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Sun 22° Virgo 46' 32"
Moon 11° Aries 47' 36"
Mercury 02° Libra 47' 50"
Venus 01° Libra 40' 58"
Mars 18° Virgo 17' 23"
Ceres 09° Sagittarius 39' 08"
Pallas 07° Scorpio 47' 19"
Juno 10° Virgo 07' 46"
Vesta 27° Taurus 24' 45"
Jupiter 16° Sagittarius 22' 07"
Saturn 13° Capricorn 54' 52" 
Chiron 04° Aries 09' 14" 
Uranus 06° Taurus 08' 11" 
Neptune 17° Pisces 09' 21" 
Pluto 20° Capricorn 42' 25" 
TrueNode 15° Cancer 04' 01" 

Mars-Neptune Trine

Mars-Neptune Trine- Visionary Action


"Seize the present; trust tomorrow e'en as little as you may."

— Horace
Translation by John Conington, 1882

The week begins with some extra 'light' as the Moon reaches the 1st quarter phase of the current lunar cycle. There is a classic conflict between intellect and emotion this week. Exciting ideas are steaming out of the Mars-Neptune trine and Jupiter-Neptune square. However, emotional vulnerabilities and uncertainty also get pumped into the atmosphere by the Mars-Saturn opposition, which demands self-discipline. The wealth of energy, inspiration and exciting ideas keep us looking for a way to move forward but we can't do it alone. This week's lessons are aimed towards teaching us that we need to understand where others are coming from before we can effectively communicate our own ideas and perspective. Quick judgements are especially unhelpful in this atmosphere. Listening with compassion will help us to better understand how we can effectively build alliances and enlist the support of others. Just using words — intellectual arguments — will get us nowhere if we don't also pay attention to the feelings that are stirred by the words we're using. We need to take time to understand our audience before we get up on our soapbox and spout our grand ideas. Otherwise, it's all just a bunch of crazy dreams — grand visions that never even get to the drawing board. It is by sharing our ideas and building cooperation through hearing the ideas of others that will actually engender collaboration and get us moving towards tangible progress.

Plans and strategy begin to take shape on Sunday under the 1st quarter Moon but there are emotional vulnerabilities to contend with that keep our intellectual ideas off balance. Defensiveness is quite possible. There is an unsettling lack of continuity and uncertainty for most of the day on Monday. We get a better chance to 'weigh our options' in the evening. Cooperation and compromise are called for on Tuesday. There is a strong pull between persistence and indecision. We are wise to take time to learn more about our audience on Wednesday before we take the stage to present our grand ideas. Intellectual arguments don't hold as much sway as we may believe they will. Thursday's grand inspiration needs to be grounded by self-discipline and an active approach to building cooperative alliances. Doubts and discouragement on Friday need to be addressed by relying on our connections with others. Self-discipline brings the recognition that we can't do everything on our own — "no man is an island". Defiance is prominent on Saturday. We'll do better by collaborating in some kind of 'organized defiance', rather than standing apart.

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