— Multiple Digits & Decanates

by Esther V. Leinbach

Revised & Edited by Kevin Leinbach

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Number values are given to letters as follows:

The vowels and consonants give separate influences and should be totaled separately as follows:

All three of the ending numbers contribute to the total. Notice that the V is held and added after all the other consonants have been added. You never lose the quality of the 11 or 22. This also means that the 41 and 66 hold added influence. In assessing character, all of these numbers work together. (For finer interpretations, each of the letters also contribute meaning.) Each individual part of the name also contributes. Esther adds up to 30, made up of 20 in the consonants and 10 in the vowels. Everyone using this name in combination with any other names will have access to these qualities. Leinbach totals 36, from 21 in the consonants and 15 in the vowels. Everyone who uses this name will have access to these qualities along with the other names that make up the final total.

There are many people using a name other than the one they were given at birth. The given name is the name most indicating their basic core. Any other name or names you use will create an environment in which you have the opportunity to enlarge your experience. However, you never fully detach from the name you were born with. I do not recommend changing your name in order to change your vibration. You are given a name for a purpose. No number is good or bad. It is up to each individual to use the influence to best advantage. When a name is changed because of marriage, a different situation is reflected. I believe that women have had more opportunity to develop because of taking the name of their husband. They do not lose the influence of their maiden name. Overall, we should concentrate on refining the qualities we have been assigned rather than looking for ways to escape our assignment by changing our names.


Your birthday has a great deal of numerological significance to your life path. Taking the birthday April 27, 1970 gives the following elements to consider:

April (4th month of the year) value = 4

27 (The day of the year) value = 27

1970 ( 1+9+7+0) value = 17

4 + 27 + 17 = 48/12/3

The total of the birth number (in this case 48) is the most important number to the individual’s expression and is sometimes called the Birth Path Number. However, it is also important to note the other components. The day of the month (27) is an important number to understand as well as the number for the month and year (17 + 4) = 21. The month (4) and the day (27) which totals 31 is another personal number. To fully understand the 48, you must look at 27, 21, and 31, as well as 12/3 (the number that the 48 digits to – 48/12/3) as well as the decanate ruler, the 1st decanate of Aries.


Although analysis by Numerology applied to words and names is very impressive, watching the daily, monthly and yearly cycle influences is invaluable to gaining current insight and making plans.

The month and day of the birthday are used to find the yearly cycle which begins each year on your birthday. This is done by adding your birth day and month to the current year. Using our example above, April 27, 1970, we take the current year 2013 (2+0+1+3 = 6), and add it to April 27, (4 + 27): 4 + 27 + 6 = 37. Our April 27 birthday example is on a '37' year in 2013. You will look at the 37/10/1 ON A CYCLE paragraph to better understand the year's challenges and opportunities. But you will gain added information by also reading the other elements that apply to 37/10/1 – the 10 ON A CYCLE, the 1 ON A CYCLE, as well as the ruling decanate (the 1st decanate of Gemini), in order to more broadly understand the picture and scope of the cyclical energy.

There is a second yearly cycle which seems to work more effectively for those born late in the year. In this case, you simply add the current year to the total birth influence. In this case, the total birth influence is 48 to which you add 2013. 48 + 6 = 54.


The monthly influence is a little more difficult but uses a simple formula. You will always use single digit numbers to find the monthly cycle.

The Formula is as follows:

[Current Month + Current Year*] - [Your Number] = [Monthly Cycle]

*(If [Your Number] ≥ [Current Month + Current Year] then +9)

First, you will add together the current month and year and reduce them down to a single digit, for example December, 2012 would be 12 (December is the 12th month and you do not reduce this number to a single digit) + (2 + 0 +1 + 2), or 12 + 5 = 17 > 1 + 7 = 8. Then you will subtract your single digit birth number, which in the above example is 3 (48/12/3). So in this example, the equation is 8 – 3 = 5, meaning that December, 2012 is a '5' month for our 48/12/3 example. If your number is greater than or equal to the total for the current month and year (added together and then reduced to a single digit), then you will add 9 to the digit for the current month and year.

For example, first get [Current Month + Current Year]:

Using the formula for July we have a [Current Month + Current Year] number in the formula which is '3' and that is equal to our birth number of '3', so we must add the 9 to our birth number and then subtract it from the number of the month and year: 3 + 9 - 3 = 9 [Your Monthly Cycle Number]. Our 48/12/3, born April 27, 1970 was on a '9' month in July of 2012. Now, as you can see below, the month following our example digits to a 13/4:

Using the formula for August, 4 – 3 = 1, so the cycle starts again. July is a '9' month and so August is a '1'. Each month thereafter adds 1 to the cycle. When you reach 9, the cycle returns to 1 because we are using only single digits.

You will find the days that digit to the number for the month will be the most significant and the quality of that part of the cycle will be indicated by the characterization of the cycle for the whole month from 1 to 0 as you progress consecutively through 9 stages. For a 1 month, these days will be the 1st, 10th, 19th and the 28th.

Now we come to the other side of the coin. 9 is the number of completion. Whatever it takes to make 9 is the other side of the coin, provided by the universe to complete what you are supposed to be doing. That is, if you are on a 1 month, 8 is the other side of the influence. So you will also want to circle the 8th, 17th, 26th as being significant days for the month.

This is also true on the yearly cycles, 90 is the complete number. Therefore, 57 is balanced by 33; 47 is balanced by 43; 73 is balanced by 17. 57 + 33 = 90; 47 + 43 =90; 73 + 17 = 90.


It is interesting to note that the Watergate break-in occurred on a day that added up to 42 (June 17, 1972). The Senate Watergate Hearings also opened on a 42 day (May 17, 1973). The highest officials were found guilty on a day with a 42 element, totaling 63 (December 30, 1974 - 12 + 30 = 42 + 21 = 63) indicating the end of a cycle. It is likely that it pertains to the end of only a part of the cycle.

It is also interesting to note that Gerald Ford was sworn in as Vice President on a 38 day (December 6, 1973) and also sworn in as President on a 38 day (August 9, 1974). Rockefeller was sworn in as Ford's Vice-President on a 52 day (December 19, 1974), the other side of the coin from the 38.

You may find that such numerological information will be interesting to note as it pertains to numerous events. There are an unlimited number of applications that I have only begun to touch upon in this book