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Sun 23° Cancer 42' 44"
Moon 08° Virgo 09' 38"
Mercury 19° Leo 39' 58"
Venus 06° Virgo 52' 16"
Mars 06° Aquarius 55' 43" 
Ceres 07° Virgo 17' 35"
Pallas 02° Leo 30' 08"
Juno 06° Taurus 33' 39"
Vesta 23° Sagittarius 10' 50" 
Jupiter 13° Scorpio 23' 29"
Saturn 04° Capricorn 30' 56" 
Chiron 02° Aries 22' 08" 
Uranus 02° Taurus 21' 25"
Neptune 16° Pisces 17' 52" 
Pluto 19° Capricorn 55' 40" 
TrueNode 05° Leo 54' 22"

Mercury Slows - Weekly Horoscope: July 15 - July 21

Daily Horoscope

"For fast acting relief, try slowing down."

— Lily Tomlin

Many of us feel some benefit from a distinct slow down in the pace this week, as Mercury slows, helping to somewhat ease the frustration that began to build last week. Nonetheless, whenever the activity picks up at all, we may be easily put off balance. We will need to rely on tried and true principles and maintain our integrity in order to avoid any impulsive, emotional outbursts — which could quickly spiral out of control. As Mercury begins to slow down to turn retrograde on July 27th, we will begin to recognize that our intuition is more reliable than our intellect. [...]

Cancer New Moon - Weekly Horoscope: July 8 - July 14

Daily Horoscope

"People need trouble -- a little frustration to sharpen the spirit on, toughen it."

— William Faulkner

The seeds of profound frustration are sown this week and are likely to be fully apparent by Thursday's Cancer New Moon (7:57 PM PDT 20° Cancer). Mercury has entered the shadow of the next retrograde period (July 27th - August 19). As well, Mars is now retrograde and won't turn direct until August 27th, leaving us without effective levers to effect direct action. There are likely to be serious temptations to demonstrate our frustrations with explosive outbursts — or more. With Mercury in dramatic and demonstrative Leo, we may seek to display our feelings with extra flair and flourishes — even bombastic emphasis. However, no matter what pronouncements we may make or demands we issue, we are [...]

Jupiter Stations - Weekly Horoscope: July 1 - July 7

Daily Horoscope

"I have such a fear of finding another like myself, and such a desire to find one! I am so utterly lonely, but I also have such a fear that my isolation be broken through, and I no longer be the head and ruler of my universe." — Anaïs Nin

There is a breakdown of isolating self-sufficiency and stubbornly held blind spots this week. Safety and security is paramount even as many begin to recognize that the walls of our isolation are really traps that keep us from making the important connections that we are instinctively craving. Last week, Mars turned retrograde and this week, Jupiter stations to turn direct. The walls begin to crumble. However, determination may become an unhealthy insistence that we need to keep patching the holes in our thinking instead of [...]

Mars Retrograde - Weekly Horoscope: June 24 - June 30

Daily Horoscope

"You only ask for directions when you can't see you're in Heaven"

There may well be a whole lot of rattled nerves this week. Mars stations to go retrograde on Wednesday just as we reach a Full Moon (9:52 PM PDT 6° Capricorn-Cancer) that is conjunct Saturn. With Mars retrograde, idealism runs headlong into reality and one way or another, adjustment is required. The increasing sense of responsibility may lead us to believe that we need to take direct action and impose our will on circumstances that are entirely beyond our control. The stationing of Mars requires that we step back from imposing our will or taking direct action and look for opportunities to increase our insight and simply [...]

Gemini-Cancer - Weekly Horoscope: June 17 - June 23

Daily Horoscope

"If I have lost confidence in myself, I have the universe against me."

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

There are challenges to individual confidence this week that could easily put us on the defensive. Last Wednesday's New Moon (12:48 PM PDT 22° Gemini) has brought a swirl of conflicting thoughts and emotions that need to be tamed and somehow blended together. This is ultimately a process that will help us combine creative vision with intellectual acuity and move us toward making real, tangible progress. However [...]