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Sun 07° Libra 54' 31"
Moon 24° Pisces 07' 33"
Mercury 03° Scorpio 34' 23"
Venus 27° Leo 23' 50"
Mars 25° Aries 08' 50" 
Ceres 29° Aquarius 36' 15" 
Pallas 13° Capricorn 53' 38"
Juno 03° Scorpio 18' 45"
Vesta 21° Leo 23' 09"
Jupiter 17° Capricorn 54' 11"
Saturn 25° Capricorn 20' 20"
Chiron 07° Aries 07' 23" 
Uranus 09° Taurus 52' 32" 
Neptune 19° Pisces 02' 24" 
Pluto 22° Capricorn 29' 26" 
TrueNode 23° Gemini 12' 22" 


Excerpt from Degrees of the Zodiac:

LibraLIBRA (September 24 - October 23) is the natural 7th house where the social world is discovered. The 7th house is the first house to acknowledge another person. From here, around the chart, the opposite sign reflects what is started in the opposing sign. The first 6 houses are “I” oriented; the last 6 houses are “we” oriented. In this context, Libra reflects Aries by seeking a partner to complete itself and express its innate nature. Libra is also concerned with balance. There are two sides to a balanced scale. One thing must be weighed against another. Neither side is right or wrong. Both sides must be weighed equally. Libras prefer not to make decisions because of their awareness of the truth of both sides. When they must make decisions, their scales are usually accurate and they often make the best judges.

It is in Libra that love for another person is born. The theory of a 'soul mate' is formed in the 4th House and the singleness of the home is understood to operate around the positive-negative polarity of mother-father as being mystically made one, two polarities of the same whole – the home. But in the 7th house experience, learned through Libra, there are two separate individuals in relationship to each other. Two separate identities, each with a unique quality, that are forming a relationship representing a new whole. But now, this whole must include an awareness of individual separateness and responsibility. The concept of 'separate, but equal,' is something that humanity has not mastered and which often produces power struggles rather than mutual respect. We often see partnerships in terms of inferior/superior or dominant/submissive. We talk about equality but we still don't really understand how it works. Only an individual that has properly established his/her own identity is truly prepared to relate to another person on an equal footing. Generally, we look for relationships to provide what we do not have in a generally subservient, rather than equally regarded, contribution.

The Libra person is socially oriented. Libra wants harmony. S/he loves the interaction of debate but s/he abhors hostility or angry feelings. Being an air sign, s/he is mentally oriented. S/he seeks to know the truth and share it with others. S/he shares what s/he knows freely and considers it a sin for anyone else to withhold the truth. S/he spends his/her energy assessing guilt or innocence but s/he draws the line at talking about punishment. S/he prefers forgiveness, seeking a fresh start with a clean slate.

We all have Libra somewhere in our personal charts. Where it is found colors this influence and the particular degrees show how we express these tendencies in our lives. Most of the failure of any sign to express its pure quality in a positive, healthy manner is due to societal and cultural restraints, which are so often challenged by broader understanding.

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