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Sun 03° Libra 49' 19"
Moon 02° Pisces 37' 08"
Mercury 17° Virgo 10' 22"
Venus 20° Leo 53' 58"
Mars 19° Libra 58' 11"
Ceres 04° Scorpio 49' 33"
Pallas 06° Libra 10' 41"
Juno 21° Leo 00' 52"
Vesta 03° Cancer 11' 57"
Jupiter 14° Taurus 44' 07" 
Saturn 01° Pisces 41' 14" 
Chiron 18° Aries 18' 39" 
Uranus 22° Taurus 43' 53" 
Neptune 26° Pisces 03' 33" 
Pluto 27° Capricorn 56' 14" 
TrueNode 24° Aries 59' 15" 

Jupiter Turns Retrograde

Jupiter Turns Retrograde - Self-Indulgence

"Sometimes there is a greater lack of communication in facile talking than in silence."

— Faith Baldwin

There is a significant amount of confusion this week, carried over from last week, but without the generally altruistic focus. Venus finally turns direct this week but Jupiter turns retrograde the following day. The end of Venus' '40 days & 40 nights' retrograde period will slowly allow the glow of Venusian beauty to begin to once more filter into our perspective. Venus' direct station is square Jupiter and the effect may increase laziness, self-indulgence or just encourage us to slow the pace significantly. However, the retrograding Mercury may produce a significant amount of self-recrimination and self-criticism. We are prone to being a bit too hard on ourselves, which threatens to undo any progress we've made over the past few weeks on our self-esteem and self-image. Mercury has moved back far enough to trine the stationing Jupiter at the beginning of the week. There is some hope that the Mercury-Jupiter trine offers a more expansive perspective. However, despite the 'Earth trine' energy, which should be stabilizing, there are likely too many confusing messages that keep us unsteady. Mercury's 'inferior' conjunction with the Sun, mid week, should help us to begin to recognize 'handles' to take hold of in order to make the sort of progress we may think we should be making. As well, a Sun-Jupiter trine tries to boost our optimism and keep us looking for expanded perspectives. Nonetheless, making clear connections or clearly communicating our perspectives is broadly hampered. By the end of the week, as Venus begins to pick up just a little bit of speed we can begin to find some hope that there is 'light at the end of the tunnel'. The urge is to form alliances or create connections to work in some kind of cooperative manner. But building alliances requires the kind of clear communication that is extremely difficult to muster this week. The simple fact that we may tend to feel 'lazy' — even indolent — is more than likely just a sign that we need to focus on reflection and 'reconsideration'. If we can keep ourselves from engaging in brutal self-criticism and simply consider where we have 'come from', we will begin to see even the value of our mistakes. Ultimately, this is a week to 'stay with the process' and not get stuck on any particular 'mistake' or 'misstep'.

Direct initiative is lacking on Sunday. Lazy reflection may inadvertently lead to self-criticism or recriminations. There is a desire for independence and self-sufficiency on Monday. We may say that everything is fine, trying to ignore our unsteadiness. Communication is challenging on Tuesday. To fill the void, we may be tempted to try to tell others what they think. There is some tendency to to become mired in the details of past failures on Wednesday. Communication challenges continue. Objectivity is hard to come by on Thursday. The general sense of optimism may encourage the pursuit of impractical ideas. There is some sense that there is some 'light at the end of the tunnel' on Friday. Important conversations may be sparked by tension or impatience. Maintaining continuity is challenging on Saturday. Intensity and inspiration builds throughout the day.

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