Planets & Asteroids
— Relationships in Conjunction

by Esther V. Leinbach
Revised & Edited by Kevin Leinbach
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Degrees Of The Zodiac

by Esther V. Leinbach
Revised & Edited by Kevin Leinbach
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Numerology: Multiple Digits & Decanates

Numerology: Multiple Digits & Decanates

by Esther V. Leinbach
Revised & Edited by Kevin Leinbach
Available Now!
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Sun Ascendant Rulerships

by Esther V. Leinbach
Revised & Edited by Kevin Leinbach
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Read about each Astrology Sign

Each sign links to the descriptions of each of the 12 signs from Degrees Of The Zodiac by Esther V. Leinbach:


Cardinal Fire
Ruler: Mars
Keywords: Energy, Quick, explosive, Aspiring, quick tempered, pioneer self-willed, aggressive
First House: "I Am", To breathe; Personal self.


Fixed Earth
Ruler: Venus
Keywords: Beauty thru senses, Springtime, Stubborn, Patient practical peace-loving, sensuous, likes gourmet foods
Second House: "I Own", To possess; Money; Liquid Assets.


Lungs, Arms, Hands
Mutable Air
Ruler: Mercury
Keywords: Communication, Spring breezes, Messenger, Talkative, gathers facts and passes them on without censor.
Third House: "I Think", To know; Short Journeys, Close Relatives.


Cardinal Water
Ruler: Moon
Keywords: Oceans, Emotions, Nourishment, Moody, Domestic, Sensitive, Cries Easily, Stable Core-Hard Shell.
Fourth House: "I Feel", To establish; Home Foundation; Childhood & Retirement.


Heart, Spine
Fixed Fire
Ruler: Sun
Keywords: Vitality, Life Force, Full Steady Flame, Perception, Proud, Magnanimous, Kind, Egotistical, Vulnerable when sympathies aroused.
Fifth House: "I Will", To release; Investments, Romance, Children.


Mutable Earth
Ruler: Mercury (The Asteroids)
Keywords: Ability to organize, Process, Harvest Storage, Critical, Discerning, Service Minded, Purposeful
Sixth House: "I Analyze", To improve; Work and Health, Service


Cardinal Air
Ruler: Venus (Chiron)
Keywords: Harmonious, Relationships, Equality, Indecisive, Social, Sympathetic, Detached Partner or Enemy.
Seventh House: "I Balance", To relate; Partnerships and Relationships.


Sexual Organs
Fixed Water
Ruler: Pluto (Mars)
Keywords: Death and Regeneration, Crystal Clear or Stagnant Pools, Sacrifice, Secretive, Mystical, Fatalistic, Destiny Course, Life Through Seed, Powerful.
Eighth House: "I Desire", To breathe; Major Changes, Bend or Break.


Mutable Fire
Ruler: Jupiter
Keywords: Generous, Optimistic, Hot Coals, Lucky, Easy come - Easy go, Philosophical, Religious
Ninth House: "I See", To understand; Higher Education, Long Distance Travel.


Cardinal Earth
Ruler: Saturn
Keywords: Conservative, Frozen in Winter, Practical, Ambitious, Protective, Concerned with reputation and what people think.
Tenth House: "I Use", To achieve; Public Relationships, Honor.


Fixed Air
Ruler: Uranus (Saturn)
Keywords: Spontaneous, Innovative, Lightening Storms, Reformation, Brotherhood, Flashes of Insight, Utopian Dreams, Seeks Knowledge.
Eleventh House: "I Know", To transfigure; Friends, Hopes, Wishes and Desires.


Mutable Earth
Ruler: Neptune (Jupiter)
Keywords: Mystical, Mountain Streams, Spiritual, Self-Sacrificing, All things to all people, Intuitive
Twelfth House: "I Believe", To transcend; Confinement, Prisons or Hospitals.

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