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Sun 29° Libra 20' 22"
Moon 13° Capricorn 53' 46"
Mercury 07° Scorpio 01' 35" 
Venus 23° Virgo 01' 49"
Mars 18° Aries 34' 05" 
Ceres 28° Aquarius 38' 28"
Pallas 17° Capricorn 39' 13"
Juno 10° Scorpio 34' 49"
Vesta 29° Leo 59' 31"
Jupiter 19° Capricorn 47' 33"
Saturn 25° Capricorn 46' 38"
Chiron 06° Aries 10' 46" 
Uranus 09° Taurus 04' 02" 
Neptune 18° Pisces 32' 45" 
Pluto 22° Capricorn 33' 52"
TrueNode 21° Gemini 19' 25"

The Daily Astrological Currents by Week

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This Daily Astrological Forecast is a bit different than most daily forecasts since it isn’t written for each individual Sun Sign. Rather, it is intended to be a bit like an Astrological Weather Report. To read more about this forecast, see this post

Weekly Summary: OCTOBER 11 - OCTOBER 17

"You cannot forgive what you do not know."

— Desmond Tutu

This Friday's Libra New Moon (12:30 PM PDT 23° Libra) creates a powerful Cardinal T-Square with the retrograde Mars in Aries and Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn in Capricorn. Breakthroughs, revelations, and disclosures are promised under this lunar cycle but for most of this week, in the days leading up to the New Moon, there seem to be few opportunities to rise above the emotional powder keg created by the Sun's opposition to Mars and subsequent square to Pluto. There are disputes and standoffs that will need to be slowly unwound over the next few weeks. Mercury turns retrograde on Tuesday in determined, 'truth-seeking' Scorpio. Under this retrograde Mercury, there will be little patience for obfuscation or deflection. However, prior to the New Moon, we seem to be wrapped up in details that have us 'missing the forest for the trees', emotionally stirred up, and quite protective of our home circle. What the Libra New Moon provides is an atmosphere that allows us to see a much broader perspective. We find ways to organize the unfolding breakthroughs and revelations into meaningful patterns. As we follow the review process of the retrograde Mercury, we can begin to understand where we have made mistakes and what we need to do in order to build new and more equitable structures. Ultimately, this week provides the space to take a step back and reassess both our direction and our progress, separate the 'wheat from the chaff', and better understand what is distraction and what is truth. This week's Cardinal squares are more than likely to create some significant crises, challenging both our patience and our resolve. The nature of the Cardinal signs is active and initiatory, instilling in us a sense of purpose, mission, and destiny. The review process being guided by the retrograde Mars in Aries and further informed by Mercury retrograde in Scorpio will continue through the end of the year. This week's breakthroughs will provide us with important new information, expanding our perspective and creating space for new cooperative alliances that will help us to follow through on the New Moon's initiatory energy.

There is a strong imperative to take some kind of stand on Sunday but we'll do better to take a step back in order to reassess both our direction and our progress. We may be tempted to 'let our guard down' a bit on Monday. The relaxing respite is only a temporary 'breather'. There is a strong desire for recognition on Tuesday but the Virgo Moon keeps many of us somewhat skeptical and reserved in our praise and approval. We're a little too focused on the details on Wednesday. Although we have little patience for obfuscation or deflection, we tend to miss the forest for the trees. There is a dawning awareness on Thursday that 'what's past is prologue' in the sense that we find ourselves on the precipice of a series of new opportunities, created by the challenges of the past few months. Friday's Libra New Moon is an important turning point when we begin to understand how to organize the unfolding breakthroughs and revelations. Saturday's Scorpio Moon emphasizes the search for truth inspired by the retrograding Mercury. In essence, the spiritual awakening has begun.

Sunday October 11, 2020

There is quite a bit going on today. The activity may seem to increase the imperative to take some kind of active stand. However, today really represents an important opportunity to take a step back and reassess both our direction and our progress. The waning Moon in Leo may encourage ego concerns to outweigh the need for cooperation and compromise. The forming Sun-Mars opposition may bring impulsive attempts to challenge authority with little foundational support. Rather than focusing on 'action steps', we'll do better to give our intuition and imagination extra space to visualize a new way forward. Friday's Libra New Moon (12:30 PM PDT 23° Libra) will provide extra space to form new alliances and build more effective communication than we may be finding today.

Monday October 12, 2020

The Moon is VOC nearly all day today, from 7:29 AM PDT until 9:55 PM PDT. The atmosphere is generous and optimistic, which may only encourage laziness and a tendency to 'let our guard down' while we might do better to stay alert and vigilant. Mercury has reached a standstill, preparing to turn retrograde tomorrow evening. In our search for broader understanding, we may begin to find ourselves feeling somewhat isolated. Today's somewhat relaxing respite may simply provide a welcome 'breather' before we begin the important review work that lays ahead. However, we should not mistake today's lighter tone for anything other than a temporary break.

Tuesday October 13, 2020

The need for acknowledgement and recognition drives today's activity, increasing the intensity of this emotional powder keg. However, the Virgo Moon does not encourage the kind of effusive praise that we may be looking for. In fact, we may encounter significant skepticism, slowing down the success of any initiatives that we have been working on. The need for cooperation and friendly alliances may be obvious to onlookers but those directly involved in the 'fray' — disputes or standoffs — may refuse to stand down from independent stands. Mercury turns retrograde this evening and begins the process of reviewing these independent stands, pushing us to find a deeper level of truth and understanding. At least initially, our focus in this process is protective of our close inner circle — our family or our 'tribe'.

Wednesday October 14, 2020

As Mercury begins the retrograde process, we begin to unwind much of the activity of the last 3 or 4 weeks. There is an intense search for truth informed by deep skepticism and suspicion. There is a focus on details under the Virgo Moon's trine to Pluto and Saturn. There is little or no patience for obfuscation or deflection — the imperative is to get to the heart of the matter, letting the 'chips fall where they may'. Nonetheless, our ability to pull the details together is challenged under the waning lunar cycle and we may easily 'miss the forest for the trees' until the Friday's Libra New Moon begins to open doors to more effective, diplomatic, cooperation. The Moon is VOC this evening from 3:46 PM PDT until 10:53 PM PDT.

Thursday October 15, 2020

Today's activity suggests at least some awareness that "what's past is prologue". In other words, we begin to gain a better understanding of how the past has led us to the precipice of a series of new opportunities. Although we won't really begin to get a handle on how to proceed until we move past tomorrow's Libra New Moon (12:30 PM PDT 23° Libra), we have the feeling today that things are about to break loose. With this awareness, we are even less likely to be willing to let go of our own position. We find extra resolve to take a stand, in the face of all odds, and wait for a shift that proves we've taken the right position. Although compromise may seem impossible today, there will be further opportunities for resolution tomorrow.

Friday October 16, 2020

Today's Libra New Moon (12:30 PM PDT 23° Libra), squaring both Pluto and Saturn and opposing the retrograde Mars, suggests powerful intensity but also an ability to weave together meaningful patterns of information into a broad, overarching strategy that can bring people together around common purposes. Breakthroughs and revelations are likely. There is an increasing ability to separate the "wheat from the chaff", helping us to recognize what is distraction and what is true. Today's breakthroughs demand that we give everyone space to come to the truth on their own. Each of us has the right to find their own way to truth and understanding. As we find our own way to new recognition and understanding, new cooperative alliances are possible. The Moon is VOC from 3:11 PM PDT until 10:05 PM PDT.

Saturday October 17, 2020

Today's Scorpio Moon encourages us to push even further in our search for truth and understanding. The retrograding Mars, as Spiritual Warrior, has led us to an awakening. A part of that awakening is found in the need to be direct with others by asking for the kind of support that we want and need. There is an organizational capacity here, allowing us to put together details of the series of unfolding breakthroughs and revelation and begin to draw broad conclusions. Ultimately, we are preparing to build new structures once we complete the ongoing review processes that will help us understand where we have made mistakes in the past.

Today is Thursday October 22, 2020

Weekly Summary: OCTOBER 12 - OCTOBER 18

"Creativity comes from a conflict of ideas."

— Donatella Versace

There may be more progress made this week than we recognize while we are slogging our way through it. The expanding energy and initiative of last Friday's New Moon (12:30 PM PDT 23° Libra) is encouraging us to expand our reach and build new alliances. However, with Venus still in skeptical Virgo, we seem rather disinclined to trust others or follow their lead. The importance of our personal goals and principles is still front and center, encouraging many of us to take a stand in the face of all odds and despite any conflicting agendas. The trines, this week, of Venus to Jupiter, then Pluto, and then Saturn, are encouraging us to find some way to share our ideas with enthusiasm, in order to garner the support of others and build new alliances. Even so, Venus in Virgo is generally rather skeptical and the impulses could easily be overshadowed by the crisis-driven atmosphere that is more likely to find us standing on principle than forging compromise. Nonetheless, with Mercury retrograding in 'truth-seeking' Scorpio, we are being guided through a process of reexamination of our most deeply held beliefs, goals and principles. There is a growing awareness this week that we are, in fact, all connected despite our personal squabbles and disagreements. When we are able to muster some detachment and compassionate understanding, we can begin to recognize the value of common purpose. Despite the tendency towards defensiveness and, aggressive disagreement, we are guided to expand our perspective and begin to foster creative alliances that allow us to integrate our ideas without abandoning our principles. Ultimately, this week is an important turning point in our awareness — an awakening to the value of common effort towards a greater good. The Sun arrives in Scorpio on Thursday, increasing our determination to find lasting solutions to long standing challenges.

Our confidence is a diminished on Sunday. We aren't terribly interested in sharing our inner processing with others. We may find ourselves creating complications. Monday's optimism is a two-edged sword bringing a more open approach to sharing insights with others but also impulsive action and sharp-tongued defenses. Steady effort is required on Tuesday, in order to build the foundation for new initiatives. We may turn a corner on long-standing disputes. Even if we don't make tangible progress on Wednesday, we seem to find extra room for compassionate understanding of the positions that others take — even if they stand in direct opposition to our own. The Sun arrives in Scorpio on Thursday. We are more inclined to look for routes to new lines of communication in order to ease tension. There is a more practical approach taken on Friday, as we begin to let go of finding perfect solutions. Detachment eases the tension. There is quite a bit of enthusiasm and energy on Saturday but also a significant amount of impulsiveness. Too many questions bring defensiveness.

Sunday October 18, 2020

There is quite a bit of internal processing going on today — some of which we may actually be inclined to share with others. However, our confidence is diminished a bit and we feel the need to be careful with whatever we put forward or share with others. Taking hard and fast stands is tempered by the demands of protocol and propriety. As well, we may easily fall into the trap of over complicating situations by focusing on irrelevant, extenuating circumstances. If we can find a way to the heart of the matter, a Venus-Jupiter trine will aid us in putting others at ease by at least sharing some of our enthusiasm. The Moon goes VOC at 2:42 PM PDT and the Moon won't arrive in easy-going Sagittarius until this evening at 9:42 PM PDT.

Monday October 19, 2020

The arrival of the Moon is Sagittarius last night may have inspired some of today's optimistic attitude. However, the optimism may also inspire some particularly impulsive actions or outbursts. Self-righteous stands may not be as immutable as they seem — there is room for negotiation. Nonetheless, the Mercury-Juno conjunction, opposing Uranus inspires sharp tongued defenses and a determined intent to achieve some kind of equity in any resolutions or agreements that may be considered. Venus continues to try to help us share our ideas with honest enthusiasm but the stakes are rising and there is very little room for any compromise that would sacrifice our principles.

Tuesday October 20, 2020

Honesty and unselfishness seem to gain the upper hand today in any conflicts that demand equitable resolutions. A great deal can be gained with steady effort but the demands of the past few days may hamper any effort to build anything like enthusiastic cooperation. Nonetheless, today offers real opportunities for foundation building and turning the corner on any long-standing conflicts or disputes — which is not to say that suddenly and magically everything is fine. Today offers rewards and some reassurance the there is 'light at the end of the tunnel' but only when we maintain our efforts and avoid any temptations to simply give up and walk away.

Wednesday October 21, 2020

We may make more progress today than we can recognize. Even if we have little to point to or we fail to clearly communicate our perspective, there is a dawning awareness of common purpose. This is a quiet recognition of the truth that we are all connected, despite our personal squabbles and disagreements. Even divergent goals and conflicting belief structures can find some common ground with a broad enough perspective. Today offers extra room to see our similarities and accept our differences. This is more than simply 'agreeing to disagree'. We may not find any route to tangible communication today but at least we there is some room for compassionate understanding. With just a touch of inspiration, creative strategies may be initiated that will (eventually) lead to satisfying results.

Thursday October 22, 2020

The Sun arrives in Scorpio today, increasing our determination to find lasting — and satisfying — resolutions to long entrenched challenges. As usual, the devil is in the details. Venus in Virgo continues to insert skepticism into whatever negotiations we attempt but an approaching trine to Saturn offers extra support to form productive alliances. The retrograding Mercury in Scorpio is encouraging us to reexamine our past assumptions and look for some route to more productive cooperation and communication. In general, we are not any more inclined to abandon our positions. However, we are especially sensitive to any opposing opinions and more inclined to find new lines of communication that ease the tension.

Friday October 23, 2020

The role this week of Venus in Virgo is understated but remarkably integrated in the overall challenge of building cooperative alliances and organizing common effort. In some way or another, we begin to escape the skepticism and ease up on the throttle of our pursuit for the 'perfect solution' that has been stirred by Venus in Virgo. That is not to say that we are any more inclined to abandon any strongly held positions. But we are more practical in our approach today, opening doors to further consideration and cooperation. The Aquarius Moon helps to bring a more detached approach to the table. We also become more interested in expanding our understanding of some kind of 'common purpose' and look for ways to integrate our ideas without abandoning our principles.

Saturday October 24, 2020

Today is packed with energy and enthusiasm but there may be a bit too much impulsive or erratic activity or behavior for any kind of comfortable 'flow'. Defensiveness may surface suddenly and some may be lost or easily 'steam-rolled' into taking unwise or ill-considered action. There may not have been enough clear guidelines established in order to make today's progress as satisfying as we would like. The defensiveness arises whenever we feel questioned or hindered by authority or protocol. Nonetheless. If we have been able to foster at least the beginnings of some comfortable alliances, we should be able to escape most of today's pitfalls relatively unscathed and feel satisfied with today's activity.

Weekly Summary: OCTOBER 25 - OCTOBER 31

"There's a new day dawning
That belongs to you and me"

There are dramatic shifts over the course of this week, leading us directly into the sudden and intense burst of light produced by Saturday's Taurus Full Moon (7:42 AM PDT 8° Taurus/Scorpio). At the beginning of the week, Mercury arrives at the inferior conjunction with the Sun, which is the point in the retrograde process of Mercury where we begin to draw conclusions from the review process that is underway. We essentially come to the pre-planning phase where we begin to think about how to incorporate the information garnered by Mercury's review. It's easy to get ahead of ourselves at this point and try to begin to actually implement our ideas prematurely, that is, ahead of Mercury's direct station on November 3rd. However, we are likely to quickly find frustration if we try to act too impulsively. There are waves of determined independence this week and a strong sense of individual responsibility that may extend far beyond our ability to actually control anything. We need to find ways to stay very close to some kind of common effort and common purpose in order to remind ourselves that we are all connected through our human-ness. The notion that we have to carry the weight of the world on our individual shoulders is actually the result of perverted self-importance or self-sufficiency. The light from the culmination of this lunar cycle shines directly onto the need for common effort towards a common purpose. The importance of connection is emphasized on Wednesday as Mercury retrogrades back into Libra, while Venus moves forward into Libra. The renewed Libra emphasis brings awareness of the need for cooperation. Energy builds but requires increasing amounts of self-discipline and self-control. We strongly value our independent, individual identity but may struggle to understand how to bring that independence into the need for common effort and common purpose. By the time we reach Saturday's Taurus Full Moon, conjunct unpredictable Uranus, we begin to consider the question of what elements of our past can be repaired and what elements must be entirely torn down in order to clear the way for new structures and new traditions. We have come through a string of lunar cycles this year that have been strongly impacted by Uranus, resulting in surprising, unexpected, and disruptive events as well as sudden bursts of awareness. Despite the continued overall unpredictability — indicated by this Full Moon's tight conjunction with Uranus — there is increased clarity. We are squarely focused how to work together to build a new future. The question of which structures can be repaired and which structures should be demolished is directly in front of us.

Increased confidence levels on Sunday could lead us to get out ahead of ourselves as Mercury reaches the 'inferior conjunction' with the Sun. It's important to balance differing perspectives on Monday. There are a broad of array of distractions and tempting side-roads. Distractions continue on Tuesday. Over optimism can result in hasty, reckless, or impulsive actions. However, with self-discipline significant progress is likely. Revelations and exposures could be extremely destabilizing on Wednesday. Venus and Mercury both arrive in Libra. There is a strong desire for clarity on Thursday but it just never arrives. However, focus on common effort and common purpose will serve us well. By Friday, the need for cooperation is unmistakable and helps to mute some of the unhelpful independent attitudes that continue to create distractions. Saturday's Full Moon shines a bright light on the questions of what structures can be effectively repaired and what must be taken down in order to make room for something new.

Sunday October 25, 2020

The Moon is VOC until 2:18 PM this afternoon. Mercury reaches the 'inferior conjunction' with the Sun today. We can begin to make assessments in a something like a pre-planning process. We're inclined to keep any of those assessments 'close to the vest'. There is tremendous support here for turning any 'stumbling blocks' into 'stepping stones'. But we should not expect to implement any of our plans until closer to November 3rd when Mercury turns direct. Today's increased confidence levels could lead us to get out a bit ahead of ourselves.

Monday October 26, 2020

Today's challenge is likely just a matter of staying focused amid a broad array of distractions and tempting side roads. Any potential gains are easily dissipated if we can't stay focused on laying the proper groundwork. Foundation building and balancing differing perspectives is what is required here. Too much concern over making 'forward progress' is a slippery slope that will likely leave us frustrated and dissatisfied. We are prone to aggressive risk-taking as well as some potential for misplacing our sympathies. Stay focused on the tasks at hand and apply a methodical and deliberate approach rather than insisting on taking premature actions.

Tuesday October 27, 2020

The potential for confusing distractions continues today but we may find a greater capacity to balance our forward thinking optimism with the need to stay focused on the tasks at hand. However, such balance is only achieved through tremendous self-control and self-discipline. We need to guard against over-optimism, — even grandiosity -— as well as overly aggressive risk-taking. Carefully balanced strategies and well-considered action offers tremendous progress so long as we don't resort to hasty or reckless impulsiveness. The Moon goes VOC at 5:48 PM PDT, right before Mercury moves back into Libra and Venus moves forward into Libra. Although we may not realize it until tomorrow, the playing field changes significantly with these two shifts.

Wednesday October 28, 2020

Today's increased activity could easily be extremely destabilizing. There is an unraveling process underway that seems uncontrollable. Individual initiatives are front and center and we may, at least temporarily, lose sight of our need for stable alliances and common effort. Nonetheless, today's activity is re-energizing and optimistic, offering to some of us a sense that we can begin to put developing plans into action. But still — baby steps. The overall atmosphere encourages independent non-conformity but doesn't necessarily keep our focus on self-discipline and self-control. As well, this is a good day to remember to slice out a bit of 'alone time' for careful reflection and consideration. Balance between cooperation and individual determination is the crucial element here.

Thursday October 29, 2020

Although we would very much like the fog to lift in order to feel some sense of certainty, clarity, and stability — it just ain't happening. Our plans seem especially slow to develop today, even though we may have an intuitive sense that we are on the right track. Saturday's Full Moon (7:42 AM PDT 8° Taurus/Scorpio) continues the streak of lunar cycles strongly impacted by the unpredictability of Uranus. Awareness is expanding exponentially. However, it is only our personal ability to stay organized and exercise self-control that will permit us to maintain some kind

Friday October 30, 2020

Common effort is where we find salvation today. Our demands for individual autonomy are muted by the recognition that we need to find common ground and common purpose in order to effectively move forward. The only other option is weakened vitality and frustration. Although we may feel strong personal (individual) responsibility, we must face the fact that we are all connected by our 'human-ness' and the notion that we have to carry the weight of the world on our individual shoulders is an illusion of perverted self-importance or self-sufficiency — we need each other. Today offers us a bridge to understanding how our personal responsibility and individuality can feed a greater good and a greater purpose.

Saturday October 31, 2020

No matter how brilliant we may be as individuals, all of us stand on the shoulders of those who have come before us. Heritage and tradition provide the basis upon which new structures and new traditions are formed and come into being — everything is a response to what has come before, whether it be a rejection of the past or a return to it. The challenge we face today is understanding what can be repaired and what must be torn down and cleared away so that the ground can be cleared for new structures to be created. This morning's Full Moon (7:42 AM PDT 8° Taurus/Scorpio), conjunct Uranus brings us face to face with this challenge to our awareness and understanding. What can be repaired? What must be cleared away? The 'light' of the Full Moon shines directly upon this question. More than most Full Moons, this is a powerful culmination point at which we face the reality of endings and new beginnings.