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Sun 28° Aries 46' 09"
Moon 23° Libra 58' 29"
Mercury 02° Aries 19' 38"
Venus 28° Pisces 06' 31"
Mars 12° Gemini 25' 11"
Ceres 13° Sagittarius 57' 02" 
Pallas 17° Libra 07' 41" 
Juno 29° Gemini 14' 05"
Vesta 07° Aries 18' 47"
Jupiter 24° Sagittarius 14' 24" 
Saturn 20° Capricorn 25' 15"
Chiron 03° Aries 25' 22"
Uranus 02° Taurus 18' 25"
Neptune 17° Pisces 41' 15"
Pluto 23° Capricorn 08' 39"
TrueNode 21° Cancer 25' 55" 

Sagittarius New Moon

Sagittarius New Moon - Grand Visions

"He loved the people just as much as he feared and detested persons"

— Sinclair Lewis
It Can't Happen Here

The importance of the lessons of the last few months become clear this week under the Sagittarius New Moon (December 6th, 11:20 PM PST 15° Sagittarius) which squares the Mars-Neptune conjunction in Pisces. We need to have a deep understanding of our need for other people even though we may be hypnotized by our grand visions, Big Ideas, or optimistic idealism. We need to find a way to make the necessary connections to others, build alliances and stay open and willing to listen to the grand vision that others are seeing. Venus returns to Scorpio this week, which should help us to soften our tone by discouraging 'arm twisting' and fancy rhetoric in favor of thoughtful discretion and quiet diplomacy. Mercury's station direct in Scorpio also helps us to think more about tactics and less about verbal flourishes and quick decisions. Nonetheless, there are strong temptations, throughout the week, to ignore our need for others and ignore or sidestep the demands that we clearly articulate our grand vision or slow down enough to let others understand what we're offering. The Mars-Neptune conjunction produces powerful energy and inspiration that can help us realize our vision. However, it may also produce extreme disappointment if we aren't able to follow through on our vision with determined, methodical effort. Sagittarius may tempt us to simply rely on our luck to carry us forward — but that is a recipe for dissolute disappointment. In this atmosphere, we need to find ways to bring others along with us, using the new relationship framework that we developed over the past few months in order to work effectively in collaboration with others — not simply 'go it alone', guided only by our grand, idealistic vision.

Venus returns to Scorpio on Sunday, possibly easing the unsteady urgency of the Sun's square to Mars. The Moon joins Venus in Scorpio on Monday which may tend to encourage us to keep our expectations under wraps. However, that may only lead us to inflate those expectations wildly. Martyrdom may result on Tuesday if our quiet attempts to find allies and supporters fall short or fail. We're turning a blind corner and we may not believe we're being treated treated fairly — even though that isn't at all clear yet. Information is quite unreliable on Wednesday as Mercury stations to turn direct. Faith and intuition are important to keeping us on an emotionally even keel. Thursday's New Moon may provide us just enough luck to set us up for failure if we haven't laid the necessary groundwork by building solid alliances with others. Energy and excitement builds on Friday, which can further a belief that 'we're all set' and don't need to worry about working with others. However, by Saturday, energy fades. If we have a solid foundation and a well-ordered plan, we'll have plenty to do. Otherwise, we may spend the day in isolated discouragement and disappointment. The most important thing is to stay willing to keep the conversation going.

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