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Sun 28° Aries 46' 03"
Moon 23° Libra 56' 55"
Mercury 02° Aries 19' 29"
Venus 28° Pisces 06' 23"
Mars 12° Gemini 25' 06"
Ceres 13° Sagittarius 57' 03" 
Pallas 17° Libra 07' 43" 
Juno 29° Gemini 14' 01"
Vesta 07° Aries 18' 44"
Jupiter 24° Sagittarius 14' 24" 
Saturn 20° Capricorn 25' 15"
Chiron 03° Aries 25' 22"
Uranus 02° Taurus 18' 25"
Neptune 17° Pisces 41' 15"
Pluto 23° Capricorn 08' 39"
TrueNode 21° Cancer 25' 56" 

Aquarius New Moon 2019

Aquarius New Moon 2019 - Insight and Intuition

"It can be easy, hell yes it can
If you'd be a different man"

Energy begins to build this week, even before Monday's New Moon (1:03 PM PST 15° Aquarius). We are likely to feel the possibilities begin to simmer as we reach the Aquarius New Moon 2019 but we shouldn't get too far ahead of ourselves. The forming Mars-Uranus conjunction (exact on February 13th) increasingly stirs independent, determined energy. A Saturn-Neptune sextile offers somewhat subtle inspiration that needs quiet tending in order to make the most of it. There are bound to be highly erratic outbursts and unpredictable behavior but there are also important opportunities for creative breakthroughs. It is especially important that we pay attention to the messages sent by the Universe — even if the messengers seem particularly odd or unusual. Venus leaves broadly buoyant Sagittarius for skeptical and conservative Capricorn which offers increased perseverance. However Venus can become somewhat doubtful and uncertain when faced with the demands of Capricorn. We may find ourselves seeking reassurance and approval this week but feel unable to simply ask for what we need. Perhaps the most helpful element of the Saturn-Neptune sextile is the grounded intuitive guidance. By channeling the abundant energy into creative pursuits while taking advantage of the especially trustworthy intuition that is flowing this week, we should be able to sidestep some of the more aggressive impatience that surfaces. Certainly, there are erratic (or crazy) elements to contend with. Nonetheless, there are more than likely to be important jewels of wisdom scattered throughout this week's tapestry of 'crazy'.

A tendency towards isolation may have us feeling stalled on Sunday. We shouldn't resist any offers of help and support. Monday's New Moon provides a jolt of energy and we begin to sense the simmering of possibilities. However, we are also likely to see erratic, odd or unusual elements on display. Creative energy abounds on Tuesday but needs to be channeled into worthwhile activities. Short-term indulgences may dissipate the potential for real progress. There is a merry optimism on Wednesday that is supported by vitality and stamina. However, we may need to watch out for a tendency to push too hard. The optimism could begin to get the best of us on Thursday, leading us to give up too much in order to show generosity. Playfulness could get out of hand once the Moon goes VOC in the afternoon. Concern over status and appearances take our focus on Friday. The building energy from the forming Mars-Uranus conjunction could have us feeling particularly overwhelmed. We are likely to feel significant emotional disruption on Saturday but if we focus on creative outlets, there are valuable opportunities for productive use of the building energy.

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