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Sun 03° Libra 49' 17"
Moon 02° Pisces 36' 32"
Mercury 17° Virgo 10' 19"
Venus 20° Leo 53' 56"
Mars 19° Libra 58' 09"
Ceres 04° Scorpio 49' 32"
Pallas 06° Libra 10' 40"
Juno 21° Leo 00' 51"
Vesta 03° Cancer 11' 56"
Jupiter 14° Taurus 44' 07" 
Saturn 01° Pisces 41' 14" 
Chiron 18° Aries 18' 39" 
Uranus 22° Taurus 43' 53" 
Neptune 26° Pisces 03' 33" 
Pluto 27° Capricorn 56' 14" 
TrueNode 24° Aries 59' 16" 


SaturnThe symbol of Saturn is reversed to that of Jupiter. It consists of the cross of matter elevated over the abundance of the Crescent Moon, implying that one is paid for what s/he does. However, performance comes first. Only after your work has been checked and evaluated will you receive your rightful wage. “The wages of sin is death.” The ancients associated Saturn with death. He is the time-keeper. Saturn represents limitations and boundaries of all kinds.

Through Jupiter, humanity conceives of the protocols and functions we wish to serve. Saturn builds the structure which will best serve those protocols and functions. When we first move into these structures, they always fit perfectly. However, soon, through the learning process of experience, we begin to feel cramped. We want a little more room here and a little more room there; just an exception or two. We begin to feel the restrictions of what we have designed. The structure eventually crumbles and we begin again.

Saturn rules whatever boundaries that are set up. It rules law and order, the skin and bones of the body, everything that puts a limit to growth; Saturn oversees the crystallization processes. Our bodies are formed from the earth and returned to the earth when discarded, to be once more formed into living substance. Saturn rules all limitations imposed by time.

Saturn is considered the greater malefic. However, it performs a very necessary job. Its limitations are for the purpose of stability and security. Saturn makes us aware that freedom comes only from the acceptance of discipline, preferably self-discipline. If an individual willingly accepts the laws of Saturn, s/he finds that Saturn is a friend upon whom s/he can depend to guide him/her safely. I have found that people with Saturn strong in their charts are never allowed to get in over their heads in a bad situation. Saturn checks them before things have gone far enough to be disastrous. Also, people with Saturn strong in their charts usually do not have as much to worry about from Saturn transits.

However, it is always possible for Saturn to be destructively powerful in the chart. This usually occurs when an individual assumes too much responsibility for other people, either in a dictatorial way, or simply by weakening those around them by doing too much for them. Their strong sense of responsibility can be overdone.

Saturn on the Ascendant often represents a threat to the infant’s life, especially if it is also afflicted by the Moon. Many of these infants survive today but may have health problems in infancy. They become conservative and cautious in their approach to life. People with Saturn strong are practical, saving, persistent, conservative, often serious and politically inclined if they are also publicly oriented. They are supporters of law and order, preferring a secure routine to exciting and risky ventures. They are only willing to bet or gamble on sure things.

Wherever Saturn is found in the chart, it indicates clues concerning the individual’s sense of responsibility; either well balanced or extreme in some one way or the other. When Saturn transits certain vital points in the chart, it demands an accounting as to how the individual is able to perform in the indicated area. Saturn transits its natal place in the chart around ages 28, 56 and 84. Each period represents a major accounting of the lessons Saturn is attempting to teach that individual. Most people find this time very difficult. However, much depends on how well the individual has been able to live by Saturn’s laws prior to that time and how self-disciplined s/he is.

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