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Sun 09° Gemini 11' 36"
Moon 01° Pisces 17' 07"
Mercury 22° Taurus 03' 25"
Venus 07° Gemini 41' 42"
Mars 22° Aries 27' 49"
Ceres 20° Capricorn 52' 15" 
Pallas 26° Scorpio 01' 21" 
Juno 10° Virgo 12' 42"
Vesta 21° Cancer 14' 16"
Jupiter 00° Gemini 58' 25"
Saturn 18° Pisces 39' 24"
Chiron 22° Aries 10' 48"
Uranus 24° Taurus 04' 01"
Neptune 29° Pisces 38' 00"
Pluto 01° Aquarius 56' 03" 
TrueNode 14° Aries 02' 02" 


The transit of Pluto through Capricorn has a lot to do with why I began this blog.  My thinking centered on how Pluto was going to  affect the Pluto in Virgo (My) Generation when transiting through Capricorn.

Although there is some overlap, to my mind the "Boomers" are the Pluto in Leo generation and the "GenXer" post-baby boom generation are those with Pluto in Virgo.

Barack Obama is the first GenXer to ascend to the Presidency and is likely to define GenXers in the same way that the Clinton presidency defined the "Boomers".

So what are the effects on "Generation X" of Pluto in Capricorn thus far?  As I said in an earlier post, I think Pluto in Capricorn is "kickin' my ass" but it's over my Moon right now so that's not really representative.

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