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Sun 00° Libra 08' 24"
Moon 08° Pisces 31' 15"
Mercury 01° Libra 55' 52"
Venus 08° Scorpio 02' 32"
Mars 03° Aquarius 09' 32"
Ceres 07° Libra 39' 25"
Pallas 09° Virgo 38' 55"
Juno 29° Taurus 06' 17"
Vesta 01° Capricorn 33' 21"
Jupiter 20° Scorpio 39' 52"
Saturn 02° Capricorn 46' 17"
Chiron 00° Aries 07' 35" 
Uranus 01° Taurus 44' 04" 
Neptune 14° Pisces 39' 34" 
Pluto 18° Capricorn 46' 18" 
TrueNode 04° Leo 36' 55" 


Gemini-Cancer - Intellect vs. Emotions

"If I have lost confidence in myself, I have the universe against me."

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

There are challenges to individual confidence this week that could easily put us on the defensive. Last Wednesday's New Moon (12:48 PM PDT 22° Gemini) has brought a swirl of conflicting thoughts and emotions that need to be tamed and somehow blended together. This is ultimately a process that will help us combine creative vision with intellectual acuity and move us toward making real, tangible progress. However, there may be times when we feel threatened by what seems to be challenges and obstacles in our path — especially from others. Relationships may be particularly challenging this week. However, this is part of a process to help us rebuild our confidence within a new framework. Mars is slowing down to go retrograde from June 26th until August 27th. Confidence can not be based simply on our achievements but rather on our inner belief in ourselves. The process involves learning more about our personal strengths and weakness so that we are more deeply aligned with our individual mission and purpose. The continuing Gemini-Cancer combination (Mercury in Cancer ruling the Sun in Gemini) during the early part of the week is likely to create at least some discouragement. Once the Sun arrives in Cancer on Thursday, there may be an increasing feeling of protectiveness which will tend to move any discouragement and conflict underground or behind the scenes. Nonetheless, if we are able to maintain enough humility and balance, we will begin to find new creative inspiration and a more stable sense of personal confidence in ourselves.

Defensiveness and passionate obsession over minor details could leave us stalled out on Sunday. It is important that we take time to slow down on Monday, at least enough to more effectively communicate our ideas and opinions. We have to walk a very fine line on Tuesday when our personal sense of responsibility seems in conflict with the responsibilities that others feel. By Wednesday, it's time to 'put up or shut up' and actually demonstrate how much we really believe in ourselves and our vision. The Sun arrives in Cancer on Thursday. Activity heats up but it's likely to feel like we're being sent through an emotional gauntlet and there may be some relationship challenges. The tendency is to withdraw. The Moon's arrival in Scorpio on Friday further encourages withdrawal and protectionism. By Saturday, some may have fully isolated in order to avoid any conflict. Nonetheless, there is creative inspiration available if we can quiet our minds and steady our emotions.

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