Planets & Asteroids
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by Esther V. Leinbach
Revised & Edited by Kevin Leinbach
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Numerology: Multiple Digits & Decanates

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The Quincunx and Yod (The Finger of God)

by Esther V. Leinbach

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Each sign may be the focal point of a balanced quincunx (or Yod), as listed below. In the case of a single or unbalanced quincunx (two planets in a 150° aspect), it is necessary to gauge the relative strength of each of the planets involved to determine which sign is acting as the focal point. For example, in a horoscope with the Sun in Aries and Mars in Leo in a quincunx aspect to Mercury in Pisces, Mars would usually be considered to be the stronger of the two planets since it is the ruler of the Aries Sun. Therefore, the Leo/Pisces description will carry more weight than the Pisces/Leo description.



Every Quincunx partakes of this 6th and 8th house character. Aries is
the initiator of the action at the focal point of the triangle. Virgo is
the work and service solution in the 6th house position and, failing
success in this endeavor, physical health is threatened. Scorpio at the
8th house angle represents a bend or break influence. However, the
relationship between Virgo/Scorpio is harmonious, seeking to meet the
demands of the initiator in order to get something done. Even though
Virgo/Scorpio are harmonious earth and water elements, their methods of
accomplishment are quite different, both at odds with Aries, the
initiator. Virgo needs to analyze and then organize all information.
There is a need to be of service and follow instructions as they are
understood. At the same time, there is impatience with instructions
which fail to hold up under analytical investigation. Scorpio is even
more determined to accept responsibility for getting the job done.
However, Scorpio does not take kindly to orders especially when the
orders seem to make no sense. Even so Scorpio/Virgo would do a good job
together without the erratic instructions from Aries which has little
patience or concentration.

Aries wants to be the pioneer, running ahead but leaving the detail
to someone else until there is a problem which seems to limit their
freedom. When these three try to work together, whether in one chart or
between individual charts, much patience and a willingness, even a
curiosity, to search beneath the surface is demanded. If individuals are
able to allow these different abilities to contribute their potential,
miraculous results are possible.

Quincunx influences are not to be ignored. However, the attention
they demand also brings awareness which amounts to seeing around
corners. All three of these signs have elements of being loners. Aries
doesn't want to bother with seeing the whole picture. Virgos can live
alone and like it easier than any other sign. Scorpio must be in charge,
even assuming full responsibility for their relationships, even though
this isn't possible. Therefore, learning to give equal recognition to
each is of primary importance. It is a demand to integrate what at first
glance appears to be incompatible. However, when you are able to
recognize the value of each individual approach you are putting much
more to work for you than you otherwise would be able to make use of. If
you are lucky enough to have the rulers of these signs in mutual
reception you have invaluable help in using all of your resources. Pluto
in Virgo, Mars in Scorpio with Mercury and possibly the Sun also in
Aries has the potential for a real powerhouse of ability to get things
done. Without this kind of help, it is left up to you to manage this
kind of potential in such a way as to make this kind of use of what is

The strengths or weakness of the planets involved in this
configuration is also important as to where you will find it most easy
and natural to put your emphasis. If the Sun happens to be in Virgo or
Scorpio, it will challenge a planet in Aries. Even Mars in its own sign
Aries will find it difficult to overrule the Sun in either Virgo or
Scorpio. Individuals need to be able to soften their basic nature to
make use of all their potential by blending realities which seem to be
as incompatible as oil and water appear to be.

Quincunxes seem to force you into another dimension which overrules
what your mind tells you is or is not possible. A spiritual messenger
seems to whisper that conflicting influences can work harmoniously.
Militarism is bred in Libra as a result of the inability to blend these
three parts of this balanced quincunx. The inability to see around this
corner makes it difficult to differentiate noble passion from military


This represents a slave role. "Yours is not to reason why. Yours is
but to do or die." This is not a mindless combination in spite of the
apparent irrationality. Both of these signs are highly mental. However,
the mentality is geared to getting the job done. Aries steers the
project while Virgo's mentality is assigned the role of organizing all
the information in the best possible manner in order to accomplish what
will satisfy the demands being made. The major problem comes in
communication. Signs which quincunx are as difficult to blend as those
next to each other. Virgo's flexibility is in organizing and relating
information in as coherent a manner as possible. Virgo is generous with
criticism for all kinds of inconsistencies. Aries has no patience with
this tedious detail. Aries' flexibility amounts to not being tied down
to prolonged concentration. However, it is well worth the effort to come
to grips with these differences. Aries' cardinal fire is very much at
odds with Virgo's mutable earth qualities. An individual with this
combination will vacillate from one extreme to the other unless they can
recognize the problem and focus on some kind of a workable resolution.
Transits through these signs will keep you jumping from one approach to
the other. This is a combination which will send many people looking for
a guru rather than taking charge of their own assets. Flashes of
insight can provide a path to improvement with just a little patience
blended with enough attention to keep the limitations of both signs off
dead center.


Mars was the ruler for both of these signs before Pluto was
discovered. This may have had something to do with the nasty reputation
Scorpio had before the discovery of Pluto. The 8th house relationship
demands a bend or break turn which threatens the elimination of what was
put in motion in Aries, the first house. Scorpio necessitates that you
move into a new dimension in order to recognize continuity. Scorpio is
not the end of anything. It represents major changes which appear to be
the end. However, Scorpio is also the sign where the phoenix rises out
of its own ashes to continue. It represents a transformation from one
plane to anther. Virgo can be a partner in this transformation. However,
if you have this one sided quincunx to deal with, it can be very
painful to develop the insight to see clearly what you are doing. In the
process, this can develop some extreme solutions which fail to solve
the problem as you would like to solve it. Aries feels tethered by this
restraint while Scorpio is distracted. Sexual energy (which we know too
little about) is a focal point. This is a physical tool to save humanity
from annihilation by replacing bodies which die. However, there is much
more to this potential which requires rising to a new dimension which we
are as yet unable to perceive. Nevertheless, we are evolving and are
probably using much of this energy without really understanding what
it's all about. It represents taboos which we need to understand before
we can successfully challenge them. I am sure the discovery of Pluto
brought us a long way on the evolutionary path. With its discovery, we
began to see Scorpio as being as creative as it was previously thought
destructive. Although Aries is at a blind angle it is also challenged
more than any other sign to rise above its basic nature in such a way as
to perceive its way around this blind corner.

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Personal resources seem to be the most common ground for these three
to pay attention to. There is also an interest in artistic luxury. All
are very uncomfortable with poverty, although the reaction will have
different characteristics. Taurus will treasure whatever symbols of
affluence are available, perhaps focusing on some kind of art work.
Libra will also make their home as artistic and pleasant as possible.
While Sagittarius will just expect their ship to come in at any moment,
filled with treasures meant for them. Even though they all have a way of
attracting a certain amount of affluence, it means something quite
different to each. Taurus is seeking comfort and security; Libra seeks a
showplace in which to entertain. Sagittarius is easy come, easy go.

Taurus is at the focal point of two very cooperative free spirits.
This in itself can make you strengthen your resolve to hold the fort in
tact. Fire and air are very capable of being carried away into
Never-Never Land with all of Taurus' assets. Under these circumstances,
it is difficult to believe that responsibility is an inseparable partner
to freedom. In most cases, Taurus is so worried about the
responsibility side of this dichotomy that it picks up the tab, leaving
Sagittarius-Libra the freedom to try again. Detachment is a difficult
lesson for Taurus to comprehend.

If you happen to have this combination in your own chart, you can
drive yourself crazy taking the blame for irresponsibility while still
being vulnerable to schemes which rise up out of your blind spots. This
is the kind of thing that looks obviously stupid or crazy to those who
see what you don't. If close communication can be established and
monitored between these influences in one chart or between individuals,
Sagittarius can provide the optimism, imagination and adventurism to
facilitate mobility in order to check what might otherwise be missed.
Libra can provide the patience and protocol, bringing further insight
and opening closed doors. If Taurus can understand what is to be gained
from these activities, it will be able to hold the reigns in such a way
as to prevent extreme action while reaping the maximum profits. It will
take real self discipline and an awareness of something around a blind
corner in order to be comfortable with what is demanded to make these
influences work together harmoniously.

These three influences also relate differently to the people in their
environment. Taurus wants peace and comfort and may even be inseparably
attached to one or more people. However, Taurus will act on its own
without dependence on someone else. Partnership is a foreign concept, at
least in the traditional sense. Libra lives for a partner although will
not be closed in. Libra wants the partner on the other side of the
teter-toter, which will drive Taurus wild. Libra wants to feed the
partner information on which to make a decision which is then never
above criticism. This invariably results in an inadequate marriage or
partnership. In most cases, it is very difficult to get them to realize
what they are doing to each other. Sagittarius loves people but is
unwilling to let them get in the way. You must love them just because
they are charming. Anyone lost along the way can easily be replaced.

All of these influences can be modified to provide the others just
the right amount of learning to function in a more balanced and aware
manner which not only keeps them each out of blind alleys but enriches
the lives and value of each. Individuals which are stimulating these
angles in their own chart can be of great help to find and deal with
their own blind spots. If you have these blind spot areas in your own
chart, be thankful. Increase your objectivity to see how you are


This is a 6th house relationship with Taurus at the focal point.
Libra finds itself in a service type position. The possibilities of
benevolence in material things can only become a reality with the help
of intuition which lifts you into a higher realm, permitting a detached
view of the whole picture. "Courage is fear that says a prayer." This
will go a long way to neutralize fearful emotions which may stand in
your way. Taurus hangs on with a sense of destiny while Libra seeks to
broaden the view with travel of all kinds including astral travel and
day-dreaming. Taurus wants to cage the bird. Libra wants an equal
partner kept at arms length in order to insure breathing room. These two
extremes need each other to properly materialize what they are capable
of without becoming slaves to what they own. Both are interested in
making the material world beautiful and profitable. Libra has a more
intangible approach, motivated by impressing people with parties and
protocol. Taurus is more interested in established, permanent value,
beauty and comfort whether or not anyone else takes notice. In fact,
groups of people tend to be exhausting and boring to Taurus. Taurus is
perfectly happy alone, especially if occupied with a craft of some kind.
Libra needs constant feedback from another person. Most of the time
this interaction is aimed at getting someone else to make decisions
which Taurus is very slow to do. After the decision is made, Libra will
find fault by pointing out any imperfections and the strengths which
would have been possible if the decision had gone the another way. This
is a no-win situation which could drive Taurus right out of its mind if
it is taken too seriously. Taurus does not draw such a fine line. Unless
Taurus is settled in, it won't matter that much which decision is made.


This is an 8th house influence with Taurus at the focal point. It
does indeed represent frustrating change to Taurus. The two signs are
able to attract affluence. However, the methods and uses are poles
apart. For Sagittarius, wealth needs to circulate. For Taurus, it needs
to accumulate for securing personal comfort. There is a battle of the
sexes going on here with chauvinism on both sides. Taurus has a tendency
to consider the partner as property. Sagittarius is not that committed.
These two represent a gambling instinct and a destiny force. Both are
capable of being thrown off balance by the other and later feeling
victimized. Position, honor and inheritance offer a realistic potential
if you are able to build a bridge of communication which respects the
differences, keeping individual extremes under restraint. The 8th house
influence here deals not only with major changes for Taurus, but also
money and holdings in the hands of other people including corporations
and government. This is most often put to good use in this area in spite
of the conflict between approaches. It seems that this quincunx will
foster the handling of other people's money even though the necessary
understanding is not present for individuals to handle their own money
appropriately. Money and sex characterize most of the problem. Both come
under the taboo sign of Scorpio. It is especially difficult to
penetrate this cloak of secrecy to discover the real secrets to personal
success. Here again, there is a blind corner which requires an overview
to tune in to the unseen initiation of awareness. Actually there are no
secrets. Once you understand, something it is yours. Once you see it,
you can't unsee it. This may be one of the most mystical blind corners
to overcome.

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Most of Gemini's difficulties can be explained by its relationship to
these signs which present obstacles which appear to be insurmountable.
They become even more overpowering in their compatibility with each
other. The main characteristics of these three is detachment with three
different qualities. Gemini feels a need to stay detached from the
information it gathers. Scorpio's apparent detachment arises from the
perception that nothing dies, it only changes form. While Capricorn can
hold on to what it wants, it can let the customer always be right, even
if they are foolish enough not to choose the better part. Of course,
each part challenges the objective detachment of the others. If Gemini
is pressured to explain what is being offered it looks for some kind of
escape. This presents a front which allows no escape.

If there is anything Gemini can't stand, it's having its nose to the
proverbial "grindstone." With Scorpio and Capricorn working together
there is just enough insight to keep Gemini's attention, even if it is
too concentrated for comfort. This is a fabulous combination once the
parts are integrated. Gemini has the facts but it cares nothing about
implementing them. Gemini isn't even interested in what the facts add up
to. Scorpio has a before and after view, which realizes nothing dies,
it only changes form. Scorpio is perfectly willing to let you fall on
your face if necessary. It can be cruel to be kind. Capricorn represents
the real stability, although it is also a wonderful blend of spirit and
matter which will offer only what is acceptable. Capricorn and Scorpio
should understand it is not Gemini's job to put the pieces together.
Capricorn and Scorpio are more than capable of putting two and two
together with real brilliance, then tossing it back to Gemini to see how
it plays with the environment.

In most cases, this makes Gemini the vulnerable "scapegoat" which is
almost intolerable to Gemini. Even though Gemini is in the position to
call the shots in most cases, it doesn't have the confidence to do so
with conviction unless it has developed the confidence through the
experience of being right, even when not very sure of the answers. In
other words, Gemini must develop confidence in the skills of
Capricorn/Scorpio which it has no first hand ability to understand. In
spite of the potential here, even in an individual chart, it is not easy
to accept the pieces without an overall view; the vision to see the
outcome. Capricorn/Scorpio have the innate intuition to work this magic,
but Gemini does not even see the need to do anything more than juggle
these interesting playthings. It looks like cruel and inhuman punishment
to put this innocent adolescent into such an inescapable harness.
However, once Gemini finds it can trust these apparent foreigners, its
game broadens and becomes far more interesting. At this point, Gemini's
games becomes far more interesting and the weight which seemed so
intolerably frightening is shifted to those better able to carry the

Capricorn and Scorpio also have their problems trusting this big bag
of wind to be discreet. Here we have a problem with confidentiality.
Capricorn is painfully embarrassed by exposure. Scorpio can handle the
embarrassment but is enraged at the loss of cover. Scorpio prefers to
put its project behind the scenes in privacy and then display the final
product. Although Capricorn cares about the public acceptance, for the
most part. Scorpio cares very little about what others think. If they
were left alone, they could work out this rather minor difference
without costing either one significantly. However, something has to be
done about the Gemini "blabber mouth." In order for Gemini to stay at
the helm, it will have to learn to incorporate some restraint in such a
way as not to jeopardize its basic comfort.


This is a 6th house relationship with Gemini at the focal point. They
really have qualities needed by each other which seem more of a
distraction than a help because of their conflicting views. Gemini lives
with too much exposure, protected by escapes Scorpio is unable to dream
about. Cozying up to Scorpio to get anything at all looks like death in
a foreign land to Gemini. The flightiness of Gemini seems unattainable,
therefore worthless, to Scorpio. Scorpio really needs a little of this
air to lighten up the more serious, macabre elements in its nature.
Gemini could also expand its worth by incorporating some emotional
stability. If you have this quincunx to deal with in your own chart, you
will find yourself in situations where one solution or the other seems
mandatory. However, in all instances the better solution would be to
develop a mixture of the two, resulting in a less extreme approach. As a
6th house influence, Scorpio affects the health as well as all types of
servitude which Gemini cannot abide for long without looking for an
escape. This becomes a road block to life itself unless some kind of
compatible use can be made of this inconsistent direction. It simply
means that this free spirit must deal with restraints which represent
the character of what is. Freedom has a partner. It is a sense of
responsibility. The intangible world must be defined in some way by the
tangible world. Scorpio makes this a little more threatening to Gemini
than Gemini can comfortably deal with. We all have all of the signs and
planets in our charts to work with. We simply have to make use of what
we have to expand our universe. The challenge is to make the either/ors
work together at the center, rather than arguing at the extremes.


The conflict is more obvious than the attraction between these two.
However, they do look interesting to each other at first. Capricorn
thinks Gemini is the perfect employee until boredom sets in. Gemini
finds Capricorn a good teacher until the process becomes confining. It
will take a confident, live and let live attitude to keep these two
working with a shared commitment. We are working with a shaky foundation
and a need for privacy. Both are dependent on outside support without a
strong awareness of the value of intimacy in sharing what both hardly
realize is important to them individually. Therefore, even if they,
against their better judgment, trust the other with their feelings they
are not likely to find the much needed sympathy. Both are geared to
objectivity supported by detachment. Neither feel safe sharing their
feelings with others. They don't handle the spotlight very well unless
they are recipients of unconditional applause. If they are asked to
defend themselves, they simply become defensive or, preferably, leave
the scene. Until a way can be found to stay focused on the job at hand
with a broad acceptance of what is found to be differences, all efforts
are in danger of dead ending. This is an 8th house influence for Gemini
making it look very much like the end of the road. However, it is
another one of those blind corners which open up a whole new world of
possibilities once you find some way over or around it. Gemini is most
capable of flying over and being thrilled with the view. When they land
they seem to be as confused as ever. The ground is just not where Gemini
wants to be. Therefore, the solution must be in Gemini itself to make
room in consciousness to avoid the feeling of entrapment when giving
form to its creative nature. Substance is what is needed and substance
is what is feared. The creativity and imagination is purely mental and
communicative, leaving some other force to give it shape. Holy
revelations are possible.

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With Cancer at the focal point it feels really besieged at the very
roots of its existence by the threat to stability from Sagittarius and
Aquarius. Broken homes are tolerable to Aquarius but they are life and
death to Cancer. Commitment is temporary for Sagittarius but permanent
for Cancer. It is possible to have your feet on the ground with both
hands in the air without taking off to Never Never Land. Cancer wants to
limit its existence to what it can control. Crossing these boundaries
can be very painful. There is a built in distrust of outsiders.

Sagittarius/Aquarius have little difficulty working together. They
both feel restricted by Cancer and its possessive emotional makeup.
However, even Sagittarius/Aquarius need a sense of belonging if it isn't
too restrictive. In fact, this combination needs some kind of a
stabilizer in order to make the best use of their genius. Neither of
these two want to pay too much attention to the practicality of their
far out ideas. Without some stability somewhere this is a very fragile
attraction with very little motivation to stick together With Cancer as
the focal point, especially in one chart, these two are made
uncomfortable when they forget there is more to life than their freedom.
An individual is likely to swing to the extremes of freedom and
security until they find a balance they can comfortably live with. These
three signs represent basic human needs, none of which can be
successfully denied. Freedom inevitably leads to a sense of
responsibility if it is not enabled by something else in an over
protective bail-out. I have seen nothing more pathetic than a "too lucky
for their own good" Sagittarius who is able to rely on luck without
receiving any credit for anything resembling responsibility. This is
more crippling than any other kind of tragedy. It really effectively
strips you of your sovereignty and makes you dependent. Even the
awareness of Aquarius is helpless when a healthy "cause and effect" is
taken away. Cancer's sense of responsibility can take away your
sovereignty in exchange for your security. It is only when a balance is
achieved between the two kinds of freedom dominant in
Sagittarius/Aquarius with the stewardship protection of Cancer.
Eventually, we must all find this balance within ourselves even in order
to be an equal partner with anyone else.

In spite of Cancer's emotional nature it is also a very good behind
the scenes manager. It does provide the ability to make hard choices, no
matter how painful. This, more than anything else, provides common
ground for communication between this threesome. Sagittarius can be a
very charismatic organizer, so much so that they appear to have more
genius than they actually do. They can deal with and make meaningful the
real genius of Aquarius. This combination has the potential for this
kind of balance without the hint of plagiarism.

If you have this combination in your chart, life will find a way to
attract the experiences you need in order to put this all together in a
workable package, despite your resistance. You may feel you are living
in a hostile world because you feel tossed from one extreme to another.
You will attract problems in keeping with your abilities. This
combination seldom if ever succumbs to immoral practices to circumvent
unpleasant circumstances. If and when you do, the consequences will
bring you back to a more balanced reality. You are also likely to
exhibit a softness which may give others the idea you are more
vulnerable than you really are. It is only when you slip from your own
moral plumb line that you are in any real danger of defeat. If you do go
down, you are more than capable of taking your opponents with you. You
have the ability to square your facts as you go along, clearing out
emotional misinformation as you work for objectivity.


Sagittarius is the 6th house from Cancer giving it a work and service
angle. This is something which makes the relationship very disruptive.
Cancer wants to own what it identifies with in some manner. Sagittarius
cannot be owned. Cancer is familiar with finesse and has the ability to
be very seductive. However, it is no match for the detached charisma of
Sagittarius. Expansion is another quality they both desire. Cancer
represents the most fruitful sign of the growing season. Without winter
to wipe out the growing season, or growth hormones to tell our bodies
when we have reached maturity, or some boundaries to define structures,
everything would soon loose the identity provided by Cancer's opposite
sign, Capricorn. However, neither of these signs feel that enough is
enough. Sagittarius always has new areas to explore both physically and
philosophically. Cancer merely wishes to expand its influence from a
single base of operation it calls home. Enlisting the help of
Sagittarius to keep the home fires burning requires much in the way of
communication, compromise, and an overview to see how the outside and
the inside can be part of a larger whole. The philosophical interest of
Sagittarius is a place to start. Once Cancer learns to stretch the
boundaries to include the community, then the nation, the world and
perhaps before too long, the universe, its plan changes as it acquires a
sense of belonging. The Sagittarian trip into outer space has indeed
given us a view of the whole earth as our home without the man-made
boundaries set up to protect personal identity.


Aquarius is in an 8th house position from Cancer, the most fruitful
sign threatened by the extinction of death. Both of these signs have a
concern for humanity. Aquarius has a detached concern of the greatest
good to the greatest number. Cancer's concern is for those it recognizes
as belonging to the club, the fraternity, the family, etc. If you
belong, you must be protected from outsiders. Tradition is paramount to
Cancer. To Aquarius the future is as important as the past as far as new
ideas and innovations are concerned. A distant yesterday or a future
tomorrow holds the answers for Aquarius while today holds the focus for
security in the Cancer realm. Change rocks the boat too much for
comfort. Cancer is very emotional water, attached to what it feels.
Aquarius is platonic, valuing friendship more than the drowning emotions
of Cancer. Aquarius' mandate is "to know." It is a mental sign. So here
we have the mixture of mind and emotion with very little understanding
of what the other is about. Feelings are very difficult to understand
rationally and yet they foul up reason's ability to solve problems.
Cancer is intuitive while Aquarius is perceptive. Both have ways of
perceiving which are foreign to each other. Circumstantial evidence may
or may not be right. Intuition may or may not be right. Yet they both
are very real and consuming when they cannot be supported with facts
that carry more obvious respect to a credulous world. If this quincunx
is operating in one chart you may feel a sense of power, along with
considerable fear of the unknown. You may want to try your wings, but be
unwilling to get too far from home territory. You will also be aware of
wasting effort. This is nothing to play around with. It demands
responsibility. You will not escape the consequences of whatever you
have the courage to try.

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The Leo ego, with its need to be creative, feels really pressured by
this earth and water combination. Here, a desire for distance and
freedom is thwarted by practicality and emotionalism, both very cooling
to the Leo fire. Leo also rules the heart and your life support system.
The first thing to realize is that these two opposites are both friend
and foe. Leo is prone to thinking health can be controlled through will
power. However, Capricorn at the 6th house angle is a powerful reminder
that the rock of Gibraltar is an immovable object. The imagination of
Pisces is a partner which encourages the mind over matter concept.
However, it is at the 8th house angle, reminding Leo of the necessity of
dealing with death, the unknown threshold from which the body does not
return. In spite of these apparent obstacles, it would be a mistake to
underestimate Leo's success with will power. Leo is at the focal point
of this quincunx and in a position to be calling the shots. However, its
power and ability is much enhanced if it makes peace with these very
important and powerful influences as partners rather than enemies. This
fateful relationship is filled with intuitive hope, making an almost
omnipotent alignment. This can be a universal love used to blend spirit
and body. You may reach a level of awareness you have no ability to
implement, in which case you are capable of destructive action. It will
be necessary to make compromises which you may feel requires too much
sacrifice. Your ego wants to hold on to everything you recognize as
important. At the same time, you are dealing with the threat of
everything falling apart. This is a delicate fragile game of
brinkmanship you are playing. The stakes are high. This is the line of
demarcation where we are lifted above the animal level to the next level
of evolvement. This demands a rise in consciousness. Capricorn
represents the physical plane in harmony with Pisces on the spiritual
plane. However, they both look more than a little unreal to Leo who is
concerned with the beating heart.

On the more mundane level, although Capricorn's bottom line is
practicality, it really has a keen spiritual awareness. Capricorn is
able to let the customer be right without changing what it believes. Leo
will take direction on stage but loses respect for an audience which
chooses something less than it is capable. Pisces is the least rigid
which can be frustrating to both Leo and Capricorn. Even so, Pisces
seems to be in the most neutral corner. Although Pisces seems most
vulnerable, it is also best with personal closeness which is foreign to
both Leo and Capricorn. Pisces' sympathy is welcomed even when it isn't
recognized as an essential part. These three also have the ability to
detach which will help individuals with this configuration to provide
responsible support once they have dealt with the individual weaknesses
to be overcome. Leo cares too much and must keep some distance. Pisces
can be very close but will also go over the edge with you. When this
happens, you need to be rescued. Capricorn is just the one to rescue
Pisces, telling it all the while how very stupid it was to get into this
situation in the first place. Then Capricorn will feel unappreciated
when the lecture drives Pisces away as quickly as possible.

If you have these three influences to deal with, you will find
yourself vacillating from one position to the other, not being sure
which approach to adopt. It isn't until you are able to find a way to
blend these influences into the Leo focus that you really demonstrate
miraculous genius for healing solutions. It will be important to relate
to people in such a way that allows you to appreciate them warmly
without identifying with them in such a way that restricts their or your


Neither of these signs do an outstanding job with relationships. Fire
scorches the earth. Leo's fire can be very abrasive. Seldom do you
realize Leo is too softhearted to trust people very quickly with
personal feelings. Once you get past the defenses Leo uses to keep
others at arms length, it has a dreadful time saying "no" to anything.
Capricorn tries to win friends and influence people by doing something
practical for them. What Leo really wants is something to feed the ego.
This never occurs to Capricorn. By the time Capricorn has finished the
moralizing that goes with the help, you end up wishing you hadn't
received the help. Both of these signs have hungry egos which need a
steady diet of reassurance. Leo takes its kingly position for granted
even though the reassurance is necessary. Capricorn thinks the
reassurance is unnecessary even though it is also vital to its well
being. Capricorn expects to work hard for everything. Both of these
signs can be very uncooperative with each other. Both are capable of
holding a grudge. Even so, there is a fateful relationship aimed at
dealing with what they individually need. Leo is generous to a fault
once its ego is well supported, Capricorn is tight-lipped, to say the
least, about everything. Capricorn is concerned with value while Leo is
concerned with showmanship. This aspect in an individual chart could
indicate a radical patriot, supporting government with show. Once these
contradictions have been ironed out through increased awareness,
fantastic attainment is possible. Capricorn can be a tremendous power
behind the throne if it receives enough appreciation. Leo is vulnerable
to assuming a slave role if its majesty is fully recognized as needed.
Leo needs to be persuaded, not ordered. In the same chart, you need to
find ways to display your competence as well as attach yourself to those
who recognize your value. You also need to find a quiet way to deal
with your sensitivity without allowing rejection to stop you from
developing your real value.


This is an 8th house influence for Leo. Pisces threatens to drown the
fragile Leo ego, in spite of the fact that it appears to be pure,
understanding sympathy. Pisces can deal with depression regardless of
the pain others are observing. Pisces expects suffering to be part of
the deal. Leo is the clown who must be presenting a theatrical
production regardless of what is hidden inside. Together these two are
constantly wandering through the wilderness trying to find each other.
Once they do, Pisces has just the food Leo needs for the ego. Pisces has
no persistence to hang on to depression once Leo gets into character.
Pisces loves theater and will buy into almost anything temporarily. Leo
does not like to perform off stage and may be insensitive to keeping
Pisces reassured. Pisces' depressions will seem more serious to Leo than
it really is to Pisces. There is a significant difference between the
high mindedness of Leo and the idealism of Pisces. Even when Leo
understands, it does not give up on what it feels should solve Pisces'
problem. Even when Pisces understands, it will hold out forever on
personal convictions, being very sorry about the pain inflicted upon

If you have this quincunx in your own chart, you will find yourself
painfully caught on the horns of this dilemma. Finding middle ground
will not be easy, but very necessary to your overall peace of mind. You
seem to need to feel a sense of sacrifice in order to succeed. It is
only through trimming physical excesses that you are able to turn your
attention to other things. You need to recognize the transitory nature
of temptations, in order to give up and accept what seems to be an
easier path. This is an illusion which requires a higher view.

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Virgo may very well feel "ganged up on," perhaps completely inundated
by two seeming foreigners at odds with its nature. However, these three
are blessed by three very important aspects of mental ability. Virgo is
the objective labor force which seeks to organize and arrange
information into meaningful patterns. Aquarius is the inventive
scientist which focuses on hypothesis and what might or could be true,
especially those things which seem most unlikely to have validity.
Aries, compatible with Aquarius, is the pioneer, always wanting to be
out front, first to arrive on the scene. Right is not important. First
takes priority. Aries can start over and over again, leaving follow up
or follow through to others more equipped to stay and finish what is
just beginning. All three have necessary abilities to complete a project
requiring mental genius. Pisces, which opposes Virgo and finds itself
even more at odds with the two signs on either side, has the final piece
to complete the permanent value to what is constructed. Pisces can be
very helpful to Virgo by bridging the fear of change, thereby making a
more permanent security understandable. An abhorrent determination to
meet the test of modern day science makes it very difficult to bridge
this gap between science and religion. This is the kind of set up which
makes mistakes almost immediately obvious. Unless you have plenty of
faith and patience, it can be very depressing, especially if you are on
the wrong track. Circumstantial evidence needs more than facts to
properly assess what is going on. It needs a reliable intuition. This
combination must deal with a viable whole. None of the parts have an
adequate answer.

You may suffer much from knowing more than you are able to
communicate. You may even fail to fully realize the significance of what
you know if you are unable to communicate it to someone else. All of
this knowledge may be not only useless but dangerous if it cannot be
balanced out by an understanding which stands back far enough to see the
connections. Pure logic amounts to a narrow minded authority which has
no chance whatsoever of success. If you are not able to deal with those
whom you feel are less competent, you lose your advantage. Success
requires that you move into the realm of the unknown which is the most
frightening thing you are required to do.

This challenge will be met by all Virgos, one way or another.
Transits will focus on these questions periodically whether or not you
have planets to be set off as well. People of these signs will raise
questions you have difficulty recognizing as legitimate. Quincunxes are
part of life. They represent the challenges we have to meet in order to
bring the tangible and the intangible into a workable harmony which
results in what we think of as miracles. Those who have planets in all
three signs will have the most help to catch the subtleties they need to
find answers. They may be further blessed and/or confused if they also
have a tie in to Pisces. Even though they oppose, Virgo and Pisces are
compatible elements of earth and water. The sign opposite your sun
provides a polarity you need if you are humble enough to see its value
to you.

This configuration provides the basis for an eternal love foundation.
A universal love which is rooted in an individual rather than the
object of affection. Loving yourself is the hardest thing most
individuals are asked to do. We are taught to take care of others in
order to be loved. Because Virgo is the work and service sign, it is the
goose that lays the golden eggs in most cases with no recognition of
any kind. It is not missed until it leaves the scene. Virgo is also the
sign where each individual must decide whether to be a slave to someone
else or to go for mastership in their own right in order to be their own


This is a 6th house influence for Virgo. In many ways "the chickens
come home to roost," revealing many surprises which may not have been
evident to the Virgo nature. Aquarius is fixed air, highly mental and
resourceful in intuiting hidden meanings and even jumping to conclusions
which Virgo is hesitant to do. Virgo is mutable earth indicating a
strong need to be very specific and literal in any interpretation it
makes. In spite of the need to be very specific, Virgo is not always
right. This creates health problems, particularly when it is being
confused by all the possibilities Aquarius is able to come up with in
order to predict the outcome. This is capable of driving this highly
mental Virgo right out of its mind. The consequence is usually
intestinal problems, although Virgo generally suffers from allergies and
a weak constitution. Virgo's main protection is constant watch of
symptoms and paying attention to body responses. This often means
looking like a hypochondriac. The only way to deal with the increased
awareness so generously offered by Aquarius is to relax and learn to
deal comfortably with being wrong once in awhile. There is a
togetherness power capable of lifting them to an overview which
recognizes they are really on the same team, very much needing both
points of view, if only they can avoid the panic they feel when their
basic nature appears to be thwarted.

If you have this aspect in one chart, it will be up to you to find a
way to recognize the broader view without the panic. Lots of people are
wrong more often than you are. This broader view will help you be right
more often once you 1earn to live with uncertainty. Certainty is an
illusion anyway.


Aries is an 8th house influence from Virgo. This makes it a little
further from understanding since it crosses the boundary into the unseen
area of faith which believes that a major change can be survived. Even
though Virgo works harmoniously with Scorpio, the natural 8th house,
Aries at the 8th house angle threatens Virgo's personal existence. Even
so, the mentality of Aries is most tantalizing. Flashes of insight which
bring a threat to the relationship through judgment attracts Virgo's
attention. A romantic routine turns out to be a closed temple which
neither were meant to be caught in. A lot of improvement must be made on
the part of both before the freedom of passage is open and visible.
Until Virgo is able to see its way through this blockade, it will be
very difficult if not impossible to properly compute, analyze, and
categorize the mental genius of Aries. Aries looks nothing like genius
to Virgo, which prides itself on being rational if nothing else. It will
be impossible for Virgo to pin Aries down long enough to get a good
look. The only way for communication to improve will be for Virgo to
rise above it in order to get a broader view. Aries may never understand
Virgo. However, if Virgo is to save itself it has no choice but to
broaden the view. There are pearls of wisdom here which must be
recognized before they can be harvested. The pearls are to be found in
scientific knowledge and hidden power as well as the intangible power of
Pisces to transform what is obviously at odds with a workable solution.
Science, through Quantum physics, is beginning to find evidence that
what the mystics were saying centuries ago has validity. This is the
place where science and religion may move humanity into a new
evolutionary level. In the meantime, those of you who have these
contradictory influences to deal with need to have patience with
yourself to make the puzzle you face meaningful to your own advantage.
Intangible realities make the tangible realities more endurable and will
increase your faith that security is there even when the evidence is
lacking. You will develop a way of knowing which supports a sense of

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With Chiron taking over the rulership of Libra this quincunx makes
the need to recognize value in contradictory demands more obviously
necessary to make Libra a whole person. Libra's assignment is to preside
over relationships. This must be accommodated at the level of evolution
which the society has reached. Libra's ability has been badly
restricted under the rulership of Venus which is far more compatible to
rule Taurus. Libra is now in a better position to be the focal point of
this YOD, the finger of God, or the balanced Quincunx. This situation is
helped by Aries, the opposite sign, supporting Libra's necessity to be
in charge of itself before assuming the assignment of being a dependable
partner to anyone else. Libra has always recognized the need to keep
others at arms length to avoid being inundated by meeting the needs of
another person in a relationship. Indecisiveness has been Libra's only
defense, for which it has received considerable criticism.

The scales as the symbol of blind justice given to Libra demands
detachment. Well, detachment is certainly a necessary element. However,
we also need support and companionship in a relationship which does not
foster a power hierarchy of one over the other. This level of evolvement
on the part of society is perhaps the most important thing that is
happening in this renaissance period which accompanies the Neptune/Pluto
sextile every 500 years. Taurus must anchor Libra without imprisonment.
Libra must maintain balance without giving up the feeling qualities
Pisces has to offer. Taurus is able to wallow in the feelings of Pisces
with no problem. It feels good to Taurus. This combination feels like
getting pulled into a swamp for Libra. "Give me a break. I need to
breathe." Pisces' contribution to this problem is to relax. Nothing is
more important than anything else. Everything has its place whether it
is to be found or not. Getting Pisces out of this tendency to wallow in
order to put your shoulder to the wheel and get something - anything -
done is a puzzlement to Libra to say the least. Libra has difficulty
recognizing Pisces' brand of support. "I'm behind you all the way."
"Imagination is real." "Anything you can imagine can be done is
possible." Well, Libra must be convinced. Libra and the society is
having difficulty recognizing, even when it works, how effective it is
to just do what looks right to you without the need to either blame or
credit someone else any more than yourself. "Seek ye first the Kingdom
of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto
you." This is true. However, very few if anyone recognizes what they did
or didn't do to reap the rewards or punishment which befalls them.
Looking for answers within yourself is the last place you look. When the
Gods were discussing where to hide human divinity they decided to put
it inside, expecting that it would be the last place they would look for
it. And so it is. We seem to need scapegoats, someone or something to

All of this is going on in the society. Relationships are no longer
following the old rules. These three signs will trigger reactions in
each other which present opportunities to see past the obvious problem
to a fabulous solution. It will be easier to work this out with some
people than others. Those of you who have this balanced quincunx
stimulated in your own chart are directly faced with finding a workable
way to deal with it. You are likely to jump from one concern to another
about material resources, relationships and coming to grips with
intangible realities which do not make sense to a world caught up with
tangible logic as the only proof of reality. Much of this may not only
be confusing but also very frustrating in your efforts to use these
energies to be your own person with yourself firmly planted on a
three-tiered support system. The system will serve you very well once
you learn to work with it from your own experience rather than trying to
prove it to others with their criterion for proof. Just do it your way.
This quincunx is more caught up with what the society is dealing with
at this time than any of the other quincunx combinations. The old rules
have let us down. We are being forced to go where no earthly human has
gone before. We have gone from the support of the family, to the tribe,
to community, to race, to nationality, to religious dogma in order to
hold us together, needing the support of some kind of group. The USA has
focused on freedom to accept all of these categories equally with
emphasis on family. Now the family breakdown is finishing the kind of
support we have always counted on. Those of you with this quincunx will
not only be helped but also be forced to deal with this requirement in
order to take humanity one step further. You will need to give equal and
unprejudiced support to all of these elements in order to find answers
we have yet to understand. With Libra at the focal point, relationships
are the goal which must use the building blocks provided by Pisces (the
12th House) and all it represents, intuition, confinement, emotion,
"bleeding heart", etc., and Taurus (the 2nd House) material existence,
survival of the body, stability, what you can see, hear, feel and most
of all touch. This water and earth combination is compatible. The air of
Libra must put it to good use and still breathe.


This relationship should become somewhat easier as we progress beyond
Libra's dilemma with regard to relationships. Libra's quincunx with
Pisces accounts for much of the problems we are now having in resolving
relationships. We have been taught to put others first in order to be
appreciated and rewarded. A lot of dependency has been encouraged with
little satisfaction. Libra is interested in people and has a desire to
contribute to peace and harmony. Pisces' attraction to people is through
sympathy. These two signs will work to establish an attractive and
comfortable home. Libra is motivated by entertaining groups of people
while Pisces prefers privacy and a less busy use of an attractive home.
Libra is concerned with peacemaking, sometimes at any price, often by
slicing things down the middle, while Pisces oozes with sympathy, mostly
offering very little help of anything like a tangible quality. Pisces
is not likely to come up with advice which you feel pressured to accept.
Libra will offer solutions which they consider fair and lose interest
if this wisdom is rejected. Libra also needs a partner or someone on the
other side of the tennis court. However, Libra cannot be confined or
restricted by too much togetherness. Pisces can be very smothering in
its willingness to wallow in whatever problem or need for affection you
may be experiencing. Air and water just have a great deal of trouble
seeing things in the same way. Libra should be a little more comfortable
with society as realization grows that everyone needs to be their own
person before being an equal partner. Whereas, Pisces has little obvious
trouble living with a hierarchy of protocol. Pisces has other less
obvious ways of dealing with any and all levels that may be found. They
can be the power behind the throne with little or no recognition. Libra
needs to have someone else make the decisions because they are too
capable of seeing the dangers on both sides of any decision. They are
happy to let someone else be responsible when these difficulties show
up. They are much happier standing on the middle of the teeter-totter
while others ride up and down. Pisces is likely to take this "fence
sitting" as being uninvolved and insensitive. Once these difficult rough
edges are understood, a new awareness can be put together which
encompasses considerable ability to work together.

If you have this quincunx in your own chart you are likely to suffer
until you find a way to deal with your sympathy and detachment together
as a strength, not finding yourself continually on the horns of a dilemma
which may appear to be hopeless. Both of these signs are vulnerable to
feelings of guilt especially when they are unable to deal with their
awareness of a contradiction which they are unable to blend. When you
are able to satisfy both qualities you will find a quiet confidence
which is unshakeable.


The arts seem to be the major attraction for these two. Both are
attracted to beauty in nature and artworks which are man made. Libra has
a lighter touch and an indecisive quality capable of driving Taurus
crazy with too many possibilities Taurus can't cope with. When Libra is
at the focal point, Taurus is likely to feel a tornado is tearing up
the sky. This may only be a gentle breeze as far as Libra is concerned.
Taurus is an anchor for Libra. Libra has a problem with recognizing any
value in an anchor. Libra has less concern about the cost of artistic
endeavors, while Taurus prefers real value with durable quality and has
a different view as to what is extravagant. If Libra is calling the
shots, it will be impossible for Taurus to feel like it is really an
equal partner. This should ease as Chiron moves in to make Libra more
independent as well as more responsible about wanting to have someone
else to blame. If this quincunx lacks the balance of having something in
Pisces it may be difficult to tell which is at the focal point. In this
case you should check both TAURUS - LIBRA as well as LIBRA - TAURUS.
You will need to consider the relative strength of what is occupying
each sign. Detriment or exaltation as well as mutual reception must be
considered as to whether one side or the other leads in controlling the

If you have this in one chart, you can expect to have difficulty in
finding common ground on which to make decisions. However, once you do,
you will find yourself much more sure of yourself as well as doing a
much better job with whatever you have the confidence to undertake. The
concerns on both sides of what seems to be incompatible are necessary if
a better way is to be found. You can feel very schizophrenic if you
give in to one side or the other and then are brought back by an
awareness of the value of the other. These two need to move towards each
other in order to produce the best and most satisfactory results. The
air of Libra as well as the earth of Taurus are both necessary for
comfort and mobility without being immobilized or at loose ends with
nowhere to settle down. Libra must be willing to snuggle while Taurus
should not cage the bird out of fear of losing companionship. Freedom
and responsibility go hand in hand as two very necessary parts.

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Scorpio is a fixed water sign, very emotional: "Still waters run
deep." It needs to maintain control in secrecy. It is the sign that
holds the keys to life and death, the mystery related to tangible and
intangible. It is a sign of initiation into what life is really all
about. Is death really final or merely a major change? Major changes
always represent the end and the beginning of something new and
unfamiliar. Aries/Gemini are a fire and air sextile which can be very
inflammatory, to say the least. Controlling fire which has unlimited
oxygen to keep it going takes something like deep, still waters.
However, getting them to all work together without fear of each other is
another story.

Aries and Scorpio shared the same ruler before the discovery of
Pluto. Scorpio was not at its best under this rulership. Pluto
symbolized the increased ability that was really native to Scorpio that
society was unable to recognize prior to the discovery of Pluto. Society
seemed to feel that the unknown part of Scorpio was purely destructive
and something to be feared. After Pluto became available, awareness made
at least some of Scorpio's hidden assets seem beneficial and generally
more acceptable. However, Aries did not evolve beyond its nature to
encompass what was already native to Scorpio, even though it was
meaningless to society. To Aries, Scorpio remained the symbol of death.
Regeneration was not in its nature. After all, Aries is the first sign
and always just getting started. Death was unknown. Aries' energy is
fearless and exploratory. Aries doesn't need to know where it's going
until it gets there. If it finds itself in the wrong place, it can
always move on. Scorpio, a more mature sign, wishes to look carefully
before it leaps. It prefers to look the situation over as thoroughly as
possible before making any kind of commitment. Once the commitment is
made, it does not give up easily even though it may change methods of
getting there many times.

As for Gemini, it is even more of a problem to Scorpio than Aries. At
first sight, Gemini may look like a gold mine of information. It isn't
long before Scorpio feels threatened by Gemini's ability to broadcast
everything that enters its head. Gemini is far too social and difficult
to control to be considered a working partner. However, the damage may
be done before Scorpio realizes what a problem Gemini can be. It does
get along very well with Aries. Aries and Gemini can cover considerable
territory with little if anything to hold them back.

All three of these signs are information oriented and more or less
dependent on information. However, the attitude and approach are vastly
different. Scorpio gathers information by moving seductively and quietly
through the area to be studied, with hardly anyone even knowing what if
anything it is looking for. Scorpio prefers to work under some kind of
cover. Aries looks harmless at first, wanting to get there first in
order to discover new territory and information. Aries does not care
about being wrong. Nothing is wasted. Any adventure is worth the effort.
There is very little thought or concern about what may be learned. All
experience is valuable, whether or not it has any immediate use. Gemini
stays closer to home, although not close enough to suit Scorpio. Scorpio
never knows if or when Gemini will be back. Gemini is fascinated with
every little bit of information whether it is attached to anything or
not. In fact, if it is attached to a mystery to be solved, Gemini is
soon distracted with anything that might need concentration. Gemini
thinks little about putting two and two together unless there is some
interesting but insignificant combination to observe momentarily.

Although Gemini and Aries can have a marvelous and care free time
together, they both feel tethered by Scorpio looking down on them and
giving orders. If Scorpio is unable to control its frustration, Aries
and Gemini are capable of causing Scorpio some real problems which are
totally unplanned and unexpected. Scorpio will have to spend some effort
getting to understand the workings of Aries and Gemini if it is to make
any use at all of this very valuable resource. The first thing is not
to give orders. Scorpio can learn very effectively by just observing if
there is nothing more personal to frustrate peace of mind. Scorpio will
have to do more than that to get the most out of what Aries and Gemini
have to offer. There needs to be enough understanding to instill
compassion and appreciation for the feelings of these two who on the
surface may appear not to have any feelings at all. It is when the
feelings are stirred that real disasters can result. If you are dealing
with this balanced quincunx in one chart it may take some real work to
keep this combination from destroying itself. However, real
statesmanship is possible if the individual is able to watch feelings
and be patient. Let your curiosity run wild when your Gemini influence
rises. However, you must watch it with your Scorpio awareness. You can
pretend not to see what you see in public but rather, wait for your
privacy in order to put it together. Scorpio can actually enjoy some of
the exploring Aries will take you on if you just restrain yourself
enough to plan. Remember it isn't the signs you are dealing with that
are in charge. They are merely tools you are given to work with. It is
your job to understand and use all the tools you are given to work with.
You should not allow the tools to rule you.


Aries is in a sixth house position from Scorpio while Scorpio is in
an eight house position from Aries. As a sixth house influence, Aries is
put in a work and service position to Scorpio. Aries prefers to be more
independent and therefore rather difficult for Scorpio to rule with any
authority. While Mars ruled both of these signs, Scorpio was all but
powerless to enlist the help of the independent Aries. Much of the
earlier disgrace associated with Scorpio can be attributed to this
relationship. With the discovery of Pluto while it was in Leo, in mutual
reception with a Scorpio Sun, Scorpio came into its own and began to be
seen as something more positive than previously thought possible.
Scorpio began to be recognized as being regenerative as well as the sign
associated with death. The Phoenix quality also was more recognized.
Aries is still not a willing servant without being given the necessary
freedom to be the pioneer who goes ahead unfettered to do its own thing.
These two still need each other, even though they are capable of
turning up much to disagree about. Scorpio is one of the taboo signs
which must be faced and overcome in order to take the next step. Aries
loves to pioneer uncharted areas. However, fire does not function well
in the deep water of Scorpio. If Aries is too unaware or fearless, it is
likely to be drowned in a sea it fails to understand. That can take the
thrill out of discovery. It needs to tread lightly. Scorpio also needs
this fearless explorer but only if it is able to show that the earlier
lessons have been learned and it is ready to be ushered into foreign
territories. Scorpio won't hire just anyone. Aries needs to understand
there is a termination element to deal with here. Actually, death is an
illusion even if it looks like the end for Aries. Scorpio, in charge,
knows Aries has a lot to learn: How to teach is the problem. Scorpio is
much more concerned with keeping secrets and simply leading its charges
blindfolded through the "gates, pass not" from incarnation to
incarnation preferably without giving up the knowledge of just how it
was done. It won't be until we know more about how one life builds on
another that we are able to see through this veil.


Gemini is the eighth house from Scorpio. As far as house positions
are concerned Scorpio is likely to feel this is familiar territory.
However, this is a contrary assignment for Scorpio to understand.
Scorpio is the keeper of the secrets to the real meaning of life. This
relationship reminds me very much of all secret societies, with Scorpio
trying to sell its secrets to the curious Gemini who is still very much
incapable of understanding what is being taught, even when all the
details are spelled out. Humanity has been sold this bill of goods from
the beginning. There are no secrets to be sold. There is only the
evolutionary process to get you to the point where you can see more. All
that has been taught by the mystics remains an unbelievable mystery to
those deeply imbedded in the obsession to maintain a material existence.
We won't understand this until we are able to see both sides. Then we
will truly be masters of the material world with a sense of stewardship,
rather than what we think is a license to rape the material world. Now
is the time, boys and girls, to make sense out of information which must
be understood. I do believe Scorpio is beginning to see that it need
not fear giving up its secrets to those capable of understanding them
and they cannot be hidden once someone understands. Gemini hasn't been
willing to do more than gather the facts. The meaning is another matter
which would require some limitations Gemini has found intolerable. These
two signs have very little trust or understanding of the need for each

If you as an individual have both of these signs significantly placed
in your chart, you are schizophrenic until you find a way to deal with
this very illusive reality. The details you love to play with will
simply drive you to a painful reality as you attempt to satisfy the need
to use the Scorpio influence in your chart as it demands permanent
change. Change is what Scorpio loves. Gemini fears life threatening
change. Scorpio fears losing its secrets to irresponsible powers. Gemini
fears losing its freedom to wander untethered to anything really
serious. Awareness of each other brings fear. They each function more
freely when they feel the other is totally unnecessary to the scheme of
things as they know it. The world is changing. Once you see it, you
can't unsee it. The lights are being turned on. We must begin to see
what we distrusted the most also carries an invaluable pearl in the
necessity to learn the truth.

If you are dealing with this dilemma in your chart, you must be
willing to give both parts of your nature the permission it needs to
explore both freedom and responsibility without losing the identity of
either. You will have to meet the demands of blending in contradictory
directions into a meaningful and usable pattern in order to reap the
magnificent benefits available. It means you also have to "let the chips
fall where they may." The Scorpio part of you feels a sense of guilt if
someone you feel responsible for gets into trouble. The Gemini part
will take risks just to see what will happen. You will find it difficult
to understand yourself until you find a way to implement both of these
tendencies in some way which works for you rather than spreading you too
thin to function effectively.

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Taurus/Cancer represent limitations to the free spirit of
Sagittarius. Sagittarius has difficulty staying put while these two
conservative, security oriented signs protect the risks Sagittarius is
willing to take and walk away. With Sagittarius at the helm,
Taurus/Cancer represent protection. Never mind that it is protection
Sagittarius prefers not to accept. All three of these signs are money
oriented. Taurus is concerned with permanent value and long term
investments of all kinds. Cancer is looking for security in all material
things in order to protect the security of the home scene. With
Sagittarius, it is easy come, easy go. Tomorrow is another day.
Sagittarius has a reputation of going through several fortunes in a
lifetime, often without suffering any really severe losses. There's more
where that came from and usually they are not left penniless, at least
for very long. Taurus and Cancer will at least agree that a penny saved
is a penny earned. They care about how what they have is managed.

This whole philosophy carries over in the general attitude and
philosophy which involves the whole lifestyle. It can work magical
miracles if it is able to give full consideration to the demands or
needs of each. The free spirit must not be imprisoned by anything
including the management of huge resources. That must not interfere with
having fun and being able to take off at anytime. Taurus must have a
secure home base which is not only affluent but beautiful and in touch
with everything that grows in the earth. Cancer is domestically
oriented, it must have a home circle of family or tribe which is loyal
and must also be nourished. If it is not possible for the individual or
individuals to bring the contradictory direction of these signs into
some kind of agreeable harness it can be as devastatingly destructive as
it is capable of being successful.

Sagittarius is capable of going through even more than all three of
these signs can manage to attract. With Sagittarius at the helm, the
extravagance can be even greater than Sagittarius alone is capable of.
If Taurus is never able to feel the sense of security as well as beauty,
it is capable of drastic means through a vengeful temper or a
Scrooge-like hiding of resources which are never allowed the exposure to
be enjoyed. If Cancer is not able to maintain some kind of control of
those within the boundaries set around those who belong, a dedication to
various methods of dictatorship can imprison everyone or all of the
ability of the individual.

All of these diverse needs and perceptions must find common ground in
order to find any kind of peace and harmony. If Sagittarius is forced
to be tethered, it must be able to keep enough expression of its basic
nature to feel that it is still in control. It needs to feel that Taurus
and Cancer are keeping the home fires burning for comfort without
having to worry about someone's feelings that they have been overlooked
ignored or replaced by some other distraction. A significant planet in
Cancer can give Sagittarius a painful "foot in mouth disease." Even if
Sagittarius is able to slough it off, it is a mark which is felt and
must be dealt with in some satisfactory way. Sagittarius assumes that
the truth (as they see it) is obvious and not meant to offend anyone.
When the realization suddenly dawns that someone's feelings have been
hurt, the Cancer part of this quincunx is emotionally pained. The words
cannot be retrieved. Without the Cancer awareness, Sagittarius would
merely shrug the shoulders and walk away with little concern. Cancer
might also be able to do this if someone outside the circle was
involved. In which case there might be some satisfaction that it had
caused some hurt. As you can see, these three conflicting natures are
difficult to blend in a way that the best is always available.

If you have the three to deal with it will take some time and
awareness of the need to pay closer attention to satisfy the needs of
each. Relationships are basic. Sagittarius finds friends easy to come
by. If one is lost, there is always another unsuspecting individual to
attach with little warning of how easily they may be left behind. Both
Cancer and Taurus wish to hold on to people. Taurus will go to great
lengths to keep a friend often throwing good money after bad to bale
someone out of a bottomless pit. Once Taurus gives up, it is over, never
to look back. With Cancer, every friend is an investment they will work
hard to keep, more with manipulation than with further investment.
Finding some way to get even or further extract what they feel is owed
is a real possibility. Any one of these signs can go their merry way
with little thought of the consequences. If you are saddled with all
three points of view it is another story. You are saddled with finding
some way to use these qualities to make your life more comfortable,
rather than merely getting you into more discomfort and trouble. The
broader awareness has the potential for making you a more responsible,
caring, reliable, and balanced individual with everything to offer. You
can be sensitive, stable and detached all at the same time once you have
the awareness not to get in over your head by going too far in any one
of the directions each of these signs would take you if you were limited
to merely one direction.


With Sagittarius as the focal point, Taurus represents a Sixth house
influence of work and service. Both of these signs attract money.
Neither are particularly work oriented. However, Taurus will hang on to
whatever it sets its mind to. Whether it is a job, project,
relationship, or just wanting to maintain the status quo of where it
finds itself. Sagittarius is a traveler. Don't fence me in. Sagittarius
is easy come easy go. Just don't tie me down. Having to deal with these
conflicting drives in one chart is no easy assignment. Somewhere along
the line it would help for you to remember that you are in charge. When
you reach that point you will feel less like a victim of your own

If it represents an influence from another person it would be well to
let each play a role most comfortable to them. Taurus must learn to be
comfortable, staying put without suffering over the wandering nature of
Sagittarius, allowing Sagittarius the freedom necessary to maintain the
attraction. Sagittarius must learn to be sensitive to Taurus' need for
security and some kind of stability in whatever routine can be
maintained. The attraction is most stimulating at first sight. What
could possibly go wrong? Taurus will not be able to keep up with the
fast pace of Sagittarius although it will be dazzling at first.
Sagittarius may soon be bored with Taurus enjoyment of just plain peace
and quiet.

If you are dealing with this energy in your own chart, you may even
be frustrated with yourself as to which way you want to go, with a guilt
complex regarding indulgences. Taurus' practicality may seem more
respectable. However, Sagittarius optimism is irresistible even when it
appears to be totally irresponsible. Once you learn to understand and
accept the seeming contradictions you will be able to benefit from the
way in which your horizon is broader and more secure at the same time.
Other influences in the chart will either help you deal with this one or
make it more intolerable. Every tool we have can be either good or bad
depending on how we are able to make use of it. Perhaps the most
promising gift of this combination is the attraction and use of material


If Sagittarius feels that Taurus is boring, Cancer is even more
difficult. Tears and emotional tantrums are involved in this eighth
house relationship with Sagittarius at the focal point. Possessiveness
and jealousy are very prominent in any relationship between these two.
It really stretches my imagination as to the attraction here, since the
obstacles are so prominent. However, their opposite natures do seem to
attract knowing the other has something each needs in order to be a more
balanced individual. The problem is that these two signs on their own
have little awareness of the need for anything outside their own domain.
Sagittarius sees little value in a home base except just for someplace
to stay for short periods of time. Cancer sees little need for anything
outside the control of wherever the boundaries of the home base are
drawn. Few Cancers draw these lines very far away from their personal
control. If someone as footloose and fancy free as most Sagittarians
enters the ground, they are not likely to be asked to join the
establishment. They are merely treated as an interesting visitor who
probably needs watching so as not to capture one of the "in" group.

If you have this quincunx in one chart, you will literally be torn as
to which way to go. Most will end up going from one extreme to another.
It will require some real awareness to keep both of these needs
balanced in a way that will be comfortable with each other. You will
want someone to keep the home fires burning while you wander until you
become homesick once more. It won't take too much time before you begin
to feel confined and imprisoned if you spend any significant time at
home without at least short trips in and out. For most people with this
to deal with, balanced comfort will be something you are not likely to
ever experience. It will take some real effort on your part to develop
your understanding to the point that you can have both without suffering
or feeling guilty that you have not been fully responsible in order to
maintain your own sovereignty in your own way. Our culture doesn't help
you do this. It is still a fact that to be a well balanced person you
need every sign, every house, and every planet to be contributing its
energy under your control in a way that results in manageable stress.
When a quincunx is very prominent and powerful in your chart it is a
challenge to see around the more obvious contradictions to a comfortable
balance which works for you rather than against you. It's worth the
effort to find a peace that works for you. We all need a sense of
freedom as well as a place to call home. With Sagittarius, home may be
only where you hang your hat. The easier it is to recognize this need,
the easier it will be to incorporate the benefits Cancer has to your
agenda without feeling that you have given up your freedom. As Cancer
evolves, it enlarges the circle which it considers home. In order to do
this, it must give up some of the control it cherishes. In this
quincunx, Cancer is very compatible with Taurus which also has a problem
with Sagittarius. It is, however, the sextile between Taurus and Cancer
which Sagittarius needs.

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Gemini and Leo get along very well, with Gemini providing air for the
Leo fire. Whoopee! Away we go, unfettered by anything, off into Never
Never Land. What a show can be put on with the constant changes of
scene, not a suggestion of any kind of boredom or lack of applause. This
show is totally incomprehensible to Capricorn unless Capricorn is the
producer of the show with an eye to the business success of the two
stars under its control. And that is just where the rub comes in,
getting these two to take direction which fails to take the creative
imagination into account. Forget it. Gemini and Leo could care less
about what will sell if only the audience is appreciative without
capturing their free spirit. The caged bird loses its imaginative
creativity. The spark leaves the eyes. Magnetism disappears. Unless
Capricorn can loosen up enough to give Gemini & Leo the freedom to be
inspired, it will stilt the performance into oblivion with no
recognition at all.

Capricorn at the focal point must find a way to loosen up.
Capricorn's tendency is to lose respect for those who have no respect
for practicality. Nevertheless, Capricorn is the spirit in the seed.
Capricorn feels the necessity to protect this valuable life with the
hard shell of the seed until time for sprouting. Once Capricorn realizes
Gemini & Leo are the ingredients necessary for the seed to sprout and
grow, Capricorn will hold the fort to keep the roots in the ground while
Gemini and Leo spread the branches up into the sky. These three need
each other almost more than any other three signs. Leo is the life
support. Gemini the "prana" of life itself. Capricorn is the ground on
which we stand as we project ourselves into the ether. The earth is the
stage on which we perform.

In order to perform, we must fully appreciate what is needed to
relate these contradictions into an understandable relationship.
However, relationship is not the main concern of any of the three, even
though relationship is vital to all of them. Gemini is the neighborhood
and siblings, the immediate environment of home ground which we tend to
take for granted and which has been breaking down in our evolving
society. Leo holds the life support system which is absolutely necessary
for all life. It must not leave the stage looking for its needs. The
ego food must be brought to it in appreciation of the job it performs.
While poor, unappreciated Capricorn, interested in the structure, the
law and boundaries, carries the weight of the world considered only the
"kill joy" of the freedom we think we need, irrespective of the
responsibility to the basic needs we take for granted. What a situation!
Capricorn will provide your needs but only with a lecture about why you
got into trouble in the first place and what you must do to stay out of
trouble in the future. None of this nonsense about showmanship, and
taking off on wings of fancy with no thought about the cost of what you
are leaving behind. This presents a real challenge between people with
these conflicts to resolve and will only be undertaken when some kind of
necessity is recognized by all.

If this quincunx is found in one chart you are subjecting yourself to
real conflicts until you back off from letting each piece take you to
the depths or the heights. However, once you realize they are all basic
needs to your welfare and give each a place which does not override or
usurp the necessity of the others you will find that you have a
fantastic life support system which cannot be beat. This will include
giving real consideration to the risk or cost of each freedom you need
in order to keep breathing air into the lungs, air which is then
circulated through the heart to the rest of your body. It is possible to
go further if you take each piece along on each of your excursions
without fear of the consequences. You are safe because you have factored
in the cost with care and find it nourishing rather than threatening.
It boggles my mind to think of the possibilities if any of us were able
to balance the pieces equally. Most people are inclined to cramp each
piece with some form of guilt or restraint rather than consciously
balancing each part fairly. Guilt is so prevalent when we let our
imagination take us just beyond the physical limits or some exotic wish
we cannot justify practically. Others cramp their style so severely that
they have been known to die of starvation because of an unwillingness
to spend any of the abundance they had accumulated. This quincunx more
than any other supports the life support system of all of us. We really
have much to learn in order to make balanced sense of


Capricorn's mind is on work. Willing to work hard itself and very
critical of employees keeping their nose to the grindstone while on the
job. It's just basic to the Capricorn's nature. Gemini looks like the
perfect worker as the relationship gets under way. Gemini is mentally
quick and catches on fast to whatever it is asked to do. However, Gemini
is also easily bored. It looses interest once the routine becomes
familiar, especially if the job is routine. Capricorn, of course,
perceives this as being lazy and falling down on the job. Once Capricorn
has seen what is considered to be the potential, it will make every
effort to keep this competent being. However, the real nature of the
problem is inconceivable to Capricorn. Therefore the potential for
frustration of all kinds seems unlimited. Judgments can run the gamut
from lazy to corrupt, all to no avail. Gemini appears to be just plain
incorrigible. Gemini may have as much difficulty as Capricorn in
understanding how to explain its loss of interest in what at first was a
most interesting opportunity to explore a new opportunity. But life
must go on, there are new worlds to conquer. When Capricorn tries to
hold on, Gemini becomes more and more confused and despondent over what
is felt to be an attempt to imprison whatever ability is left.

Of course, this can all be turned around if the extremes can be
brought closer to the center. If Capricorn is willing to accommodate
Gemini's need for variety by allowing for shorter periods of
concentration and providing a variety of jobs to be introduced it will
satisfy Gemini's restlessness and keep attention on anything new to be
explored. Capricorn is in the driver's seat here. It will be difficult
if not impossible for Gemini to meet Capricorn's demands without some
way to escape too narrow an agenda. In this case, Gemini's only out is
to escape.

If this aspect is to be dealt with in an individual chart, it can
mean severe guilt. Your Gemini planets must have breaks, giving
breathing room even if a major project demands long term concentration.
You will find it helpful if you are able to go from one project to
another and back again without feeling you have not been able to follow


We have no trouble with follow through here. We do have ego problems.
Leo needs flattery and assurance that it is really the best, very much
in charge, deserving of unlimited credit. This is "poppy cock" to
Capricorn which feels a job well done is its own reward whether or not
anyone recognizes it. However, Capricorn also needs some reassuring
strokes even if it will not admit such a need. It is literally not
willing to allow Leo to take all the credit while the real hard work
goes unappreciated. Leo is more show than hard work even though it
stubbornly holds the spotlight whether or not anything is accomplished.
Leo will not run. Leo will become very vindictive and vicious without
the necessary ego support. Neither sign is conscious of the
understanding necessary to maintain close relationships. Capricorn is
embarrassed on stage. Leo is helpless when there is an abundance of ego
support. It would be impossible to find a more devoted worker if the
show Leo puts on is generously appreciated. This is a foreign concept to
Capricorn. Even if they are able to provide the much needed support, it
loses respect for those who seem to need such attention. If the
relationship is to last Capricorn must provide this nourishment with
sincerity. Leo simply must feel loved and adored. If it is a Capricorn
Sun, it may be an even more difficult obstacle.

If this occurs in one chart, you will find it necessary to find ways
to earn the ego support you desperately need but must not be in the
position to ask for it. Letting anyone know you expect to be appreciated
is just too embarrassingly impossible. If you're not appreciated, you
will find it necessary to leave with your head bowed. If this situation
occurs too often, you will find it necessary to defend yourself with
ferocity which could reach gigantic proportions. In order to deal with
this, you must go within your individual psyche. You need to consciously
find ways to build your own self esteem, whether or not anyone else
realizes your value. You will find it amazing how well this works once
you are able to convince yourself of just how valuable you really are.
Your first approach will likely be to excel in something, the more the
merrier. It will be necessary to ignore much of the evaluation you
receive from others. Be your own judge and jury. If you can convince
yourself, others will come running with perhaps more attention than you
are able to deal with.

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Cancer/Virgo sextile is just the foundation Aquarius needs to keep
its head in the clouds with an anchor to keep the feet planted firmly on
the ground to make discoveries and practical progress. Aquarius is
curious for curiosity's sake even though it is much broader than the
Gemini curiosity which refuses to participate in anything practical.
Aquarius is a fixed sign which is willing to hold onto what fascinates
it at least until it has all its questions answered, which is seldom.
Cancer/Virgo are just practical enough and stable enough to provide what
Aquarius needs but has no real basis to understand. Cancer/Virgo sets
boundaries based on what they see. These are very difficult to take
outside of those boundaries unless they see a new boundary established
beyond where they could see before. Aquarius really needs their help to
make the new discoveries find a place in the new world Aquarius
discovers. Once Cancer identifies with the new boundaries as being
firmly established and a broader territory to what Cancer must consider
has a sense of belonging, Cancer goes to work to provide hospitality and
protection from what Aquarius continues to search for outside this new
territory. Virgo starts to identify and categorize the pieces of this
new territory, tagging everything with a place and purpose for

Virgo is the harvest sign, providing the sustenance Cancer preserves
to survive the long winter between growing seasons. They are partners to
sustain life with its material needs. Aquarius has its head in the
clouds relatively unaware of what is sustaining it unless the supply
happens to run out, leaving it stranded. In most cases, it will be
rescued by someone who takes pity on the water carrier who provides
another basic necessity for living. Cancer is water but it is salt water
out of which we all evolved. Aquarius is air but it carries the water
distilled from the air in the form of rain. Until the modern air
pollution, this distilled water was the purest, softest water available.

Virgo is the laborer, performing service functions which may not be
fully appreciated until Virgo isn't there to do the dirty work. Virgo is
concerned about law and order in a practical way. Virgo does not go
looking for new breakthroughs. Virgo is only interested once the
validity has been proven and established. Therefore, Virgo is not
interested in any of the far out ideas Aquarius would like to explore.
If it doesn't make logical sense it is not worth checking out anyway.

Aquarius can feel pretty isolated and alone in its place in the world
without any encouragement and in the company of those who only want to
civilize it so that it can belong to the group. Aquarius wants to
understand and experience everything. People who fit the mold are dull
and uninteresting. That's no fun if you always know what mold they fit
into and what you can expect them to think, say and do next like robots.
There are no two signs Aquarius could find more dull and uninteresting
than these two with which it happens to be saddled in this balanced
quincunx. However, once Aquarius' curiosity has been peaked by what
Virgo/Cancer are capable of doing, its curiosity may grow by leaps and
bounds to keep expanding the boundaries for Virgo/Cancer to arrange and
manage. As long as you don't expect these three to do what they are not
equipped to do, they will have more ability to impress you with what
they can do. Everyone needs to be appreciated. We limit ourselves
unnecessarily when we refuse to make use of some particular kind of
ability, at least appreciation of the value of all of the signs. They
all represent an important piece of our life. When these three signs are
appreciated for what they can do, they also have more freedom to see
how valuable the role of the others are to make their own life

This combination represents the history of how we got where we are.
As a society, we needed to explore in order to break out of the "gate,
pass not" representing the taboos of the culture, to find out what was
just beyond what we already knew. We also needed that boundary in order
to have something to challenge. We needed to be able to sustain our
bodies while our minds reached out for more information. We needed the
community to share what there was and give us the courage to look where
we might go next. Virgo cataloged the information as it appeared.
Cancer kept body and soul together in family, tribe, community and
nation, soon to be one world. Aquarius could not have looked beyond
without the support of Cancer and Virgo to sustain it.


Cancer is a 6th house position from Aquarius. This is work, service
and health for Aquarius, a sign already concerned and involved with
health and meditation. Any kind of health problem is unacceptably
limiting to the free spirit of Aquarius. Cancer's concern with nutrition
and substance to support the health of the physical body is a must
which Aquarius begrudgingly tolerates because of the limit to its
freedom. Unless Aquarius meets these necessities, limitation will be
much greater if health problems set in. Heart irregularities and nervous
disorders as well as cramps particularly of the legs and ankles occur
when freedom is impaired or when Cancer becomes too demanding. Under
pressure, Cancer is vulnerable to ulcers and various stomach problems.

Concern for the society is shared from very different points of view.
For Aquarius, society has no boundaries. For Cancer, the boundaries are
set by who has membership in the family, tribe, club, nation, etc.,
those who live within the boundaries of control, loyalty, belonging.
These two signs represent the extremes of freedom and security. Aquarius
must have freedom. Cancer must have security. The generation born while
Uranus was in Cancer live with this conflict by going to both extremes
until and unless they find a way to incorporate a reasonable amount of
both without the swing to trigger their consciousness into realizing
neither side has it all.

Both signs are curious in different ways. Cancer is symbolized by the
crab which circles what it wishes to observe inside the boundaries.
Aquarius reaches in all directions to the limits it is able to
comprehend "to know" not only what is within the boundaries but what is
beyond the obvious limits. Cancer looks within while Aquarius looks
outside, ad infinitum. Cancer trusts the walls while Aquarius wishes to
tear down the walls or at least escape their obvious limitations.

If this quincunx is found in one chart, it will be necessary to find
a balance which will give each one of these points of view its fair
share of attention. You must have freedom with support and
responsibility. Neither your need for freedom or security can be allowed
to overpower the other if you are to be well balanced.


Virgo, the work, service and health sign represents the 8th house to
Aquarius. Both of these signs are information oriented. However, Virgo
takes this information more seriously and is anxious to record and file
everything. Aquarius is more philosophical about what works and what is
only logic. Aquarius is too freedom oriented to be as picky about what
is and what isn't. Aquarius is also able to unnerve Virgo about the
possibilities of being wrong. Aquarius becomes a real iconoclast when it
comes to projecting "what if there is something more out there which
contradicts the conclusions you have drawn on the basis of the limited
information you have accumulated." Let's challenge the boundaries which
seem to restrict some new discovery. This only makes Virgo more insecure
and try harder to be more certain about what the factual information
really supports. At the same time, Virgo doesn't want to seem stupid for
even contemplating such far out unlikely possibilities. Progress of any
kind would never have been made without the Aquarian curiosity to push.

This brings up the problem of health. Aquarius is vulnerable to
nervous disorders in a different way than Virgo. Virgo is susceptible to
intestinal problems, mostly from fear of being wrong about something or
dealing with disorganization due to an inability to keep things
available. "A place for everything and everything in its place."

When you have this combination in one chart, you will find that you
have a mental problem until you find a way to merge your ability to
organize with your more broad and curious need to explore and focus on
function which is more difficult if not impossible to categorize. Once
you are able to blend these two into a functional whole you will find
that your understanding is far more functional than either arm of this
dichotomy could accomplish alone. In many cases, you will have the
ability to accomplish what two others would be able to accomplish if
they were working together with a third person who is in a position to
put what they each brought to the assignment. If you are able to use all
of your facilities with an open mind, this combination will take you
where no one has gone before with real discovery and excitement.

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Relationships are the problem for this quincunx. These three signs
are definitely people oriented. At first glance, they love each other.
Both Leo and Libra present a most charming and congenial appearance.
What's not to like? Leo's optimistic and fun loving, seeking to please
(but at a distance please.) "Just tell me what you want. I'll wave my
magic wand." Of course, Pisces, very in touch with intangibles, believes
in magic wands. You don't get close to Leo with what the magic wand
brings. Libra is the epitome of fairness. Fair! Pisces wouldn't think of
anything but fair. Each side must give a little in any dispute. What's
wrong with that? Charming? No hostess is more charming than Libra. A
combination made to order for Pisces.

With Pisces at the focal point, it must deal with the problem. Both
Leo and Libra are happy with each other. Air and Fire do well. However,
with Pisces at the focal point you have steam pressure. Pisces loses
some of the appearance of innocence as it meets with what seems to be a
lack of appreciation. Of course, the discrepancy isn't apparent until an
effort to work out the details exposes the controversy. Pisces feels
"ganged up on" with these two detached and seemingly insensitive and
distantly selfish entities. They both avoid the closeness Pisces needs.
Protocol suits them better. They ignore sniveling, whiny elements who
aren't able to smile when they feel like crying. Of course, it isn't
healthy for Leo/Libra to deny they feel like crying or admit they have
any problem they can't handle. Pisces' sympathy is just what they need
if they could only admit it. Pisces needs some of their detachment as
well as their optimism. The combination is miraculous if they could only
admit they don't have all the answers in their own little make-up.

Leo/Libra provide the sextile to enhance the potential Pisces is
capable of. At first glance they all seem like birds of a feather: sociable
Libra; generous, all heart Leo; unconditional, spiritually compassionate
Pisces. What more could you ask? Well, Pisces can feel very rejected
and out of control with both the detachment and the lack of
understanding of Leo's big ego. In this situation, Pisces has
considerable difficulty demonstrating the qualities of unconditional
compassion. After all, Pisces has feelings also, even if it isn't quite
as vulnerable as it looks at times. Pisces really needs a little of the
detachment and a willingness to accept the fact that it is not the kind
of spine which lets it be known that there are some principles it will
not sacrifice. Once the principles are challenged you will fell the
unbending rigidity of Pisces.

Chiron as the ruler of Libra is adding a very necessary element to
all three of these signs. Individual responsibility is a very necessary
qualification to any and all relationships. Society has been operating
under a hierarchy with someone at the top in control and everyone being
told to please and take care of someone else who you would like to take
care of you without you having to even make known what it is you want!
This is a pretty large order which just isn't working. We are beginning
to explore taking care of ourselves individually before giving up our
identity to please someone else and then regretting the commitment. We
are also beginning to realize it is easier to be responsible if we feel
secure enough to be generous. It is when you identify with someone that
their behavior becomes personally embarrassing.

When you have these three signs to deal with in your own chart, you
find yourself exhibiting different approaches that end up embarrassing
other parts of yourself that don't seem to fit with each other. In
reality, all of these approaches can contribute to a more versatile,
well rounded person than any one approach which could maintain by
itself. Chiron is here to tell us to be ourselves first then we will be
able to really find the joys of being close, helpful and understanding
of someone else without feeling the necessity to take over someone
else's life in order to save them. The best thing that you can do for
someone else is to stand by them with the confidence that they are
capable of making their own decisions and living their own life (no
matter how inadequate at the moment) in order to find their own path to

In order to get the most out of this quincunx, you must give each of
these approaches a balanced part of your life while avoiding the feeling
of loss when one takes over to the exclusion of others. It is difficult
to blend these needs. Each must have the freedom to play its part.


Leo is the sixth house from Pisces which could involve some health
problems for Pisces as well as problems with work and service areas.
Pisces' soft touch approach looks just fine to Leo until it becomes
sticky and too confining. Leo wants some boundaries which provide
protection from the same vulnerability of Pisces in order to be able to
resist sob stories. Pisces can be the door to Leo's generosity. Leo
would never get close enough to be vulnerable without the encouragement
of Pisces. Once the door is open, neither have the wherewithal to close
it, putting a stop to the drain of sympathy. Pisces on its own could not
think of anything but maudlin sympathy. Leo has to do something about
it. Leo cannot stand the emotional pain. Together, they will hang on as
they go right down the drain, blaming the other for not being able to
stop the hemorrhage. The stress can lead to health problems especially
involving the heart.

Leo loves people as an audience and can be on stage all the time,
performing whatever role seems appropriate. Pisces is more private,
wanting more togetherness. Pisces expects to suffer and can stand the
strain of seeing others in turmoil without trying to solve problems. Leo
just wants out at any price. Leo would rather not know about the
problem especially if it cannot be solved with one fell swoop of the
magic wand which seldom works but may open a way to escape. Leo wants to
rule by decree, while Pisces wants to just share the burden.

If your are dealing with this quincunx in one chart, without help
from Libra, it will be more difficult to deal with the health aspects.
Pisces is able to live with chronic health problems for a very long life
time, just living with whatever limitations are involved. Leo denies
and wills the problem to disappear. Together, they are likely to
compound the problem, resulting in a shortened life span and unrelenting
illness. Although it is difficult to resolve, it is more than possible,
once you understand what you are dealing with, to incorporate the
powerful positive affirmations of Leo with the more relaxed and patient
qualities of Pisces in order to preform miracles.


Relationships are the particular focus for this combination, with
Pisces at the focal point. Intimacy meets with the need for detachment
and breathing room. The need for air in a water environment is painful.
Much higher heat can be endured if the atmosphere is dry. Too much
humidity makes even lower temperatures unbearable. Too much moisture and
you can't get your breath at any temperature. Both Pisces and Libra
need relationships. Although Pisces is mutable, it is clinging and needs
considerable attention and sympathy to give as will as receive. Libra
badly needs a partner to accept the consequences when decisions turn out
to be less than perfect. Libra wants a partner to balance the other
side of the teeter totter. If there is going to be a teeter totter,
Pisces wants to be in the middle. Neither of these signs is comfortable
with the decision making process. Both need companionship under their
own terms. With Pisces at the focal point, Libra may be driven right out
of it's mind, unable to make a decision and yet nagged with no let up
to face the music and dance. Pisces does not mean to be brutal. It just
doesn't drive any of them into the ground, it just continues to come up
with never ending options expecting Libra to choose one.

If your are dealing with this in one chart, the ability to make a
decision is compounded. The results can be devastating. Failure to make
decisions means you are at the mercy of those who do. When others are
making decisions for you and you are left with the consequences you will
never be happy with the results and you can make yourself sick trying
to blame someone else. Not making a decision is also an option you have.
This is not the only problem you have. You will also vacillate between
wanting to be close and feeling trapped. When you have let someone else
choose for you and then are unhappy with the choice, relationships
suffer unmercifully. You will not find the partner you so much wish for
until you are able to find your own balance. No one will be close enough
for you to safely turn your life over to. Trying to guide someone
else's life is equally hazardous. There is no way to avoid taking
responsibility for yourself. You may be shockingly surprised at how how
well this works once you have enough balance to try it.

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