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Sun 01° Aries 29' 33"
Moon 10° Aries 29' 59"
Mercury 06° Aries 25' 45"
Venus 06° Taurus 33' 28"
Mars 28° Gemini 30' 57"
Ceres 00° Libra 10' 37" 
Pallas 15° Cancer 33' 28"
Juno 06° Taurus 07' 00"
Vesta 18° Aries 56' 38"
Jupiter 16° Aries 49' 23"
Saturn 01° Pisces 41' 47"
Chiron 15° Aries 00' 58"
Uranus 16° Taurus 20' 43"
Neptune 25° Pisces 21' 33"
Pluto 29° Capricorn 58' 46"
TrueNode 04° Taurus 17' 29" 

Mars Square Neptune

Mars Square Neptune - Confusing Communication

"Life is a process of becoming, a combination of states we have to go through. Where people fail is that they wish to elect a state and remain in it. This is a kind of death."

— Anais Nin

Mars emerges from the shadow of the long retrograde process this week. Over the past few months — since last October — we have been challenged to learn through understanding the perspectives of others in order to find common purpose with those around us. The retrograde process has challenged us to better understand how to relate our unique, individual perspective with the proper amount of force, while also seeking to understand the perspective of others. There are encouraging signs that we are beginning to 'connect the dots' and find ways to integrate new perspectives and ideas into our own understanding. But Mars has been stumbling back and forth over a square to Neptune. Mars square Neptune has made it extremely difficult to 'explain' what we are learning. The third square to Neptune completes this week and is emphasized by squares from the Sun and Mercury as they conjunct Neptune. The involvement with Neptune has definitely compounded communication challenges. As well, some of us may need to have our idealistic bubbles burst before we finally get some clarity. But the Neptune/Pisces influence has also given us the opportunity to see the perspectives of others through a compassionate and understanding lens, offering creativity and inspiration. The communication chaos that is inherent in the process comes to a peak this week, before Mars finally emerges from the retrograde shadow on Thursday and begins to escape the confusing — but creative and inspirational — challenges of Neptune. Also on Thursday, Venus changes signs, ending a sometimes uncomfortable, sometimes exhilarating stay in Aries. We might hope that the arrival of Venus in her home sign of Taurus would reflect a bit of comfortable stability. However, the Moon's arrival in Aquarius on Friday morning squares Venus, Juno, and the Moon's Nodes. The Aquarian Moon carries the light from an end-of-sign conjunction with Pluto, foreshadowing Pluto's momentous ingress into Aquarius next week and stirring what may be a troubling sense of uncertainty. In this atmosphere, Venus struggles to establish the sense of security one hopes to find 'at home'. The prevailing uncertainty and lack of clarity in the atmosphere (produced by the Mars squares to Neptune, Mercury, and the Sun) may create the feeling that we need to make all possible preparations in the face of instability and uncertainty. Of course, attempting to prepare for the unexpected can be quite illusory and not really very comforting — even though the process itself, when guided by intuition, can offer further insights. By the end of the week, Mercury leaves 'foggy Pisces' and reaches Aries, forming an extraordinarily helpful 'mutual reception' with the newly freed Mars in Gemini. The doors are finally opened to the kind of effective communication that we have been trying to accomplish for months. We have remarkable new perspectives and ideas to share, thanks to a process that has produced frustration and chaos but also, inspiration and insight. We can begin to use our unique, individual voice in ways that — hopefully — will clear the way for finding common purpose and a shared vision just in time for Pluto's arrival in revolutionary Aquarius next week.

There is a mystically intuitive environment on Sunday, as well as the diligent pursuit of expanded understanding. However, some 'idealistic bubbles' may be burst when we begin to 'connect the dots' of new ideas and insights. Monday's chaotic instability makes it especially challenging to articulate our insight. Disputes and discrepancies feel threatening to our own understanding. The potential for disappointment or disillusionment is most significant on Tuesday. We will need to 'prune' some of our unnecessary or irrelevant perspectives in order to move forward. There is an opportunity to rise above the chaos and gain a broader perspective on Wednesday. However, it isn't easy to effectively 'modulate' our tone so we may become overly aggressive or insistent. Vulnerabilities may seem to come out of nowhere on Thursday. We are looking for something stable and secure. The desire for security leads us to look for ways to prepare for the 'unexpected' on Friday. However, we may actually be 'frozen' in place, resistant to change and unable to deal with uncertainty. We find some comforting threads of continuity on Saturday, which eases uncertainty a bit. By the evening, Mercury's arrival in Aries opens the door for productive communication.

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