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Sun 01° Gemini 39' 35"
Moon 21° Capricorn 39' 19"
Mercury 03° Gemini 31' 19"
Venus 09° Taurus 17' 50"
Mars 04° Cancer 28' 08"
Ceres 08° Sagittarius 37' 05" 
Pallas 10° Libra 37' 41" 
Juno 15° Cancer 49' 20"
Vesta 22° Aries 39' 28"
Jupiter 21° Sagittarius 45' 08" 
Saturn 20° Capricorn 05' 52" 
Chiron 05° Aries 01' 10"
Uranus 04° Taurus 12' 24"
Neptune 18° Pisces 29' 18"
Pluto 22° Capricorn 57' 48" 
TrueNode 18° Cancer 28' 15"

Gemini-Sagittarius Full Moon

Gemini-Sagittarius Full Moon - Big Ideas

"Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more"

— William Shakespeare
Henry V

The remarkable emphasis on cusp influences that we have seen over the past few weeks culminates on Thursday with a Gemini-Sagittarius Full Moon (9:39 PM PST 0° Gemini/Sagittarius) on the Taurus-Gemini cusp. We are challenged to build bridges of understanding and make connections between widely differing perspectives. As the Sun moves across the Scorpio-Sagittarius cusp, we feel heightened urgency to open up about all of our Big Ideas but words don't seem to fully convey what we're trying to describe. With Mars in Pisces, heading towards a conjunction with Neptune, we need strong intuition to navigate. The Sagittarius-Pisces angle can lead to wildly idealistic, intangible optimism — which is most often a setup for major disappointment. On the other hand, our intuition is sharpened if we're willing to listen to the 'still, small voice'. Our outlook and perspective is being stretched in all directions. Some may feel extremely impulsive, ready to bolt in any direction that draws our attention. However, others in this environment may be more prone to skepticism and a strict demand for details and specifics. As Mercury retrogrades back through Sagittarius, we may feel obliged to try to 'spin up' a few random details but it isn't likely to satisfy the skeptics. In fact, our thoughts are likely to be quite scattered as we try to bridge the cusps and describe the intangible (but possibly visionary) insights we keep finding. We are most likely to find solutions through making important connections with others. We are working within a new relationship framework, forged by the forty days and forty nights of the retrograde Venus, which turned direct last week. There are new alliances and new support structures in place — even if we don't fully recognize them. Flexibility and open-minded exchanges with others may not seem to accomplish what we think it should. We may not feel we can clearly articulate our ideas or we may find ourselves extremely skeptical of others. Nonetheless, there are likely to be magical gems of insight gleaned from whoever we manage to connect with.

Impulsiveness is evident on Sunday. We may desire a stable, settled atmosphere but we can't seem to resist going out in search of adventure. Consistency and clear communication is lacking on Monday. We'll need to look for intuitive insights to help us navigate the chaos and confusion. Chaos and confusion continues on Tuesday but impulsiveness and risk-taking are tempered by the Moon's arrival in Taurus. Social interaction is extremely important on Wednesday. However, it may seem that we are playing a game of Charades instead of having a productive conversation. Thursday's Full Moon demands that we bridge the vast array of perspectives and outlooks and maintain a delicate balancing act in order to gain the sort of deeper insights that we're craving. Words alone won't serve us in making connections. We need to be willing to open up to deep, creative, and spiritual understanding of the perspectives of others. Friday's social atmosphere may be easier for some than for others. The skeptics seem to come out of the woodwork to demand specifics. Some see endless possibility whiles others only hear pointless speculation. Frustration and jealousy may surface on Saturday — especially if the demand for details and specifics becomes too intense.

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