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Sun 00° Pisces 52' 26"
Moon 14° Aries 00' 23"
Mercury 02° Pisces 33' 58"
Venus 10° Pisces 47' 04"
Mars 14° Sagittarius 38' 10"
Ceres 07° Leo 24' 27" 
Pallas 11° Taurus 01' 36"
Juno 28° Aquarius 02' 22"
Vesta 15° Sagittarius 49' 32"
Jupiter 22° Scorpio 44' 33"
Saturn 06° Capricorn 34' 24"
Chiron 26° Pisces 42' 35"
Uranus 25° Aries 31' 55"
Neptune 13° Pisces 26' 33"
Pluto 20° Capricorn 22' 35"
TrueNode 14° Leo 53' 06" 

Sun in Pisces - Weekly Horoscope: February 18 - February 24

Daily Horoscope

"You're enough to try the patience of an oyster!"

— Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Uncertainty may be a byproduct of the continuing lack of clarity that we face this week. However, some may instead be dealing with an excruciating sense of certainty (or possibly self-righteousness) that seems nearly impossible to communicate to others in a convincing way. The Sun's entrance into Pisces at the beginning of the week brings both visionary inspiration and a disconcerting lack of focus and clarity. If we can stay focused on [...]

Mars Square Neptune - Weekly Horoscope: February 11 - February 17

Daily Horoscope

"And when the fog's over and the stars and the moon come out at night it'll be a beautiful sight."

— Jack Kerouac

This week is made especially challenging by the distinct lack of clear focus. The New Moon on Thursday (1:05 PM PST 27° Aquarius) offers a truly fresh start but, even then, we are likely to struggle getting our footing, our clarity, and a willingness to compromise — especially when our independence is at stake. Venus has moved into Pisces, where she is exalted, which brings a highly creative insight but also [...]

Mercury-South Node - Weekly Horoscope: February 4 - February 10

Daily Horoscope

The spontaneity and unpredictability of last week pours over into this week. Scattered energy is mixed with idealistic independence and the results could be explosive. The biggest danger comes from aggressive self-righteousness which holds on too tightly to self-sufficiency. The challenge is to develop creative alliances where we are free to follow our own course but also remain open to taking help and input from others. [...]

Leo Full Moon - Weekly Horoscope: January 28 - February 3

Daily Horoscope

We shift from our focus away from following previously laid plans this week once we arrive at Wednesday's Full Moon (5:26 AM PST 11° Leo/Aquarius). This Leo Full Moon is boldly expansive and creative, encouraging us to use our creative imagination to move beyond the planing process and employ creative improvisation to take us to the next level. Flexibility is required in order to [...]

Mars in Sagittarius - Weekly Horoscope: January 21 - January 27

Daily Horoscope

We reach the potent 1st quarter building phase of the lunar cycle we began last week. We are encouraged to define our convictions, present our conclusions, and move forward with determination. There are undercurrents of excitement all week but the challenges are significant — particularly with maintaining focused awareness. Idealism runs into practicality; stoic, independent determination is challenged by the obvious need for cooperation and compromise. There is no substitute for [...]