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Sun 02° Gemini 14' 28"
Moon 23° Scorpio 56' 04"
Mercury 09° Taurus 56' 50"
Venus 28° Taurus 47' 33"
Mars 16° Aries 59' 46"
Ceres 21° Capricorn 21' 00" 
Pallas 28° Scorpio 08' 33" 
Juno 08° Virgo 56' 37"
Vesta 18° Cancer 18' 30"
Jupiter 29° Taurus 16' 16"
Saturn 18° Pisces 15' 37"
Chiron 21° Aries 50' 48"
Uranus 23° Taurus 39' 11"
Neptune 29° Pisces 29' 34"
Pluto 02° Aquarius 00' 38" 
TrueNode 14° Aries 47' 23" 

Aquarius Full Moon

Aquarius Full Moon - Providence Engages

"Providence trains us by disappointment, surprises us with unexpected success, and turns our seeming trials into blessings."

— Louisa May Alcott

This Thursday's (6:53 PM PDT 19° Aquarius/Leo) arrives in an atmosphere that seems to trigger some action of providence, fate, or destiny. The Full Moon squares Uranus, creating significant tension which demands changes. Fortunately, a Mars-Pluto trine offers transformational openings that give us plenty of room to maneuver if we aren't too stuck on a 'my way or the highway' approach. There are plenty of unexpected developments all week that ultimately seem to be things that are somehow 'meant to be'providential. This lunar cycle began with a Leo New Moon (July 28th, 10:54 AM PDT 8° Leo) in an expansive trine to the stationary retrograde Jupiter that encouraged significant optimism. That New Moon intensified ongoing processes of self-discovery and self healing. This week brings remarkable opportunities for breakthroughs in those ongoing processes that are encouraging new perspectives on self-esteem, self-worth, and self-confidence. But as we reach the culmination of this lunar cycle, we have begun to recognize that there are surprising twists and unexpected developments in the process that we have embarked upon that we hadn't been prepared for. For some, there are significant vulnerabilities unearthed when things don't go just the way that we have expected. Uncertainty could easily overtake us and cause us to retreat to a place of safety. However, for the most part, the surprises have also opened new doors and offered new opportunities. Profound breakthroughs are possible if we keep tight hold of faith and allow the fears and vulnerabilities to be washed away. The beginning of the week features a Mars-Saturn square that, while potentially somewhat frustrating, offers the potential for significant achievement through assembling groups of people together. The gatherings may be social or organizational but ultimately lay the groundwork or provide a basis for important collaborative effort. Those connections can help us to navigate this week's surprises. By the Full Moon, Venus arrives in Leo, which increases the stakes on our ego investment. The challenge, by the end of the week, is to set aside the concerns over appearances — unanticipated developments that don't show us in the best light. We need to allow the breakthroughs that are offered this week to inform the adjustments that are needed and keep ourselves focused on the process.

Sunday offers opportunities to lay the groundwork for meaningful connections with others. Creative exploration and investigation are encouraged. Compassion and increased insight serve us well on Monday. There may be some provocative relationship upheavals. The need for further adjustments are clear on Tuesday. Selfish impulsiveness could lead us to just give up and walk away. The stumbling block is fear. Trust is an issue on Wednesday. Our independence could lead to misunderstandings. We need to be sure that we can see clearly before trying to take quick action.Thursday's Aquarius Full Moon reminds us that 'change is inevitable'. We may begin to worry that others think we are somehow 'out of step'. Uncertainty may lead to some 'bluff and bluster' on Friday. We may begin to grasp for something more stable. Isolation or retreat could reflect uncertainty on Saturday. Working with others will help us to determine the best adjustments to make based on changing circumstances.

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