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Sun 29° Gemini 02' 55"
Moon 07° Aquarius 03' 34"
Mercury 23° Cancer 53' 26"
Venus 14° Gemini 08' 34"
Mars 22° Cancer 47' 57"
Ceres 02° Sagittarius 45' 06" 
Pallas 11° Libra 51' 25"
Juno 29° Cancer 47' 06"
Vesta 04° Taurus 31' 15"
Jupiter 18° Sagittarius 12' 54" 
Saturn 18° Capricorn 34' 39" 
Chiron 05° Aries 47' 40"
Uranus 05° Taurus 32' 06"
Neptune 18° Pisces 43' 26"
Pluto 22° Capricorn 27' 17" 
TrueNode 17° Cancer 38' 12"

Mutable T-Square

Mutable T-Square - Chaos & Confusion

"Gonna build me a daydream
From a little hope"

This week is dominated by a forming mutable T-Square, involving Mercury, Neptune and Jupiter. The Pisces Moon at the beginning of the week sets off a particularly unstable emotional roller coaster. Brittle and vulnerable emotions create confusion and it may take all week for us to even begin the process of unwinding the confusion. Objective detachment is sorely needed in order to have any hope of maintaining our balance and making some tangible, constructive progress. Although there may be a number of vague and confusing ideas floating around, rigid attempts to nail things down are likely to create even more disruptions. Heightened emotions may encourage us to push too hard — care too much. When we are pushing too hard, it may seem that we are actually just making mountains out of molehills. As we move through the last days of this waning lunar cycle, our 'light' may seem especially dim. However, this is an important opportunity to allow for some reprogramming — or the downloading of important new inspiration from the Universe — in preparation for an evolutionary adjustment. Next week's New Moon (June 3, 12° Gemini) offers opportunities to share our inspiration with others but only if we are able to stay balanced and effectively manage this week's swirl of chaotic emotions.

Sunday's nervous energy is filled with uncertain intuitive perception, which creates a considerable amount of vulnerable emotion. A broad perspective and extraordinary patience is required. There is a bit more detachment available on Monday, helping to separate some brittle emotions from a more logical approach. Tuesday's Aries Moon stirs more emotions but the Moon's approach to Chiron and the Mars-Moon mutual reception offers hope that the emotional intensity will ultimately serve to clarify, rather than confuse. Opportunities for increased clarity are presented on Wednesday but we need to avoid rigidity and keep our emotions from leading us to care too much and push too hard. Even though the Moon is VOC for most of the day on Thursday, there are important insights to be gleaned about how to build new alliances. The lack of focus we may feel on Friday can serve as a prelude to increased clarity at next week's New Moon. Let the inspiration percolate. By Saturday, many of us feel as though enough is enough and try to take a stand of some kind. However, there is more unwinding and more processing to be done before we really get the chance to turn the ship around.

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