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Sun 01° Gemini 39' 36"
Moon 21° Capricorn 39' 34"
Mercury 03° Gemini 31' 22"
Venus 09° Taurus 17' 52"
Mars 04° Cancer 28' 09"
Ceres 08° Sagittarius 37' 04" 
Pallas 10° Libra 37' 41" 
Juno 15° Cancer 49' 21"
Vesta 22° Aries 39' 29"
Jupiter 21° Sagittarius 45' 08" 
Saturn 20° Capricorn 05' 52" 
Chiron 05° Aries 01' 10"
Uranus 04° Taurus 12' 24"
Neptune 18° Pisces 29' 18"
Pluto 22° Capricorn 57' 48" 
TrueNode 18° Cancer 28' 15"

Libra-Aries Full Moon

Libra-Aries Full Moon - Spring Equinox

"A revolution is not a bed of roses. A revolution is a struggle between the future and the past."

— Fidel Castro

The Piscean fog from the retrograde Mercury in Pisces continues to have us either inspired or confused through the week. Even the Spring Equinox, Libra-Aries Full Moon (6:42 PM PDT 0° Libra/Aries) on Wednesday isn't enough to clear the fog and give us the fresh start that we are prone to look for as Spring Arrives. Inspiration and creativity continue to give us clues to follow, perhaps sometimes simply distracting us from the urge to move forward that we begin to feel once the Sun arrives in Aries. There are vague and unformed feelings of mission and imperative as we reach Wednesday's Full Moon. However, the focus continues to be on jettisoning the baggage of our past and leaving behind the successes and failures of our past in order to make room for the New Beginning that we may sense is just around the corner. Rather than trying to 'push the river' towards the grand schemes we envision, we need to allow the river to carry away the dead weight of outmoded emotional response and wash away the Blind Spots that are holding us back. In essence, we need to let go of who we think we need to be, in order to come to the place where we can discover who we really are.

Sunday's Leo Moon helps us to channel our intuition into creative pursuits and generous displays of affection. Many things seem to fall into place spontaneously. The Moon goes VOC on Monday and our progress seems to slow. We may begin to find that our egos are overly invested in keeping the show going and making tangible progress. There is a helpful Grand Earth Trine forming much of the day on Tuesday, along with a strong sense of 'mission'. The atmosphere seems to be more active which creates extra excitement. However, Wednesday's Full Moon doesn't quite deliver the level of progress we may be hoping for. We may begin to believe that other people are the reason for our lack of progress. By Thursday, we may be tempted to help others overcome their obstacles in order to get them moving — and out of our way. However, even though the Sun's arrival in Aries has created a desire to take some kind of initiative, another VOC Moon on Friday keeps us slowed down and stymied. The powerful determination that surfaces on Saturday may lead us to greater spiritual awareness through better understanding of acceptance. However, we may also find that our ego-centered determination to effect tangible change is creating intense frustration.

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