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Sun 16° Gemini 59' 31"
Moon 06° Capricorn 28' 41"
Mercury 10° Cancer 20' 08"
Venus 11° Gemini 23' 20" 
Mars 16° Pisces 50' 39"
Ceres 10° Pisces 23' 53"
Pallas 29° Capricorn 27' 13" 
Juno 06° Libra 08' 31"
Vesta 01° Cancer 30' 33"
Jupiter 26° Capricorn 22' 09" 
Saturn 01° Aquarius 22' 36" 
Chiron 08° Aries 55' 48"
Uranus 08° Taurus 52' 12"
Neptune 20° Pisces 53' 29"
Pluto 24° Capricorn 35' 13" 
TrueNode 29° Gemini 05' 12"

Venus in Gemini

Venus in Gemini - Practical Information

"Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

The promise of last Wednesday's Taurus New Moon (7:25 PM PDT 3° Taurus) shows up in 'fits and starts' this week amid some significant challenges. Rugged determination and patient attention to detail are required on order to undertake new rounds of planning. The seeds of leadership that were planted under last week's New Moon begin to find a foothold. However, much of the action may be behind the scenes in order to avoid this week's myriad distractions, stirred up restless energy, and irrelevant chatter. Nonetheless, even with the distractions, there are increasingly insightful flashes of intellectual understanding. Mercury leaves impulsive Aries for determined Taurus, setting up an extremely helpful mutual reception with Venus in Gemini. The showy, superficial tendencies of Venus in Gemini are stabilized. Mercury's conjunction with Uranus on Thursday supercharges our intellect which, in turn, help us cope with the challenges of the intransigent, fixed-sign 1st quarter lunar phase that we reach on Thursday. Despite the challenges and sudden, sharp turns, we find ways to channel the restless energy into productive efforts. Ultimately, the thrust of this lunar cycle is about developing leadership and perhaps allowing some new voices to step forward. We will do much better when we spend less time trying to advance our own opinion and instead work on bridging the gap between the opposing perspectives of others. Detachment and objectivity, along with the willingness to take input from others, will help us to stay 'above the fray'. Although there are times this week when we feel a drive to push too far beyond the boundaries of practicality, the challenges we face somehow seem to counter-balance any unrealistic aspirations and keep returning our focus towards practical and achievable objectives.

The Sun's conjunction to Uranus on Sunday encourages determined, independent action. The energy is stirred up by the Moon's trine to Mars. Mercury arrives in determined Taurus on Monday. We have an excellent opportunity to slow down a bit and take stock. We should avoid being stampeded into unwise action. Providence aids practical determination on Tuesday. The more that we can work on bridging divides, the more productive we will be. The atmosphere is especially stirred up on Wednesday. Even with the unsettled emotional challenges, we find opportunities to marshal resources to push forward in new directions. The 1st quarter lunar phase on Thursday produces some new challenges which may seem rather intransigent. However, Mercury conjuncts Uranus and supercharges our intellect with flashes of insight. The VOC Moon on Friday causes some leadership stumbles but these challenges seem to bring a return to steady, practical, and realistic goals. We can find benefit in even the smallest details on Saturday. There is a promising new foundation beneath the new leadership initiatives that are being developed.

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