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Sun 28° Cancer 40' 30"
Moon 21° Pisces 49' 52"
Mercury 28° Cancer 20' 14" 
Venus 22° Cancer 11' 23"
Mars 12° Leo 33' 04"
Ceres 00° Sagittarius 33' 42"
Pallas 18° Libra 27' 40"
Juno 14° Leo 38' 39"
Vesta 15° Taurus 41' 36"
Jupiter 15° Sagittarius 10' 12" 
Saturn 16° Capricorn 20' 27" 
Chiron 05° Aries 52' 15" 
Uranus 06° Taurus 25' 42"
Neptune 18° Pisces 29' 15" 
Pluto 21° Capricorn 43' 14" 
TrueNode 17° Cancer 34' 22" 

The Daily Astrological Currents by Week

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This Daily Astrological Forecast is a bit different than most daily forecasts since it isn’t written for each individual Sun Sign. Rather, it is intended to be a bit like an Astrological Weather Report. To read more about this forecast, see this post

Weekly Summary: JULY 14 - JULY 20

"If I ruled the world,
Every man would be as free as a bird"

This week's Capricorn-Cancer Full Moon (2:38 PM PDT 24° Capricorn/Cancer) on Tuesday has the Moon 'carrying the light' from conjunctions with Saturn, the South Node, and Pluto, creating an extraordinary culmination to this powerful lunar cycle. The vital, growing force from the New Moon on July 2nd has been challenged by the Sun's oppositions, leading to the potential for power struggles. In essence we are closely examining the nature and appropriate uses of 'Power', both spiritual and material. The lesson to be learned is that we must first learn how to gain mastery over ourselves before we can hope to be successful in having a productive impact on the world around us. Under the retrograding Mercury in Leo, our will power is, in a sense, reduced to false bravado — bluff and bluster. By the end of the week, Mercury returns to Cancer and we become far more circumspect in our pronouncements. Nevertheless, the early part of the week has many of us reaching for some kind of "Mantle Of Power" in an effort to take control. But the truth is that we really only have power over ourselves. If we are able to successfully navigate this atmosphere, we will gain some true 'gems' of wisdom and insight regarding the true nature of power, influence, and mastery. One way or another, however, our emotions are likely to have us looking for some kind of cover.

The Moon is VOC during the early part of the day on Sunday, offering us little productive sense of direction. Emotions are closely held and tightly guarded on Monday, ahead of Tuesday's Full Moon. We may find ourselves running a gauntlet challenges and external power struggles on Tuesday. There's quite a bit of bluff and bluster on Wednesday to protect some especially sensitive egos. A Venus-Neptune trine on Thursday offers a temporary glow of sensitivity and compassion but we don't really find any sense of emotional safety until the Moon arrives in Pisces on Friday afternoon. Nonetheless, we should tread lightly as we begin to look for ways to mend fences and rebuild bridges of communication. By Saturday, a 'Neptunian Fog' rolls in, giving us some cover to either 'lick our wounds' or contemplate the inspiring 'gems' we have gathered from the week's intensity.

Sunday July 14, 2019

The Moon is VOC until 4:04 PM PDT. There is very little clear direction available upon which to build a productive course of action — especially following the culmination of the pressurized Sun-Pluto opposition early this morning. That opposition, along with the retrograding Mercury in Leo, has us looking for ways to gain power or take control somehow. However, we are more inclined to look for shortcuts or take foolish risks, rather than seek to build new lines of communication or establish some kind of broad consensus. Our redemption will most likely found through consideration of our history and our past experiences.

Monday July 15, 2019

Emotions are likely to be closely held and tightly guarded today, ahead of tomorrow's demanding Full Moon (2:38 PM PDT 24° Capricorn/Cancer). We seem to be required to run through an extremely challenging gauntlet before we can attain any sort of control. Pursuit of power and, on some level, approval is the powerful undercurrent of today's activity. However, the 'Mantle of Power' is never easily attained and most don't really know what to do with it once it is attained. On the spiritual level, power is only attained through release and in the material realm is rarely held for very long, often only leading to corruption and self-undoing. The nature, value, and appropriate uses of personal power are most certainly on the table for examination today.

Tuesday July 16, 2019

Today's Full Moon (2:38 PM PDT 24° Capricorn/Cancer) brings forward the vitality and extraordinary growing power of the last New Moon (July 2nd, 12:31 PM PDT 10° Cancer) but only after we have truly run the gauntlet of challenges and external power struggles. On some level, this lunar cycle is challenging us to learn the lessons of Mastery and the importance of first gaining mastery over ourselves before seeking control over others and our external circumstances. Emotions are quite strong. Familial ties and heritage are extremely important here and may provide refuge or actually be the source of significant struggle. There are no quick answers and today requires that we take time to consider our options.The Moon goes VOC after the Full Moon and won't arrive in Aquarius until early tomorrow morning.

Wednesday July 17, 2019

We may see a great deal of bluff and bluster covering up some deep insecurities today. Mercury has nearly backed out of Leo and will return to a more circumspect repose when it gets back to Cancer on Friday. However, today's communication strategies are more likely to be geared towards protecting sensitive egos. The detachment provided by the Aquarius Moon may be nothing more than one more strategy to cover up up sensitive feelings. Too much probing could easily arouse sharp rebukes, rather than uncover the true, raw feelings that lie beneath the surface bravado. "Easy does it" and "This, too, shall pass"

Thursday July 18, 2019

We finally gain a glimpse of inspiration today, offering keen insights. Intuition improves with Mercury's return to Cancer. Nevertheless, it could be rather easy to just collapse into an improving atmosphere, ignoring the need for continuing attention to our plans, projects, or ongoing efforts of various kinds. Venus trines Neptune, which provides a glow of compassion and tenderness. But we should not rely too heavily on this gentle balm. The Moon goes VOC at 8:53 AM PDT and won't reach Pisces until tomorrow afternoon (2:18 PM PDT).

Friday July 19, 2019

The early part of the day is prone to erratic behavior and uncertain friendships. However, once the Moon arrives in Pisces this afternoon at 2:18 PM PDT, we find the makings of true compassion and a watershed of reliable intuitive direction. Nevertheless, it may not be that easy to just really open up the the messages of the Universe, given this week's rocky emotional roller coaster. Although we should certainly be aware of a need to tread lightly and take note of any indications that caution is called for, there is certainly room to mend fences and rebuild bridges of communication.

Saturday July 20, 2019

In order to find a modicum of success this week, we have needed to navigate some particularly challenging power struggles and learn that we must first have mastery over ourselves before we can expect to make some impact on the external world. If we have found the important gems of wisdom, we're likely to stay rather quiet about it today. On the other hand, if we are still 'licking our wounds' there may seem to be little to do but hide away in isolation. Either way, much of today's activity is enshrouded in a cloudy 'Neptunian' fog which makes open, clear, and direct communication particularly challenging. Nevertheless, today presents a rather hypnotizing 'aura of mystery' which may open doors for some of us to dramatically expand our influence as we rise above the challenging events of the week.

Today is Sunday July 21, 2019

Weekly Summary: JULY 21 - JULY 27

"Turned away from it all
Like the blind man
Sat on a fence but it don't work"

This week's waning Moon and retrograde Mercury in Cancer sees us turning inward and embracing a degree of cautiousness that seemed unthinkable just last week. Any residual power struggles dissipate or go well under cover. We set aside the strong imperatives to take control and begin to feel an independent, creative energy building. Intuitive clues support our progress but we may not find the desired levels of understanding through our intuition alone. Risks may be required. We may need to reach out to others in ways that don't seem altogether safe. Essentially, we are looking for safety through a desire for self-sufficient, will-power driven independence. Independence may offer us space for creative exploration but we still need to keep open the channels of cooperation, collaboration and open, honest communication with others. This is where we need to try to strike a balance this week: Intuitive insights may have us a bit confused. Cautiousness may hold us back from making valuable creative headway. An independent attitude may cut us off from those whose help we need. But we can make use of all of these factors in a completely different way by cautiously following the creative, intuitive threads and staying in touch with others who can help us determine the best course forward. Mercury turns direct next Wednesday as we reach a brand new lunar cycle, the Leo New Moon (8:11 PM PDT 8° Leo). The new burst of energy will be expansive and we need to use this week's energy to make considered preparations.

Mercury's inferior conjunction with the Sun produces considerable cautiousness. We are more likely to seek safety and comfort than engage in any of last week's struggles. Monday's Aries Moon sets up a Grand Fire Trine, which completes Tuesday morning. The building energy levels are focused on establishing independence. Monday's heady atmosphere leads to increasing cautiousness on Tuesday afternoon when 'the bill comes due' and we recognize that 'the piper must be paid'. Determined independence takes over on Wednesday and intuition is very strong. However, it isn't so easy to fully comprehend the insights that are surfacing. Concerns over fairness could produce significant distractions on Thursday, blinding us to 'Big Picture' progress. There is a degree of 'fixity' on Friday that may have us feeling that 'the die is cast'. However, we may not really be as stuck as we feel. Saturday's Gemini Moon, coupled with the last days of the retrograde Mercury may produce some confusing interactions. However, there is plenty of compassion and understanding that keep things from getting out of control.

Sunday July 21, 2019

Mercury reaches an inferior conjunction with the Sun today and, in this context, instills cautiousness. Any residual conflicts over power and control have gone under cover. The Moon approaches a trine to the Sun all day today, providing a wealth of creativity and inspiration. However, despite numerous temptations to widen our gaze — expand our horizons — warm blankets and soft pillows (comfort) are far more likely to hold our focus. If we have managed to find some kind of thoroughly engrossing creative thread to follow, we will most likely be able to fully disregard most of today's temptations and distractions and make steady progress.

Monday July 22, 2019

The Moon's arrival in Aries early this morning signals the CracKle and pOp of tomorrow morning's Grand Fire Trine. The stirring energy levels could easily get us in well over our heads if we don't remember to carry yesterday's cautiousness with us into this heady atmosphere. Independent attitudes begin to shift us away from the overriding focus on power and controlling others. We're suddenly more focused on simply cutting our own path. The feeling of freedom could be quite intoxicating. Misuse of what has already been acquired could be a real factor in pushing us too far today. Responsibility is the key. The Sun arrives in Leo this evening, encouraging ego-centered independent displays of personal will power. There is always a price to pay.

Tuesday July 23, 2019

By 11:30 AM PDT, the Moon's participation in a Grand Fire Trine passes and our energized emotions are significantly slowed by the Moon's square to Saturn. Although energy levels may remain high, we have at least some sense that 'the piper must be paid' — we may want to 'slow our roll'. Significant exposures are possible here that remind us that, indeed, 'nothing stays buried forever'. On the other hand, if the 'chips are down', we are likely to find surprising support here. The bottom line today comes down to how well we face the increased demands for responsibility and accountability.

Wednesday July 24, 2019

The Moon is VOC during the early part of the day today, form 7:47 AM PDT until 2:42 PM PDT. With the Moon's arrival in Taurus this afternoon, independent creativity takes charge and intuitive clues provide striking insights — understanding what we're actually seeing may be the challenge to overcome. Intuitive clues are always a challenge to clarify and may not always provide the help we're looking for (or need). Nevertheless, there are powerful creative solutions and powerful intuitive guidance available today if we can stay with the process and not work too hard to take control. Allowing these processes to unfold naturally is the key. Focusing on specific outcomes is the biggest pitfall — just stay with the process.

Thursday July 25, 2019

A larger picture emerges from yesterday's processes. Nonetheless, may find ourselves intently focused on fair play and 'score-keeping' while losing track of exactly where we're heading. We need to establish an extremely delicate balance between wide-ranging independence and the strong demand for accountability and responsibility. Great achievements are possible today if we can find that balance. Emotions are likely to be excitable and running quite 'hot'. Even so, with just the right amount of patience, we may be able to navigate the emotions with smooth diplomacy and really make profound progress!

Friday July 26, 2019

'The die is cast'. Today's fixity may lead us to believe we can go no further. Nevertheless, Mercury is beginning to slow down to turn direct next week so things may not be as fixed and inevitable as they may seem. We return to the cautiousness that we felt at the beginning of this week. However, there is more of a sense of imperative now that is urging us to take some kind of chance. We're inclined to feel the need to keep our 'cards close to the vest' and rely only on our most trusted allies. This may be where risks need to be taken. There are opportunities to build or rebuild alliances that may have once been completely written off. The Moon is briefly VOC this evening, from 9:27 PM PDT until 11:28 PM PDT.

Saturday July 27, 2019

Venus leaves cautious Cancer for flamboyant Leo this evening. It is extremely difficult to see around the turn that we are approaching next week. This has been a potent lunar cycle but the next round, coming with next Wednesday's New Moon (8:11 PM PDT 8° Leo) will offer even more energy that we can use to build on what has already been accomplished. Our confidence may seem to have been shaken or, alternatively, we may find ourselves riding an ego-centered wave of independence today. Either way, the expansive energy coming next week will challenge us to be sure we really have our 'ducks in a row' and have properly prepared for the expansion to come. On the mundane level, today's Gemini Moon ruled by the retrograde Mercury could produce one last round of confusing communication exchanges. Nonetheless, there is plenty of compassion in this environment that allows room for forgiveness and understanding.

Weekly Summary: JULY 28 - AUGUST 3

"People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in their true beauty is revealed only if there is light from within."

— Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

Mercury turns direct on Wednesday of this week within the same hour as the Leo New Moon (8:11 PM PDT 8° Leo), which occurs just past the point at which Mercury stationed retrograde earlier this month. The focus of this retrograde period has been on Leo's determined will power. But as Mercury has made its way back into Cancer, we have been challenged to understand more about the proper use of our will power. We have had to learn that our presentation to others — and to the world at large — must be more than simple bluff and bluster. In order to make an impression — and an impact — on the world around us, we must first convince ourselves, bolster our confidence and actually know ourselves. In essence, Kingly Leo, must first learn self rule before becoming an effective leader of others. Right out of the starting gate, the Leo New Moon provides a boost of energy and confidence. Potent aspects to Jupiter expand our perspective and our ambitions. We begin to seek to expand our sphere of influence. Our intellect gets a boost and our energy levels are enhanced following the New Moon. Our challenges is to avoid exaggerating our capacity and capability as our confidence grows.

The Moon is VOC nearly all day Sunday. Arrogance and excessive pride could create some troublesome wreckage and also cause us to miss the softer and more compassionate effects of the Sun-Chiron trine. Exaggeration and overconfidence leads to some significant misunderstandings on Monday. We will do better to take a deep breath and wait for clarity. We should avoid playing games and taking unnecessary chances on Tuesday. The important action is to be sure of our footing and double check any and all elements upon which we have any reliance. The turn comes on Wednesday evening with the Leo New Moon and stationary direct Mercury. Intellectual capacity quickly gets a boost and energy levels begin to rise. As confidence rises so does our ambition. However, we will need to guard against exaggeration. Presentation and performance is demanded on Friday and the pressure may feel quite strong. We should guard against promising more that we can actually deliver. We have a test of our increasing confidence on Saturday. If we spend too much time worrying about how others are treating us, we'll disrupt our own creative spirit.

Sunday July 28, 2019

The Moon goes VOC this morning at 8:23 AM PDT and won't arrive in Cancer until early tomorrow morning. Independence reaches a peak today, ahead of tomorrow's Sun-Uranus square. Arrogance and excessive pride can easily blind us to today's softer and more compassionate Sun-Chiron trine, which opens the door to productive, 'each one teach one', interactions — if we can find the humility to take advantage of the opportunities. Although our abilities may be on full display, we still need to take action — reach out to others — in order to actually find the understanding and insight that we are offered today. Willing cooperation will serve to keep pride and arrogance under control and save us from needing to do extra 'clean up' later this week.

Monday July 29, 2019

Today's Cancer Moon may encourage the display of a level of confidence that doesn't quite 'square' with the actual 'facts'. Desperate exaggeration and false pride has the potential to create a number of unnecessary misunderstandings. The desire for control builds in an especially emotional environment that is exacerbated by Mercury's approaching station direct — clear facts and communication aren't easy to establish. We may be particularly vulnerable to feeling misunderstood or slighted in some way. As well, it is difficult to feel truly confident in the support of others. Insecurity may lead to some especially embarrassing outbursts. We'll do better to 'take a deep breath' and wait for more clarity later in the week.

Tuesday July 30, 2019

Today's atmosphere may be difficult to misuse but taking full advantage of the available opportunities will take extraordinary awareness. The Moon offers little 'light' ahead of tomorrow's New Moon (8:11 PM PDT 8° Leo) and Mercury's return to forward motion. Nonetheless, if our 'lines are open and operators are standing by . . . ' today's powerful environment has the potential to set us up brilliantly for future progress. It is crucial to establish a solid footing today. Avoid playing games or taking unnecessary chances. It is important to check and recheck every element upon which we have any reliance. Gaining the proper stance today will serve us extraordinarily well tomorrow. The Moon goes VOC at 8:32 PM PDT this evening.

Wednesday July 31, 2019

The more that we can anticipate today's shift in the environment, the better positioned we will be to enjoy the burst of energy that is offered by tonight's New Moon (8:11 PM PDT 8-° Leo). In essence, the shackles are loosened and we can begin to see a route to freedom - freedom of both thought and movement. As the restrictions begin to fall away, we can begin to take a new look at our sense of security and how that relates to our use of will power and determination. Today begins a process of redefining ourselves within a larger context — our family, our tribe, our world. Our perspective begins to change when we gain a clearer picture of what we are presenting to others. The 'bluff and bluster' of Leo's showmanship tendencies are no longer enough to get us by. In fact, we begin to recognize how such efforts actually hold us back. This lunar cycle begins a process of revealing, to a larger audience, exactly who we really are.

Thursday August 01, 2019

Mercury has turned direct and our intellectual capacity is boosted quickly. Today's activity is spontaneous and free flowing. Nonetheless, we are likely to immediately focus on checking and rechecking our work — almost as if we recognize that there will, indeed, be a test in the very near future. The Sun has begun to make it's way towards an energizing, expansive trine to Jupiter (culminating August 6th). The strong fire sign influence will encourage us to pursue a highly ambitious agenda. The challenge is to avoid exaggerating our capacity and capability, while keeping our confidence in line with reality. This is not the time to go all in — stick with tried and true principles and maintain a steady line of growth.

Friday August 02, 2019

The pressure to perform and/or show results is enormous today. Our confidence may push us to bite off a bit more than we should. Nevertheless, there is enough luck in this atmosphere that we aren't likely to stumble too far. This is a environment when individual initiative is powerful and well-fueled to the point that it may feel as though we are riding a wave of destiny. However, we should not forget the lessons of the now-concluded retrograde Mercury, which was that we must first have mastery over ourselves before we can extend our influence into the world. The Moon goes VOC this afternoon at 1:47 PM PDT and we're especially likely to promise more than we can actually deliver.

Saturday August 03, 2019

We get something of a 'pop quiz' today. Today is a checkup on well have we learned to manifest personal power by keeping 'our own side of the street clean', that is, staying in charge of ourselves instead of trying to run everything else. The Mars-Juno conjunction in Leo has been pushing us secure justice in line with our own sense of right and wrong. However, this is something like 'score keeping', which has the tendency to look to the letter of the the law rather than the spirit. Unfortunately, this approach tends to disrupt our individual creative spirit and drive. In essence, the more energy we put into how we believe others should be treating us, the less we focus on treating ourselves properly. Tend your own garden (creative or otherwise).