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Sun 03° Aries 56' 23"
Moon 03° Cancer 53' 58"
Mercury 16° Aries 44' 08" 
Venus 21° Aries 54' 22"
Mars 03° Capricorn 57' 03"
Ceres 04° Leo 49' 50"
Pallas 27° Taurus 06' 09"
Juno 13° Pisces 29' 16"
Vesta 27° Sagittarius 41' 15"
Jupiter 22° Scorpio 50' 57" 
Saturn 08° Capricorn 39' 38"
Chiron 28° Pisces 38' 21"
Uranus 27° Aries 05' 05"
Neptune 14° Pisces 41' 02"
Pluto 21° Capricorn 04' 46"
TrueNode 13° Leo 41' 28"

Jupiter Retrograde

Jupiter Retrograde - Verifying Truth

"Never mind this 'speak my truth', I'm actually going to tell the truth."

Mercury enters retrograde territory this week and we also see Jupiter retrograde. The fog and uncertainty of the past few weeks begins to dissipate as both Mercury and Venus leave compassionate — but vague — Pisces for impulsive — but fearless — Aries. Jupiter's retrograde journey in Scorpio (March 8 - July 9) will ask us to verify our beliefs before we try to convince others. Mercury's retrograde journey in Aries (March 21 - April 15) will encourage us to reconsider who we really are — especially by examining those beliefs that Jupiter retrograde is asking us to verify. Mars is working on a trine to Uranus all week, steadily increasing energy and enthusiasm levels but also increasing impulsiveness and impatience. Once the fog begins to lift, we may quickly begin to expect quick results. Instead, we begin a journey towards a more reliable sense of truth, built upon the foundation of methodical research and deliberation. Our first step in this journey must be for us to tell the truth — what we actually see, what we really believe. From there, we must be willing to embark on what may sometimes seem to be an arduous process of 'give-and-take', which will lead us to a more reliable understanding of what the truth really means to us in our lives.

Sunday's Moon-Pluto square intensifies our emotions after the early morning Sun-Neptune conjunction brings the culmination of the extended period of grand inspiration and foggy uncertainty. By Monday, we have a sense that the 'winds of change' are beginning to blow away the fog of confusion. There may be some promise of reward but also exposure once the fog lifts and we lose our 'cover'. By Tuesday afternoon, Mercury and Venus are both in Aries, leading to the increasing courage and desire to take action. Wednesday's Sagittarius Moon brings increased generosity and cooperation. As the fog clears, we may see our surroundings in a completely different way. In particular, those closest to us — our friends and family — may be recognized as even more valuable than we had imagined. There are a few 'wisps' of foggy confusion on Thursday as Jupiter stations to go retrograde. We realize that we have to convince ourselves before we can really seek to convince others. We may have the sense that we have set upon a great new journey on Friday. However, the desire for quick results and a reckless tendency to leap to premature conclusions could lead to some rather awkward missteps. While we may be laser-focused on our goals and aspirations on Saturday, our efforts are likely met with stoic inertia. The need for a methodical give and take seems to be at odds with the energetic impatience of the building Mars-Uranus trine. However, the process of exploration has begun, even though we may not get the keys that we need to unlock our progress until we arrive at next Saturday's New Moon (March 17th 6:11 AM PDT 26° Pisces).

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