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Sun 01° Virgo 26' 49"
Moon 05° Libra 06' 43"
Mercury 05° Virgo 59' 09" 
Venus 27° Cancer 54' 34"
Mars 22° Leo 23' 05"
Ceres 18° Cancer 23' 30"
Pallas 13° Taurus 09' 47"
Juno 02° Capricorn 44' 03" 
Vesta 17° Virgo 41' 23"
Jupiter 20° Libra 38' 35"
Saturn 21° Sagittarius 10' " 
Chiron 27° Pisces 41' 12" 
Uranus 28° Aries 20' 44" 
Neptune 13° Pisces 10' 23" 
Pluto 17° Capricorn 08' 56" 
N Node 24° Leo 12' 21" 

Solar Eclipse - Weekly Horoscope: August 20 - August 26

Daily Horoscope

This week brings the second Leo New Moon (August 21st, 11:30 AM PDT 28° Leo), continuing the journey of individuation that was initiated under the first Leo New Moon (July 23rd, 2:45 AM PDT 0° Leo). If we think of the last New Moon as the beginning of a gestation process, we can view this week's New Moon (and the notable Solar Eclipse that is visible in much of North America) as a birth process. The importance of [...]

Sun-Saturn Trine - Weekly Horoscope: August 13 - August 19

Daily Horoscope

We continue to carry the energy of last Monday's Full Moon (11:10 AM PDT 15° Aquarius/Leo) which had Mars pumping up our energy and confidence levels. Although that confidence may have begun to wane a bit with the waning Moon, this week's Sun-Saturn trine helps to shore up our resolve by gently nudging us towards a more methodical, deliberate and disciplined approach. Saturn is nearly [...]

Leo-Aquarius Full Moon - Weekly Horoscope: August 6 - August 12

Daily Horoscope

We begin the week with the increasingly intense drumbeat signalling Monday's powerful Full Moon (11:10 AM PDT 15° Aquarius/Leo). The insecurity of the last New Moon (July 23rd, 2:45 AM PDT 0° Leo) has been glossed over by an appealing layer of self-confidence and sociability. However, by the end of this week, Mercury will turn retrograde and lead us towards a liberating exploration of buried and hidden self-doubts that continue to tap our courage. We may feel [...]

Mercury-Vesta Conjunction - Weekly Horoscope: July 30 - August 5

Daily Horoscope

The Leo Sun and the waxing lunar cycle combine to suggest an extraordinarily momentous week for individual foundation building or 'individuation'. We are guided by strong intuition and aided by a fair amount of luck. The strong will and fixity of Leo is clearly on display this week but Venus arrives in Cancer to help us muster a bit of finesse and charm in attracting attention and feeding the Leo ego, rather than simply relying on bluster and bombastic displays. A Mercury-Vesta Conjunction [...]

Leo New Moon Weekly Horoscope: July 23 - July 29

Daily Horoscope

This week's New Moon is the first of two Leo New Moons in a row. The following Leo New Moon on August 21 (11:30 AM PDT 28° Leo) will be the much touted Full Solar Eclipse (visible in North America). Insofar as the two lunar cycles are connected by sign, we should expect that the journey that is initiated this week will be extended into the next lunar cycle as well. This week begins with a highly precipitous Leo New Moon (2:45 AM PDT 0° Leo) on the Cancer-Leo Cusp conjunct a particularly [...]