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Sun 17° Sagittarius 26' 38"
Moon 25° Aquarius 53' 49"
Mercury 23° Sagittarius 03' 16"
Venus 24° Capricorn 32' 01"
Mars 27° Scorpio 08' 49"
Ceres 02° Gemini 19' 13" 
Pallas 11° Pisces 43' 45"
Juno 08° Capricorn 45' 12"
Vesta 12° Sagittarius 17' 22"
Jupiter 26° Aquarius 34' 21"
Saturn 09° Aquarius 39' 40"
Chiron 08° Aries 29' 10" 
Uranus 11° Taurus 29' 07" 
Neptune 20° Pisces 25' 13"
Pluto 25° Capricorn 15' 13"
TrueNode 01° Gemini 37' 14" 

Mercury opposes Uranus

Mercury opposes Uranus - Controlling Opinions

"You don't see much of any path unless you are Janus, looking simultaneously backward and forward. "

— Frank Herbert

Both Mercury and Mars in Scorpio set off this year's overarching Saturn-Uranus Square this week, bringing a decidedly personal involvement into the societal and cultural struggles and slowdowns that we have been experiencing this year. The fixed sign emphasis (Scorpio, Aquarius, and Taurus) leads to a feeling of being stuck. The squares of Mercury and Mars to Saturn increase the feeling of restriction, bringing contradictions and conflicts into stark view. With Venus now in Capricorn, our ability to relate to others is also restricted as we struggle to observe proper protocol and propriety while feeling extreme frustration. Mercury opposes Uranus by the end of the week and we are likely to see the frustrated energy expressed through intense attempts to force our opinions and beliefs upon others. We may mistakenly believe that if we can force others to agree with us, the log jam will break and we won't have to feel 'stuck' any more. Of course, such attempts at coercion will not be satisfactory or successful. Alternatively, we may believe that our only option, when facing such coercion, is to quietly acquiesce in order to maintain peace and order. In this situation, we lose the important connection to our personal sense of worth — we lose our nerve, our confidence, and our power. This week's atmosphere is filled with erratic behavior, defiance, and intransigence. Nonetheless, we have valuable opportunities to find deeper understanding, expanded awareness, and new insights. However, if we are too focused on swaying the opinions of others, we won't see these opportunities. Many will be desperately seeking some kind of tangible achievement or signs of successful progress this week, rather than seeking broader understanding and a glimpse of deeper truth. What may be difficult to grasp within this week's environment is that expanded understanding will help us effectively deal with where we have been and also recognize the power that we have to create the future that we are hoping for. Simply put, we cannot escape the past and we cannot avoid the future but we can seek to better understand where we are right now.

A feeling of invincibility may lead us to try clever maneuvers on Sunday, seeking to sidestep restrictions. By the evening we're willing to try more reasonable approaches. We struggle to find our proper place on Monday — how we fit into a bigger picture. The challenge of being 'right-sized' requires personal clarity. We struggle with obstacles on Tuesday, related to a structural framework that resists innovation. Personal 'stand-offs' increase the feeling of being stuck on Wednesday. Awareness and presence is crucial to every step we take. Frustrations abound on Thursday, under a VOC Moon. It may seem impossible to avoid pointing a finger at others who seem responsible for the obstacles that we are facing. The challenge is to keep pursuing understanding and avoid only placing blame. Sensitivity may breed suspicion on Friday but there are also opportunities for fresh perspectives and healing through broader understanding. Holding power is available on Saturday, helping us to maintain our individual position without trying to coerce others to believe as we do.

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