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Sun 19° Sagittarius 13' 30"
Moon 11° Gemini 34' 35"
Mercury 03° Sagittarius 10' 45"
Venus 19° Capricorn 16' 38"
Mars 14° Scorpio 43' 50"
Ceres 09° Capricorn 48' 06"
Pallas 14° Sagittarius 14' 17"
Juno 12° Libra 20' 30"
Vesta 13° Taurus 21' 03" 
Jupiter 01° Capricorn 59' 08"
Saturn 19° Capricorn 05' 10"
Chiron 01° Aries 26' 06" 
Uranus 03° Taurus 02' 24" 
Neptune 15° Pisces 58' 59"
Pluto 21° Capricorn 44' 43"
TrueNode 08° Cancer 25' 07" 

Mars-Saturn Quincunx

Mars-Saturn quincunx - Onward Ho!

"He who seeks only for applause from without has all his happiness in another's keeping."

— Oliver Goldsmith

The week begins with an intense Mars-Saturn quincunx that may have us pushing forward even though we can't clearly see where we're heading. What is especially challenging is that the intense push is wrapped up with a strong desire for approval. Venus and the Sun both approach trines to Jupiter just as it is stationing to turn direct next Monday. The Sun-Jupiter trine culminates on Wednesday, followed up by the Venus-Jupiter trine on Thursday. During the early part of the week, the intense pursuit of approval seem to be the overriding concern — whether or not we can get others to understand to our beliefs. Appearances may even take a back seat to our conscience or any deeply held beliefs. However, the encouraging trines from the Sun and Venus to Jupiter provide a healthy dose of self-confidence. As we move past the first quarter phase of the lunar cycle on Wednesday, we begin to have a better idea of exactly where we want to go and what we want to accomplish. With the increase in confidence, our desire for approval shifts towards more effective strategies for getting others to better understand our perspective — something like 'catching more flies with honey'. Subtle charm is combined with increased self-confidence and quickly produces encouraging results. Of course, Venus and Jupiter are not likely to really produce lasting, foundational accomplishments without some accompanying discipline and hard work. Nevertheless, the increased self-confidence provides a welcome boost this week.

There's a great deal of intensity on Sunday but the Libra Moon keeps the iron fists of the Mars-Saturn quincunx sheathed inside velvet gloves. The desire to push forward is hampered by both a desire for approval and significant uncertainty about exactly what we're pushing for. Indecision and uncertainty increase on Monday but so does the imperative to do something. There is a strong need to step back and figure out exactly what it is we want to make happen. We find a pleasant, easy-going atmosphere on Tuesday but we're still somewhat focused on what others think — even if we don't really want to admit it. By Wednesday, personal self-confidence begins to build and we reach the first quarter phase of the lunar cycle, when we get a better idea of where we're going. Charm and self-confidence are both infused into our overall approach on Thursday under the Venus-Jupiter trine. We're more comfortable sticking to our own beliefs and perspective while using charm and gentle persuasion to get others to go along. We reach an important middle ground of sorts on Friday, seeking approval without needing approval. We are unlikely to abandon our beliefs in order to please others. Much of Saturday is taken up with drifting conversations and distracting circular reasoning under the VOC Moon in Sagittarius, following a boisterous mid-day Moon-Mars trine.

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