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Sun 21° Sagittarius 47' 16"
Moon 00° Scorpio 27' 28"
Mercury 20° Sagittarius 28' 53" 
Venus 15° Sagittarius 23' 23"
Mars 02° Scorpio 39' 55"
Ceres 18° Leo 09' 28"
Pallas 25° Aries 11' 15" 
Juno 28° Capricorn 44' 50"
Vesta 13° Scorpio 58' 35"
Jupiter 13° Scorpio 35' 25"
Saturn 29° Sagittarius 13' 27"
Chiron 24° Pisces 20' 52"
Uranus 24° Aries 44' 27" 
Neptune 11° Pisces 35' 32"
Pluto 18° Capricorn 10' 39"
TrueNode 16° Leo 42' 31" 

Sagittarian Expedition - Weekly Horoscope: December 10 - December 16

Daily Horoscope

We may struggle all week with a determined tendency to isolate, 'keep our own counsel', or 'go it alone' in this week's Sagittarian expedition. The Sagittarius urge to explore is front and center this week but we have to make a conscious choice about whether to ask others for help and guidance. What can hopefully 'Win The Day' is our embrace of any opportunity to learn and grow through the challenges that life throws at us. As Mercury moves in reverse we are encouraged to reexamine some of our most cherished, long-standing beliefs and assumptions. The process will be much more comfortable if [...]

Full Moon Chaos - Weekly Horoscope: December 3 - December 9

Daily Horoscope

Mercury turns retrograde in Sagittarius this week, wrapped up in several important dialogs — a trine to Uranus, a sextile to Mars, and a conjunction with Saturn. Mercury becomes a focal point for the expressions of these larger planets, driving us on a journey through a review of many of our underlying assumptions. The action of Mercury is mainly to gather and disseminate information — not draw a bunch of Sagittarian conclusions. However, with the input of these other influences, Mercury takes us on a guided journey through our underlying assumptions to observe how they may [...]

Mercury Slows - Weekly Horoscope: November 26 - December 2

Daily Horoscope

Mercury slows down all week, turning retrograde just after the week ends (December 3rd). We begin the week intent upon freely pursuing our own, independent vision. We would rather avoid any input that provokes conflicts that might distract us or take us off course. However, by the end of the week, we are likely to realize that the big picture is [...]

Mercury-Uranus Trine - Weekly Horoscope: November 19 - 25

Daily Horoscope

Mercury slows down in expeditionary Sagittarius this week (to turn retrograde on December 3rd) and makes the first of three wildly erratic — albeit invigorating — trines to Uranus. The Mercury-Uranus trine initially feels very promising, especially as it dances with Mars in a very helpful, confidence building sextile. Mercury keeps the lines of communication open and information flowing. However, Mars carry's a few scars from last week's intense square to Pluto and is likely to turn last week's intensity into some very [...]

Mars-Pluto Square - Weekly Horoscope: November 12 - 18

Daily Horoscope

The Mars-Pluto square builds all week, keeping our attention intensely focused on imperatives that demand attention, despite the fact that the Moon is waning in light — a time when we usually expect intensity to dissipate. Certainly, there are building power struggles and overt attempts to take or maintain control. However, we should not discount the importance of this week's Venus-Jupiter conjunction, with Venus carrying Jupiter's light into a trine with Neptune. Creative and artistic inspiration can provide us with [...]