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Sun 02° Gemini 07' 01"
Moon 22° Scorpio 18' 12"
Mercury 09° Taurus 44' 58"
Venus 28° Taurus 38' 01"
Mars 16° Aries 53' 53"
Ceres 21° Capricorn 22' 21" 
Pallas 28° Scorpio 10' 53" 
Juno 08° Virgo 55' 22"
Vesta 18° Cancer 15' 24"
Jupiter 29° Taurus 14' 26"
Saturn 18° Pisces 15' 09"
Chiron 21° Aries 50' 26"
Uranus 23° Taurus 38' 44"
Neptune 29° Pisces 29' 24"
Pluto 02° Aquarius 00' 43" 
TrueNode 14° Aries 48' 10" 

Weekly Astrology Forecast: March 27 - April 2

Venus/South Node in Pisces - Unsteady Confidence

Confidence levels are all over the map this week. There is an inescapable desire to break free and pursue an independent course. However, many of us are prone to trusting the wrong people. Vulnerabilities are exposed, especially if we're trying to cover them up. Idealism and overly sympathetic responses also threaten to draw us off course. The only route through this tricky atmosphere seems to be to focus on being of service and pursuing activities that support broader humanitarian goals. Without a balanced perspective that includes being of service to others, the shaky confidence levels seem to distract us from the creative inspiration that is really the Pot Of Gold at the end of this week's Rainbow. As we being the week on Sunday, we are focused inward and skeptical of input from others. On Monday, the desire for more independence comes out into the open and may feel quite destabilizing. We really need to keep honest lines of communication open on Tuesday. The Venus/South Node conjunction exposes a number of vulnerabilities. We are better off to admit our weaknesses than try to obscure them with a barrage of bluster. Wednesday offers helpful, creative inspiration and sharp mental acuity as Mercury approaches a conjunction with Uranus. Mercury's square to Pluto brings forward ongoing conflicts with authoritarian challenges to individual autonomy. If we pay attention, there is even more creative inspiration available on Thursday. We'll need to find the narrow, middle-of-the-road approach that blends quiet ambition with meticulous attention to detail. The Moon is VOC most of the day on Friday in an atmosphere that seems to offer at least a short burst of confidence. Saturday brings a particularly erratic environment that is likely to lead to some surprising shifts in opinion. By staying flexible and open-minded, we'll discover important new routes and strategies, fueled by creativity and inspiration.

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