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Sun 01° Leo 14' 16"
Moon 00° Pisces 54' 01"
Mercury 28° Leo 06' 13"
Venus 14° Leo 40' 11"
Mars 01° Gemini 54' 14"
Ceres 10° Capricorn 46' 26" 
Pallas 20° Scorpio 24' 35"
Juno 24° Virgo 28' 43"
Vesta 14° Leo 59' 27"
Jupiter 12° Gemini 51' 01"
Saturn 18° Pisces 57' 56" 
Chiron 23° Aries 31' 50"
Uranus 26° Taurus 36' 03"
Neptune 29° Pisces 48' 44" 
Pluto 00° Aquarius 51' 41" 
TrueNode 08° Aries 54' 14" 

Now Available! Numerology - Multiple Digits & Decanates

Planets & AsteroidsWe are pleased to announce that Numerology - Multiple Digits & Decantes, by Esther V. Leinbach is now available for kindle and in paperback!  We are also very excited to offer a Numerology App, Numbers PCE (iOS & Android) &  Numerology PCE (WebOS), that displays the interpretations from the book, using the calculation system as it is described and detailed in the book. You can read the introduction here. These are the latest revisions of the original number descriptions that we feature on this website in the Daily Cycle and the Name & Birthday pages. The descriptions have been revised and updated for the current release of the book but are not yet incorporated in our website.

Mom's book was originally written and privately printed in 1975, mainly for herself, her friends and her students to use and discuss.  It was made available for sale through the Esther & Son website for most of the 1990's.  I have revised and edited her original work using as much of her original resource materials and as I could find.   I have found this system immensely interesting and useful, particularly in the context of cycles.  And I have also used it to check out addresses and license plates before buying a house or car in order to get a better idea of what I might be in for.  I have watched the daily number cycles along with planetary transits and found the context that a day's number has in relation to the transits to be incredibly valuable and helpful.  The personal annual & monthly cycles are quite intriguing and I have observed that they are also helpful in filling in missing pieces in a progressed chart.

I honestly cannot explain precisely how Numerology works.  Certainly, in terms of cycles, numerical rhythms are highly significant.  And, of course, one's birthday is a key element in understanding one's place in those cyclical rhythms. The connections between numbers and letters are perhaps more tenuous and I don't claim to understand the intricacies.  However, I have no interest in assailing skepticism. We offer this information because we have found it to be pertinent.

I guess what I'm saying is that I highly recommend this book and this system of Numerology because, well, it works.  This book is actually quite unique in the area of Numerology in the use of multiple digits.  Most systems of Numerology work with the Master Numbers,  11 and 22. Some also use 33 and 10.  But mom chose to take on all of the master numbers, from 11 to 99, as well as every other number up to 100.  She talked often about her interest in the correlation between numbers and degrees (Sabian Symbols), and briefly discusses in the book how further meaning for numbers over 100 can be better understood.

Our first app, Numbers PCE makes use of this Numerology system to calculate consonants, vowels and Master Numbers separately and also includes a feature that will let you include numbers in the requested name so that you can use it to analyze, for example, an address or license plate. The app is currently available for iOS, Android & WebOS. There is also a free version Numbers LE. While the free version will make the same calculations as the paid version, the number interpretations are only available for 1 - 9.  Both versions also feature the same Daily Cycle calculator as that which is featured here on the website.  Versions for Android and iOS are  planned for release later this year NOW AVAILABLE!

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