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Sun 09° Gemini 15' 46"
Moon 02° Pisces 18' 20"
Mercury 22° Taurus 11' 19"
Venus 07° Gemini 47' 03"
Mars 22° Aries 31' 05"
Ceres 20° Capricorn 51' 52" 
Pallas 26° Scorpio 00' 07" 
Juno 10° Virgo 13' 31"
Vesta 21° Cancer 16' 03"
Jupiter 00° Gemini 59' 26"
Saturn 18° Pisces 39' 37"
Chiron 22° Aries 10' 00"
Uranus 24° Taurus 04' 16"
Neptune 29° Pisces 38' 05"
Pluto 01° Aquarius 55' 00" 
TrueNode 14° Aries 01' 58" 

Weekly Horoscope: December 4 - 10


Mercury's Shadow - Intuitive guidance

This week offers a watershed of inspired, intuitive and creative potential. However, we may be easily tripped up if we fall into the trap of rebelling against established dogma rather than creatively moving beyond tradition and so-called 'acceptable approaches'. The trick is to set aside concern over appearance and what others think of us but rather, simply focus on our own vision and insights. This is a week to experiment and innovate — on our own, if necessary — in order to blaze an entirely new path. There is heightened generosity in the atmosphere, along with the feeling of a fresh start. However, some may face a fear of the unknown as we begin to venture into uncharted territory. No doubt Mercury's Shadow creates a heady atmosphere and there will likely be some corrections once we get to Mercury's actual retrograde phase in about two weeks. Nonetheless, by fearlessly following the threads of our own unique, creative vision, spontaneous connections and remarkably productive collaborations are possible!

We start off the week on Sunday with a temporary dip in confidence levels when we get a glimpse of what may seem to be a daunting set of challenges ahead. We'll need a bit of faith in order to begin to look for innovative, experimental new approaches. Options seem limited on Monday under a VOC Moon but we still have opportunities to display remarkable resourcefulness. Intuition and creative inspiration gain an unshakeable foothold on Tuesday and the followup on Wednesday is enhanced when Venus sheds the conservatism of Capricorn and arrives in freedom-loving Aquarius. Thursday's Aries Moon brings increased energy and activity but we'll need to stay positive in order to avoid getting stuck in old arguments instead of actually changing the conversation entirely. There are more potential pitfalls on Friday if we get stuck worrying about who's right instead of sharing our own discoveries in the spirit of collaboration. The test for the week comes on Saturday when the Taurus Moon may lead us to dig in our heels instead of being willing to test our vision with practical application.

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