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Sun 04° Aquarius 02' 39"
Moon 06° Gemini 09' 18"
Mercury 22° Aquarius 36' 18"
Venus 19° Capricorn 01' 58"
Mars 08° Taurus 15' 42"
Ceres 19° Pisces 33' 43"
Pallas 15° Aquarius 31' 11"
Juno 11° Sagittarius 03' 23"
Vesta 21° Virgo 19' 04" 
Jupiter 08° Aquarius 07' 12"
Saturn 04° Aquarius 18' 17"
Chiron 05° Aries 37' 02"
Uranus 06° Taurus 45' 40"
Neptune 19° Pisces 01' 14"
Pluto 24° Capricorn 56' 40"
TrueNode 19° Gemini 08' 02"

Daily Astrological Currents Returns!

Daily Horoscope

A daily horoscope and weekly forecast is now available from Pluto's Child!

Daily Astrological Currents, a free daily horoscope, has finally returned to the internet! This Astrological Forecast is a bit different than most daily forecasts since it isn't written for each individual Sun Sign. Rather, it is intended to be a bit like an [...]

Now Available! Numerology - Multiple Digits & Decanates

We are pleased to announce that Numerology - Multiple Digits & Decantes, by Esther V. Leinbach is now available for kindle and in paperback! We are also very excited to offer a Numerology App, Numbers PCE (iOS & Android) & Numerology PCE (WebOS), that displays the interpretations from the book, using the calculation system as [...]

September 11th, Revisited

The following article was posted late in September, 2001 on the Esther & Son Website. I wrote it within the context of the Pluto/Saturn opposition.

I was inspired to re-post it after listening to a podcast from Astrologer Eric Francis Coppolino where he referenced an Article that he wrote following the [...]

Twelve Steps, Twelve Signs - Reprise

The moon is void of course right now. I'll have something to say about that at some point (when the Moon isn't void of course, of course), but for now, here's some info about void of course moons.

But right now, I'm still winding my way through the old Esther [...]

About Astrology - Reprise

I've been going through the archives of the old Esther & Son website, pulling pieces together to set up some basic info for this site such as a section on the Signs pulled from Mom's Books.

I found the following, which I wrote for the the Esther & Son site several years ago that says [...]