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Sun 22° Libra 59' 31"
Moon 19° Capricorn 23' 18"
Mercury 09° Scorpio 41' 34"
Venus 08° Scorpio 36' 58" 
Mars 12° Aquarius 50' 27"
Ceres 18° Libra 09' 25"
Pallas 20° Virgo 59' 24"
Juno 00° Gemini 34' 26" 
Vesta 09° Capricorn 49' 10"
Jupiter 25° Scorpio 05' 25"
Saturn 03° Capricorn 48' 54"
Chiron 29° Pisces 06' 44" 
Uranus 00° Taurus 51' 00" 
Neptune 14° Pisces 06' 50" 
Pluto 18° Capricorn 48' 53"
TrueNode 02° Leo 12' 02" 

Jupiter in Scorpio

Jupiter in Scorpio - Deeper Truth

"Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass."

—Anton Checkhov

The early part of this week is pressurized by the Sun and Mercury's squares to Pluto, possibly leading to some sharp-tongued outbursts. Jupiter moves into Scorpio, setting us on a determined search for truth. With Jupiter in Scorpio, superficial gloss and a flashy pitch begin to lose their effectiveness. We are more interested in what's behind the curtain and what's beneath the surface. We continue, this week, to unwind the idealism of last month's Jupiter-Uranus opposition, spurred on by the undaunted drive of Mars in Virgo, which needs to sort through all of the details in order to determine what is workable and what needs to be discarded. We may find ourselves frustrated by logical gamesmanship and semantic 'Hi-Jinks' that obscure and distort the facts. Mars squares Saturn which keeps the energy and frustration controlled, helping us to focus on getting past the games in order to establish more reliable channels of communication. By the middle of week, we've had Enough! However, we need to be careful not to wind up becoming defensive or trusting blindly. The key is to look for common ground — similarities rather than differences — and work on continuing to open up new channels of communication which, in turn, serve to broaden our perspective.

The VOC Moon on Sunday makes it hard to get comfortable or make much progress on any front. Games of logic and semantics create confusion and obscure important issues.The Sun's square to Pluto on Monday, coupled with the Venus-Chiron opposition increases the pressure on personal relationships but, since squares can be building blocks, as we work through the issues, the seeds of productive communication can begin to germinate. Communication breakthroughs are possible on Tuesday. However, we may find ourselves somewhat susceptible to flattery and we feel a need for appreciation or approval. Wednesday's high octane atmosphere brings the communication challenges to a peak, bringing a demand to drop the games with semantics and get down to core issues and clear communication. By Thursday, with Jupiter in Scorpio, there is increasing determination to find common ground and forge important compromises. The importance of looking for 'similarities rather than differences' is highlighted. Venus arrives in Libra on Friday. Communication seems to be flowing more smoothly and so our focus shifts to sorting through the messages. The increased attention to detail may cause us to lose sight of a broader perspective. Perfectionist tendencies surface on Saturday and our attention shifts to questioning the messenger instead of trying to understand the message. Rather than focusing on some imperfect elements, we need to turn our attention to the expanded perspective that is facilitated by the increasingly clear communication.

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