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Sun 17° Sagittarius 58' 17"
Moon 19° Capricorn 32' 04"
Mercury 28° Scorpio 06' 01"
Venus 04° Scorpio 38' 27"
Mars 15° Pisces 23' 02"
Ceres 12° Scorpio 09' 26"
Pallas 14° Libra 16' 49"
Juno 21° Taurus 13' 41" 
Vesta 03° Aquarius 53' 24"
Jupiter 07° Sagittarius 01' 24"
Saturn 08° Capricorn 49' 47"
Chiron 27° Pisces 53' 54"
Uranus 28° Aries 55' 27" 
Neptune 13° Pisces 45' 32"
Pluto 19° Capricorn 53' 48"
TrueNode 27° Cancer 10' 58" 


Mars-Saturn - Frustration

"The finest fury is the most controlled."

— Christopher Hitchens

The Mars-Saturn conjunction culminates this week, potentially bringing frustration to a peak. The Mars-Saturn conjunction is sometimes described as having "one foot on the brake & one foot on the gas pedal". Mars says "Go!", while Saturn says "Slow Down". In Capricorn, Saturn's restrictions may be in charge. However, the energy of Mars in the sign of achievement and control may be slowed but will not be stopped. The opportunity presented to us this week is to use the slow downs, obstacles, and restrictions to reinforce our foundations through painstaking, methodical, and deliberate action. As Mars moves beyond the restrictions of the conjunction with Saturn, the tightly wound energy will take aim at the powerfully transformative but potentially explosive conjunction with Pluto, which culminates on April 25th. The potent Martian energy continues to be extremely significant as it carries Pluto's transformational energy into the May 15th square to Uranus — just as they both change signs — Mars into Aquarius; Uranus into Taurus. We should take note of the fixed sign essence of that culminating square — Mars' energy is channeled into the Aquarian push for reform and is ruled by Uranus as it enters determined, stubborn Taurus. As we move through the remaining days of the retrograde Mercury and the waning lunar cycle, this week's atmosphere may feel quite scattered and unfocused. We may see some despondency, disruptive shifts, or unproductive communication this week. However, the energy that has been so tightly wound, coming into this week, will begin to unwind as Mars moves beyond the restrictions of Saturn. In the coming weeks, as the Martian energy is more freely unleashed, the importance of Saturn's discipline will be clear. The better we understand those lessons, the better we will be able to use the extraordinary energy that is being activated.

We begin to test the validity of our research on Sunday as Mercury reaches the inferior conjunction the Sun. The Moon arrives in Scorpio and we begin to see where we need to add new elements and what we need to cut loose. The Mars-Saturn conjunction on Monday may lead to a peak of frustration and restriction. However, the discipline of these restrictions has the potential to help us productively channel the powerful energy as the week develops. There are temptations that threaten to take us off course on Tuesday as we feel the residual frustration from the Mars-Saturn conjunction. Wednesday may see some surprising course changes or shifts in basic beliefs. Communication is especially challenging on Thursday. We may get stuck on specific ideas or approaches and lose sight of the perspectives of others. Restlessness keeps productive compromises at bay. There is a strong sense of responsibility on Friday, as the Moon arrives in Capricorn. There may be some temptation to use coercive tactics to force agreements. The potent energy of Mars, previously restricted by Saturn, begins to unwind on Saturday. However, the energetic feeling of empowerment may be released in unsteady or inappropriate ways. The paradox of power and control is on display — in order to gain control, we have to let go. The importance of discipline is clearly displayed.

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