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Sun 29° Gemini 00' 44"
Moon 06° Aquarius 35' 49"
Mercury 23° Cancer 50' 50"
Venus 14° Gemini 05' 45"
Mars 22° Cancer 46' 29"
Ceres 02° Sagittarius 45' 28" 
Pallas 11° Libra 51' 06"
Juno 29° Cancer 45' 59"
Vesta 04° Taurus 30' 21"
Jupiter 18° Sagittarius 13' 11" 
Saturn 18° Capricorn 34' 48" 
Chiron 05° Aries 47' 37"
Uranus 05° Taurus 32' 01"
Neptune 18° Pisces 43' 26"
Pluto 22° Capricorn 27' 20" 
TrueNode 17° Cancer 38' 10"

Sun-Mercury Superior Conjunction

Sun-Mercury Superior Conjunction - Stability Overwhelmed

"Maybe it's not too late
To learn how to love and forget how to hate."

Last Saturday's Full Moon (2:11 PM PDT 27° Scorpio/Taurus) somehow seemed to take the pressure off and we may expect that things will settle down as a result. However, we are likely to immediately realize that the pressure was helping us to stay focused, determined and resolved. Without the pressure, the discomfort changes but it doesn't go away. The desire for certainty continues to be unsatisfied. By Tuesday, the Sun and Mercury move from stabilizing Taurus to friendly but flighty and fickle Gemini (marking the Sun-Mercury superior conjunction) and the chaos and uncertainty begins to bubble up from all directions. The desire for stability and certainty is overwhelmed by the need for some excitement and our ability to focus is challenged by an onslaught of distracting — albeit intriguing — information. Any hope of staying focused on our overall aims and goals requires extraordinary balance and an objective perspective that helps us to pluck out the important bits that are important to our own intentions, while ignoring or setting aside elements that aren't relevant — not an easy prospect this week! What is perhaps most challenging in this week's atmosphere is finding a way to get a handle on our intentions and the intentions of others. Distractions and temptations tend to take us (and others) off message and create even more uncertainty.

Sunday's unsteady sense of discomfort seems to center around the idea that we may have given up too much independence for the sake of some degree of certainty. Any sense of certainty that we may have found is fleeting at best. Monday's VOC Moon may offer a temporary sense of invincibility but we aren't inclined to take direct action that would test that invincibility. The landscape changes dramatically on Tuesday with the Sun-Mercury superior conjunction at their entrance into Gemini. We should not ignore the suggestions that there is a need for caution. The Mars-Chiron square keeps us off balance on Wednesday. The increased levels of communication are over-stimulating and likely to put a strain on our nervous systems. Thursday offers some hope of regaining a sense of balance but we need to keep our expectations under control and avoid rigidity. There are tantalizing temptations on Friday but we should maintain a responsible, objective perspective. By Saturday, we try to draw a line in the sand and look for a way to settle disputes and restore order. Although, the prospects are slim, we gain important new insights that will be guided by intuition as we move into next week.

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