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Sun 09° Gemini 15' 21"
Moon 02° Pisces 12' 10"
Mercury 22° Taurus 10' 31"
Venus 07° Gemini 46' 31"
Mars 22° Aries 30' 45"
Ceres 20° Capricorn 51' 54" 
Pallas 26° Scorpio 00' 14" 
Juno 10° Virgo 13' 27"
Vesta 21° Cancer 15' 52"
Jupiter 00° Gemini 59' 20"
Saturn 18° Pisces 39' 35"
Chiron 22° Aries 10' 59"
Uranus 24° Taurus 04' 14"
Neptune 29° Pisces 38' 05"
Pluto 01° Aquarius 56' 00" 
TrueNode 14° Aries 01' 59" 

Weekly Horoscope: May 21 - May 27


Selfless Service - Clarity & Freedom Through Service

"Accomplish but do not boast, accomplish without show, accomplish without arrogance, accomplish without grabbing, accomplish without forcing."— Lao Tzu

The promise of intuitive insight and clarity from last week's New Moon (May 25th, 12:44 PM PDT 4° Gemini) has taken some time to become apparent but the help does materialize this week. We also get a second dose of inspiration from the separating Saturn-Uranus trine this week, suggesting a new and far more cooperative approach. If there is a 'fly' in this week's 'ointment', it may be a tendency to become overly idealistic once we find a modicum of clarity. We need to commit to flexibility and adaptability, rather than committing to any seemingly 'clear' set of facts. As we begin to receive the gift of clarity, our challenge is to apply that clarity to the pursuit of selfless service, rather than becoming frustrated and impatient when others don't recognize the same things. The importance of unique and independent perspectives can not be denied. However, if we seek to wall off from the perspective of others in order to preserve our own unique vision, we inevitably stagnate and stall. When we seek to maintain 'active goodwill' in the pursuit of 'selfless service', we can avoid the pitfalls of overly idealistic goals and stay connected with what is really happening right in front of us, learning from others as well as honoring our own insight.

The Mars-Saturn opposition is exact on Sunday and many of us may prefer to 'circle the wagons' and not say anything at all in an effort to avoid appearing foolish. However, by Monday, the tendency is to go on offense in a determined effort to change course. Mercury's trine to Pluto late on Tuesday finally provides enough intellectual power to filter out distractions and begin to gain clarity. The Moon's entrance into Virgo on Wednesday morning encourages cooperation through service and loyalty to abiding principles. Thursday's challenge is to harness the extraordinary sense of independence through a continued commitment to 'selfless service'. The temptation to become overly idealistic in our pursuits is also introduced. The focus on independence intensifies on Friday and may seem to take us far off the course we tried to correct on Monday. However, we are ultimately being guided to a better understanding of the need for adaptability. Any disappointment we feel on Saturday is likely to be the result of over idealistic goals. Independence needs to be tempered with flexibility.

Daily Astrological Currents - Selfless Service - Weekly Horoscope

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