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Sun 00° Libra 05' 40"
Moon 07° Pisces 57' 09"
Mercury 01° Libra 50' 50"
Venus 08° Scorpio 01' 21"
Mars 03° Aquarius 08' 38"
Ceres 07° Libra 38' 09"
Pallas 09° Virgo 37' 31"
Juno 29° Taurus 05' 51"
Vesta 01° Capricorn 32' 28"
Jupiter 20° Scorpio 39' 23"
Saturn 02° Capricorn 46' 12"
Chiron 00° Aries 07' 43" 
Uranus 01° Taurus 44' 10" 
Neptune 14° Pisces 39' 39" 
Pluto 18° Capricorn 46' 19" 
TrueNode 04° Leo 37' 11" 

Mars Square Uranus - Weekly Horoscope: September 16 - September 22

Daily Horoscope

"Pressure comes from a lack of preparation. "

— Colin Kaepernick

The Sun arrives in Libra, the sign of Justice and Balance at the end of this week. As the Sun moves through the last degrees of Virgo over the course of the week, it is as though we are provided a trail of breadcrumbs — minuscule details to follow. In essence, by following the breadcrumbs, we are preparing ourselves to better understand the developing view of a bigger picture. We may find ourselves continuing to struggle with uncertainty and vacillation but by keeping a narrow focus on the details, we should be able to make significant progress. Mars moves back into an impatient square to Uranus and approaches the South Node in Aquarius. With Mars square Uranus, self restraint is [...]

Virgo New Moon - Weekly Horoscope: September 9 - September 15

Daily Horoscope

To be or not to be is not a question of compromise. Either you be or you don't be."

— Golda Meir

This week's shifts may seem startling — even unsettling — after the slowdowns we've been through this Summer but ready or not, the ball is rolling! The week begins with a powerfully transforming Virgo New Moon on Sunday (11:01 AM PDT 17° Virgo) which incorporates a separating opposition to Neptune and a forming trine to Pluto. Neptune's involvement could produce some overly idealistic expectations but the trine to Pluto will keep us steadily moving towards transformation. This week's waxing lunar cycle is intensified and energized by Mars' return to Aquarius and a square to Uranus. We revisit the intensely innovative and impatient energy of [...]

Saturn Stations Direct - Weekly Horoscope: September 2 - September 8

Daily Horoscope

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. "

— Eleanor Roosevelt

We have extraordinary opportunities this week to build a powerful coalition of allies and a solid foundation of broad support. However, we face increasing levels of insecurity and waning confidence. We may be prone to see, mirrored in others, the lack of confidence we feel inside. The Summer's steady stream of visionary inspiration begins to wane, with the separating Jupiter-Neptune trine. Saturn stations direct, promising a return to tangible progress, increased wise counsel, and methodical consideration — but also bringing an awesome sense of responsibility. [...]

Mars Turns Direct - Weekly Horoscope: August 26 - September 1

Daily Horoscope

"With time and patience the mulberry leaf becomes a silk gown."

— Chinese Proverb

This week begins with a powerfully grounding and stabilizing Pisces/Virgo Full Moon and a Grand Earth Trine involving the Sun, Saturn and Uranus. Just after the Full Moon, Mars turns direct, having been retrograde since June 26th. The retrograde Mars journey can yield extraordinary frustration so, once direct, we can feel a slingshot effect as the energy begins to be released quite quickly. However, the Full Moon helps to stabilize the energy and keep us focused on honing and developing the powerful inspiration that is coming to us through the Jupiter-Neptune trine. [...]

Grand Earth Trine - Weekly Horoscope: August 19 - August 25

Daily Horoscope

"The world is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper"

— Bertrand Russell

The Sun arrives in Virgo this week, forming a Grand Earth Trine, after making a challenging quincunx to the retrograde Mars in Capricorn. Trust and/or confidence wavers and we may continue to worry more about how others view us than how we see ourselves. There is a building sense of responsibility that may produce a variety of responses, based on our basic level of self-esteem. There could be erratic outbursts, pessimism, or a self-defeating tendency to try to keep the peace by not honoring our own insights. Both patience and faith may be in short supply, especially at the beginning of the week. Nonetheless, the overall atmosphere continues to supply inspiration and idealism which [...]