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Sun 01° Gemini 06' 07"
Moon 02° Virgo 07' 47"
Mercury 14° Taurus 42' 39"
Venus 03° Cancer 12' 55"
Mars 02° Aquarius 15' 05"
Ceres 16° Leo 33' 45"
Pallas 00° Cancer 24' 28"
Juno 11° Aries 23' 19"
Vesta 04° Capricorn 06' 55" 
Jupiter 16° Scorpio 42' 11" 
Saturn 08° Capricorn 14' 34" 
Chiron 01° Aries 36' 23"
Uranus 00° Taurus 20' 42"
Neptune 16° Pisces 17' 00"
Pluto 21° Capricorn 04' 50" 
TrueNode 08° Leo 24' 15" 

Mercury-Uranus Trine

Mercury-Uranus Trine - The Power of Ideas

"I took at the time a memorandum of my several senses, and also of my hat and coat, and my best shoes — but it was lost in the melee, and I am out with lanterns, looking for myself."

—Emily Dickinson

Mercury slows down in expeditionary Sagittarius this week (to turn retrograde on December 3rd) and makes the first of three wildly erratic — albeit invigorating — trines to Uranus. The Mercury-Uranus trine initially feels very promising, especially as it dances with Mars in a very helpful, confidence building sextile. Mercury keeps the lines of communication open and information flowing. However, Mars carry's a few scars from last week's intense square to Pluto and is likely to turn last week's intensity into some very over-excited interactions this week. The Mars-Uranus standoff opposition also builds this week but doesn't culminate until next week. In essence, the stage is being set this week for some significant conflicts next week. Unfortunately, there is little support to help us actually draw meaningful conclusions from the new information that is available. We are likely to reach an information overload by the end of the week, which could begin to engender significant pessimism. We may want to take notes this week so that we can review them later, once Mercury turns direct and finally gets to the more structured terrain of Capricorn early next year. Mercury also approaches the first of three (more deliberate) conjunctions with Saturn. The first Mercury-Saturn conjunction is exact on Tuesday of next week (November 28th). (The final Mercury-Saturn conjunction won't occur until early next year, on January 12th. By then, Saturn will have arrived in conservative Capricorn.) As Mercury approaches Saturn, we need to stay adaptable and teachable without letting the increasingly excited atmosphere take us down a road of dissolute, fatalistic pessimism, stemming from the building Mercury-Saturn conjunction. There is, indeed, important information being made available. Just because we don't grasp the overall picture right now, doesn't mean that we won't eventually come to a broader understanding once Saturn arrives in Capricorn and begins to assemble the vast amount of information into an understandable structure.

The germinating seeds of last week's New Moon break through the surface on Sunday, producing a particularly optimistic mood. Perceptivity and intellect lead to fascinating interactions. The enhanced communication continues on Monday but we need to exercise some self-control in order to keep from going too far or saying too much. The Sun arrives in Sagittarius on Tuesday, lending increased optimism to a determined effort to explore new territory, new ideas and new information. We lose a bit of confidence on Wednesday and communication becomes more guarded and tentative. Impatience may surface as we struggle to get closer to Truth! We need to overcome a chaotic morning Thursday, in order to get back in touch with the insightful lines of communication produced this week. By Friday, the information overload becomes significant as we realize that we aren't having much success drawing meaningful conclusions from the wealth of new information and exciting new ideas. We may have to deal with a significant bout of pessimism on Saturday. However, we shouldn't just give up. Significant effort and follow-through is required in order to find a way to bring meaning and structure to the wealth of new ideas, insights and information that has bubbled to the surface this week.

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