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Sun 10° Aquarius 19' 42"
Moon 01° Gemini 51' 48"
Mercury 15° Capricorn 22' 56"
Venus 04° Pisces 14' 05"
Mars 09° Gemini 58' 17"
Ceres 06° Libra 54' 28"
Pallas 12° Cancer 03' 48" 
Juno 08° Aries 20' 41"
Vesta 26° Pisces 13' 17"
Jupiter 05° Aries 46' 34"
Saturn 25° Aquarius 40' 30"
Chiron 12° Aries 35' 10"
Uranus 14° Taurus 57' 56"
Neptune 23° Pisces 33' 13"
Pluto 28° Capricorn 36' 59"
TrueNode 08° Taurus 48' 29" 

Neptune's Direct Station

Neptune's Direct Station - Idealistic Confusion

"One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star."

— Friedrich Nietzsche

Neptune's direct station at the end of this week could lead to a build up of overly optimistic expectations and heightened idealism. The significant chaos — especially mid-week — may create uncertainty and confusion. A square from Mercury to Neptune on Thursday can make it more difficult to concentrate or focus — even as our feelings of optimism and idealism continue to build. On the other hand, the second of three Mars-Saturn trines completes on Monday, helping us find opportunities to make the most of last Wednesday's expansive, freeing Sagittarius New Moon (2:57 PM PST 1° Sagittarius). If we can keep our expectations under control and focus on laying important ground work for future progress, we will be less vulnerable to the chaos that unfolds through the week. We will do much better to follow through on established initiatives, rather than trying out new ideas. Faith plays an important role here. At times, it will be hard to see how any of this week's confusion could possibly lead anywhere 'good'. However, many important elements do seem to fall into place. Allies and resources materialize spontaneously, manifesting what may seem to be the reaping of karmic rewards — favors from unexpected sources As well, through this week's process, we can begin to see new alliances forming naturally. We begin to better understand how to assert our individual perspectives and contribute our energy in ways that apply the appropriate amount of individual pressure without alienating others. This is certainly a recipe for building surprising new alliances. Nonetheless, it is important to stay grateful for what is actually laid at our feet and allow our expectations to fall away so that we can honor what we have actually received. Essentially, if we are too focused on our idealistic, hard expectations, we will miss the profound blessings that we are offered.

We may struggle to get into a rhythm on Sunday but there are important opportunities for 'team building' later in the day. We'll do better finding ways to be of service to others, rather than pursuing self-serving goals. Any over-optimism is stabilized by the Mars-Saturn trine on Monday. We'll do better to stick with established initiatives rather than trying out new ideas. We'll want to double check our facts on Tuesday before we demand that others check theirs. Resolutions come late in the day. Wednesday's chaos is difficult to sort through but many things do fall into place spontaneously. A broad philosophical attitude may help to make the most of the day's energy. Surprising assistance comes from unexpected sources on Thursday. Over-optimism is possible but we may also find opportunities to create long-lasting alliances. Friday's smooth flowing energy may take us by surprise — we can't quite figure out how we made it through the gauntlet of chaos. Our ability to respond to the important assistance that others have provided is hampered by uncertainty and possibly mistrust. There is a let down on Saturday, under Neptune's direct station. Faith is needed to help us fill the 'void' we may feel.

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