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Sun 21° Leo 44' 33"
Moon 25° Pisces 37' 50"
Mercury 15° Virgo 53' 01"
Venus 03° Leo 24' 00"
Mars 26° Taurus 33' 20"
Ceres 09° Leo 45' 34"
Pallas 19° Gemini 18' 15"
Juno 20° Pisces 03' 18" 
Vesta 01° Pisces 42' 29" 
Jupiter 08° Aries 15' 42" 
Saturn 21° Aquarius 54' 45" 
Chiron 16° Aries 08' 53" 
Uranus 18° Taurus 52' 44"
Neptune 24° Pisces 53' 05" 
Pluto 26° Capricorn 46' 13" 
TrueNode 17° Taurus 22' 28" 

Sagittarius New Moon

Sagittarius New Moon - Passionate Optimism

"There is scarcely any passion without struggle."

— Albert Camus

We may face some challenges and struggles ahead of this Friday's Sagittarius New Moon (11:42 PM PST 12° Sagittarius). The 'superior' Sun-Mercury conjunction at the beginning of the week includes Vesta, which creates an incredibly complex intellectual environment that couples idealism with decisiveness. This brings powerful emotional investment, bordering on zealotry. The waning Moon provides few opportunities to gain traction but our idealism, determination, and building passion keeps us on edge and trying to push forward. However, we may also be prone to feelings of defensiveness and inadequacy when we don't find the traction we need in order to move forward with our idealistic vision. We will need to bring patience, understanding, and compassion, while honestly acknowledging that the facts on the ground may not fully support the direction we want to go. Neptune turns direct on Wednesday, in a trine to Mars and a sextile to Venus. Neptune's direct station encourages us to double down on our idealism. The involvement of Mars and Venus provides energy and charm but very little structure and no clear plan to follow. Frustration could run very deep but could also bubble to the surface when we can't find clear guidelines to follow or push against. The lack of structure this week actually does offer some freedom to shift our goals or our approach. Friday's Sagittarius New Moon brings a new optimism and a powerful sense of mission but we will need to stay flexible. The New Moon gives us an opportunity to shift our footing enough to see new and innovative approaches. Passions will grow with the New Moon's new impetus. However, as we find ways to shift our approaches, our ability to effectively interact and communicate with others will begin to give us new confidence and help to reduce our frustration. Clear information is demanded and with that information, we will begin to see a new structure emerging, giving us something tangible to work with. As our passion continues to grow, we need to maintain the open lines of communication and cooperation and be especially aware of how we treat those around us. The new opportunities for collaboration will by stymied if our passions push us to alienate those who's support we desperately need.

The determination that we feel on Sunday may border on zealotry. Frustration or impatience could easily derail any good intentions. Idealism builds on Monday but there is very little structure or guidelines to provide us with any clear sense of direction. Frustration may bubble to the surface on Tuesday. Our efforts may not produce the results that we expect. We begin to use our intellect to great effect on Wednesday, furthering what our intuition and idealism is telling us is possible. However, we may find our goals shifting in surprising ways. Thursday's focus is on interaction and communication. Our passion may keep us from fully understanding the actual facts on the ground. Good intentions and strong opinions challenge us to stay flexible under Friday's Sagittarius New Moon. We will need to address our blind spots or risk making the same mistakes that we have in the past. Optimism and a powerful sense of mission on Saturday allows us to release some of the week's frustrations. We begin to develop a better sense of direction.

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