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Sun 17° Sagittarius 58' 16"
Moon 19° Capricorn 31' 55"
Mercury 28° Scorpio 06' 01"
Venus 04° Scorpio 38' 26"
Mars 15° Pisces 23' 02"
Ceres 12° Scorpio 09' 25"
Pallas 14° Libra 16' 48"
Juno 21° Taurus 13' 41" 
Vesta 03° Aquarius 53' 23"
Jupiter 07° Sagittarius 01' 23"
Saturn 08° Capricorn 49' 47"
Chiron 27° Pisces 53' 54"
Uranus 28° Aries 55' 27" 
Neptune 13° Pisces 45' 32"
Pluto 19° Capricorn 53' 48"
TrueNode 27° Cancer 10' 58" 

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This Daily Astrological Forecast is a bit different than most daily forecasts since it isn’t written for each individual Sun Sign. Rather, it is intended to be a bit like an Astrological Weather Report. To read more about this forecast, see this post

Weekly Summary: DECEMBER 2 - DECEMBER 8

"He loved the people just as much as he feared and detested persons"

— Sinclair Lewis
It Can't Happen Here

The importance of the lessons of the last few months become clear this week under the Sagittarius New Moon (December 6th, 11:20 PM PST 15° Sagittarius) which squares the Mars-Neptune conjunction in Pisces. We need to have a deep understanding of our need for other people even though we may be hypnotized by our grand visions, Big Ideas, or optimistic idealism. We need to find a way to make the necessary connections to others, build alliances and stay open and willing to listen to the grand vision that others are seeing. Venus returns to Scorpio this week, which should help us to soften our tone by discouraging 'arm twisting' and fancy rhetoric in favor of thoughtful discretion and quiet diplomacy. Mercury's station direct in Scorpio also helps us to think more about tactics and less about verbal flourishes and quick decisions. Nonetheless, there are strong temptations, throughout the week, to ignore our need for others and ignore or sidestep the demands that we clearly articulate our grand vision or slow down enough to let others understand what we're offering. The Mars-Neptune conjunction produces powerful energy and inspiration that can help us realize our vision. However, it may also produce extreme disappointment if we aren't able to follow through on our vision with determined, methodical effort. Sagittarius may tempt us to simply rely on our luck to carry us forward — but that is a recipe for dissolute disappointment. In this atmosphere, we need to find ways to bring others along with us, using the new relationship framework that we developed over the past few months in order to work effectively in collaboration with others — not simply 'go it alone', guided only by our grand, idealistic vision.

Venus returns to Scorpio on Sunday, possibly easing the unsteady urgency of the Sun's square to Mars. The Moon joins Venus in Scorpio on Monday which may tend to encourage us to keep our expectations under wraps. However, that may only lead us to inflate those expectations wildly. Martyrdom may result on Tuesday if our quiet attempts to find allies and supporters fall short or fail. We're turning a blind corner and we may not believe we're being treated treated fairly — even though that isn't at all clear yet. Information is quite unreliable on Wednesday as Mercury stations to turn direct. Faith and intuition are important to keeping us on an emotionally even keel. Thursday's New Moon may provide us just enough luck to set us up for failure if we haven't laid the necessary groundwork by building solid alliances with others. Energy and excitement builds on Friday, which can further a belief that 'we're all set' and don't need to worry about working with others. However, by Saturday, energy fades. If we have a solid foundation and a well-ordered plan, we'll have plenty to do. Otherwise, we may spend the day in isolated discouragement and disappointment. The most important thing is to stay willing to keep the conversation going.

Sunday December 02, 2018

Venus returns to Scorpio today which brings a somewhat more 'circumspect' perspective that helps to soften the unsteady urgency of the Sun's square to Mars. Nonetheless, Mars is approaching a conjunction with Neptune, culminating on Friday, that keeps us aiming high and inflating expectations. This Thursday's New Moon (11:20 PM PST 15° Sagittarius) will set up the challenge of aiming the Archer's Arrow to be sure and true. Today's urgency comes from our need to communicate broad perspectives — big ideas — in order to build alliances and gain some kind of consensus. However, this is tall order! Specifics don't seem to convey our vision effectively and we're painfully aware of any previous mistakes that might hamper future progress. The more that we can set aside any determination for perfection, the easier it will be to assemble just enough information to carry on.

Monday December 03, 2018

The Moon joins Venus in Scorpio today, which further softens the intense urgency to articulate our vision. In others words, we're more willing to use less direct routes to move toward our vision. While it is certainly important to continue to look for allies, we're less inclined to try to convince anyone else. We're likely to feel more confident that 'like attracts like' and work in a more intuitive manner to connect with those who share our perspective. However, with less direct, open dialog, we are also more vulnerable to letting our expectations inflate unrealistically. We'll be better off to use this atmosphere of reduced urgency to adopt a more methodical approach and work hard to keep our expectations in line with reality.

Tuesday December 04, 2018

Martyrdom becomes a significant issue if we aren't able to find satisfactory support for our beliefs and opinions today. Aggression is somewhat subdued (passive-aggressive) but still significant in the overall attitude. The importance of working cooperatively is clear but not guaranteed. We may be tempted to give up too much of our own perspective in order to gain consensus but we aren't likely to feel satisfied if we do. We should remember that most often, 'nothing's ever settled until it's settled right'. Mercury has reached the degree of it's station, to turn direct on Thursday — just before the New Moon (11:20 PM PST 15° Sagittarius) in an extended 'blind corner' quincunx to Uranus. We'll do better to keep a broad perspective and recognize that we can't ever see everything from our limited, human perspective.

Wednesday December 05, 2018

Information is particularly unreliable today. The Moon is VOC this afternoon, from 1:53 PM PST until 6:48 PM PST. It may simply be that we can't find a way to completely connect the dots in order to get a full picture, rather than any sort of intentional deception. Today's uncertainty may be the result of fear or simple confusion. However, once the Moon arrives in Sagittarius this evening, we should begin to feel our courage return, along with some sense of certainty or at least some glimmer of faith that we really are on the right course.

Thursday December 06, 2018

There are notable perils produced by today's New Moon (11:20 PM PDT 15° Sagittarius). Dependence on luck or generosity can quickly handicap us from taking up the challenge and opportunity of true adventure. Mars conjuncts Neptune today, which may produce inspiration and energy that has the potential to make our dreams come true. On the other hand, the same conjunction can easily lead to extreme disappointment and dissolution, when we aren't able to follow through on our vision and ideals. We are helped significantly by Mercury's station direct today in Scorpio, bringing intellectual determination into the picture. Essentially, the tools are all here but we need to pick them up and get to work. The lessons of the past few months, especially the new framework of our relationships, is crucial to our success under this New Moon. We need to work in cooperation with others and avoid self-serving, self-satisfying motivations.

Friday December 07, 2018

The Moon spends all day heading into an inspiring and energizing trine to Uranus. However, the energy must be harnessed in order to keep us from creating a flame out effect. We must take the time to work towards making deep, lasting connections with others — honoring differing perspectives and differing abilities. It seems likely that we need to have full awareness of the choices we are making today: Do we ride a wave of excitement and energy? Or do we spend our time listening to the ideas and concerns of others? The challenges will come tomorrow, once the energy has faded.

Saturday December 08, 2018

Excitement seems to fade away today and we are either left with an orderly plan to follow — or a profound sense of distraction and disappointment. The dangers of disappointment — even mild discouragement — is that they may place us on a path of isolation. It is, indeed, more important than ever to avoid standing aloof or detached. If we are feeling disconnected or discouraged, the only satisfying solution is to return to the conversation, even when it seems impossible that others will understand. The profound power of cooperative, collaborative effort is where we find the solution to whatever challenges we face today.

Today is Sunday December 09, 2018

Weekly Summary: DECEMBER 9 - DECEMBER 15

"Happy days are here again

The skies above are clear again"

We begin this week with a potent, emotional watershed as Mercury trines Chiron, which is stationing direct in Pisces. Optimism, trust, and clarity begin to emerge under the waxing Moon following last Thursday's New Moon (11:20 PM PDT 15° Sagittarius). Mercury arrives back in Sagittarius by Wednesday, which increases the momentum of generous optimism, as it heads towards a conjunction with Jupiter. We become more interested in taking in the big picture — the 'Grand Vision' — and avoiding the 'Rabbit Holes' of confusing details that were challenging us while Mercury retrograded back through the early degrees of Sagittarius last month. However, we may begin to recognize that our journey of the the last two months has provided us with important experiences that are helping us to ground our optimism in practical, accessible experience. Certainly, we are still likely to run into some confusing situations under the strong Sagittarius/Pisces squares which offer few tangible guideposts of clarity. Nonetheless, our overall approach seems to be more productively geared towards keeping our focus on the Big Picture and staying out of the weeds and details that would disturb our enjoyment of the broader view that we can enjoy this week. Venus remains in the shadow of her retrograde period (October 5th - November 1th), which points to the continuing need to build (and rebuild) strong connections with those around us within a new and more durable framework. This week's optimism helps to facilitate this process in strikingly productive and lasting ways.

Sunday's watershed of productive communication starts the week off in a trusting and compassionate atmosphere. There is a bit of pressure to cope with on Monday if we become concerned about showing tangible accomplishments rather than simply making meaningful connections and establishing honest dialog. Tuesday is a good day to stay connected with those in our home circle — take a well-day! Mercury makes a triumphant return to Sagittarius on Wednesday, encouraging us to maintain a broad, philosophical perspective. Creativity is grounded by tangible, accessible experience on Thursday. We can enjoy a deepening sense of camaraderie within the optimistic, philosophical atmosphere. We reach the First Quarter, building phase of the lunar cycle. Intuition is especially important when we begin to recognize a few 'flies in the ointment' of our big-picture-optimism. The Moon is VOC much of the day on Saturday and playfulness could get out of hand in the surprisingly sensitive environment.

Sunday December 09, 2018

Chiron stations to go direct today as Mercury forms a helpful trine, opening up floodgates of powerful, deep communication. There is quality of optimistic trust that helps to maintain our willingness to open up to others on deeper and more heartfelt levels. There may be some danger of naivety — trusting too much. However, there seems to be plenty of potent protection, even if the openness of this atmosphere has us revealing more than we expect. Chiron's station helps us begin to close out a chapter that may have felt quite confusing or difficult to explain. Our inhibitions begin to fall away and we feel less and less concerned about how articulate we are in describing the emotional journey we are on. Chiron returns to Aries on February 18th, 2019, returning our focus to direct self-expression with less emphasis on deep self-reflection.

Monday December 10, 2018

Emotions are more unsteady (or uncomfortable) today than they were yesterday. There are more indications or concerns that we need to make some kind of tangible accomplishment, rather than allow ourselves to wallow in ill-defined sensitivities. We may be inclined to put more pressure on ourselves than we need to and, in response, look for ways to blame others. The way out of this discomfort is likely to be found through admitting our frailties and weaknesses, instead of working hard to try to cover them up. Essentially, this is a Big Picture Day but it's easy to get mired in the details and lose sight of our long range goals.

Tuesday December 11, 2018

This may be a good day to take a well-day and set aside demands and concerns for a bit in order to gain a broader perspective. Our focus is drawn to home, family, or our close inner circle. We'll want to avoid making snap judgements or rush our decisions — 'take time to consider'. Even though, we may sense that our minds are quickened by the Moon's transit through Aquarius, we are not as likely to ask the important questions from the right people. We'll do better to broaden our perspective and our horizons today, instead of trying to stay focused on making questionable progress.

Wednesday December 12, 2018

Mercury arrives in buoyant and sociable Sagittarius today. Our perspective is expanded almost effortlessly, along with added encouragement to engage with the world around us. We may actually find ourselves torn between too many opportunities. Nonetheless, the potential to be overwhelmed is much easier to cope with now that Mercury has returned to direct motion. We are likely to be less concerned with following our ideas down 'rabbit holes' of distraction and can now simply view the wide array of ideas and options with a greater degree of gratitude and optimism.

Thursday December 13, 2018

The Moon forms a trine to Venus this afternoon and a sextile to Saturn. Creativity is grounded by a solid foundation of accessible experience. The Moon moves through Pisces today with a mission to synthesize many of the past few week's insights and ideas into a grand 'plan of action' Although progress may seem chaotic, the chaos seems less scary or unsettling — offering excitement, spontaneity, and a great deal of sympathetic camaraderie. This is a remarkably productive atmosphere for foundation building, in preparation for new initiatives. We are likely to feel less restricted by concern over any details that don't 'fit' our overall goals.

Friday December 14, 2018

We may find a few, annoying 'flies in the ointment' today as we reach the First Quarter phase of the lunar cycle. Nonetheless, there is strong momentum from last Thursday's New Moon (11:20 PM PDT 15° Sagittarius) which urges us to keep moving forward. We will do better to recognize that there is some need for caution, rather than fall into the escapist tendencies of the Moon's Pisces transit. Intuition plays a key role but we need to listen to the whispers. The building mood of optimism may seem especially intoxicating and there is likely to be at least a bit of resistance to any suggestion that we need to be a bit more methodical.

Saturday December 15, 2018

The Moon is VOC for much of the day today, from 3:49 AM PST, until 4:43 PM PST. Playfulness may get a little out of hand today, resulting in some hurt feelings. The lack of easy access to detailed information may take some 'over the edge' — especially if the goals are self-serving. It's especially important to maintain patience and humility in this atmosphere. There is definitely some potential for a temporary emotional let-down today — possibly a hang-over from the week's optimism and productivity. Nonetheless, we will likely regain our footing from a potent 'second wind' of determination once the Moon arrives in Aries this evening.

Weekly Summary: DECEMBER 16 - DECEMBER 22

"Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working."

— Pablo Picasso

The general optimism of the Sun's transit through Sagittarius is enhanced this week by an inspiring and creative Venus-Neptune trine. Nonetheless, we may find ourselves hesitant to continue to work towards deeper connections with others. The strong desire for independence and autonomy is at odds with the importance of continuing to reach out and make broader, collaborative connections. Venus leaves the shadow of the retrograde process that began all the way back in September — which has guided us to revise and rebuild the framework of our connections with others. As our confidence ebbs and flows, the need to find a supportive environment is highlighted and is likely to have us occasionally opening up the doors and windows to our internal Creative Workshop. The Sun's trine to Uranus is certainly likely to keep us stirred up and possibly somewhat on edge but by the end of the week, we reach a powerfully grounding Full Moon (December 22nd 9:48 AM PST 0° Capricorn/Cancer) on the cusps of Cancer and Capricorn, which occurs just after the Winter Solstice on Friday. We are encouraged to stop chasing rainbows and settle down enough to make tangible progress while still maintaining a balance with creative and spiritual pursuits. The cusp influence of the Full Moon point to the importance of maintaining balance — honoring our creative processes without ignoring the need for material accomplishments.

Isolation is likely to create an internal loop of fatalism on Sunday if we don't open up and make connections with others by openly sharing the building creative inspiration and also listening to the inspiration and insights of others. An endless string of distractions may send us off the rails on Monday. Inspiration isn't enough to keep us satisfied on Tuesday. There are strong demands to quit dreaming about our ideas and actually put them to work. Confidence is unsteady on Wednesday even though inhibitions fall away and we find more room for creative exploration. We begin to feel the powerful grounding effect of the coming Winter Solstice on Thursday. It is important to balance material and spiritual pursuits. Despite the helpful grounding of the Winter Solstice and coming Full Moon, impatience may keep us stirred up on Friday. Saturday morning's Full Moon marks a notable shift towards tangible accomplishments. Nonetheless, we may begin to feel that our opportunities are slipping away. However, we should give up on what we already have — replace fear with gratitude.

Sunday December 16, 2018

We need to keep the windows open today for input, in order to avoid finding ourselves stuck in an internal loop of fatalism or an 'all or nothing' approach. In essence, 'the table is set' for us to effectively articulate our insights and opinions on a broader scale but we face an almost inexplicable need to pull back or isolate. We may be willing to offer our ideas openly but have difficulty listening to others. Or, alternatively, we may be inclined to withhold our insights, but are willing to allow others to 'spout off' at length. If we can find a way to keep the exchange open and direct both ways, there are opportunities for collaborative progress on a broad range of issues and situations.

Monday December 17, 2018

Activity heightens today as the Moon approaches a conjunction with Uranus. However, distractions may seem endless. High aspirations may seem to be 'out of touch' with the rather unpredictable terrain and unsteady inspiration. We need to find ways to actually demonstrate our theories with tangible examples or risk completely 'running off the rails'. We continue to need input and connections to others even though the atmosphere under the Aries Moon encourages independence and pioneering determination. The key here may be to open up to others about our creative process even though our product is not yet fully formed. If we can open the doors to our internal 'Creative Workshop' we'll experience a much more comfortable and focused process.

Tuesday December 18, 2018

We may feel that the bottom has dropped away today if we have only been relying on a steady stream of inspiration but have not managed to lay down some tangible markers of progress. On the other hand, there is broad support for actually making tangible progress if we aren't too bound up by conservative restriction and fear. In essence, we have little time for 'chasing rainbows' and are required to actually get something done. Personal relationships and connections may be strained a bit today — especially if we feel defensive over any lack in our own sense of progress or accomplishments. The bottom line today is that if we just 'settle down and get to work', then the Universe will help us to make steady progress.

Wednesday December 19, 2018

Activity heats up today under the Sun's trine to Uranus and square to Chiron. Confidence may, at times, be unsteady — especially if we aren't able to stay connected to a supportive environment, group or community. Nonetheless, whether we find confidence or not, inhibitions and restrictions seem to fall away or become irrelevant and the doors are open for us to explore our deepest creative inspirations. Confidence may become more of an issue once the Moon goes VOC this afternoon at 4:41 PM PST. We may also face challenges finding a comfortable resting place during the evening hours.

Thursday December 20, 2018

The issue of confidence is replaced by deep knowing today in a remarkably grounded yet powerfully optimistic atmosphere. Although there may be a significant amount of chaos or seemingly ungrounded activity or conversation, there is, in fact, a powerful awareness under pinning today's optimism, generosity and good-will. Intuition is strong and generally reliable. The Winter Solstice arrives tomorrow, to be followed by a remarkably powerful and grounded Full Moon on Saturday morning (9:48 AM PST 0° Cancer/Capricorn), which again emphasizes the cusp energy that makes a strong demand for balance as we move into an entirely new environment. Today foreshadows the shift into a much more grounded environment.

Friday December 21, 2018

The Sun arrives in Capricorn this afternoon at 2:22 PM PST, marking the Winter Solstice. Wisdom and powerful insights are nourished and creativity is grounded. Even though there may be tinges of impatience and a lack of care for the feelings of others — especially later in the day — we are moving into an entirely new atmosphere where tangible progress is supported by strong intuitive insight, faithfulness and generosity. Of course, there are still plenty of potential obstacles and a strong need to maintain balance between tangible (material) and intangible (spiritual) pursuits. Nonetheless, this is a powerfully supportive atmosphere which offers us the prospect of firmer footing and more reliable information as we move forward.

Saturday December 22, 2018

This morning's Full Moon (9:48 AM PST 0° Cancer/Capricorn) follows close on the heels of the Winter Solstice. Awareness is required in order to enjoy today's bountyPay Attention!. There are strong indications of a reaping of past action and effort. However, the benefits and opportunities may not be readily apparent and the Full Moon's effect may have us feeling only that our opportunities are slipping away. Rather, we are called upon to accept, with gratitude, whatever we have without making rash and inattentive judgements about the value of what we have in hand. We will find that detective work is supported here — investigation and consideration will uncover hidden gems of opportunity than we may initially recognize.