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Sun 02° Gemini 15' 07"
Moon 24° Scorpio 04' 30"
Mercury 09° Taurus 57' 52"
Venus 28° Taurus 48' 22"
Mars 17° Aries 00' 16"
Ceres 21° Capricorn 21' 58" 
Pallas 28° Scorpio 08' 21" 
Juno 08° Virgo 56' 43"
Vesta 18° Cancer 18' 46"
Jupiter 29° Taurus 16' 25"
Saturn 18° Pisces 15' 39"
Chiron 21° Aries 50' 50"
Uranus 23° Taurus 39' 13"
Neptune 29° Pisces 29' 35"
Pluto 02° Aquarius 00' 38" 
TrueNode 14° Aries 47' 19" 

Weekly Astrology Forecast: May 24 - May 30

It may be nearly impossible to see how this week's nervous tension, confusion and sense of chaos could lead to the profound sense of understanding that we are craving. But by staying with the process, we find increasingly tantalizing possibilities leading us around the corner towards broader understanding. In fact, by the end of the week, we reach a plateau of understanding that seems utterly impossible at the beginning of the week. The Moon is VOC all day Sunday and energy is nervous and scattered. The wide and slowly developing Mutable Grand Cross on Monday (carried by the Virgo Moon) sets up the week's chaotic tone. We may see some significant disappointments, despite eventual accomplishment and resolution. The process at work this week is more than likely to feel quite hopeless at times as we deal with an extremely intense desire to tell somebody . . . something and have them actually understand what we're saying! Thursday may feel like a Comedy of Errors as we make some clumsy attempts to adjust our approach, desperately trying to break through the confusing fog of double-speak and vague but determined pronouncements. By Friday, emotions may be extremely raw and many of us will feel the need to withdraw, take a step back and regroup, before trying to make sense of what is being discussed and debated. However, on Saturday, it is almost like the heavens open up to reveal a wealth of insight and inspiration. Throughout this week, we will need to keep reminding ourselves to check in with that still, small voice of intuition and try to have faith in the process.

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