achievable goals. Increased activity requires increased responsibility. Relationship challenges may derail our progress on Thursday. Pushing, prodding or manipulating others is not how we can make lasting progress. The overall mood lightens on Friday. The Sun's arrival in Gemini brings increased awareness of our need to make strong connections with those around us. We may accomplish more by listening than talking on Saturday. We gain more capacity to blend ambition with flexibility and cooperation.

Sunday May 15, 2022

Tonight's Scorpio Full Moon (9:13 PM PDT 25° Scorpio/Taurus) highlights our need for flexibility and adaptability. This afternoon's Venus-Chiron conjunction produces an idealistic ambition which actually feeds quite well into the transformed landscape that has emerged since last month's Taurus New Moon. Nonetheless, we need to continue to steer clear of overly optimistic expectations and simply recognize and appreciate the gifts that we have directly in front of us. If we can channel our ambition into simply making the most of what we have, we should find a great deal of success under the waning lunar cycle. We will also do better by sharing today's abundance with those around us, rather than seeking to hoard or isolate in some kind of protective crouch.

Monday May 16, 2022

The Moon arrives in Sagittarius early this morning and trines Jupiter by 6:33 AM PDT. Drive and ambition are stirred throughout the day as we begin to recognize the extraordinary potential that we can see before us. However, a simple reaping of rewards for our past efforts is likely to be extremely debilitating if we can't find a way to 'keep the pump primed' through careful planning and maintenance. The forming Mars-Neptune conjunction could easily raise idealistic expectation far beyond what is rationally possible. Keeping our feet on the ground may require taking a dose of cynical or pessimistic 'medicine' from someone we can trust.

Tuesday May 17, 2022

We may face some danger of seeing idealism and ambition slipping into self-righteousness today. There is potential for frustration that may lead us into attempts to 'bend the rules' in some way, have us believing that might makes right, or that the ends justify the means. Impatience and intolerance encourages us to simply ignore the needs or rights of others. However, self-indulgence and self-deception is almost certainly informing any such determinations and we will do better to take a step back. If we do manage to stay on the right track and avoid self-righteous blindness, we should find plenty of encouraging opportunities to make progress. The Moon goes VOC this evening just before 9 PM PDT.

Wednesday May 18, 2022

Today's Capricorn Moon actually helps us to narrow our focus enough to look for achievable goals rather than staying focused solely on idealistic visions and possibilities. The sense of order and purpose does not limit our ability to stay flexible and there are opportunities to make grand impressions and gain the support of powerful allies. Nonetheless, it is important to avoid over selling our abilities, our capacities, or the extent of the possibilities for which we may be seeking support. There is a great deal of activity today which demands responsibility and organization in order to make any real strides. We should remember that, as Mercury retrogrades back through Gemini, we have opportunities to gather more information before we have to actually produce or achieve the goals that we've set out for ourselves so we should try to avoid adding too much pressure on ourselves at this point.

Thursday May 19, 2022

Although we may think we should have 'smooth sailing' today under the Sun's trine to Pluto, relationships present some challenges that may seem to derail any possibility of progress. Essentially, idealistic ambitions run up against the reality of our need for cooperation from those around us. Pushing, prodding, or manipulating others is not how we can make any lasting progress but the temptation to strong arm our way towards success may seem like our only option. Mercury retrogrades back into the second of 3 sextiles to Jupiter, which gives us the opportunity to view situations from a more contemplative, philosophical perspective. If we are able to share that perspective with those around us, we will find more understanding than we may think possible.

Friday May 20, 2022

The overall mood lightens today with the Moon's arrival in Aquarius this morning and the Sun's entrance into Gemini this evening. Tomorrow's 'inferior' Sun-Mercury conjunction on the Taurus-Gemini cusp will complete the overall shift but we are likely feeling markedly different today. The cheerful optimism is less driven by idealism and ambition than by a feeling of release. We are at the point in the retrograde Mercury cycle where we can begin to make the sort of corrections that are needed to stabilize our overall position within the new landscape that has developed. Today's increased activity also provides a better platform for cleaning up residual relationship challenges.

Saturday May 21, 2022

We are finally arriving at a place where we can begin to make connections between our ambition-driven effort and the need to understand the world around us — where our efforts are directed. Our actions and 'deeds' may be well intentioned and full of well developed 'purpose' but they take place in a world in which we have very little control. With enough awareness, we can begin to separate the value of our efforts from the way those efforts are received by the world around us. Blending determination, flexibility and a spirit of cooperation have been the lessons on the 'front burner' for the last few weeks and today represents a significant opportunity to display our understanding by presenting simple but obvious solutions. It is very likely that we will accomplish more by listening than talking today.

Today is Sunday May 22, 2022

Weekly Summary: MAY 22 - MAY 28

"I want to be with those who know secret things or else alone."

— Rainer Maria Rilke

This week provides a true watershed of insight, perceptivity, and understanding but only if we are willing to 'show up' and follow the threads of intuitive wisdom that are offered. Mercury retrogrades back into Taurus and makes the second of three trines to Pluto, encouraging 'deep dives' into our concept of security and helping us to make the distinction between what we can and cannot control. Ultimately, this week assigns us an 'inside job' of clearing away frustrations and resentments so that we can fully appreciate the entirely transformed new landscape with which we are presented. Mars arrives in Aries on Tuesday, 'hand in hand' with the Moon as they both join the expansive, optimistic, enthusiasm of Jupiter in Aries. Meanwhile — on the other end of Aries — Venus struggles to escape the bounds of Aries in order to get 'home' to Taurus. Venus has not exactly had a smooth ride through Aries. The dramatic developments and transformations have produced challenges with regard to Venus' desire for peace and cooperation. Once Venus arrives on the Aries/Taurus cusp on Friday, there are increasingly promising opportunities to 'bless and release' the past while clearing away frustrations and resentments. As Mars approaches a conjunction with Jupiter, there is some desire to simply 'drop it and move on' but determination and persistence to pursue a course of reconciliation has the potential to ease the challenges of the next lunar cycle — beginning with next week's Gemini New Moon (May 30th 4:30 AM PDT 9° Gemini). Mercury will retrograde back into a square to Saturn and could lead us to get stuck in old habits and routines that we can perform 'by rote', instead of courageously exploring the new landscape and beginning to recognize our new and expanded abilities and capacities. The more we linger in self-deception and self-righteous indignation, the less we will be able to take advantage of the new connections and openings for communication that will be offered by the Gemini New Moon. The deeper and more fearlessly we dig into what we need in order to feel truly secure, the better we will be able to gather this week's blessings. We need to be willing to put our money where our mouth is and prepare to carry our insights into a transformed future and share those insights freely with others.

We may find a rather chaotic atmosphere on Monday. However, as we move through the day we have the opportunity to increase our perceptivity and find new insights about the challenges that we face. Further insights come in flashes on Monday but we may do better to simply observe, rather than try too hard to explain what we are seeing. There are especially valuable opportunities to find breakthroughs through meditation or self-exploration. The energy shifts dramatically on Tuesday afternoon when Mars and the Moon both move into Aries together to join Jupiter. We can begin to recognize that we have new capabilities that can serve us well within a dramatically changed landscape. Mercury retrogrades back to the second of three trines to Pluto on Wednesday. We have a chance to bless and release the past. However, a Venus-Pluto square may have us demanding more from others rather than exploring our own insights and embracing our own 'power'. We should remember that faith without works is dead on Thursday. The need for some kind of cooperation or teamwork shows us that we can do better when we work with others. There is increased persistence and determination to 'clear the air' on Friday. Nonetheless, some will hold tight to self-righteous points of view that don't leave room for reconciliation. Venus arrives in Taurus on Saturday and we may begin to find a new level of security or stability. However, it may be difficult to completely let go of the safety of the past in order to embrace the promise of better security by moving toward the future.

Sunday May 22, 2022

The Moon is VOC overnight, arriving in Pisces at 8:49 AM PDT this morning. The initial square to Mercury may produce some significant chaos and misunderstandings. However, Mercury moves back into Taurus early in the evening and forms a sextile to Mars. Our ability to recognize the value of the challenges and lessons that we have been through under the current lunar cycle begins to 'gel' in a very productive way. Although we may spend most of the day spinning our wheels with emotional confusion, we have the opportunity to end the day with increased perceptivity and insight surrounding the many of our challenges.

Monday May 23, 2022

Flashes of intuitive insight offer significant breakthroughs today. We'll do better to observe and contemplate, rather than spending too much effort trying to share our insights with others — who may be focused on their own intuitive show. The second of three Mercury-Pluto trines is now forming, which helps us to dig deep and reveal even more elements that help us to relate more effectively to the drastically transformed landscape. Nonetheless, our understanding is not likely to fall into place without actively pursing the information that is opening up to us. The opportunities for deeper understanding must be honored and embraced for us to find the gems of wisdom that are being offered here.

Tuesday May 24, 2022

Today's shift may feel quite dramatic — we may even 'trip a breaker' around 2:30 PM PDT when the Moon and Mars both arrive in Aries to join expansive Jupiter. The energy changes suddenly. The major challenges we face today are maintaining flexibility and avoiding self-righteous attitudes that will blind us to real wisdom. We may struggle mightily to gather up all of the blessings and insights that are presented. The trick is to identify what is truly of value while acknowledging our limitations and blind spots. The emphasis on the Aries cusp may feel something like a 'second Spring', offering new abilities within a totally transformed landscape. The opportunities here will be more valuable if we are able to let go of our past and embrace the new opportunities of a new landscape.

Wednesday May 25, 2022

The second of three Mercury-Pluto trines 'perfects' this afternoon, with both Mercury and Pluto now retrograde. To some extent or another, we may feel that we have trapped ourselves between the past and future — with one foot in each. However, our abilities have expanded and the depth of insight that is offered here provides important stabilization, aiming our focus towards a transformed future. The importance of maintaining our balance is paramount. There is a powerful need to bless and release the past but some temptation to remain stuck in old habits and routines that can be performed 'by rote'. The forming Venus-Pluto square may cause disruptions if we find ourselves demanding that others see and respond to the same perspective that we have. The importance of finding common purpose without discounting independent perspectives is the key to navigating this powerful environment.

Thursday May 26, 2022

Although we may begin to recognize that we have found vastly improved capacity or ability, we must be prepared to put them to good use today or find ourselves without nearly as many blessings as we may expect or believe that we are due. In some sense or another, today is a reminder that 'faith without works is dead'. We must be prepared to 'put our money where our mouth is'. However, we must also be willing to employ a cooperative spirit and recognize the independent perspectives of others. The Venus-Pluto square 'perfects' today, ahead of the Moon's arrival in Taurus. If we are willing to employ a modicum of teamwork we will go much further than we are able to go alone.

Friday May 27, 2022

Venus has nearly arrived home to the comforts of Taurus but has not really had a smooth ride through Aries — struggling to find peace and cooperation within this dramatically transformed landscape. But the determination of the Aries-Taurus cusp provides persistence to tie up loose ends with regard to residual relationship challenges. Of course, individual results may vary. The forming Mars-Jupiter conjunction is pushing us to just drop it and move on. There is also a potential to hold extremely self-righteous viewpoints that doesn't allow much room for compromise or reconciliation. Nonetheless, there appear to be attempts to clear the air today.

Saturday May 28, 2022

Venus arrives in Taurus this morning. The waning lunar cycle may provide a somewhat muted atmosphere that softens some of the persistent, residual frustrations that we may feel towards others. For some, the atmosphere may feel quite comfortable and offer a welcome relief from dispute. However, there is a potential for remaining frustrations to fester here and we may see some passive aggressive activity or actual breakdowns due to past resentments. There is significant potential to get stuck in a mode of self-deception and self-righteous indignation that may wind up being folded into the challenges of the next lunar cycle — the Gemini New Moon (4:30 AM PDT 9° Gemini) that is coming up early Monday morning. However, whatever we can do to clear the air now will serve to open new doors under the coming New Moon.

Weekly Summary: MAY 29 - JUNE 4

"A little voice inside my head said

'Don't look back, you can never look back'"

This week's Gemini New Moon on Monday (4:30 AM PDT 9° Gemini) begins a process that helps us to adapt to the significantly altered landscape that was fostered under the last lunar cycle by 'talking it out'. However, Mercury, ruling the Gemini New Moon, stations direct in Taurus this week. Mercury's direct station places our focus on safety and security. We may find ourselves stubbornly digging in our heels because we don't feel safe, rather than moving forward with enthusiasm, curiosity and a sense of discovery. Mercury's influence has us demanding that we find some sense of safety and security before we truly open up enough to start talking. It will become very clear, over the next few weeks, how important it is to develop or shore up a support system of trusted allies, friends, family, or a tribe of others. We need to connect to allies that give us 'roots' . Only when we feel safely 'rooted' will we feel confident enough to explore the new challenges, new options, and new opportunities that we can see when we look towards the future. It is likely to seem apparent to most of us that we are operating in an entirely new arena. We may not get the responses that we expect from others which compounds our uncertainty and chips away at our confidence levels. It probably isn't our intellect that is failing us. We may even be using the right words to convey what we want to convey. However, emotional challenges will hold us back until we find some way to restore our confidence and sense of security in an environment that seems especially fraught and unfamiliar. Once we find that sense of confidence, we will find that there are, indeed, intriguing possibilities and innovative new solutions to explore. Our intellect and perceptivity will serve us well once we are able to sort out the emotional blind spots, past resentments, and past disappointments that linger deep within us and have us feeling isolated and alone. When we are able to develop and strengthen our connections with others and feel safe enough to open up, we will be able to finally let go of the past and direct our full focus and energy towards the future.

We may think we're ready to head 'off to the races' on Sunday but may not really be sure how to get there. The airy energy isn't easy to direct or channel. Monday's Gemini New Moon points us towards making new connections or restoring old ones. We should be careful to avoid making snap judgements. There is a significant amount of nervous energy to contend with on Tuesday. New revelations still don't tell the whole story. A chaotic crisis-driven atmosphere on Wednesday brings challenges to be faced and overcome. Misunderstandings and confusion are quite likely. A bit of optimism seems to stabilize our confidence level on Thursday. We are more inclined to test our wings. Mercury's direct station on Friday has us demanding some sense of safety and security. While we may understand the facts on the ground, how we feel about those facts is based on our emotional security. Saturn turns retrograde on Saturday and there are important clues about how to begin to blend the past and future more effectively.

Sunday May 29, 2022

The Moon is VOC this morning until 10:22 AM PDT. Once the Moon arrives in Gemini, a sextile to both Mars and Jupiter sends us 'off to the races'. However, with Mercury still retrograde, we may not remember how to get there!. Today's 'airy' energy may not be very easy to channel or direct. We need to pay extra attention to what we're doing and exactly what we want to get done without squeezing the fun out of the process. There is incredible insight and intuition available here if we can resist the urge to be overly impulsive.

Monday May 30, 2022

This morning's Gemini New Moon (4:30 AM PDT 9° Gemini) begins an important process of adjusting to the entirely new landscape created by the last lunar cycle. The connections that we make with others are incredibly important and the need for developing or shoring up a trusted 'support system' will become clear by the time we reach the Full Moon on June 14th (4:51 AM PDT 23° Sagittarius). The mission is really to seek inner contentment. But we need to make strong connections with others to help us find the way. The curiosity of Gemini is stirred by Mars and Jupiter in Aries but with Mercury slowing down to turn direct on June 4th, we will need to avoid making hasty snap judgements which will eventually undercut the confidence that we feel today.

Tuesday May 31, 2022

The Moon goes VOC this afternoon at 1:09 PM PDT after a rather 'rocky' morning where confidence levels fluctuate wildly. Our need to avoid hasty actions is readily apparent and there doesn't seem to be much we can do to sort things out immediately. We'll do better to take a pause — a timeout — but the nervous energy may have us believing that we just need to 'peddle faster', We're only likely to further 'muddy the waters'. As new revelations emerge, we may tend to believe that we have the whole picture — but there will be further twists tomorrow so 'easy does it'.

Wednesday June 01, 2022

There are challenges to be faced and overcome today as we struggle to make sense of what seems like a very chaotic, crisis driven atmosphere. We are recognizing previously unseen implications of a newly transformed arena where the responses that we get from others are not what we may be expecting. The retrograding Mercury really has an outsized effect here, demanding that we pay very close attention in order to avoid misunderstandings and confusion. The likelihood is that it isn't the words being used or our ability to intellectually understand them. Rather, it is the emotional context — the tone of the delivery — that has us confused or unsteady. Ultimately, we feel as though our security is at stake in a way that has us stubbornly digging in our heels rather than staying flexible and willing to adapt to changing circumstances.

Thursday June 02, 2022

Although we may not be able to clearly see or understand exactly where we are, there is a cool sense of optimism today that gives us an expansive feeling that leads to building confidence. We are more inclined to begin to branch out, test our wings, or share our ideas more freely. With enough of a feeling of safety or security, we will have an ability to deepen our understanding and courageously explore the unsteady feelings that have kept us from fully embracing our intellectual perception which is telling us that we have arrived at a 'better place' with promising new options.

Friday June 03, 2022

Mercury stations direct today in an atmosphere that has us demanding some sense of security. Some may begin to yearn for the past but there is actually no safety that will be found there. Determination is heightened and our true security will only be established once we embrace the future and deal honestly with the facts on the ground. The challenge is to find emotional security when we don't fully recognize our environment. We need to find ways to try new things, take new routes, and explore unfamiliar terrain. The value of having friends, family, or a tribe is clear here. If we aren't feeling as though we are heading into the unknown alone, we will slowly gain the courage to move forward with a sense of discovery, curiosity, and excitement.

Saturday June 04, 2022

Saturn turns retrograde in Aquarius today. We can begin to blend the past and future more effectively. In some sense, we come back to ourselves with a 'wherever you go, there you are' philosophy that helps us to innovate with courage, embracing the past and bringing our experience with us into the future. The Moon's trine to Chiron opens the door to compassionate sharing of feelings and processing any feeling of loss that comes from the recognition that we need to look ahead — not dwell on the past and what has been lost. It is truly by recognizing and appreciating the connections that we have with others that will make this process more comfortable and feel more safe.