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Sun 04° Aquarius 04' 25"
Moon 06° Gemini 30' 03"
Mercury 22° Aquarius 38' 06"
Venus 19° Capricorn 04' 08"
Mars 08° Taurus 16' 35"
Ceres 19° Pisces 34' 19"
Pallas 15° Aquarius 31' 46"
Juno 11° Sagittarius 03' 52"
Vesta 21° Virgo 19' 01" 
Jupiter 08° Aquarius 07' 37"
Saturn 04° Aquarius 18' 30"
Chiron 05° Aries 37' 05"
Uranus 06° Taurus 45' 40"
Neptune 19° Pisces 01' 17"
Pluto 24° Capricorn 56' 43"
TrueNode 19° Gemini 08' 04"

The Daily Astrological Currents by Week

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This Daily Astrological Forecast is a bit different than most daily forecasts since it isn’t written for each individual Sun Sign. Rather, it is intended to be a bit like an Astrological Weather Report. To read more about this forecast, see this post

Weekly Summary: JANUARY 10 - JANUARY 16

"The mental flexibility of the wise man permits him to keep an open mind and enables him to readjust himself whenever it becomes necessary for a change. "

— Malcolm X

This week offers an important and transformational new beginning under Tuesday's Capricorn New Moon (9:00 PM 23° Capricorn) tightly conjunct Pluto. But there are still many things to fall away or be sacrificed on the 'altars of our past' before we can find a way to embrace the changes offered or proposed. There are strong tendencies to wildly over-optimistic expectations in this week's environment that may drive our strong determination — potentially setting us up for profound disappointments. Mars is drawing near the stationary direct Uranus this week, stirring a great deal of nervous energy and impulsiveness that may be seeking to bulldoze anything in our way before we have fully contemplated the ramifications of the destruction we are pursuing. Our impulsiveness may begin to overwhelm us if we aren't able to find creative channels to express the building energy. For some of us, this week may only represent a sense of loss, for others, a strong sense of destiny. Whatever our responses, we should not expect to find many tangible, material rewards for our efforts. The Capricorn 'Goat' aspires to reach the pinnacle of success but there are great sacrifices required and, without a requisite spiritual perspective, we may find the journey to the top to be empty of any real meaning. The Capricorn influence sometimes tempts us to focus solely on material rewards or purely status-linked acquisitions. What is required is detachment and flexibility — an open mind — in order to find the valuable opportunities for new understanding and insight that will be rolled out under this new lunar cycle. The involvement of Pluto is sure to keep the ground shifting beneath our feet but if we are able to keep our expectations in check, our impulsiveness properly channeled, and our focus on remaining teachable, we may be able to ride this transformational wave of energy to soaring new heights of awareness and an entirely new sense of true stability.

The Moon is VOC for most of the day on Sunday, leaving us to explore and research but offering little hope of any proofs to announce. Optimism is high on Monday. There may be some tantalizing hints of great material rewards but we should be cautious of getting our hopes too high. Great sacrifices may be required to actual claim those rewards. Tuesday's Capricorn New Moon, conjunct Pluto offers powerful, transformational opportunities but not without sacrifices on the altars of our past. We're likely to feel building energy on Wednesday as Uranus stations to go direct. We may feel a strong sense of destiny and determination. The Moon is VOC again nearly all day on Thursday. Although the Sun's conjunction with Pluto may stir some determination, there is little focus or practical drive to help us follow through on our goals. Friday's Pisces Moon encourages a willingness to sacrifice in pursuit of our most prized goals but by Saturday, that sacrifice may quickly turn to martyrdom and even zealotry. Rigidity is the enemy to be quickly dispatched. We need to stay flexible and willing to gain new perspectives and new understanding.

Sunday January 10, 2021

The Moon goes VOC this morning at 10:29 AM PST and won't arrive in Capricorn until tomorrow morning at 5:29 AM PST. In particular, travel plans may become confusing or we may find that our travel schedules are disrupted. Today's opportunities may be found in free-wheeling exploration and research — but we shouldn't expect to prove any theories today. If we approach the day without too many expectations and avoid hanging on too tightly to the disparate threads of information that had us stirred up yesterday, we may find that we have learned important lessons today.

Monday January 11, 2021

Today's optimism may be a bit too much to take. Mercury conjuncts Jupiter this morning around 9 AM PST and the Moon conjuncts Venus a little after noon. Unexpected discoveries or sudden insights may be truly spectacular but in the atmosphere of heightened optimism we may tend to overlook or diminish the extent of our progress. Tomorrow's New Moon (9:00 PM 23° Capricorn) will offer powerful, transformative energies. However, today could easily set us up for disappointment when we can't find any tangible, material rewards for 'learning our lessons well'"But I wanted a pony!".

Tuesday January 12, 2021

Today's important New Moon (9:00 PM 23° Capricorn) is tightly conjunct transformative Pluto. Any transformation requires letting go of the past and may invoke strong feelings of loss. Pluto's reputation for devastation sometimes overlooks the rebirth that comes after the loss. Wild expectations may result in the feeling that we have had the rug pulled out from under us. We may be tempted to believe that others are somehow responsible but by doing so, we will miss the important opportunity for transcendent growth and expanded understanding. Any materialistic aims, goals, or expectations evoked by this New Moon may very well be eventually realized but not without a great deal of sacrifice. The square of Venus to Chiron points to a strong desire for something tangible/material upon which we can rest while a Venus/Uranus trine provokes an independent, 'devil may care' attitude.

Wednesday January 13, 2021

Uranus stations direct, ahead of next Tuesday's Mars-Uranus conjunction. Energy is building and we see that today in our increasing determination. Without awareness and a measure of personal control, the energy may begin to break out in impulsive and unexpected way. Nonetheless, there is extraordinary support for creative efforts that allow us to 'ride the tiger' into exciting new territory. Yesterday's New Moon, (9:00 PM 23° Capricorn) conjunct Pluto, has injected an element of fate or destiny into our thinking, which may explain why today's determination to follow through is so strong. We are challenged to face our emotional blind spots directly today in order to open up our minds and hearts to the creative potential that is developing.

Thursday January 14, 2021

The Moon goes VOC early this morning at 1:27 AM PST and won't arrive in Pisces until tomorrow afternoon at 2:16 PM PST. There may be some kind of 'Pollyanna' attitude that maintains optimism without any tangible support. Yesterday's determined energy seems to waver or collapse in a somewhat dreamy, easy-going fog. Even the Sun's conjunction with Pluto doesn't seem to provide enough thrust to propel us forward with any practical success. Nonetheless, the undercurrent of transformation from Tuesday's New Moon (9:00 PM 23° Capricorn) is proceeding even though there are few 'handles' offered today to help us climb the ladder of understanding.

Friday January 15, 2021

The Moon is VOC until 2:16 PM PST when the Moon's arrival in Pisces begins to form a sextile to Mars and Uranus. The afternoon's energy is stirring and restores intense determination and may also encourage us to bring together allies. A willingness to sacrifice comes with our renewed determination but we may not have any clear idea of how much our sacrifices may cost us personally. Restlessness and impulsiveness is building and may very well discourage any consideration that we should 'look before we leap'. The disconnect between practicality and wild expectations seems to be growing.

Saturday January 16, 2021

Sacrifice — to the point of martyrdom — is encouraged in this atmosphere, in pursuit of some kind of cherished goal. The intensity of our determination may lead us directly into the realm of 'zealotry' if we don't have some personal awareness or individual sense of responsibility. Rigidity in our aims and goals is more likely to create breaks' rather than breakthroughs. The recognition of our need to remain flexible may not be easily attained, especially in today's intensely determined environment. The rolling waves of transformative energy may either stir our creativity or leave us prone to being pushed aside by the 'incoming tide of change'. By finding enough detachment to recognize that there are indeed "things we cannot change", we may actually come to understand how to "change the things we can".

Today is Saturday January 23, 2021

Weekly Summary: JANUARY 17 - JANUARY 23

"If it had been possible to build the Tower of Babel without ascending it, the work would have been permitted."

— Franz Kafka

This week brings us to a peak of unpredictable, erratic, individual activity under the Mars-Uranus conjunction on Wednesday. Following last week's Mars-Saturn square, where the energy of Mars was channeled, restricted, or constrained, the independence of Mars is unleashed by Uranus. The conjunction can display erratic, impulsive — even explosive elements but we should not discount the creative power of the Mars-Uranus conjunction in favor of focusing only on the more explosive and impulsive elements. The square of Jupiter in Aquarius to Mars and Uranus, offers up the wisdom of seeing the Big Picture and the importance of working towards common effort for the common good. However, seeing this Big Picture requires individual self-discipline and the willingness to recognize that there are, in fact, more perspectives than our own narrow, individual vision can hope to offer. The challenge is to recognize this truth in the midst of the impulsive, high-energy environment that we find this week. The Sun arrives in Aquarius on Tuesday, just one day before the Mars-Uranus conjunction. The Sun's shift begins to signal a change in our approach but, at least initially, we may be presented with increasingly erratic and unpredictable individual action, guided by clever, intellectual insights. The lack of an overarching strategy or a true sense of direction may be stunning to those who have managed to muster enough self-discipline and detachment to gain a broader perspective. Jupiter's lesson in this mix is to show us the pitfalls of impulsive actions that do not have a foundation in a broad perspective. Once we move past the mid-week Mars-Uranus conjunction, we can more easily access the wisdom of Jupiter. A Ceres-Neptune conjunction helps us to look beyond grand visions and castles in the sky in order to begin to build a new foundation based upon the new insights coming out of the powerful energy released at least year's Winter Solstice. By the end of the week, The Sun reaches a stabilizing conjunction with Saturn. Rather than feeling oppressive or constricting, Saturn's energy helps us to regain focus and a sense of direction that has been a struggle to maintain since the beginning of the year. A Venus-Neptune sextile on Saturday offers the opportunity for creative solutions and new connections.

We find ways to tame the nervous energy on Sunday through the use of clever strategies and an eye towards future plans. Monday's Aries Moon conjuncts Chiron, which may increase focus and determination. Nonetheless, many may strain towards some kind of Utopian perfection. The building energy is full of excitement, enthusiasm, and impulsiveness but determinedly individualistic — without a clearly formulated guiding, common principle. The Sun arrives in Aquarius on Tuesday, encouraging individual eccentricities and clever, intellectual insights. Impulsiveness and instability peaks on Wednesday. With awareness, we will find creative ways to blend individual perspectives with broader perspectives. There is some hope of finding wisdom and better insight into a Bigger Picture on Thursday. We have some sense of the importance of becoming 'right-sized' and recognizing our unique place within a larger context. We begin to see evidence of transformational change on Friday under the Moon's trine to Pluto. Creative solutions blossom under Saturday's Venus-Neptune sextile. The Sun's conjunction with Saturn feels remarkably stabilizing, rather than oppressive or constraining.

Sunday January 17, 2021

We find ways to tame some of the extraordinary flows of energy today. 'Zealotry' is tempered by clever strategies and an eye towards future plans. Today's 'intrigues' are subtle but powerful. The Moon's sextile to Pluto and the Sun offer potent intuitive guidance to help us navigate this rapidly changing atmosphere. Although such intuition might be expected to provide expanded awareness and broader perspectives, there is a singleness of purpose in this atmosphere that is likely to keep us laser-focused on our individual aims and goals.The square of Jupiter to Uranus perfects today and is broadly inspirational. But the presence of Mars, as it nears the conjunction with Uranus, stirs impulsiveness to potentially uncontrollable levels which makes it extremely difficult to look at the 'Big Picture' or coordinate common effort. The Moon is briefly VOC this evening, from 7:44 PM until 11:07 PM PST

Monday January 18, 2021

The Aries Moon conjuncts Chiron this morning, increasing our focus and determination. A sextile to Jupiter, shortly after noon, may help to instill the Moon's transit through Aries with at least a bit of Big Picture perspective — but just a bit. In general, however, the building energy is stirring intellectual excitement and enthusiasm in independent, erratic, and unpredictable ways, very much dependent on individual perspectives and goals. We may find ourselves straining towards some kind of Utopian perfection without any clear understanding of how such perfection might serve the common good. The overnight Moon-Venus square increases the challenges of communicating any sort of Big Picture or Common Good vision.

Tuesday January 19, 2021

The Sun arrives in Aquarius today, encouraging individual eccentricities along with clever, intellectual insight. Our focus is further directed towards independent actions and personal vision that may — or may not — be consistent with any sort of insight into the Big Picture or clear awareness of an overall strategy. The lack of direction or overarching strategy may be stunning to some, while others may not even acknowledge that there is any valid perspective other than their own. The need for self-discipline and a broad, overarching strategy is paramount but extremely hard to develop in this atmosphere, Nonetheless, the Sun's entrance into Aquarius begins to form a conjunction with Saturn — perfecting on Saturday — which will ultimately provide important stabilization and clarity.

Wednesday January 20, 2021

The Moon is VOC this morning until 10:55 AM PST when the Moon arrives in Taurus. The Mars-Uranus conjunction in Taurus finally perfects today, bringing instability and impulsiveness to a new peak. The Moon's involvement raises our emotional investment to extraordinary new levels. The square to Jupiter is teaching us self-discipline by showing us the pitfalls of impulsive action. There is a need to find the delicate balance between honoring independent, individual voices and recognizing the need to creatively merge individual insights into common goals and visions. The Mars-Uranus conjunction may be explosive but also offers potent creative energy to bring forward a broader perspective, as revealed by the square to Jupiter. Needless to say, finding such creative opportunities is truly a herculean task in the midst of this peak of stirred up, impulsive, explosive environment.

Thursday January 21, 2021

There is more wisdom available in this atmosphere than is easily recognized. The heady atmosphere of independent, individual determination — and impulsiveness — has begun to wane and we turn the corner today towards awareness of a Bigger Picture. As individuals, we may suddenly feel especially small or 'less than', rather than a participant within the greater harmonies of the Universe. In essence, the challenge today is find some way to understand how to see ourselves 'right-sized'; not less than or greater than. Today's Ceres-Neptune conjunction has us looking beyond grand visions — castles in the sky — in order to find something tangible and meaningful which we can grab on to in order to begin to build the new foundation that we have been seeking to create since the the Winter Solstice.

Friday January 22, 2021

The Moon goes VOC this afternoon at 1:27 PM PST after making a significant trine to Pluto. We reach a crucial point today in the lunar cycle that began with last week's Capricorn New Moon (Tuesday, January 12th, 9:00 PM 23° Capricorn). The development of transformational energy has reached the point at which we can begin to see our progress. There is little time for comfort or satisfaction under the VOC but, once the Moon arrives in Gemini this evening, just before Midnight, our minds begin to stir with new ideas and plans for future progress.

Saturday January 23, 2021

Creative solutions blossom under today's Venus-Neptune sextile. Today's intellectual atmosphere is engaging and activating in the pursuit of new connections and the sharing of widely varied perspectives. The Sun's conjunction with Saturn is stabilizing, rather than oppressive or restrictive. Nonetheless, today's spontaneous environment may very well present us with spectacular surprises and sudden, unexpected actions. There is a strong desire to show leadership through flash and spectacle but also by providing direction, real meaning, and the demonstration of sincere dedication to common effort and purpose.

Weekly Summary: JANUARY 24 - JANUARY 30

"Prejudice is a burden that confuses the past, threatens the future and renders the present inaccessible."

— Maya Angelou

This week's Leo Full Moon is a particularly important culmination of this month's transformative Capricorn New Moon (January 12th 9:00 PM 23° Capricorn) which was conjunct Pluto. We arrive at the 'delivery room' this week for the Rebirth of a personal sense of empowerment and creative self-expression after experiencing a number of doubts and questions of self-worth and individual purpose. The groundwork is laid, this week, for the extended Saturn-Uranus square that will be with us for most of this year. Generally, this square represents a conflict between 'old structures and new initiatives'. However, ahead of the first Saturn-Uranus 'square-off', Saturn first forms a sextile to Chiron in Aries, inspiring both perseverance and personal, individual determination. This sextile, within the context of the Saturn-Uranus square, increases our personal investment in these broader conflicts and challenges and encourages individual participation. This Thursday's Leo Full Moon (11:16 AM PST 9° Leo/Aquarius) compounds our personal investment with strong, 'Heart-Centered' compassion. Jupiter is conjunct the Sun, opposing this Full Moon, putting our personal beliefs on the line and exposing vulnerable ego-based attachments to these beliefs. The solution is found in a willingness to listen intently to the perspectives of others with detachment and awareness. Without such willingness, our personal self-doubts will continue to fester. We are presented with the prospect of honoring the challenges (and challengers) of our past and separating our individual identity from an unattainable ideal in order to embrace a sense of self that is grounded in honesty and self-acceptance — 'warts and all'. Ultimately, we will come out of the process on much firmer ground by embracing flexibility and understanding. Of course, compromise is also likely to be required. This is where the involvement of Chiron is most significant. Chiron teaches us how to remain true to ourselves while accepting the perspectives of others. Balancing the honest perspectives of others with our own unique insights is critical to 'anchoring the light' in the midst of the monumental challenges and changes the are sure to accompany the ongoing conflicts between the 'old' and the 'new'. Mercury has been in retrograde territory since January 15th and will provide a welcome opportunity for us to further review how our we may need to adjust our perspectives and beliefs during the upcoming retrograde period from January 30th through February 20th.

We may find frustration on Sunday if we try to demand others to make sense. Inconsistencies abound. We'll do better to simply listen and allow the inconsistencies to reveal themeselves, rather than pointing them out. The Cancer Moon on Monday increases our vulnerability to personal challenges to our beliefs and perspectives. Acknowledging our vulnerabilities will help us to prepare for Thursday's Full Moon. There is some sense of excitement on Tuesday even though we may struggle with some personal self doubt. There is growing recognition that we have a personal stake in the 'Big Picture' changes we see going on around us. The VOC Moon in Cancer on Wednesday is especially destabilizing following the Moon-Pluto opposition in the morning. We need to look for approval from within, rather than anchoring our self-worth on the approval of others. Thursday's Full Moon, square Mars and opposing Jupiter suggests impulsiveness and self-indulgence but also compassion. The personal sense of empowerment can serve to expand our willingness to listen to the perspective of others. We may find ourselves somewhat off balance on Friday. It's a good idea to slow down and do more listening than proclaiming. We may feel more comfortable allowing others to maintain their own, individual position on Saturday.

Sunday January 24, 2021

Mercury has been in 'retrograde territory' since January 15th and the slowdown in our mental/intellectual clarity may begin to show today in a diminishing ability to deal with others clearly and directly. There is significant clean-up to be done under the upcoming retrograde Mercury (January 30th - February 20th) in terms of reviewing a variety of individual initiatives and bringing them together to form a coherent plan for moving forward with common effort. The need for balance in our dealings with others is what is apparent today — our ability to listen is most valuable. If we expend too much effort to make sense of what we're listening to, we may quickly become frustrated. However, by just letting others have their say, they are more likely to hear for themselves their own inconsistencies.

Monday January 25, 2021

The Moon is VOC until 10:51 AM PST. Upon the Moon's arrival in Cancer, a forming square to Chiron requires us to face up to any inconsistencies in our individual positions and approaches. Of course, such demands may feel especially challenging to the protective instincts of the Cancer Moon. As we approach Thursday's Leo Full Moon (11:16 AM PST 9° Leo/Aquarius), we will need to be prepared to set aside purely ego-based attachments in favor of common efforts and 'Big Picture' vision. The better we do today at squeezing out emotionally sensitive inconsistencies and vulnerabilities, the better prepared we will be when we reach Thursday's Leo Full Moon.

Tuesday January 26, 2021

The transformative promise of rebirth coming out of the last New Moon (January 12th 9:00 PM 23° Capricorn) reaches a significant stress point today — something like the panicked excitement of arriving in the 'delivery room'. Our focus is likely to be inward or focused on those closest to us — the people and places where we are most likely to be able to have an impact. However, there is no denying the 'Big Picture' ramifications of our impact within our close-knit circle, as well as the major turning point that we will reach at Thursday's Leo Full Moon (11:16 AM PST 9° Leo/Aquarius). We seem to struggle with doubts today — especially questions surrounding our self-worth. Resolving these ahead of the Full Moon will be extremely helpful. Specifically, concerns over the approval or appreciation of others for our efforts will keep us floundering in doubt — we need to look for approval from within.

Wednesday January 27, 2021

This morning's Moon-Pluto opposition early in the day sets an especially destabilizing tone — we feel that the birth (rebirth) may be in doubt and we are particularly aware of the frailty of our existence today. The Moon is VOC for much of the day today, from 9:54 AM PST until 6:53 PM PST. It isn't easy to feel safe and secure with the Moon VOC in Cancer and we may tend to grasp for security. We would desperately like to see tangible results and find ourselves quickly frustrated when we don't receive appreciation or approval. There is a dawning awareness of the need to find security from within once the Moon arrives in Leo this evening.

Thursday January 28, 2021

Today's Leo Full Moon brings forth a tremendous burst of Heart-Centered awareness that is both compassionate and empowering. However, in this atmosphere, we find extremely potent challenges to our beliefs about ourselves and the world around us. We begin to separate from the ideal of ourselves and — with awareness and luck — begin to love and appreciate the reality rather than the ideal. The Sun's conjunction with Jupiter at this Full Moon (opposing the Sun-ruled Leo Moon), is both expansive and challenging. The tight square to Mars may produce extremes in self-indulgence and impulsiveness. However, this culmination point of the current lunar cycle also offers expansive awareness and the opportunity to turn a corner and come to base our belief structures in tangible facts and set aside some unattainable, Utopian ideals. The is not likely to be a lightening-like, sudden insight but rather, a growing awareness that it is finally time to get real.

Friday January 29, 2021

We may need to slow down and take stock of our new awareness or risk quickly losing touch with our new baseline of internal self-worth. The Moon's opposition to Mercury and quincunx to Venus may keep us uncomfortably off-balance or returning to a stance where we are trying to please others instead of honoring our internal messages and process. We may also be dealing with residual, hidden hostilities, especially from our past. Today presents us with the prospect of honoring and respecting the challenges (and challengers) in our past with the recognition that our previous obstacles can or have become new stepping stones. The impulsiveness that we have been facing all year has finally come down to a level of manageability but only through conscious self-discipline and self-awareness. By slowing down and taking time to consider our actions carefully it will be easier to manifest the necessary tools to use the available energy creatively and effectively. The Moon goes VOC at 5:53 PM PST this evening.

Saturday January 30, 2021

Saturn is approaching a determined sextile to Chiron, which we feel today through recognizing the need for balance. Our ability to persevere is bolstered through recognizing the value of different perspectives. That is, rather than rejecting differences, we find extra determination to better understand how those perspectives have been developed. Saturn's sextile to Chiron can inform and assist us in understanding the lessons from the developing, extended Saturn-Uranus conjunction. Our success in navigating this long-term aspect will require both perseverance and expanded awareness — awareness that can only be made manifest by a willingness to honor differences and the perspectives of others. Today begins to tangibly lay the groundwork for this year's overarching lessons.