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Sun 01° Gemini 38' 47"
Moon 21° Capricorn 29' 09"
Mercury 03° Gemini 29' 30"
Venus 09° Taurus 16' 50"
Mars 04° Cancer 27' 36"
Ceres 08° Sagittarius 37' 15" 
Pallas 10° Libra 37' 44" 
Juno 15° Cancer 48' 56"
Vesta 22° Aries 39' 07"
Jupiter 21° Sagittarius 45' 13" 
Saturn 20° Capricorn 05' 53" 
Chiron 05° Aries 01' 08"
Uranus 04° Taurus 12' 21"
Neptune 18° Pisces 29' 17"
Pluto 22° Capricorn 57' 49" 
TrueNode 18° Cancer 28' 14"

Venus Arrives in Aquarius

Venus Arrives in Aquarius - Bless and Release

"The Earth is my body. My head is in the stars."

— Maude
Harold & Maude
Colin Higgins

There is a great deal of aggressive idealism to contend with this week, along with some significant emotional chaos which is likely to produce at least a bit of defensiveness. However, inspiration and creativity help to keep us moving forward despite the chaos and uncertainty. Ultimately, honesty, responsibility, and self-control are needed to keep us from completely 'running off the rails' in our pursuit of unrealistic, idealistic visions. We will do well to remember that we are in a waning lunar cycle, as well as a period where we are preparing to jettison many of the unworkable elements that are slowing our progress. Unfortunately, we don't really arrive a place where we even begin to be ready to 'bless and release' until the end of the week. Much of the week, we are likely to find ourselves trying to 'describe the indescribable'. We may fall back upon emotional demonstrations when the use of words and intellect seem futile. We may need to carefully examine our motives and deeper purpose when we find ourselves confusing ourselves or others by trying to describe that which defies description. Honesty and awareness are needed to balance the broad inspiration and idealism with practicality and realistic expectations. Through careful, patient examination of our goals and vision, we will slowly begin to recognize where we need to pare away the unworkable elements that are slowing us down. Next week's Pisces New Moon (March 6, 8:03 AM PST 15° Pisces), just after Mercury turns retrograde, will encourage us to close the door on the past as we begin to draw inspiration from new insights and new opportunities.

We need to dig deep on Sunday and avoid taking anything at face value. It's important to do all the due diligence that we need to do before making any decisions. There are strong, idealistic, emotion-based opinions to contend with on Monday. We find few 'footholds' for making tangible progress. Chaos builds on Tuesday, along with uncertainty and defensiveness. We have a hard time putting our idealistic visions and expectations into words and the frustration is palpable. Well do better to set aside our grand ambitions on Wednesday, in favor of steady progress and incremental results. Doubts and fears invade our idealism on Thursday, and threaten to throw us completely off balance. Honesty is crucial to maintaining or regaining our balance. We need to remember that Truth is relative. Venus arrives in Aquarius on Friday, helping to soothe the week's emotional sensitivities. There is a detached, spontaneous approach that encourages us to explore new ideas. Idealism finally gives way to practicality on Saturday and we begin to recognize that we may need to pare down our expectations and set aside some of cherished goals in order to move forward effectively..

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